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peace-has-not-been-possibleLeaders claim to 'want peace, or they will impose peace'; peacemakers claim to 'negotiate peace'; researchers claim to 'measure or quantify peace'; academics claim to 'study peace', and institutions claim to 'teach peace'. All of these are impossible within the current paradigm of living because the very power, prestige and control enjoyed by these people and institutions come as a result of the exact opposite of that which they are claiming to want. This is one reason why the current paradigm is now collapsing.

As one opens up and understands ones connection to and deeper energetic relation to LIFE, the word 'peace' begins to take on a completely different meaning and experience.

dove-heart-peacePeace can no longer be something that results from external factors created and experienced 'out there', but it becomes the manifestation of a uniquely different yet equally beautiful experience reflected the relation one has with LIFE in each and every moment of 'now'.

One's experience of 'peace' may change from week to week, depending upon the choices one made to look at her/his partner in a more LIFE-honouring way, or to approach ones job from the perspective of ONENESS and service to to LIFE. 'Peace' begins to release and heal any who are able to find the love, compassion and strength to forgive those hurting others.

In seeing the Divine Source ~ however you personally choose to view this Divine Source ~ within everything else, one can raise the level of divinity within oneself, becoming the expression of BE-ing, that Divine free will allows. It allows one to choose to harm another to bring lessons allowing the receiver of this action to choose forgiveness and thus bringing healing to all.

Forgiveness does not release another from Divine justice. It merely frees the soul of the one who felt an injustice from energies of negativity, including revenge.

We are being called to break down the structures that have currently enslaved humanity. We are being called to remember ourselves as Divine Beings and galactic beings as part of the ONENESS, and to choose to break down these structures as peacefully as possible, while also showing compassion, love and forgiveness to those who have hurt humanity and our planet. It is these hurting souls who have forgotten who they are, and require the rest of us to set an example of Divine BE-ing. This not only helps ourselves, but especially those, through our example, who have given us this experience of duality, and allowed us to know (and choose) what love and Light are, through the experiences of what they are not.

love-7Our human and planetary consciousness is awakening to a point to assist those who are ready, willing and choosing to be a part of this new consciousness.

The planetary vibration is moving to a point where negative energies cannot and will be sustained. As this happens, those who are unable to shift to higher vibrations of love and Light will go through their own personal challenges and crises. If they are unsuccessful or unwilling to choose this higher vibration, they will more than likely have to move on somewhere else to continue their learning experiences at a deeper level.

How you, dear reader, choose to experience peace at this time will depend upon how you have lived your LIFE-path, and how you currently choose to see the people around you and our planet. Your experience and BE-ing of peace is uniquely different, but it is also as equally beautiful and important as each and every other aspect of LIFE.

Choosing to act from your experience of peace will create the new relation and the new choices that honour you individually, while also honouring others our planet, all aspects of LIFE, including our galactic families.

The message you came to share with the world at this time is welcomed and embraced - if you have the courage, faith and strength to see your truth, embrace it, and then live it in honour and service to LIFE!

Welcome, beautiful soul! Awaken and remember who you are, and what you came to share! A beautiful new world is being born, and you are invited to join this evolutionary journey!

"Until you can see God in the face of your enemy, you cannot see God at all, for in truth there is no such thing as an enemy. There is only that part of you existing in contrast to another part of you. God does not exist for you if He exists for you only in people and things you like. God is not real for you if She is experienced by you only in those things with which you agree."

~ Tomorrow's God - Neale Donald Walsch

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