Greenprint For LIFE FAQ's

What is the Greenprint for LIFE?

The Greenprint is a concept that I have been thinking about, and working on for over twenty years now. The first WRITTEN version of this document began to take form on 18 MAY 2003.
The Greenprint For LIFE has evolved, even over the last few years to move the focus away from creating a step by step plan for change. This event will happen naturally as the other facets of the Greenprint flow into the consciousness of individuals around the world. There are several aspects that this work is placing its focus.

The Greenprint would like to offer perspectives and information, some of which are relevant to one person, but are not relevant to another and vice-versa. An individual who is beginning her/his awakening to what is happening in the world will be drawn to some information more than others. This is part of what I call one's 'truth', and it is connected to one's LIFE-path, the reason why he/she is here at this time. So one aspect is to assist with the awakening of those who are ready, to begin exploring their connection to, and deeper energetic relationship to LIFE. As one slowly begins a process of awakening to the ONENESS that is LIFE, one may feel empowered to make new choices that honour Self, while also honouring others, our planet and all LIFE on and beyond Earth.

Another aspect of this work is to offer a bold definition for two words: 'peace' and 'LIFE'. In my Masters thesis for Peace Education, I found that there is currently no broadly-accepted, holistic definition for the word 'peace'. So how can anyone lay claim to doing anything related to 'peace', when it is most likely that they have no understanding of what it means to BE peace in the first place. Our current leaders are showing no awareness of this, yet proudly declare to the public that their priority is 'peace'. Their careers, their salaries, their reputations and everything else that has any meaning to them is dependent upon a recurring state where peace does not exist. IF they were truly interested in creating 'peace'...there would be no need for their current leadership style or their current agenda.

Another aspect of this work which has previously not been a well-known aspect of this work is to officially align itself with the message that it is now time for the disclosure of our cosmic family to humanity, and particularly to those in North America and Europe, since this is where most of the secrecy has been taking place. Previously this work has offered information related to the 'truth movement', to help people see where all the lies, frauds, corruption and more was occurring. Although this still takes place, this could be counter-productive in some ways. As long as we stay in the current paradigm, people will continue to believe that we need money to fix all the things that they are now learning the truth about. The problem is that leaders, secret groups, and leadership institutions do not want people to awaken to these truths, for it will take away their power and control. Until now, they have been successful in using the banking system, and the legal system of commercial/admiralty/statute law, to keep people enslaved, in fear and under control. This is now collapsing. Countries are bankrupt, and there is no longer enough money to fix everything that is currently we need some help!

As explained on the homepage, there is now sufficient evidence to support the disclosure of our cosmic family, and the technologies that could help fix/heal most of our challenges in a very short period of time. Focusing on ONE, positive solution through this announcement exposes all the lies and frauds, while also allowing new technologies to fix most, if not all major challenges.

An unofficial aspect of this work takes the form of LIFE-Counselling. Although not formally 'certified' (which means nothing now anyway), I have worked with many men and women from different parts of the world, achieving varying levels of success as required by each individual. This counselling is different than psychiatry and psychology.

It has been said that "It is by no means a measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society" (Krishnamurti) 'Psychiatry' is the science of taking people who are out of alignment with society, or who feel out of place with society, and it tries to return them to productivity within the dysfunctional society. It is a form of numbing them back into playing the dysfunctional game. 'Psychology' is the study of a society and its patterns while trying to convey that understanding to one or more people. The irony is that it seeks to understand dysfunctional societal behaviours and patterns from a perspective that exists within the same dysfunctional mindset!

My particular form of LIFE-Counselling seeks not to place people back into the dysfunctional and collapsing model of living. It seeks to assist those who are ready to begin an exploration of everything they have done through their LIFE-path. It seeks to look at why certain choices were made at certain times, and the consequences that came from those choices. Beginning this exploration often begins to open windows of realization that certain 'problems' that are occurring in the present are a result of being pulled off one's LIFE-path, and being forced to follow another path or 'timeline'. As things progress, individuals MAY begin to see, for example, that her/his choice of job to fulfill the wishes of his/her parents, has led to her/him choosing a partner along that timeline that really was not suited for him/her in the first place, and thus the marriage has collapsed.

In dealing with the ONENESS aspect, one can begin to understand how we are all connected as ONE, and that what we do to another, we are ultimately doing to ourselves. This may begin to open doors for healing and forgiveness: of Self and to any other that the individual may have been blaming.

It is a vision that has spiritual, environmental, scientific and political aspects. Humans are presently making choices primarily from the perceptions of the five senses and also from energies based in negativity, such as hatred, fear, greed, ignorance, violence, and so forth. At this time we need to be reminded of the things that ALL humans have in common, as well as certain facts that connect us very intimately with all that is a part of LIFE.


Why is LIFE capitalized?

"LIFE", capitalized includes much more than what we now think of when say "life". It is a neutral term that I have now chosen to explain that larger, energetic, mysterious process that encompasses the ALL THAT IS. It is the visible, the invisible, the physical and the non-physical that serves to support and sustain the presence of everything on Earth, but also beyond.


Why is Greenprint necessary?

The vision that is 'the Greenprint' is merely a tool and a source that seeks to offer perspectives and information that is relevant to individual LIFE-paths of people, but will also offer information to larger groups of people seeking to expand their awareness and realize how much is taking place at this time, while also trying to maintain a positive love-based vibration as these changes continue. Hearing that others are feeling the same way or who have similar 'solutions' to similar problems allows people to begin forming their own networks to support whatever level each person happens to be at.

Although not 'perfect'..nothing is...this vision tries not to see anything as 'good', 'bad', 'right', 'wrong', 'evil', or 'perfect'. In ONENESS, there are merely different aspects of you, who bring experiences to your LIFE-path to assist you in your learning and your awakening. Human history has shown that we have not been very good at learning our lessons, and instead of choosing love, we have retaliated with energies of negativity keeping this pattern going, and going and going.

In reality, this work is only necessary if one feels that there is something that can contribute to one's personal growth and empowering one's deeper relationship to LIFE at this time.


What is a 'LIFE-path'?

This is path that you chose before coming to this current lifetime upon this planet. You came here to experience certain situations and experiences in order to learn certain lessons, and the learning of these lessons would help further your own individual evolution, but also that of the ONENESS. Every single choice you make, no matter how big or how small either keeps you in alignment with this LIFE-path, or it will take you away from it. The times one feels the greatest fulfillment and satisfaction are generally the times when one is in alignment with that path. If one is feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or dissatisfied in a current situation or experience, this is a sign that it is time to look for other synchronistic events that will lead the individual to the next opportunity.

Your family, your town, your social community, religion, friends, classes, teachers, schools, activities, relations, jobs, crises, and others have all contributed in some way to bring you the hints to help guide you back to your 'truth' or purpose for being here at this time. These all also contain the hints to help you understand your uniquely different yet equally beautiful message you came to share with the world.

As one reviews her/his LIFE-path, he/she may begin to see patterns repeating; where they did not learn the lessons the first time, another similar experience came along to give her/him the chance to learn it again. Many unfortunately never fully learn their lessons because they allow themselves to get blocked by their egos and their addiction to their control dramas. A 'control drama' (used by James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy) is a trick used by everyone to 'win' energy from other people, to support and reinforce one's current perception of the world. Everyone has them, whether they are consciously aware of them or not. When one surrenders to another running a drama, energy is transferred to the 'victor', thus reinforcing that individuals reality, while the other individual is left energetically weakened.


Who is involved with this Greenprint?

At the moment, I am the only one who has started working on the concept of a new society in a step by step format (that I know of). Although I have started this work-in-progress, I certainly will NOT be able to finish it alone! The Greenprint requires input from enlightened professionals from ALL walks of life. These people know their respective professions. If these enlightened people can come up with a realistic, step by step plan to rebuild their profession, it can then be inserted into the Greenprint in the appropriate phase of rebuilding the entire society. Certain professions cannot and will not be changed in the beginning. Certain changes must first occur, before other changes can take place. This is the slow progression towards the new society. Ultimately, it will be a choice...a choice made by YOU, as to whether or not this Greenprint has any chance of giving us a chance for survival.


How will work progress on this Greenprint?

This work has already evolved significantly in the last few years. The original vision was dropped, as I realized that some of the ideas I was trying to share could be compared to what the elitist cabal was trying to do to the world. Yes, I did use the word 'was'. All indications seem to show that the elitist cabal is in the process of being shut down, despite the fearful rhetoric being put out on the mainstream media. This will soon cease.

This work focuses on what I believe will be the quickest, easiest, safest and most LIFE-honouring solution for our planet and its peoples: the disclosure of our galactic families, and the release of numerous patented technologies that could have cleaned up our planet and created whole new, Gaia-friendly industries over a decade ago. This information has been kept from the world due to those who wish to hang on to their power. This too will very soon cease.

Empowering the shift in human and planetary consciousness will help reduce any levels of fear and chaos that may be experienced by those who begin to understand that there is no threat; only the threat of what we have been living with for our entire lives. This will soon cease.

I trust that if I am doing this work with a love for humanity, that I will be given all the information, all the contacts, and all the exposure when the time is right. When there is a reasonable plan in place, I can then begin to promote the idea for healing and change to political parties in countries around the world. I choose to believe that there ARE individuals in countries around the world who wish to achieve the same goals as I do!

They can then start a new political party using this Greenprint as a framework for their respective societies.


When will this Greenprint 'officially' come out?

This depends ENTIRELY upon how people respond to this document, and how quickly it grows. If there are people out there who have time, energy and perhaps money to devote to helping this plan get out more quickly, I would be very willing to find a way to work with you or with your group. It also depends upon which countries embrace the values that this document is trying to share. Some people and perhaps some countries will be more open at this time in history to embracing these values, more so than other people and/or countries. There is NOTHING wrong with this! Each change occurs in its perfect time and its perfect place! The message remains VERY simple: Global change and healing begins with a simple choice: a choice made by YOU!! The sooner YOU choose for change and healing to occur, the sooner it will be so!


Am I an 'enlightened' human being?

You are an enlightened human being if you have begun a process of awakening to something in your LIFE-path that is no longer resonating with the way you are currently living, and you wish to seek greater meaning and understanding, not only with what is happening in your personal life, but also with all that is happening in the world at this time.

If you are looking at what is now happening with a deeper compassion, and wondering what it is that we have created, and you are feeling that there must be something that can be have begun to take your first steps! If you are beginning to feel courageous in asking questions and challenging our leaders and institutions of leadership...wonderful!

This process will lead you to some very profound truths. This process will also lead you to facing some of your deepest, darkest fears, so that they can be transformed into the Light! This process is not something that can be 'taught' to you. It is not something that can be 'sold' to you. It is not something that can be 'blessed' upon you.

There are those, even within the areas of 'spirituality' who are seeking to market their message as a 'catch all' solution that will help you and everyone. My message to you is this: Do not believe EVERYTHING I am telling you here, unless you truly feel that some part of this feels 'right' to YOU, in this moment of 'now'. Avoid any person, any product, any book, any movie recommended by friends/family..until you have had a chance to get a 'feel' for that book/movie/product/person. If anything does not feel right for you, in your LIFE-path, do not let anyone sell you into something that is not right for your path.

Friends and family get excited when something 'works' for them. Of course they want to share this great thing with everyone. Unfortunately, many do not understand that each soul is uniquely different, yet equally beautiful and certain information MAY not be relevant to another person.

If someone tries to push anything upon you that does not feel right for you, just simply express love to them for their desire to share something that was wonderful for them, and simply say this, whatever it is, does not resonate with you. A loving soul will respect this and honour this. IF that soul gets mad at you, and tries to tell you that you are making a big mistake, lovingly remind them that it is then your 'mistake' to make, and no one else's. Speak your truth...but also honour the truth of another!


Is there a 'system' of law that the Greenprint might support?

It is becoming more and more apparent that the current system of 'law', known as 'admiralty law', 'maritime law', 'commercial law' or more simply 'statute law', is unlawful. It has been imposed upon people 'by consent', but this consent was not knowingly taken. Statute law can only be applied commercially, and thus requires commercial entities. For this reason, humans were 'awarded' a strawman identity upon their birth. This was 'sold' to them as 'law'.

Statutes are not 'law'; they are merely rules that have been given the force of law. Your straw identity - your name in CAPITAL LETTERS is the corporate fiction upon which the government can impose its rules upon you. Each time you sign your name to any document bearing your name in capital letters, you are consenting to having this unlawful system imposed upon you.

There is a very simple system of law that anyone can understand and would apply eventually in a world moving towards higher vibrations. It is known as the PRIME Law:

The Prime Law: The Fundamental of Protection


The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily. The function of government is to provide the conditions that allow individuals to fulfill that purpose. The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any individual or group against any individual, property or contract.

Article One

No individual, group of persons or government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against any individual Self, property or contract.

Article Two

Force is morally and legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article One.

Article Three

No exceptions shall exist for Articles One and Two.


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