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Cosmic Vision News - April 22, 2016

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In this week’s Mohawk Initiative update, several events outside of the Grand River Mohawk community have been taking place that are worthy of noting this week, as indigenous issues are brought more and more into general public awareness.

There is one story of concern however, and sadly, it is not an isolated story, but this particular story is the one that seems to be getting the attention of the media.

This is also not the first time that this particular community has been featured in the news. Back in 2012-2013 this same community was embroiled in a housing crisis during the winter. It was at this time that Teresa Spence, the elected band chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation, went to Ottawa and conducted a six week hunger strike that got international media coverage to the issues facing indigenous nations. The prime minister at that time, Stephen Harper, had been refusing to meet with her, although the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau did make the public gesture to meet with her and hear about the issues.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27AUG2013 : Attawapiskat Election Today Puts Theresa Spence On Hot Seat.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12AUG2015, Carmel Kilkenny, Radio-Canada International : Chief Theresa Spence resigns.

That hunger strike brought her enough media coverage that allowed her to get re-elected as band chief a number of months later. However, Spence resigned as chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation two years later, in August of 2015. Now, it seems that there is a suicide crisis breaking out in this band as a number of youth have decided that it is no longer worth living. A question is arising however about who is responsible for this situation.

A CBC article by Duncan McCue on 18APR suggests that the problems facing indigenous nations in crisis are all within the community, and that it is the community that must create the solutions. McCue’s article compares the remote Attawapiskat First Nation with the urban-based Snuneymuxw First Nation in Nanaimo, British Columbia on Canada’s west coast. This First Nation formerly had suicide problems but they have now addressed the issue, claiming to have done it on their own. In this week’s FINAL WORDS, I’ll offer a commentary on this article suggesting that all the solutions to an indigenous community in crisis are within the community itself - an opinion that I choose to challenge.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18APR Duncan McCue, : For First Nations facing suicide crisis, the solution is rooted in the community.

There is sadly however, another piece of information that has not received a lot of attention regarding this community and this chief. This information seems to suggest that the youth of Attawapiskat were betrayed not only by governments, but perhaps also by their own leadership.

An opinion letter appearing on the news website from 13JAN2013 contained what appears to be research by an individual, Wally Keeler, which implies that the Attawapiskat First Nation, at least at that time, had a significant stock portfolio of major corporations, many of which are connected to the global cabal and responsible for environmental destruction, something that many indigenous peoples are beginning to rise up against.

Keeler acknowledges all the attention and accolades placed upon Spence during her hunger strike, but then he reveals his information. According to Keeler in his letter: “ The Attawapiskat Trust has a stock portfolio that would make any Liberal, leftist and/or environmentalist proud to hang their eagle feather next to this corporate nest egg.

The Trust holds a hefty number of productive shares in eight Canadian gas and oil corporations, as well as two pipeline corporations; Pembina Pipeline and the much beloved, Enbridge.

Off-shore the Trust holds Occidental Petroleum, Exxon Mobile, Petroleo Brasileiro, a huge chunk of Vanceinfo Technologies, a Chinese off-shore software developer, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, electronics giant Siemens, and then there’s that darling of Liberals and leftists everywhere, Haliburton Co. the company that was controlled by former US Vice President Dick Cheney in 1995.  This company has profitted excessively from all the war-related contracts stemming from the 'War Of Terror' that began with 9/11. ”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13JAN2013 Wally Keeler, : Spence out of her league.

CLICK TO VIEW -  Information about Haliburton Co.

CLICK TO VIEW - 08JUN2011 Pratap Chatterjee, : Dick Cheney's Halliburton: a corporate case study

What is hypocritical about this is that many indigenous nations are fighting against Enbridge for the damage being done by their pipelines, and yet this chief and her husband appear to be profiting from the very same company that their brothers and sisters are fighting against. This leader has claimed to be fighting for her people, and yet she is profiting from the corporations that are stealing and destroying their lands, their way of life and their culture. Is it any wonder, therefore, why young people are committing suicide? So, it is becoming increasingly and vitally important to understand the context from which this every complicated indigenous issues arises.

As has been mentioned many times on this newscast, there are primarily, two indigenous groups in Canada and arguably other countries. There is the corporate entity indigenous bands, that surrendered their rights and freedoms to the corporate Canadian government and also to the corporate Assembly of First Nations and also to the commercial contract, also knowns as ‘legislation’ called the ‘Indian Act’. Then there are the groups that live naturally free of corporate enslavement because they chose to not surrender their rights, their freedoms nor their lands to corporate interests.

The problems however, is that corporate interests have continued to impose their will upon those truly free indigenous nations, knowing that these nations will likely not have access to the kind of legal information that would help them to defend their claims and rights.

This is, essentially, what the Mohawk Initiative is about: providing the legal precedent that will allow the Mohawks, and perhaps eventually all indigenous nations choosing to live truly free of corporate enslavement, to reclaim this freedom, and work together with the rapidly increasing number of awake and aware people who are wanting to live in ways that are more harmonious and peaceful to humanity and to our planet.

The suicide crisis in Attawapiskat became so critical that an emergency debate was called on the issue. In this audio from on 12APR, the following exchange took place between the Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, and the NDP member of parliament representing the Attawapiskat First Nation, Charlie Angus:

AUDIO CLIP: CVN 22APR CBC Attawapiskat Crisis Emergency Debate in Parliament.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12APR Susana Mas, Peter Zimonjic, : Attawapiskat suicide crisis: MPs hold emergency debate over suicide attempts.

If you were listening closely, you may heard Angus mention the government use of ‘band-aid’ measures, a term that means spending a lot of money to fix the immediate problem, without fully addressing the root source or the cause of all the problems in the first place. You may have noticed as well, that both of them are focusing on getting the community access to the ‘mental health’ counselling..assuming that by forcing indigenous youth to submit to a western-style, white man’s way of ‘counselling’ will somehow fix the problem.

The government claims to be spending 300 million on getting this help for communities…but this same money could probably have been better used training these communities to grow hemp and build biospheres, where food could be grown through hydroponics and aquaponics projects. Giving people practical skills to allow them to feel useful is far better than merely dumping a whole bunch of high-priced mental health counsellors into a crisis situation to brainwash them is not beneficial.

As you can perhaps now begin to appreciate, things get very complicated when the global cabal gets involved, and this is how they like it, because it means that the message given to the public can be vague and convoluted, even if it contains some elements of truth.

CVN spoke with Bill Squire, spokesperson for the Grand River Mohawks. We will hear more from him in a moment, but this is what he specifically had to say about the situation in Attawapiskat:

AUDIO CLIP: CVN 22APR Bill Squire, Mohawk Workers comment on Attawapiskat situation.

Squire mentions the Indian Act, this magical, corporate commercial document of enslavement known as legislation.

Bob Joseph in a article on 13APR noted 21 points about the Indian Act, that many people may not know. The following are a sample of the most important points. Joseph writes that the Indian Act:

“ - Denied women status
- Introduced residential schools
- Created reserves
- Renamed individuals with European names
- Restricted First Nations from leaving reserve without permission from the Indian agent
- Could expropriate portions of reserves for roads, railways and other public works, as well as move an entire reserve away from a municipality if it was deemed expedient
- Forbade First Nations from forming political organizations
- Prohibited anyone, First Nation or non-First Nation, from soliciting funds for First Nation legal claims without special license from the Superintendent General. (this 1927  amendment granted the government control over the ability of First Nations to pursue land claims)   ‘Fox guarding the hen house’.

- Prohibited sale of ammunition to First Nations
- Imposed the "band council" system
- Forbade First Nations from speaking their native language
- Forbade First Nations from practicing their traditional religion
- Denied First Nations the right to vote
- Created permit system to control First Nations ability to sell products from farms
- Created under the British rule for the purpose of subjugating one race — Aboriginal Peoples

The full list will be in the link for this story in the show summary.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13APR Bob Joseph, : 21 things you may not know about the Indian Act.

This is what commercial legislation has done to the indigenous nations that have given up their rights, freedoms and their lands. It is also similar legislation, but on a grander scale, that enslaves humans to criminally fraudulent banking and legal systems.

It was the day after this information about the Indian Act was posted, that another article appeared on the Globe And Mail website on the 14th. In this article by Cesar Jaramillo, he writes that Canada has lost all credibility when it comes to human rights. In this article, Jaramillo is specifically referencing Canada’s arms deals with Saudi Arabia, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Human rights abuses have been going on with the indigenous nations since before Canada became a country - something that the Mohawk Initiative intends to prove.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14APR Cesar Jaramillo, : We can kiss Canada’s human rights credibility goodbye.

A second Globe and Mail article on the same day by Tanya Kappa and Hayden King echoes a bit of what Squire said moments ago. The article writes that: “ The response from Canadians to these states of emergency has followed a predictable pattern: Suicides (or suicide attempts) lead to calls for help; there are news headlines; sad prime ministerial tweets; the dispatching of crisis teams; and repeat.

Explaining the source these crises is relatively straightforward. But communities know the solutions, too: authentic opportunities for the full reclamation of our identities – our languages, our cultures, our traditions and our relationship with the land and waters. This would require restored jurisdiction, honoured treaties, health care and education. This would bring an end to being forced to live in conditions of poverty.

If we want to end indigenous suffering, we must end colonization “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14APR Tanya Kappo, Hayden King, : If we want to end indigenous suffering, we must end colonization.

It is this that the Mohawk Initiative seeks to address on behalf of themselves and also indigenous groups across Canada and around the world.

Specifically related to the Mohawks this week, there is not much to add regarding any positive feed back from letters that have been sent. There was however a protest involving Idle No More and Black Lives Matter protestors, who began to occupy offices of the Indigenous and Northern Affairs ministry in Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver. The occupation in Toronto was of particular concern to the Grand River Mohawks because the media was showing images of protestors with Mohawk flags and images.

Bill Squire spoke to CVN on this, and wanted to make clear that any images or references to Mohawk involvement did not come with the official sanction of the Grand River Mohawks:

AUDIO CLIP: CVN 22APR Bill Squire Statement: Grand River Mohawks are NOT involved in, or associated with Toronto occupation event.

The CBC reported on 21APR that the occupation in Toronto has ended, nine days after it began. Protests are still ongoing across Canada.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13APR Chantal Da Silva, : Idle No More, Black Lives Matter protesters demand action on Attawapiskat suicide crisis.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21APR Tim Fontaine, : Toronto protest ends, INAC offices still occupied in Winnipeg, Vancouver.

The Grand River Mohawks have stated that it is their clear and preferred intention to seek to resolve all issues in the spirit of truth and reconciliation, and they do not seek to intentionally disrupt the daily lives of Canadians and of commerce. This does not mean however that this step may become necessary at some point, if the parties that have been named in the Mohawk Initiative do not seek to sit down and address all concerns honourably and with respect to humans and to the Great Tree of Peace.

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In this week’s FINAL WORDS:

An article appeared on the news website on 18APR, written by Duncan McCue, and it got me fired up enough that I felt I needed to devote a commentary to this subject.

Since the beginning of the Mohawk Initiative, I have been attempting to help listeners understand the somewhat complex nature of how indigenous nations, not only in Canada, but in the US and around the world have been forced to give up their freedoms and natural rights, by being forced into corporate entity groups in those countries. In the US, one name given to the corporate entity group is ‘tribe’. In Canada, a corporate entity indigenous group is known as a ‘band’. These ‘bands’, at least in Canada, are overseen by an unelected corporate entity known as the Assembly of First Nations, and a piece of commercial legislation known as the ‘Indian Act’. It is this entity and this legislation that serves to represent the interests of the corporate band entities and govern commercial negotiations, when dealing with the federal government.

The federal government, as a corporate entity unto itself, only deals with the corporate entity groups, and so far up to now, has generally not acknowledged the existence of indigenous nations that have neither surrendered their rights, freedoms nor their lands to the federal government.

The basis for this acknowledgement lies within the corporate/commercial structure of the admiralty courts of law. This has also been explained previously on this newscast. Before the existence of modern communications and modern trade, trading and commercial business was done via ships. The law that governed commerce upon the seas was known as Admiralty Law or the ‘Law of the Seas’. This system of law existed to govern contractual obligations between corporate entities seeking to do business with each other. The courts had the jurisdiction to rule on disputes relating to commerce only.

Over time, this law was exported to land, and in order for this law to have effect, it required governments and the courts to create commercial entities. Because people would not likely consent to becoming a commercial entity had they fully known and understood what it would mean, a number of systems and tricks were devised to trick people into accepting a corporate fiction identity. Therefore, when one goes into court, the system is immediately rigged against them, for the rules of commercial law will be enforced upon them, because most have no idea how to properly defend themselves against this criminally fraudulent system.

Yet, the government continues to steal lands and funds from these free and natural indigenous groups, because, up to now, most free and natural indigenous groups have not been able to find the support of people with legal knowledge to assist them in exercising their rights and freedoms. Hiring a lawyer who has an oath to serve the British Accreditation Registry or BAR Association is sworn to uphold commercial law, not the natural law that governed indigenous nations long before the colonizers came.

As we heard earlier, another crisis has been occurring at the remote indigenous community of Attawapiskat in northern Ontario.

The article by McCue compares the Attawapiskat First Nation community to the SNU-ney-muxw First Nation located within the urban boundaries of Nanaimo, British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast.

McCue writes the following: “ Snuneymuxw First Nation is totally unlike the isolated community of Attawapiskat, in that it's located in an urban centre, within the city boundaries of Nanaimo, B.C. But like many First Nations, Yoachim's community experienced clusters of suicides as he was growing up, he says. In addition to his mother, he lost many cousins and says it was devastating not only to families but the entire community.

Snuneymuxw has been suicide-free for five years now. Yoachim credits the turnaround to community efforts to offer athletic programs to youth and, more importantly, a determination to include youth in reviving traditional Snuneymuxw culture.

"Connecting the community and culture is our main template... and we're having some positive results.”

In this community, it is reported that Snuneymuxw youth have a canoe club that helps to develop both mental and physical strength. According to McCue: “

Canoe clubs aren't the only healthy option for Snuneymuxw youth: basketball, lacrosse and soccer programs are also thriving. The community is proudly planning the grand opening of its new gym next month, a $4-million recreational facility that Snuneymuxw First Nation built mostly with its own economic development revenue.

"Not a dime came from the federal government," says Yoachim, explaining the gym offers a space for young athletes to gather but also houses a growing number of cultural workshops on everything from language and weaving and drum making.

"We need to create space, whether through sport or culture or recreation, to make people feel alive," Yoachim says.”

The headline for this story reads: “ For First Nations facing suicide crisis, the solution is rooted in the community.”

It sounds pretty good, one might feel inclined to say. Therefore, what is the question then?

This headline is potentially very misleading. As this article notes, there is a difference between Attawapiskat and Snuneymuxw. One group lives in an urban centre, surrounded completely by the world of the colonizers. Another group in a more remote location has been cheated more and more out of its lands, partly because there is a DeBeers diamond mine not too far away, and this is one of the colonizers ways in which the natural hunting and living of remote indigenous groups has been adversely impacted.

McCue seems to feel that the solution only rests within the community, and it is to this that I am taking exception. The problem is that his statement, technically speaking, is true. The solution is rooted within the community.

The problems is that McCue is focusing on the wrong solution. McCue appears to have no understanding of the true nature of the ‘band system’ or the commercial ‘Indian Act’ the governs the enslavement of indigenous nations. Just as Canadians are enslaved as corporate entities to commercial rules given the force of law, so too have the indigenous nations been enslaved to commercial rules that strip away their rights and freedoms.

The solution that McCue seems to advocate - increasing the immersion of indigenous nations into the colonists culture, as a solution, conveniently hides and possibly even negates the roles of all levels of governance and all roles of corporate responsibility, in creating a world where the indigenous wisdom can not only survive but also thrive.

Many will have the incorrect vision that a return to indigenous values means having to give up all the pleasures and conveniences that we currently enjoy, to return to some kind of nomadic lifestyle. This of course is not necessarily true.

As the Mohawk Initiative hopes to demonstrate over the coming years, it is possible to exist with conveniences of modernization. The difference will be however, that these conveniences will be designed, built and used with greater consideration given to the health of humanity and the planet. There will be numerous conveniences that will disappear - such as vehicles operated by gas and diesel. These will be replaced with other technologies that we are now beginning to see in our reality.

It is not just the responsibility of an indigenous nation to embrace the culture of the colonists. Indeed, I would argue that this is extremely harmful, for it begins to wipe out the needed Earth Wisdom that the indigenous nations protected until this time when it would be sorely needed.

It requires everyone to begin making conscious choices to honour LIFE in all its forms, and to begin forcing politicians to change the structures of governance, so that governance adequately, fairly and honourably serves both humanity and the planet. It requires corporations to change their structures so that profit does not come ahead of health or the destruction of the planet.

Mr. McCue, if this commentary should ever cross your path, I challenge you in your failure to acknowledge the responsibility of politicians, corporate bureaucrats, and also journalists in the media, people like you, seeking to impose responsibility of the enslaved to become like their enslavers, as opposed to the enslavers being held to accountability for their crimes, while restoring lands and freedoms, so everyone can give live in greater harmony under the Great Tree of Peace.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18APR Duncan McCue, : For First Nations facing suicide crisis, the solution is rooted in the community.


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