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Cosmic Vision News - April 29, 2016

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It is one thing for leaders to claim that they want one thing, while acting in a way that offers the illusion that the leader is acting on it, but in reality is merely creating another channel by which the illusion can be marketed and consented to, without the people involved being any more aware of what happened.

Such has been the case over the last hundred years at least, and arguably for much longer than this. One of the illusions has been the criminally fraudulent system of fiat banking with its money-created-out-of-thin-air policies. Another has been the illusion of the criminally corrupt and fraudulent system of commercial law that is practiced in Canada and around the world, treating everyone and everything as a corporate entity, so that commercial rules can be applied to everyone for the profit of corporations and the global elites. Another of the bigger illusions, the illusion that has allowed the other illusions to play themselves out, is the illusion of democracy - this belief that the people have been given that their vote actually and truly means something, when history has now taught us that this is just simply not the case.

I’ll return to the issue and the illusion of democracy coming up in a few more minutes.

It’s when people become more informed about the corruptions and the enslavement that have been imposed upon them all, that they begin to start asking very uncomfortable and very inconvenient questions of those in power, seeking accountability, and seeking action.

The problem and the challenge is that many politicians themselves have no concept of the ‘bigger picture’ of what is happening in the world, and the odds are even greater still that those same people have no idea about the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’ of the nature of the human and planetary shifts taking place at this time and the meaning of it all.

They are afraid to act for one of two reasons: 1. They either do know at some level what is going on, and they are being bribed or threatened to continue to pull the cabal line or 2. They are blissfully yet sadly ignorant to all that is going on, and they get overwhelmed with the amount of information that informed people are throwing at them, information that they have not had time to learn, because they have too busy learning information that is relevant to keeping them in a job that depends upon them being ignorant and ill-informed.

At some point however, if the people have genuinely and peacefully attempted to reach out and seek involvement and engagement from the leadership, and the leadership is unable and/or unwilling to engage, a point comes when the people may have to choose to take issues to the next level, and this gets a bit tricky because the global cabal is actively seeking violent conflict now, so people have to consider carefully the consequences of what steps of action can be taken, so as to avoid giving the cabal-controlled police forces the justification they want to use force, while still getting the issues addressed that need to be addressed.

Within the Mohawk community, and as we are witnessing worldwide, people are beginning to approach that infamous ‘red line’ where something more drastic must be done when all sincere and peaceful options have been exhausted.

It was back on 16MAR in a Canadian Press article appearing on the website that reported that: “ Aboriginal gangs are proliferating across Canada as criminal organizations exploit the intense poverty and squalid conditions of First Nations communities, says a top officer with the RCMP's aboriginal police division.

The gangs' stock-in-trade includes drug distribution, prostitution and theft, and they're only growing more sophisticated, said the RCMP.

"The gangs are brought on by poverty," said RCMP Sgt. Merle Carpenter, who holds the aboriginal gangs file with the National Aboriginal Policing Services.

"They intimidate by violence and these aboriginal youth are just wanting to belong to somebody.”

The vast majority of uninformed people would very likely have just blamed it on the indigenous people, and supported all police methods to incarcerate them. When I was young, I was guilty of doing exactly that, because my school never properly educated us on corporate entities, and how governments made treaties, put groups of indigenous people onto reservations, limited their access to the rest of the world; destroyed their traditional hunting grounds, rendering them unable to survive according to their natural ways, and then blaming them for lashing out at what we have done to them.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP, treat them as inferiors and the indigenous have been used as an outlet and target for certain members of police forces that are psychologically unstable and looking for ways to use violence and abuse the power placed in them. The court system sees them as commercial entities to be exploited, and even more so in the years since multinational and major national corporations started unlawfully expropriating or stealing lands that were deeded to them.

The CBC article continues: “Observers say the explosive growth can't be combated unless the federal government steps up and addresses the woeful conditions underlying the startling trend. "It's so simple that it's hard to understand why nothing's happening," said Steve Koptie, an aboriginal social worker who spent several years working in the mental health field for 21 reserves in Ontario's northwest.

"It's all about education and employment. If we don't get youth educated and we don't get them … participating in the workforce, we're going to continue to watch this deterioration.”

Koptie has been sold the same line that the missionaries were told when they arrived here: that the indigenous had to be converted to the ways of the white man, lest they continue to be known as ‘savages’.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 16MAR Canadian Press via : Native gangs spreading across Canada.

History has shown who the real savages were, and the savagery of the corporate entities controlling Canada was not only open and blatant, but it was also sneaky, underhanded and done without the knowing and informed consent of anyone involved. The same has been done to the people of most, if not all, western nations.

It is also important for me to state that just because I am using this particular Canadian example, the same practice is in place across Canada and even around the world, so it is not unique.

This week, in what will seem confusing, even to those who have been following the Mohawk Initiative, energies of tension are beginning to rise, but unfortunately, there may be negative consequences to the naturally free Wolf, Bear and Turtle Mohawk clans in the Grand River Area.

Even if one does not understand it fully, it is important to at least be aware that there are both corporate Mohawk entities and naturally free Mohawk indigenous clans existing in the Grand River/Brantford area.

The entity that is currently recognized by the Canadian corporate government is a corporate entity called The Six Nations. The Six Nations consist of an elected band council, representing, I am told, less than 10% of the population of Mohawks on the Haldimand lands.

This entity has been claiming to speak on behalf of even the naturally-free Mohawks; the Wolf, Turtle and Bear clans. This is at least partly why the Chiefs of these three clans are not being acknowledged at this time in their land claims nor their pursuit to be paid back of stolen historical debts.

It has led to a fracture within the Mohawk Nation, and it could be argued that this was intended - so that the naturally-free members of remaining clans could be driven into submission. The true and natural Chiefs are not being listened to, because they are perceived as not having received the acknowledgement of the government in order to get anything accomplished.

Yet, even this is not exactly working. Nahnda Garlow, in a The Two Row Times article on 27APR has reported that: “ Robert Aaron Detlor is a Canadian lawyer from Toronto, Ontario who has been representing the Haudenosaunee citizens of Six Nations of the Grand River via the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) and the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) since 2007.

Detlor was evicted from Six Nations in a community led action Tuesday morning. This follows almost an entire year of accusations and evidence raised by Haudenosaunee citizens at Six Nations, saying Detlor has been misrepresenting their interests.”

It starts to get confusing here, but this is why indigenous worldwide have been able to be controlled. IF I am understanding this situation correctly, I believe it goes something like this:
:  The Canadian government recognizes only legitimate corporate bands.
:  The Six Nations has this recognition, and are claiming this according to that recognition under criminally fraudulent commercial law. This entity is operating under the illusion that they have the support of all Mohawks, including those that have not surrendered their rights, freedoms or their lands to the corporate entities.
:  The Mohawks following the Six Nations have been sold the illusion that the Canadian government is truly committed to their interests.
:  The HDI is a corporate entity that is allegedly screwing the corporate entity known as the Six Nations.
:  The Six Nations are crying foul, and now members of a men’s group in the Six Nations have now forcefully removed a lawyer from the HDI offices, triggering a potentially violent confrontation that involves only the corporate entities and not the naturally-free clans within the same region.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27APR Nanda Garlow, : Aaron Detlor and the Haudenosaunee Development Institute.

There is a natural conflict of interest here. The Canadian government deals with corporate entities that have lawyers. Lawyers are those called to serve the BAR and thus have no loyalty to anything other than corporate interests. Having a BAR lawyer, to represent a corporate Indigenous entity and expecting that lawyer to honourably serve the interests of Mohawk people is similar to putting a fox into a chicken coup, and asking the fox to guard the chickens. It isn’t going to happen, at least not honourably.

The illusion is that men’s council and members of all indigenous nations that have surrendered their rights and freedoms, all believe, either rightly or wrongly, that they are acting in the interests of their people, and the government has marketed one particular illusion that these bands have become dependent upon or addicted to. They are fighting for the so-called ‘right’ to continue receiving privileges as corporate slaves that they should be receiving as naturally-free humans.

It is the same for most humans around the world. We defend, sometimes violently, our right to be slaves within a system that gives us the illusion that we are free.

The expression is therefore correct in that: “None are more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe that they are free.”

Given all the actions lately by the Grand River Mohawks to re-assert their power, it could raise some questions of suspicion as to why the corporate entities are suddenly active with actions that could be interpreted by the media and the public as being hostile? Last week, it was reported that Mohawks were involved in the occupation of the offices of the Ministry for Indigenous and Northern Affairs in Toronto.

This week, Mohawks are reported as taking violent action against a lawyer. This lawyer has the protection still of the Law Society of Upper Canada, and it just so happens that the same Law Society is one of the debtors to the Grand River Mohawks for historical debt repayment.

Therefore, there are grounds to suspect that there are people conspiring to cause trouble, with the intent of discrediting the legitimate Mohawk claims by giving greater attention to the actions of some Mohawks who do not represent the vast majority of Mohawks in the region.

Spokesperson for the Mohawk Workers, Bill Squire reported last week, that they are not able to control all the members and their actions, because the legitimate Chiefs have been publicly shunned by government and media.

This is why the Mohawk Initiative is becoming so much more important at this time, and as time goes on, hopefully the CVN listeners will come to understand the great significance that this story is going to represent for indigenous people, not only in Canada but also worldwide.

Another example occurred this week in Saskatoon, a city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited a school there to speak with children.

Ryan Maloney, reporting for The Huffington Post on 27APR writes that: “ A high school student in Saskatoon put Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the spot Wednesday by asking how he will right the wrongs faced by Canada's indigenous peoples, including "Third World" living conditions and acts of “genocide."
A CBC video, posted in YouTube covered this exchange:

CLICK TO VIEW - 27APR Ryan Maloney, : High School Student Presses Trudeau On 'Third World' Indigenous Living Conditions.

CLICK TO VIEW IN A SEPARATE WINDOW  - 28APR2016 CBC News via YouTube : Trudeau takes questions from Indigenous high school students in Saskatoon

Personally, I take exception to Trudeau’s comments that the government cannot fix this, alone, and that it is going to take many more billions of taxpayer dollars. He states that the government, indigenous nations and Canadians must work together, but he refuses to acknowledge the external force that highjacks and enslave governance worldwide, and this is the global banking cabal and its many factions. Considering the fact that Trudeau has yet to acknowledge the leaders of the naturally free indigenous nations across the country, this raises some doubt as to the sincerity of Trudeau’s desire to work with indigenous people, but instead only work with the corporate entities who are already under enslavement anyway.

The Government of Canada COULD very easily fix the indigenous situation by allowing indigenous groups to grow hemp and begin selling it, while creating all kinds of new industries that hemp is already well-known for.

There are very cheap, and very easy solutions that could be implemented, but it is not in the best interests of governments nor of corporate entities to allow this.

Specifically related to the Mohawk Initiative this however, I have been given permission to report that a late letter has been received in the office of the Wolf Clan Chief from from the Attorney General of Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould. This letter suggests to the Mohawks that the issue has been handed over to the minister responsible, Dr. Carolyn Bennett. Meetings are currently in the process of being negotiated, and a further update is expected next week.

In the meantime, Mohawk worker spokesperson Bill Squire informs CVN that he would like to reaffirm his message from last week, stating that the naturally-free Wolf, Turtle and Bear Mohawk clans do not seek any kind of physical confrontation with the government or the people at this time. They are not involved with, nor do they support ANY Mohawk activity being undertaken by the Mohawk corporate entities and individuals acting under their direction and jurisdiction. They DO seek to reclaim their lands and their stolen funds and if this can be done honourably through a truth and reconciliation meeting, then this is their preferred course of action. Having said this however, if it turns out that the government is not prepared to act honourably, then more forceful actions may become necessary, although every intention will be made to minimize impact upon Canadians who are not directly involved.

Coming up shortly, a bit of a lesson on what ‘reality’ is, or might be, according to those perceiving it.


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AUDIO CLIP for Bashar: I apologize, I accidentally closed the page for the source of this audio before I added it to the broadcast outline. I tried looking quickly for it on YouTube, but did not find it in the initial search. I will add this link when I am able to find it.

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10. ( 82:18 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS;

I would like to offer something for the crowd who are interested in the more, shall I call it…esoteric information about this human and planetary shift in consciousness that we are all going through. For those who are not exactly interested, but have an open mind to consider new information, your choice to continue listening is appreciated, and it is understood that the information offered may or may not feel ‘true’ for everyone, in this current moment of ‘now’.

We have been experiencing a number of astrological alignments over the past year or so that have brought with them energies that some will instinctively know, have contributed to the seemingly wild events over that time.

We are apparently in another such period, with what some are calling a ‘once-in-a-decade’ event of five planets in our solar system being in retrograde - a term meaning that the planets are behind the Sun, and from our earthly perspective, it seems like they are going backwards, although they are not in reality.

‘Growth’ and ‘change’ are currently being experienced from the larger macrocosmic level being our universe and beyond, but it is also happening at the microcosmic cellular levels within our bodies. As a result, this means by default that energetic and cosmic change is taking place on all levels in between.

I mentioned earlier in the Mohawk Initiative update about the energies of tension beginning to rise up in many. These FINAL WORDS will, at least partly, begin to address this phenomenon being experienced by many.

I’d like to note two articles first by Dana Mrkich. Her first article on 18APR addresses ‘growth’ and ‘change’, and she writes that: “ Growth and change always require stepping out of our comfort zones, letting go of what is safe and familiar, and usually moving into the unknown.”

She describes a bit of her personal life, and how she went into various opportunities, only to discover that she had strong feelings of not belonging in those opportunities.

One begins to learn that one is getting closer to one’s purpose in being here, by courageously stepping out into the unknown, to experience not only the things one may not like, but more specifically to discover the things that one does like, as opposed to just remaining stagnant in one’s job, one’s relation with others, or even one’s lack of relations with others, and more.

Mrkich writes: “ With each uncertain transition from one chapter to the next your faith muscles build, the fear lessens, because you realise that the day to day reality of change is more do-able and manage-able than your fears make it out to be.

It takes strength and determination to keep growing, letting go, trusting, growing, letting go, trusting. We don't do it because it is easy. We do it because the alternative is stagnation. We do it because some stubborn voice in us, our Soul perhaps, keeps nudging us forward "C'mon, you came here to be more.”
In a second article by Mrkich, she goes into more about the current astrological alignment, with a reported five planets having entered a retrograde motion at this time.

In this article, Mrkich writes that: “ For the first time in a decade, we have 5 planets retrograde at the same time. You might be reading a lot about how this time is all about pausing and not being able to get much done, but actually from a Soul perspective this is going to be a hugely productive time. Whenever a planet goes retrograde, it offers an opportunity to review, re-visit, remember, re-wire, re-do, re-claim, release.

The combination of all of these retrogrades happening at the same time are like sending in a bunch of restorers, renovators and cleaners to bring the building back to its true glory, to what it has really been all along, this time with even more sparkle and shine.

Jupiter was the first planet to enter retrograde, just after New Year’s, and it will be the first to come out of retrograde on 09MAY.

Mrkich writes: “ It has been a good time to have an extended period of pondering your New Year’s Dreams and Goals list for the year ahead. Jupiter retrograde may have really urged you to get clear on: What areas of your life do you want to see expand? Where do you want to see positive growth? What needs to shift/change/acted on in order to make that happen? Where are you ready for your next level, and what ceilings are you done done done with?

With Mercury, Mrkich writes that: “Mercury Retrogrades every few months, and every few months for a few weeks we feel the following more than usual: issues with phones, computers, electronics, communications going haywire. On a positive note, we might get a second chance of communicating with someone where things didn’t go well the first time around, or we unexpectedly bump into someone from our past and get some closure or receive a message that helps us on our path.”

Mrkich continues with Pluto, which she calls the ‘head honcho’ of transformation. She writes: “ Pluto doesn’t muck around. If he sees that something in your life or within yourself needs shifting, he will demolish or renovate without waiting for permission, without apology. So while Pluto going forward might activate power within us, Pluto retrograde will ask us: Do you see what has been activated here? Have you realized what you have to let go of? Have you accepted what is happening? Are you letting in the new energy that wants to emerge from within you?

You may feel Power as a major theme, confronting the ways in which you are in your power, and the ways in which you aren’t. You may get clear messages regarding what you are doing that is sapping your power, and what you could be doing to give you more power. We are not talking here about egoic power, rather authentic heart and soul power.

Pluto loves a good detox, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. So if you feel compelled to go on a health-kick, release old habits, purge some issues, go on retreat, do some hard-core healing, go on big clearing out spree of your house or wardrobe, follow that inner guidance.”

Next is Mars, and Mrkich notes that: “if energy is needed in a situation, where there is usually no energy or low energy, if the waters need to be stirred because they have been dormant or inactive for too long, if an old issue needs to be brought to the surface, addressed and cleared out, then Mars will not be shy about adding some of his fire and ‘get things done’ gusto to the equation.

Saturn entered into retrograde motion approximately in late March/early April and will be retrograde for another four months. Mrkich writes that: “Saturn is the father of the zodiac. He loves discipline, commitment, hard work, structure, stability and support. He is the foreman walking around the building site making sure the foundation is strong and everyone is working according to the right codes of practice. During retrograde, he might make some people feel restricted because he doesn’t just let you go forward with a song in your heart, on a wing and a prayer. He, like any good father before setting their child free out into the big, wide world, will want to make sure you know how to take care of yourself especially financially, materially and structurally.”

Mrkich closes with some guidance to people who seem to love getting caught up in all the geopolitical and geoeconomics dramas of the world today.

She writes: “Dealt with unconsciously, there can be a whole lot of projection happening, with unowned emotions and issues flaring up, manifesting as anger toward others and erratic behavior. If you feel strong emotions coming up in you, take a big deep breath before exploding onto someone else.

Know that people who are resisting the rise of their inner truth will go into drama. Unless absolutely necessary, (eg protection of someone’s wellbeing if they are in immediate danger) it is wise to not get caught up in the middle of someone else’s karmic explosion/resistance/demolition process/purge. If you find yourself in the midst of drama check in with yourself to see what feels right be it to listen without judgement, walk away until they calm down, or just observe without getting emotionally attached to the ‘story’ being played out.

All of our stories are right now attempting to be unraveled, like balls of wool that have been in tight balls for a long time. Attaching to stories and illusions that are in the process of unravelling will only create more knots and make the whole process take longer. “

I think I speak for most listeners when I say that the vast majority of us do not want this to go on any longer than is absolutely necessary for the overall, positive changes to begin unfolding.

Even though I as a journalist have to pay attention to what is going on, I am trying more and more to detach myself from specific events and outcomes. For example, I observe what is playing out with regard to the US election, but I am not getting wound up by who says what or who does what. There are however some other events that still do push certain buttons within me, and that is where the guidance in this article from Mrkich brings me back to grounding myself and releasing what still needs to be released within me.

In the show summary for the FINAL WORDS, I will also include a three minute video from Lee Harris, who also reports on the energies shifting at this time, and he shares some of his own insights as he reflects on information shared by Mrkich.

Create a wonderfully cleansing week, until our next moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18APR Dana Mrkich, : When you know you came here to be more.

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CLICK TO VIEW IN A SEPARATE WINDOW  - 27APR Lee Harris via YouTube : Energy Update: Why you feel like you're on spin dry AKA A Multidimensional Recalibration.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Homepage for Dana Mrkich

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