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Cosmic Vision News - May 6, 2016

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CLICK TO VIEW   - 03MAY Jay Syrmopoulos, : Putin: Clinton or Trump is Irrelevant, The Real Problem is U.S. ‘Imperial Ambitions’.


In this week’s Mohawk Initiative update, things continue to get a little strange in the Grand River area of Brantford where the Mohawk Wolf, Bear and Turtle clans reside.

Since CVN has begun telling the story of the clans that have not surrendered their lands, their rights nor their freedoms to the corporate entities known as the Government of Canada, the Assembly of First Nations and the commercial legislation known as the ‘Indian Act’, the challenge has been to receive the acknowledgement and recognition that is deserved, while being ignored by all the entities that are threatened by the claims and the evidence backing those claims.

We’ve been learning how there are both corporate-entity Mohawks and non-corporate onkwehon:we, a Mohawk term meaning the naturally-free people existing outside of corporate surrender. The corporate, First Nations entity of Six Nations is the group claiming to represent all Mohawks and has been invited to Ottawa to meet with Prime Minister Trudeau, while the Onkwehon:we Mohawks have been ignored, despite having proof of their lawful and legitimate land and debt claims.

Perhaps the following article may assist some in better understanding this distinction.

Chinta Puxley wrote an article for the Hamilton Spectator on 11DEC2014 reporting on the election of the new Assembly of First Nations Chief. Keep in mind this was in 2014. She wrote that: “ The new national chief of the Assembly of First Nations is warning it will no longer be business as usual when it comes to development on First Nations land.

In a fiery speech to assembly delegates in Winnipeg, Saskatchewan’s Perry Bellegarde singled out pipelines and energy development as one of the frontlines in his battle to put First Nations on equal footing with the rest of Canada. “

Bellegarde was quoted as saying the following at that time: “ To the people across this great land, I say to you, that the values of fairness and tolerance which Canada exports to the world, are a lie when it comes to our people," Bellegarde said. "Canada will no longer develop pipelines, no longer develop transmission lines, or any infrastructure, on our lands as business as usual. That is not on. We will no longer accept poverty and hopelessness while resource companies and governments grow fat off our lands and territories and resources. If our lands and resources are to be developed, it will be done only with our fair share of the royalties, with our ownership of the resources and jobs for our people. It will be done on our terms and our timeline."

Huxley noted that it was this next comment that got the loudest response from the crowd: “ Canada is Indian land”, he said. “This is my truth, and this is the truth of our peoples.”

Bellegarde won that election, after running a campaign that focused on a pledge to restore pride among First Nations and focus on self-determination. He had told reporters that the assembly under his leadership would be “respectful and it’s going to be relevant to First Nations people.”
Said Bellegarde: “As indigenous people, we have the inherent right to self-determination," Bellegarde said. "That means the ability to say 'yes' to development or 'no' to development.”

Bernard Valcourt, former prime minister Stephen Harper’s minister for the corporate-named Aboriginal Affairs ministry had issued a statement at that time stating that: “ the federal government believes aboriginal people "should have the same quality of life, the same opportunities and the same choices as all other Canadians."

CLICK TO VIEW  - 11DEC2014 Chinta Puxley, : ‘Canada is Indian land,’ new chief declares.

This is a classic example of how Canadians and people worldwide are misled by statements made by politicians, bankers, lawyers and even journalists.

Let’s walk through this for a better understanding. A chief gets elected to represent the corporate entity Assembly of First Nations on a pledge to restore pride and self-determination. Immediately there is a conflict because the corporate entity Assembly of First Nations cannot restore self-determination of the indigenous peoples. At the very best, all it can do is brainwash its members into accepting the illusion of self-determination - the very same illusion that Canadians think they have as corporate entities within the corporation of Canada. The Assembly of First Nations is fighting for the very same privilege of being enslaved that non-indigenous Canadians have been living under.

Bellegard’s claims in 2014 that Canada would no longer build pipelines on ‘Indian’ land has obviously not been honoured, as there has been significant pipeline issues since then, arguably the most notorious one being the Keystone XL pipeline. Bellegarde has said his leadership would be respectful and relevant for the First Nations. Based on what I am personally seeing with regard to indigenous issues in Canada at this time, I’m struggling to see where that leadership was respectful and relevant at any time since 2014.

Had Bellegarde truly wanted to focus on self-determination for the indigenous people of Canada, he would have been bound to tell them the truth about how they have been enslaved to corporate entities, just like the rest of Canadians.

His claim that ‘Canada is Indian land - that this is his truth and that this is the truth of his people’ is not a compliment. “Indian is corporate term, and he just told his people that Canada is corporate Indian land, not the land of onkwehon:we indigenous people’s. Had the indigenous people been truly informed of the nature of their enslavement to corporate entities, they surely would not have cheered such a comment. Indeed, he should have been thrown out, right then and there.

Bellegarde was claiming to be pushing for the right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to development on their terms. There has been a massive conflict of interest taking place on behalf of the various governments, the Assembly of First Nations and also within some of the individual First Nations also.

Minister Valcourt did not help with his comments either that aboriginal people should have the same quality of life and the same choices. Even though he was technically speaking the truth, his language was veiled with the same trick that commercial legal language has.

What Valcourt was really saying is that aboriginal people should have the same corporate controls and the same, uninformed consent to those controls as other Canadians.

The legal language tricks people into consenting to things based on one understanding of the English, even though legalese has given different definitions to the same terms. This is how Canadians and indigenous alike have been tricked into corporate slavery without our informed, democratic consent.

Relating to the situation in Attawapiskat, it was reported in the Two Row Times on 29APR that the federal minister for Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Dr. Carolyn Bennett and the MP for that region Charlie Angus issued a statement after visiting Attawapiskat. The article reported that: “ On April 19, we had the opportunity to visit the Attawapiskat First Nation to meet with community leaders, members and youth to listen to them first-hand about their challenges. Since Attawapiskat declared a state of emergency, federal officials from Health Canada and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada have been working together with provincial and First Nations partners to provide immediate support to the community.”

The minister and MP also stated that: “To truly improve the wellness, change the socio-economic reality and bring hope to Indigenous communities, we must work in genuine partnership on the long-term investments in infrastructure, water and education that are needed, based on community-driven solutions. We also heard from the youth the importance of adequate housing and healing. Starting immediately, we will work with the community to plan for additional housing so that it will be possible to return the healing centre back to its original use as a place for all community members to seek wellness.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29APR : Statement from Carolyn and MP Charlie Angus following visit to Attawapiskat.

Yet, as reported in a recent Mohawk Initiative update, it has been revealed that the Attawapiskat Nation, has, apparently, been sitting on a huge stock portfolio consisting of many harmful energy and petroleum companies, the very same ones that Bellegarde was claiming he would stand up against.

This week now there is, suspiciously, an oil leak that has found its way into the Grand River in the city of Kitchener, not too far from Brantford. Investigations are underway to determine the cause and the preliminary report was that some kind of petroleum-based product came from a sewer somewhere in the area.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01MAY Paige Desmond, : ‘Significant quantity’ of petroleum spills into Grand in Kitchener.

In recent weeks, since the Grand River Mohawks have started sending legal letters to various entities, certain things have been suspiciously starting to happen. Flags and Mohawk symbols have appeared at an occupation of a government office in Toronto, without the consent and support of the Mohawk Wolf, Bear and Turtle clans. Also recently, a group of men physically threw out a lawyer of the Haudenausenee Development Institute. This can be reviewed in last week’s Initiative update on the Cosmic Vision News homepage under Mohawk Initiative.

The rising energies of the shifting consciousness appears to be having an impact in the Grand River area. CVN has received word that, in view of these recent events that have taken place, seemingly to cause disunity among the corporate and onkwehon:we Mohawks, that potentially historic discussions have begun among members from both groups, with an aim to understanding more deeply this issue of corporate slavery and perhaps abolishing it and finally uniting all the Mohawks as onkwehon:we in the region once again under the name of the Grand River Mohawks. More details are expected in the coming week or two and this may be a very positive and empowering example of people uniting together for the Highest Good of all, under the Great Tree of Peace.


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In this week’s FINAL WORDS:

As we continue to witness all the incredible things happening the world at this time, many will be feeling overwhelmed at what they see and feel is happening. This is going to create a range of reactions within people all over the world, and how we as a species navigate through these changes will depend upon how the stronger and more awake people anchor and hold the energies for those who may not yet be strong or awake enough to deal with what is unfolding.

Keep in mind that we cannot save any other soul, for we do not know the reasons and purpose for what each soul has come to Earth at this time. Each soul has a uniquely different and yet equally beautiful message and truth to share. All we can do is offer information, offer compassion, offer service, offer insights and perspectives. Ultimately however, it is up to each individual soul as to whether or not one chooses to receive information that will help one awaken and survive the energetic shifts that our solar system, our planet and our bodies are now going through.

The more we fear, and the more we resist, the harder the evolutionary experience will be. Make no mistake about it however, humanity is in the process of moving through a major shift, even though many may not yet know how to explain or define what they are seeing, feeling and experiencing.

An article by Humberto Braga appearing on the website on 04MAY offered insights for people to consider in helping to anchoring or ‘holding space’ for others during this transition period. Braga writes that: “ When it comes to truly supporting people in their own growth and emotional processing, we know it’s harmful to take their personal power away.

Yet regardless, we still tend to unconsciously do this in several ways: by trying to fix their problems for them, shaming them by implying that they should know more than they do, or overwhelming them by giving them more information than they’re ready for. While we may think it comes from a well-meaning place of wanting to help others, true personal growth happens best when people are given free space to process their emotions, feel supported, and are empowered to make their own choices.

Feedback is fine in the form of giving gentle guidance when it’s needed and sincerely asked for, as long as it’s done lovingly so they feel safe even when they make mistakes.

Socially speaking, because most people aren’t made to feel emotionally safe in their community, family, or in valuing and trusting themselves, they are conditioned to trust and rely on “authority” instead, often in the form of government. We can see the consequences of this deficiency of love around the world- authoritarianism, war, anger, hate, divisiveness, greed, exploitation, disconnection from nature, etc. The list goes on and illustrates the importance of holding space.

Simply put, holding space is necessary to overcome all these unhealthy, destructive behaviors, personally and globally.”

Braga offers eight lessons he has learned in holding space for others, and perhaps these may be meaningful for you to consider as well. Braga offers the following:

“ 1. Drop your ego, buddy

This is a biggie. All of us fall in to this trap. We all have a natural tendency to want to “fix” people by pointing out their blindspots, telling them how to fix a problem, or judging their circumstances with the standards we hold for ourselves.

Remember that what’s important is supporting the other person and just being there for them, not taking on their problems or trying to “fix” them. The more space your ego takes up, the less room it leaves for them, and the whole point is to create and hold as much space for the other person as possible.Also, don’t take their emotional outpouring personally.

When we get caught up in someone else’s drama (which is a result of not giving YOURSELF enough space),we can feel like whatever emotions they happen to be expressing are about us and our ability to hold space, instead of them just venting in their process.

We can feel like their success is dependent on us and their failure to quickly move through their difficulties will be our fault. It’s not about you. Getting your ego out of the way will open the door for sincere vulnerability, authentic communication, and a feeling of safety for emotional processing.”

2. Create a space that feels safe enough to make mistakes

Nobody’s “perfect”. Mistakes will be made along the way while processing through sadness, fear, grief, etc. Even after processing, integrating these changed parts in to our daily lives isn’t always a clean and easy process. By dropping judgement and shame, we offer them the space to find courage, take risks, and find their inner resilience even in the face of adversity.

“Failure” is simply “things not going according to plan”, which is a part of the journey guided by greater forces than we can comprehend. Often times it’s beyond our control, but it’s not the end of the world. By allowing them the sacred space to “live and learn”, they’ll spend less time beating themselves up and more time lovingly learning from their mistakes, which is what it’s all about.

3. Don’t take the person’s power away

Taking the decision-making out of a person’s hands does little, if anything, to help them grow. With rare exceptions, like interventions for addiction and abuse, it’s best to nurture people’s autonomy by encouraging them to make their own choices (even children). Don’t forcefully direct or try to control the other person.

4. Give people permission to trust their inner wisdom and intuition

5. Give people only as much feedback as they can handle.

Be mindful not to overwhelm others with more than they can process in their tender, vulnerable time. Too much emotional intensity can be distracting and take people out of their internal presence, or make people feel unsafe, even if the words are kind. Too much information can disconnect us from being with our emotions and processing. Even worse, it can make us feel incompetent, inferior, and unworthy.
As one who is blessed and cursed with being able to see not only the bigger picture and the BIGGER picture, I have often been guilty of this myself, and I constantly have to try not to say too much too quickly.

6. Provide support with discernment, mindfulness, and humility

People in distress can get desperate. They may think it’s better for you to provide them with answers, when it’s actually better that they learn to look within themselves. Using your own discernment will allow you to give only as much is as needed when it is truly and sincerely asked for and necessary.

7. Provide a container for intense, complex emotions

Victims of abuse (which we all are to varying degrees) have intense, often conflicting emotions. This can be extremely challenging if we haven’t done the necessary self-work of digging in to our psyche’s shadow and become familiar with the darkest, most intimate parts of the healing process. By meeting them with tenderness and confidence, you provide them with trust and assuredness in their own process, as well as yourself.

8. Support different decisions and experiences than what you would prefer

When it comes to holding space, honoring our differences of ideology, culture, expression, and experience is necessary. We have to release control and judgement of what we think “should happen” or “is best”. Looking back on life, we can see how some of our choices, while perhaps “stupid”, “weird”, or “irresponsible” in retrospect, have led to consequences which place us exactly where they need to be. Sometimes the only way out is through, and in order for them to truly understand the lesson they need to have experiences unique to their own path in order to step in to the fullness of their being and true purpose.”

Braga concludes with the following: “Holding space is not an art that we can suddenly master by just reading, nor can it be completely summarized by any list. It’s a uniquely idiosyncratic experience depending on the people, place, and circumstance, with endless subtleties, techniques, and levels which evolve the more we practice it. And the more we practice it with others, the more we can give it to ourselves, heal, and grow even faster, together.”

The full article link will be in the show summary for the FINAL WORDS.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04MAY2016 Humberto Braga, : The Art of “Holding Space” for Others.


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