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Cosmic Vision News - May 27, 2016

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CLICK TO VIEW  - 23MAY Jay Syrmopoulos, : Saudi Press Just Accused US Govt of Blowing Up World Trade Centers as Pretext to Perpetual War.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Claire Burnish, : We Found a Preview of the 28 Redacted Pages — and It’s a 9/11 Game-Changer.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17MAY : Memos on Alleged Saudi-Affiliated Support of the 9/11 Attacks.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19MAY : Article In Saudi Daily: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks – But Blames Others For Them.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19MAY : Americans must know ‘shocking’ details of 9/11 report classified pages – congressmen.

CLICK TO VIEW  - via YouTube : General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years .

CLICK TO VIEW  - RT via YouTube. Unknown guest interviewed on Keiser Report concerning alleged EU terrorist activity.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 21MAY Bruno Waterfield, : Leave EU and we’ll make your lives a misery: Juncker’s warning to Britain.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22MAY Boris Johnson via : Future Britons will find it hard to believe that anyone voted to stay in the EU.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 27MAY Catherine Hardy, : Israel loses second cabinet minister in a week.
CLICK TO VIEW  - 23MAY Mary Harris, : Putin Meeting With Tsipras on May 27-28, Says Kremlin.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAY Jack Rasmus, : Greek Debt Negotiations: Will the IMF Exit the Troika?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 16MAY : Russia Offers Hand to Latin American States Under US ‘Attack’.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 27MAY Lana Clements, : Eurozone RUPTURE: Now SPAIN threatens to tear EU apart as banks LOSE €1.4BILLION in a day.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19MAY Jason Taylor, : EU must be JOKING: Spain plots huge tax GIVEAWAY despite TRILLION Euro debt.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 18MAY F. William Engdahl, : China Quietly Prepares Golden Alternative to Dollar System

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CLICK TO VIEW  - 19MAY Alternative World News Network via : Mexico City is crowdsourcing its constitution online, pioneering 21st century democracy.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09MAY CCTV America via : Mexico City asks its residents to go online, share thoughts on new constitution.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 22MAY Abe Hawken, : Hollywood's Savile scandal: Star of Hobbit films Elijah Wood says Tinseltown is masking a child sex epidemic in its 'seedy' underbelly full of predatory ‘vipers’.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26MAY : 'This Person Uses Intimidation And Threats As A Way To Keep People Quiet' — Corey Feldman Exposes The Truth On Hollywood's Pedophilia Scandals & How Michael Jackson Was Involved.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26MAY Seth Abramovich, : Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: 'I Would Love to Name Names'

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26MAY : “I’m not able to name names.” – on Corey Feldman’s recent interview.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAY Kirstie McCrum, :

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27MAY : Out There: Obama May Release Tons of UFO Secrets Before Leaving Office.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26MAY Michael Finn, : Barack Obama To Reveal UFO, Alien Information Kept Secret For 20 Years?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAY Sarah Burris, : Obama plans to reveal massive cache of UFO secrets before leaving office: report.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Clinton WONT Be Allowed To Disclose The TRUTH About The ET’s – It’s NOT Allowed (Claims Former Secret Service Agent).

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21MAY Alan Tovey, : Britain launches itself back into the space race.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26MAY Office of the Press Secretary, Letter from the President -- Space Report.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07NOV2012 Darren Parks, : Solar Warden - The Secret Space Program.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26MAY Duncan Forgan, : The search for extraterrestrials: How to tell the world you've discovered an alien civilisation.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Duncan Forgan, Alexander Scholz, Cornell University Library: 21st Century Pre-Search and Post-Detection SETI Protocols for Social and Digital Media.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Homepage for Acta Astronautica Science/Space Journals and Publications.


CLICK TO VIEW  - : This New Neighborhood Will Grow Its Own Food, Power Itself, And Handle Its Own Waste.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Homepage for : Tech-Integrated and Regenerative Residential Real Estate Development.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 2015 : Common reasons an Ecovillage fails to get off the ground.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 2MAY Michael Forrester, : Magic Mushrooms Finally Being Accepted As Viable Treatment For Depression.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17MAY Dr. Robin Earhart-Harris and team, : Psilocybin with psychological support for treatment-resistant depression: an open-label feasibility study.

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In this week’s FINAL WORDS

I’d like to continue a bit more on these energies that we all are going through at this time, and maybe try to offer some perspectives for consideration. In the past, I have spoken of this shift in human and planetary consciousness, and I have also spoken of a transition from a more 3D paradigm and perception, into a 4D paradigm and perception into a broader 5D paradigm and perception.

I do not wish to debate the technicalities of definitions of what we currently know as ‘dimensions’. There are sources that define 3D as having a physical length, width and height component. Some have defined the 4D as adding a component of ‘time’. Assuming this to be true, then humanity has been in a 4D awareness for a long time. So, it comes down to one’s own belief and feeling. I am NOT saying that I have any more or any less wisdom than any listener, so please do not accept anything I share, or anything others share in these FINAL WORDS as ‘truth’, unless it feels right for you to do so.

Dimensions goes beyond this however to refer more to spaces of consciousness. An article by Vidiya Frazier from 2011 attempts to share this authors perceptions of what the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions are, in terms of consciousness. She writes: “ The Third Dimensional “operating system” runs on rigid beliefs and a fairly inflexible set of rules and limitations. For example, in the Third Dimension, we learn to believe that bodies are solid; they can’t merge with each other or walk through walls. Everything is subject to gravity, physical objects cannot disappear, and we cannot read another person’s mind. There’s a solid belief in duality, and judgment and fear are pervasive.

Regarding the 4th dimension, she writes that: “This is the “bridge” we’re all pretty much on now, and will be for a relatively short period of time. In traveling through the Fourth Dimension, we are preparing ourselves for the Fifth. Time is no longer linear in the Fourth Dimension—there’s an ongoing sense of being in present time, with no interest or even awareness of past and future. And we can discover that time is malleable—it can actually stretch and condense, much to our third dimensional surprise.”

Frazier describes the 5th dimension as being: “the dimension of Love, of living totally from the Heart.

In order to enter into the Fifth Dimension and stay there, all mental and emotional baggage must be left at the door. No fear, anger, hostility, guilt exists there—no suffering or sense of separation. Mastery over thought is a prerequisite.

Manifestation in the Fifth Dimension is instantaneous. You think about something—it comes present. People generally communicate through telepathy and have the ability to read each other’s thoughts and feelings with ease. The experience of time is radically different: some describe it as “everything happening at once.” There is no distinction between past, present or future.

Many of us are having experiences (or “dreams”) that feel like visits to the Fifth Dimension. These are exhilarating—tremendously exciting and hopeful. They keep us moving on through the difficulties that sometimes arise as we travel through the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth.”

What I believe I can say with a high degree of confidence is that we are all in uncharted waters right now. In our current life-path, meaning in the last 100 years, none of us has experienced the particular energetics and cosmic alignments that are contributing to what we are now going through, and how it is impacting the collective consciousness, but also the individual consciousness and each individual, physical body in ways that people may know, sense and feel, but are lacking the full awareness and understanding of how and why.

It is my belief therefore, that many sources have pieces of information, but there are very very few, if any, among us who are able to offer a full and complete picture of what is going on, and this highlights the importance of learning to discern what will be true for each individual, because the LIFE-path of each individual is uniquely different, yet equally beautiful, and therefore each individual will therefore need different messages, different messengers and different interpretations to guide one on his or her path right now. No path is more ‘right’, nor is it more ‘wrong’, for it is unique only to the one following that path.

Have you also been feeling different lately, perhaps not feeling yourself, or perhaps having the feeling that things just don’t seem quite as ‘real’ as they used to? If so, you are not alone. Perhaps you are sensing change coming on different levels.

An article by Gregg Prescott on the website offers a couple of videos for consideration, but also 13 signs that one may be ready to live on The New Earth. Many who are just awakening may not understand that, and it may be equally as challenging to try to explain it. It is difficult to explain a 5th, 6th, or 7th dimensional awareness to entities capable of perceiving only three or maybe four.

I personally do believe in multiple dimensions of existence, even though I admit that I still do not fully understand what it means and feels like to be in those dimensional spaces of awareness. Once one makes a choice at least, one can begin the journey towards opening up to these new experiences and awareness that comes with each dimensional space.

If you are open, then perhaps you have been feeling some or all of the following 13 signs: Constantly experiencing synchronicities on various levels; manifesting desires with greater ease; a change in eating habits; dreams becoming more prophetic and less fearful; a strong desire for truth to be known even if it contradicts one’s current system of belief.

You seem to understand fear more, and it is becoming easier to release it than before.
You may be sensing a thinning of dimensions, and this may include seeing and hearing things that one was not able to do previously.
Perhaps you have experienced glitches in time or ‘time loops’ .
Perhaps you have begun drifting away from friends and family who no longer understand you.
Maybe you have been experiencing unusual energy shifts, or hearing high-pitched frequencies.
There may be many of you having a strong desire to go home, wherever that may be, including a different planet.
Finally, perhaps you are experiencing metaphysical abilities that you never thought you could do before.

There may be others also. One of the messages of the article is that each choice one makes essentially creates a new alternate reality.

Inelia Benz in one of her articles for the month of May appearing on her website outlines symptoms of another kind but are related to at least one of the previous items discussed. Benz writes of ‘timeline jumping’ and she offers some insights that some of you may have experienced consciously or unconsciously. She writes that: “
The physical body elemental is not at all happy with the shifting and moving of timelines. When this starts happening, the body becomes highly stressed and tense. This causes cramps and also pain on the back of the neck and shoulders, with a feeling of something tight around the head, or a headache that won't go away.
A sense that you don't know what you are doing in "that house" or "that workplace", it suddenly feels unfamiliar and that you belong somewhere else.
"Fantastic" alternative daydreams about your own past. Memories that you "know" never happened.
You may have had a moment, or more moments, when you had no idea where you were, who the people around you were, and thought perhaps you were getting Alzheimer's or another type of mental incapacity.
You clearly know that the decision you just took has marked your life forever. The change might be slow to appear but it is permanent.
Your body suddenly heals, or some unknown ailment is suddenly identified and the right treatment is also available.
There is an interest you have had for years, for which there was hardly any information, and suddenly there are hundreds of books and websites about it out there.
You go to someone's house (sometimes your own) and there is an object there that is different to how we remember it. A different colour, shape, location, design... and you disregard the unfamiliarity because it must have been always like that. Yet, you noticed it was now different. Sentences like, "oh, I never noticed that the lamp had a string switch" or "I always thought that dresser was turquoise, but it's blue".
People around you seem slightly unfamiliar, although you have known them a long time or your entire life, it feels to your body like you have just met.

How might one deal with this then? Benz writes that: “… first of all, we can understand and relax into them. No, you are not mad, are not losing your mind, your memories haven't suddenly gone awry, And secondly, realize that this is a great opportunity for you to make a lifelong commitment to live on your highest frequency by choice. Become interested in your surroundings, in your life choices, in your people (who are my people? everyone you touch with your energy).

Most of all, know that this is real, that we are going through this step in our evolution where we can, if we so choose, be aware of how subtle reality really is, and how thin the walls between dimensions and timelines really are. It is a very exciting time! Know that you can now consciously CHOOSE highly resonant timelines.”

Now some listeners may be wondering about the earlier statement of feeling a desire to return home, even if it is another planet. If you have had a feeling such as this, it is possible you are a started. An article by Tanaaz, from SEP2015 on the website offers 21 signs that might suggest you are a starseed. Here are approximately ten of them:

1. You feel a strong sense of knowing that Earth is not your original home

2. You feel out of place and that the rules of society go against your beliefs

3. You have reoccurring dreams about aliens or spaceships

4. You are highly psychic or intuitive and sensitive to your surroundings

5. You often see UFO’s or have a strong affinity to space, time travel and the spirit world

6. You are naturally technologically savvy and have a different way of problem solving

7. You are empathetic to others emotions and can pick up on what others are feeling

8. You may have a body that functions differently compared to others

9. You are extremely intelligent but are not interested in conventional academics

10. You constantly feel challenged to awaken or reconnect with your purpose

11. You may struggle to find your purpose and integrate into society

12. People around you may also feel that you are different or are wary of you

13. Animals and children may instantly trust you or feel intrigued by you

14. You can only handle large crowds of people for short periods of time

15. You may suffer from social anxiety and have a hard time making small talk

16. You have a memory of your purpose and mission here on Earth or you catch glimpses of it every now and again

17. You may have a memory of being from another planet or galaxy and what it looked like

18. You are an old soul and even as a child you were mature for your age

19. Life one Earth may at times feel boring or disappointing to you, especially when you are reminded of where you came from

20. You seem to find solutions to problems much quicker than others around you- Earthly complaints seem simple to you

21. You are naturally talented in the area of technology, physics, engineering, space travel and metaphysics.

The rest of this list will appear in the show summary for the FINAL WORDS and also in the link to the article, for those choosing to read more.

Tanaaz adds that: “It is believed that Starseeds have a programmed “alarm clock” inside of them that allows them to awaken at different points in their lives in order to fulfill their destiny.” Perhaps this is what we are starting to witness at this time, and why the global cabal is so eager to make more and more people sick in any way they can.

It is indeed an exciting time, and people are beginning to unite more in heart, mind and spirit to manifest the changes we are all claiming to want, while also attempting to help each other to move through our own personal journey of releasing that which no longer serves us.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02SEP2015 : 13 Signs You Are Ready To Go Home To The New Earth.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Inelia Benz, : Symptoms Of Timeline Jumping - Oh Boy, It’s Timeline Bazaar.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01JAN2011 Vidya Frazier, : What is the Fifth Dimension?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07SEP2015 : Are You A Starseed? 21 Signs To Look For.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Published 14APR2015 via YouTube: Dolores Cannon Parallel Dimensions and Illusion of Time [FULL VIDEO] .


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