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2016-12-30 Cosmic Vision News - Summary/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - December 30, 2016

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CLICK TO VIEW  - 19DEC16 via : Syria names Foreign Officers Colluding with Terrorists in Aleppo. United Nations, 19 Dec.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19DEC16 : Text of the UN Resolution 2328 proposed by France and Britain against Syria:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 15DEC16 Mike Harris, : When The Syrian Chickens Come Home To Roost.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19DEC16 : Putin: Russian ambassador's murder provocation aimed at undermining Syria peace process.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21DEC16 : ‘Ludicrous claim’: US denies involvement in assassination of Russian envoy to Turkey.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21DEC16 : Russian envoy’s murder blow to Turkey’s prestige: Kremlin.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21DEC16 Andrei Akulov, : Moscow Declaration: Russia, Turkey and Iran Join Together to End Syria’s Tragedy.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21DEC16 Prof Tim Anderson, : The Liberation of Aleppo: A Regional Turning Point. Setback for US-Led Aggression.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21DEC16 : NATO Ramps Up Ukraine War After Defeat in Syria.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23DEC16 : Aleppo liberated, country-wide ceasefire now possible – Russian defense minister.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23DEC16 : Israel-linked forces might be behind murder in Ankara: Scholar.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23DEC16 : Vladimir Putin’s annual news conference.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27DEC16 : Plane crash kills 92 in Russia Kremlin plays down terror idea

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Erdogan says U.S.-led coalition gives support to terrorist groups in Syria

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29DEC16 : Syrian army announces halt to fighting by midnight.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29DEC16 : Putin Announces Syrian Ceasefire Deal, Ready To Start Peace Talks; Obama Snubbed Again.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30DEC16 Lesley Wroughton, : US expels 35 Russian diplomats, closes two compounds over election hacking.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30DEC16 : US expels Russian diplomats over cyber attack allegations.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30DEC16 : Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30DEC16 RT via : Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30DEC16 Alexander Mercouris, : Putin outsmarts Obama, turns Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats to his advantage.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31DEC16 : Syria: Security Council unites in support of Russia-Turkey efforts to end violence, jumpstart political process.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Vin Armani, : The Real Reason The West is Pushing War With Russia.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Joe Martino, : Putin Tired Of ‘Russian Hack Lies’ Sends A Message Directly To The American People.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30DEC16 : 'I always knew he was smart' – Trump responds to Putin's reaction to sanctions.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23DEC16 : Putin talks arms race, US election & Syria ceasefire in year-end Q&A (IMAGES, FULL VIDEO) .

CLICK TO VIEW  - 11MAR2015 via : Iraq Arrests ISIS Advisors, US And Israelis Held - - Agents of both Mossad and CIA contractors are being held on suspicion of aiding ISIS militants.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22DEC16 Claire Bernish, : The Only Corporate Media Journalist in the US Willing to Tell You the Truth on Aleppo.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 23DEC16 : U.S. abstains as UN votes to condemn Israel settlements.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23DEC16 : Resolution 2334 regarding Israel and Palestine.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08NOV16 : Today: UN condemned Israel 10 times.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25DEC16 : Israeli PM Netanyahu Summons U.S. Ambassador Over Anti-Settlement UN Vote.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 28DEC16 Fox News via : Netanyahu: Israelis do not need to be lectured about peace.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27DEC16 : Police call for criminal probe into Israeli PM affairs.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 28DEC16 : Netanyahu: Kerry's speech 'biased' against Israel, obsessive about settlements (VIDEO) .

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31DEC16 : ‘If you’re so sure’: Israeli opposition suggests referendum after calls to annex West Bank.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01JAN17 : Trump's team wants to invite Netanyahu to inauguration: Reports.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26DEC16 RT via : Netanyahu: We cannot & will not accept Security Council resolution on settlement building.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12DEC16 : Israel will be ‘destroyed’ if Trump sparks war in Middle East – Iran defense minister.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 28DEC16 : ‘UN resolution against Israeli settlements pointless’.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 29DEC16 : Colombia passes FARC amnesty law under peace deal.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 30DEC16 : 'We will watch you': Bilderberg website hacked.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for the Bilderberg Group meetings.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 24DEC16 : Frexit: Le Pen promises to take France out of EU & NATO.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30DEC16 : Spain premier rules out possibility of Catalan independence vote.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 17JUL2015 Paul Mason, : The end of capitalism has begun.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12AUG2015 The Guardian via : Capitalism is failing, and it's time to panic – Paul Mason.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21DEC16 : European Banking Bloodbath Spreads To Spain After Italy Fires €20 Billion "Bazooka" At €360 Billion Problem.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27DEC16 Jacky Murphy, : NATO Auditor Found Dead After Discovering The US Funds ISIS.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26DEC16 : Mystery Surrounds NATO Auditor General's Suspicious Death.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31DEC16 : Dollar Flash Crashes On Last Trading Day Of 2016.


CLICK TO VIEW  - : US Department of the Treasury webpage about the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03JUN2011 Eric deCarbonnel, : *****What I have been afraid to blog about: THE ESF AND ITS HISTORY (Part 1-5)*****

CLICK TO VIEW - 03JUN2011 Cedec0 via : What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 1.

CLICK TO VIEW - 13JUN2011 Cedec0 via : What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 2.

CLICK TO VIEW - 15JUN2011 Cedec0 via : What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 3

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21JUN2011 Cedec0 via : What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 4.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUL2011 Cedec0 via : What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 5.

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CLICK TO VIEW  - 17DEC16 Baxter Dmitry, : Current membership of the ‘Committee of 300’.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 26NOV2012 Dr Daniel Zagst, : Brown adipose tissue - The fat-burning furnace you should take advantage of.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21JAN2014 Mary Grace Taylor, : Upside To Winter? Being Cold Helps You Lose Weight. No Joke.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10OCT2014 Brooks Hays, : Cold helps body turn bad fat into good fat.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 15JAN2015 Ruptly TV via : Russia: Cure for your child's cold: pouring water over them in sub-zero temps?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12FEB2012 via YouTube: RT:Killer cold snap can’t curtail kid-play.

CLICK TO VIEW  - NMSNews Official via : : This Is How You Keep Kids Healthy Siberian Style!


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Several have contributed with gifts relating to healing, and I know that there are going to be a few names that I will be forgetting: Rose, Andrea, Geoffrey, Michael, Barry, Will, Calista, Christina, and there are one or two others whom I am regretfully forgetting in this moment, and I apologize to them, for they will know who they are.

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I’m grateful and thankful for you all, in whatever capacity you are able to share in supporting CVN in its service to humanity and the planet!

11. ( 1:30:48 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS,

Whew, what a year! Everyone is beginning to feel the shifts that are taking place, not only around our solar system, and our planet, but also within themselves, even IF one is not able to fully understand what one is feeling on a conscious level.

As I have mentioned on the newscast over the last little while, people are going to have a worldview that is in alignment with the energetic vibration of that individual in the current moment of ‘now’.

We can observe countless thousands as they choose to hold a worldview based in fear, in anger, in vengeance and in separation. We observe those who choose to remain blissfully ignorant to the changes unfolding, choosing instead to stay addicted to their debts, their fears, their illnesses, their unhappy careers or whatever other negative circumstances they choose to avoid taking any responsibility for the New Earth that we must all choose to work towards at this time.

We observe countless hundreds of thousands and perhaps even millions of people worldwide who have been awake to the global change for many years, and who are just now beginning to awaken and answer this call within their hearts to help co-create something better on our planet.

None of them is wrong, although many who are serving humanity and our planet at this time are continuing to create a day when those who still choose a more negative and less LIFE-honouring worldview will choose a more LIFE-honouring path and service.

To understand the human the journey, one can begin to see and remember one’s own personal LIFE-path truth, and what one is here to bring the world at this time. It is also wise to consider one’s personal LIFE-path truth, in how it is connected to the overall human journey - the meaning and purpose for humanity on this planet throughout the thousands of years, but more especially during this very exciting period of evolutionary growth that we have the potential to now experience.

There are sources that debate the issues of ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ a human awakens in the moment that she or he does. Is it purely a consciousness choice? Is it guided by certain coding within one’s DNA? Is it related to one’s soul-contract that one set up before coming to Earth in this current physical form? Is it a combination of two or more of these? Is it connected to something else, that perhaps our limited 3D consciousness is not yet able to recognize?

Why are some souls drawn to certain beliefs, certain practices or certain experiences, while others are not? How is it that some souls, while having the same experience as another, are able to choose radically different interpretations of the same event, and then proceed to share potentially negative interpretations, while so many others are are attempting to focus on something more positive that resists the structures of enslavement and control being forced upon humans worldwide without their informed, democratic consent?

There is the current ‘picture’ of the human condition; the world that humans have existed in, as slaves, for our entire lifetime, and for lifetimes before this.

There is now the ‘bigger picture’ - the awakening of humans to the lies, the frauds, the crimes, the corporate control and destruction, the financial enslavement and control, and the criminally fraudulent legal system that seeks to impose commercial rules upon humans and also the many other coverups that humans worldwide are now starting to learn about.

Then, of course, and many of you now know what’s coming next - there is the BIGGER, bigger picture of what all of this means, and why humans have chosen to live such an experience, and what it means overall to the growth of an individual, within this LIFE-process that is clearly something infinitely greater than each individual, but at the same time, intimately connected to how each one of us chooses to create within this BIGGER, bigger picture. 

We learn who we are, through the individual and collective experiences of who we are not. In each moment, we are given a choice to create something LIFE-honouring or LIFE-affirming, or to create something that is less.

In these moments, one defines oneself individually, while attempting to manifest something collectively for humanity, and hopefully that creation will be for the Highest Good of all, although sadly it often is not. This is the work that lies ahead for all of us in co-creating the New Earth that we are claiming to want to be a part of.

Interestingly, as I was writing this, I came across an article reporting on a study that was done on the connection between intelligence and prejudice.

We are in an interesting transition between a lower density/vibration level of consciousness and an evolution towards what some will choose as a higher consciousness way of living of being - or…they will not choose it.

According to this article, by Diana Tourjee from August of 2016, she writes that: “ According to a new study, people with both high and low intelligence are prejudiced—the difference is just who they are prejudiced against.” This perhaps is not much of a surprise to most people, while it may be a huge surprise to others.

Tourjee writes that: “ The researchers, social psychologists Mark Brandt and Jarret Crawford, analyzed 5,914 subjects in their experiment, "Answering Unresolved Questions About the Relationship Between Cognitive Ability and Prejudice.” Brandt and Crawford replicated previous findings that people of low cognitive ability tend to be prejudiced against non-conventional or liberal groups, as well as groups that have "low choice" in their status—groups defined by their race or gender or sexual orientation, for example. According to their research, this tendency inverted among people of high cognitive ability. In other words, the smarter subjects in their study were likely to be prejudiced against groups considered conventional or conservative—groups perceived to have "high choice" in their associations."

The global cabal, in its control of humanity and the planet, has conditioned people to think like sheep, like the group mentality. This is what the purpose of education has been. We have been taught to think in terms of separation, and to judge this separation by criteria shared by people with similar worldviews or beliefs.

The article continues: “ "People dislike people who are different from them," Brandt and Crawford said in an interview with Broadly. “Being critical of people with different worldviews can help people maintain the validity of their own world view." In other words, if you see the world one way, you may rely on that perspective, so you might reinforce the idea that you're right by believing other worldviews are wrong.

There was another polarized finding in their study. Brandt and Crawford found that people of low cognitive ability are prejudiced against groups that people didn't choose to be part of, such as ethnic or LGBT groups. This is poignant in 2016, a time when conservative communities across the country are unifying around intolerance of transgender people, Muslim Americans continue to face grotesque prejudice, and police brutality is high.”

We are witnessing this play out on multiple levels, but more importantly at the geopolitical level, where we see education, media and governance attempting to make people judge certain religions as ‘bad’; certain nationalities as ‘aggressors’ and certain social classes as ‘unproductive’, to reinforce the ‘sheep’ or ‘herd’ mentality.

Considering the following: ABC News in the US reported on Sept 8, 2000, almost one year before 9/11, that: “A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city. Jordan, a 49-year-old college graduate, took the exam in 1996 and scored 33 points, the equivalent of an IQ of 125. But New London police interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training.”

Of course, this is the public excuse that was given. If you read between the lines, what is REALLY being said is this: police departments do not want people who can think and analyze critically. They want people who are smart enough to follow orders and do the dirty work, but who are not intelligent enough to question the morality, ethics and legality of criminal abuse among those wearing a badge.

Political Blindspot reported in October of 2013 that police departments were officially refusing to hire applicants with high IQ’s, while MintPressNews asked in an article from June of 2014 if someone can be too smart to be a cop.

In August of 2013, a London Daily Mail article revealed that atheists have higher IQ’s, - their intelligence and their ability to think for themselves makes them more likely to dismiss religion as irrational and unscientific.

So.. who is ‘right’ - who is ‘wrong’ - who is ‘good’ and who is ‘bad’ and by whose interpretations are these judgements being made, and why are they being made?

The whole human journey is thrown into chaos as one begins to ponder why one has the beliefs one has, and whether those beliefs are or are not LIFE-honouring, and what caused that individual to wake up, or to not wake up…and why?

For those of us who are awake and aware enough to begin questioning everything that has been forced upon humanity, we have a duty to continue answering this call, but to do it in a way that honours one’s uniquely different, yet equally valuable truth, for the individual growth is as important and meaningful within the collective growth of humanity overall. The individual growth may, for example, lead to someone realizing that there is no separation by criteria such as ‘race’, ‘religion’, ‘culture’, ‘gender’, ‘orientation’, ‘political belief’, ‘education level’, ‘social class’, ‘financial status’, ‘IQ level’, ‘mental or physical ability’ or any other criteria of separation that has been created in our world.

On an individual level, one may be here to learn this, and heal this. In doing this, one is also contributing to the overall collective evolution by BE-ING the example that one is choosing to be, and using those choices for the highest good of humanity and the planet in the most LIFE-honouring ways possible in that current moment.

This is why the wisest people understand that global peace is not something that can be created externally by individuals who think they know what peace is. Peace becomes an external manifestation of what one understands within oneself. As one embraces one’s connection to LIFE - this ever-evolving process that includes the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that support everything on this planet, one begins to also understand that ‘peace’ is an outward expression of a uniquely different, equally beautiful internal acceptance of one’s connection to LIFE, and one’s chosen relation with LIFE, in each and every moment of ‘now’.

The human journey has depended upon humans taking their individual experience, while trying to give meaning to that individual experience within a larger, collective experience. 

Up until now, this has been suppressed and hidden from most humans. This is changing however, and more and more humans are standing up and speaking out. For those who have been in power and control over humanity and the planet, this is terrifying to them, but for the humans to take the time to see and realize just how many are awaking and acting in countries around the world, they can understand, and be reassured that they are not alone in their feelings, and that by connecting with like-minded energies worldwide, the critical balance of elitist control is being to break all over the world.

Indeed, there is much to celebrate as we enter 2017, the beginning of a new nine year cycle. There has been much that has been breaking down, but there is so much more that we have the potential to create at this time!

Create an incredible 2017 in your world and create a wonderful week…until our next moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02AUG16 Diana Tourjee, : Who You Hate Depends on How Smart You Are, Study Finds.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUN2014 Katie Rucke, : Can Someone Be Too Smart To Be A Cop?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30OCT2013 : Police Officially Refuse To Hire Applicants With High IQ Scores.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08SEP2000 : Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 16AUG2013 Daniel Bates, : Atheists 'have higher IQs': Their intelligence 'makes them more likely to dismiss religion as irrational and unscientific’.


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