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2017-02-03 Cosmic Vision News - Summar/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - February 3, 2017



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This week, we see many of the same energies playing out that we have been seeing for the last few weeks.

It could be summed up with this well-known expression that many are familiar with, if they have ever gone shopping in the markets in Thailand: “Same, same… but different”.

Everyone seems to believe and feel that they have got it all figured out, and that their current worldview is the ‘right’ one. They would be correct. It is perhaps the ‘right’ worldview for them in this current moment of ‘now’.

Where the US situation is concerned, everyone is polarizing either for or against Donald Trump. William Engdahl appears to have come out against Trump in one of his recent interviews on the Kate Dally radio program.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03FEB17 Kate Dalley, : F. William Engdahl - Who Controls Trump?

Then there are others like Catherine Austin Fitts who spoke favourably about Trump to Jeff Rense on his radio program.

Fitts presents what could arguably be a ‘fresh’ approach to understanding what just happened with the US election. Within the first six minutes, she has already stated that the US election was about two choices: sacrifice the empire for NA and sacrifice the US to preserve the empire. The group that wanted to preserve North America won. Globalism appears to have been defeated, and there is a move to bring industry back to the US, but this will mean growing the middle class again.

The confusion that is going on is between these two competing factions about how things will move forward from this moment.

The debt-growth model is over, according to Fitts. With past presidents, they were lawyers, like Clinton and Obama, while George Bush just did what everyone told him to do. As lawyers, they were great at processing, but they could not do pricing. Now, with Trump, his business acumen allows him to be able to price things almost immediately. It’s coming back to economics. Trump knows how money works, and he can price things out immediately. His life depended upon knowing the value of money; that it is necessary to sell something for more than it cost to make it.

What she is essentially saying is that Trump recognizes the need to rebuild the US, instead of draining the US to fulfill a global hegemony agenda through war and fear-mongering tactics.

There is a reason why the globalists are freaking out against Trump. Fitts explains that we have just witnessed a radical shift in US policy. It is going to involve a transfer of money from programs to promote US hegemony worldwide, to bringing the money back home to rebuild the foundation.

Essentially, as Fitts says in the interview: “If it makes me money, its good, and if it loses me money, its bad”.

This is how most people think, and they are also not likely taking the planet into consideration when thinking about this also.

All the people who may have been needed to promote the old model may now be starting to realize that they are not as important nor as valuable as they once believed themselves to be. They are also no longer as safe in their employment.

All of this was just in the first ten minutes of the fifty minute interview. For those who are seeking to understand more about what is going on, this interview may be worth checking out:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01FEB17 Jeff Rense via : Brilliant Explanation Of What Trump…And We…Are Now Facing.

In the past ten days or so, the world has been getting all worked up about the travel ban that Trump has apparently announced. This could be an example of what Fitt’s was talking about moments ago. “If it makes me money”… or in other words: “As long as I benefit, or as long as my life is not impacted, it’s good”. Otherwise, it is bad.

Given how badly we all have been taken in by the criminally fraudulent systems of banking and the commercial legal system, and given how badly things have become so interconnected over the years, it is going to be impossible to please everyone as the global changes unfold.

There are going to be people who want to preserve the status quo, and happily remain as slaves, because they do not want any discomfort or chaos within their world - regardless of the consequences to anyone else or our planet. It is this kind of selfish thinking that North Americans especially, have been socialized into thinking and believing.

What is interesting to note, concerning Trump’s travel ban is that the list of countries affected by this announcement are, with the exception of one country, exactly the same countries that were listed by Retired General Wesley Clark when he spoke of getting information that the US was going to take out seven countries in five years:

CLICK TO VIEW  - via : General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years.

Clark mentions Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and then Iran. Trump’s travel ban dropped Lebanon, but added Yemen.

These are all countries that were targeted for destabilization by the banking cabal. Let’s consider an example. I am NOT saying that this is the case..I am only using this as a possible example.

With this rather sudden, and massive shift in US policy, it is clear that there are going to be western interests that will be extremely upset. George Soros appears to be one of them. With agencies like the CIA, that have been known to be involved in drug-running… it is POSSIBLE that this travel ban has been implemented as a temporary move to stop the flow of illegal drugs, and possibly illegal currencies into the US.

The ban may have absolutely nothing to do with people, but it has to do with stopping the abuse that has become ‘normal’ within a dysfunctionally corrupt system. In the short-term, it MAY be necessary to implement short-term bans in order to stop criminal bankers from profiting from the attempts to rebuild the foundations of the US.

Again, I emphasize that was only an example, to try to help listeners consider the ‘bigger picture’ and the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’ instead of just selfishly reacting to something just because it happens to be personally inconvenient to someone.

To make this world better, there is going to be inconvenience. There will be people who will lose jobs in the short-term because those jobs are not LIFE-honouring. There will need to be support networks in place to re-train people for jobs that are more LIFE-honouring.

As I have stated time and time again, hemp can turn things around almost overnight. As hemp can mature in less than four months, multiple new, greener industries could be starting in less than six months and be hiring thousands upon thousands of people to build hempcrete homes; make biofuels, make hemp textiles, make hemp food products, hemp health-care products and cannabis medicinal products for healing as well as many other industries.

The political will is not there, because the big-money interests are preventing positive solutions from being implemented. People have been less-than-willing because they are too lazy to stand up for positive change, because of the ‘inconvenience’ that these changes will mean to their personal world.

The energies impacting the world right now are radically shaking people up, and more people are being forced to deal with things that they were either forgotten or things that were deliberately avoided, to prevent the ‘inconvenience’ that everyone is now going to have to face, one way or the other.

How quickly we move through this phase will depend upon how many choose to participate in creating something better, and how well we all cooperate in creating meaningful change for our world. In other words, thinking about the highest good of all and our planet, instead of our own short-term comfort by avoiding ‘inconvenience’.

We do not know what is going behind-the-scenes, and therefore we do not fully understand why this travel ban was put into place. The answer to this question may not come for a period of time, because if it was explained to everyone why the ban was really being enforced, then it would give the abusers the information they need to cheat their way around it.

What else has been going this week regarding Trump or George Soros?

According to an article appearing on the website : “ Once again, in a very unsurprising move, George Soros has been discovered to be the financial source behind the opposition to President Trump's immigration ban. reported: The flurry of anguished news stories and protests surrounding President Trump’s executive action temporarily suspending “immigrants and non-immigrants” from "countries of particular concern” appears to be part of a coordinated PR effort financed by left-wing billionaire George Soros.”

The article notes the participation of the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU in one legal challenge to the ban put into effect. As it turns out, the article also notes the following: “ The ACLU is massively funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundations, including with a $50 million grant in 2014.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Well, Well, Well, We Just Discovered Who Is Bankrolling The Immigration Ban Oposition and Surprise, Surprise.

George Soros, and people like him, are eager, and very likely desperate, to maintain their positions of power and prestige. Another article, appearing on the website reports on some 200 different organizations that George Soros is funding to attack America. According to this article: “ It’s not exactly any secret that President Trump and his entire administration is under attack by leftists all over the globe, but sometimes it tough to really understand to what degree the attack is occurring.

Globalist billionaire George Soros is funding nearly 200 organizations that have launched attacks on Trump and/or conservatives, which likely won’t stop anytime soon. Dr. Rich Swier has published the entire list of organizations that Soros funds, and if he’s funding it, you can be sure there’s globalist, leftist, and socialist motives behind it.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03FEB17 : The List: George Soros Is Funding Nearly 200 Organizations To Attack America.

The list is as wide-ranging as it is long. Soros appears to have bought his way into many influential organizations and at the same time, it is also disturbing that one man can have so many tentacles reaching into so many different aspects of society. After this, we then have to consider that this is very common practice among the wealthiest of the wealthy. They sit on each others’ Boards of Directors, and own shares in each others’ companies, and they support the organizations that support them.

It is complicated, and it is downright messy. Removing the tentacles of the global cabal will not be easy, but it is apparently being done, although perhaps more slowly than some of us would like.

It was in July of 2016 that ZeroHedge ran an article about how George Soros singlehandedly created the European refugee crisis and why. In this article, it was reported that: “ Today, Soros’s net worth stands at $23 billion. Since taking a back seat in his company, Soros Fund Management, in 2000, Soros has been focusing on his philanthropic efforts, which he carries out through the Open Society Foundations he founded in 1993.

So who does he donate to, and what causes does he support?

During the 1980s and 1990s, Soros used his extraordinary wealth to bankroll and fund revolutions in dozens of European nations, including Czechoslovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia. He achieved this by funneling money to political opposition parties, publishing houses, and independent media in these nations.

If you wonder why Soros meddled in these nations’ affairs, part of the answer may lie in the fact that during and after the chaos, he invested heavily in assets in each of the respective countries.

He then used Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs to advise the fledgling governments to privatize all public assets immediately, thus allowing Soros to sell the assets he had acquired during the turmoil into newly formed open markets.

Having succeeded in advancing his agenda in Europe through regime change—and profiting in the process—he soon turned his attention to the big stage, the United States.”

The article also added the following: “Soros also uses his Open Society Foundations to funnel money to the progressive media outlet, Media Matters.

Soros funnels the money through a number of leftist groups, including the Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, and the Democracy Alliance in order to circumvent the campaign finance laws he helped lobby for.

Why has Soros donated so much capital and effort to these organizations? For one simple reason: to buy political power.

Democratic politicians who go against the progressive narrative will see their funding cut and be attacked in media outlets such as Media Matters, which also directly contribute to mainstream sites such as NBC, Al Jazeera, and The New York Times.

Apart from the $5 billion Soros’s foundation has donated to groups like those cited above, he has also made huge contributions to the Democratic Party and its most prominent members, like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and of course Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

Soros was deeply involved in the Ukrainian conflict, and funded organizations that contributed to the unrest in that country.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03APR2014 Aaron Klein, : Soros heavily invested in Ukraine crisis.

Concerning the European refugee crisis, the article wrote the following: “Soros’s agenda is fundamentally about the destruction of national borders. This has recently been shown very clearly with his funding of the European refugee crisis.

The refugee crisis has been blamed on the civil war currently raging in Syria. But did you ever wonder how all these people suddenly knew Europe would open its gates and let them in?

The refugee crisis is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It coincided with OSF donating money to the US-based Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, both Soros-sponsored organizations. Both groups advocate the resettlement of third-world Muslims into Europe.

In 2015, a Sky News reporter found “Migrant Handbooks” on the Greek island of Lesbos. It was later revealed that the handbooks, which are written in Arabic, had been given to refugees before crossing the Mediterranean by a group called “Welcome to the EU.”

Welcome to the EU is funded by—you guessed it—the Open Society Foundations.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09JUL2016 : How George Soros Singlehandedly Created The European Refugee Crisis - And Why.

There are a number of articles showing Soros’ involvement in activities that are not very honourable. Several articles highlight Soros’ own admission that he is funding ‘refugee fires’ to topple the EU and its borders. Soros and the banks are pushing for forced migration into EU countries and the West as part of a plan to drive down the costs of labour, because immigrants will work for lower wages.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21JAN2016 Cheryl Chumley, : Soros, banks push migrants for cheap labor.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 11APR2015 Cheryl Chumley, : George Soros admits he's toppling EU borders.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30OCT2015, Cheryl Chumley, : Soros 'stoking refugee fires' to topple Europe.

It might not be too hard, therefore, to see why Soros is against Trump and so eager to have him removed, regardless of the cost to average Americans.

It also might be understandable therefore, why Trump might implement a ban on immigration, at least in the short-term; to prevent Soros from being able to arrange shipment of anything, but especially people, into the US who would be paid to stir up trouble. Until Trump can deal with the source of the real problem, George Soros, some short-term bans may be necessary.

An article appearing on on Jan 31st reported on a Trump strategy to try to shut down George Soros. According to this article: “ Starting January 20th, any Soros non-government organizations may not engage themselves in politicking against the incumbent US President Donald Trump without risking their non-profit status.

This is the legal consequence of the recent Form 2 filing at the Federal Election Commission by the Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

This simple legal foresight means that the Soros-Rothschild camp can only rely on their mainstream media to ruin his term.

But, considering the continued downfall of the mainstream media’s integrity, this action should send another bout of panic for the established system.”

The article goes into more details about how other countries are also turning against George Soros, including Hungary, China, Russia, and also mentions his connections to the voter fraud in the US election.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31JAN17 : Trump Outmaneuvers Soros with Early FEC Form 2 Filing.

In a late update to this story on Feb 4th, a article has reported that the travel ban ruling has been overturned by a US judge, although Trump still claims that he will re-impose the ban.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04FEB17 : US reverses travel ban over court ruling as Trump fumes.

What it comes down to, again, is that none of us has all the information to make a judgement on something about which we know so little.
What it means however is that the general public must become more informed - to understand really why they are against something, instead of just being against something because it presents an inconvenience to one’s personal world.

There is a bigger world to consider, and the sooner human consciousness shifts to this realization, the sooner the planet can move forward, actively, quickly, and hopefully peacefully, toward the kind of world that we are all claiming to want to live in.



At the moment, it is a little bit unclear as to what exactly, is going on within the UK.

In the wake of the BREXIT vote, there were sources that adamantly stated that Britain would not actually go through with it, and that there were forces attempting to nullify the vote, or even try to have a new vote.

There is a lot of confusion, it seems, within the minds and hearts of people across the United Kingdom, but perhaps especially within England and Scotland.

The Scottish people have a referendum to separate from the UK, but they want to remain as slaves to the unelected leadership of the EU. Their referendum narrowly suggested that the Scottish people wanted to remain within the United Kingdom. Now that the BREXIT vote has passed, the question is whether or not Scotland will again try to separate from the UK, and remain with their EU enslavers.

There was a question at one point whether the politicians themselves would honour the results of the BREXIT vote.

According to a article from Feb 1st however: “ MPs have voted by a majority of 384 to allow Prime Minister Theresa May to get Brexit negotiations under way.

They backed the government's European Union Bill, supported by the Labour leadership, by 498 votes to 114.

But the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats opposed the bill, while 47 Labour MPs and Tory ex-chancellor Ken Clarke rebelled.

The bill now faces further scrutiny in the Commons and the House of Lords before it can become law.

The prime minister has set a deadline of 31 March for invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, getting official talks with the EU started. The bill returns to the Commons next week.

Formal negotiations can begin once the UK has given notice of Brexit under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which Mrs May has promised to do by the end of March.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01FEB17 : Brexit: MPs overwhelmingly back Article 50 bill.

The next day, the 2nd, another BBC article reported on the BREXIT plan as having been published in a government white paper. In this article: “ The White Paper lays out the government's 12 "principles" including migration control and "taking control of our own laws”.

It sets out the themes of the government's goals for its negotiations with the EU, as announced by Prime Minister Theresa May last month.

These include:

Trade: The UK will withdraw from the single market and seek a new customs arrangement and a free trade agreement with the EU.

Immigration: A new system to control EU migration will be introduced, and could be phased in to give businesses time to prepare. The new system will be designed to help fill skills shortages and welcome "genuine" students.

Expats: The government wants to secure an agreement with European countries "at the earliest opportunity" on the rights of EU nationals in the UK and Britons living in Europe.

Sovereignty: Britain will leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice but seek to set up separate resolution mechanisms for things like trade disputes.

Border: Aiming for "as seamless and frictionless a border as possible between Northern Ireland and Ireland.”

Devolution: Giving more powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as decision-making is brought back to the UK.

Theresa May was the first foreign leader to visit President Trump last week.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27JAN17 Jack Blanchard, Scott Campbell, : Watch Theresa May's US speech in full as Tory leader evokes spirit of Thatcher.


In Romania, a protest there has successfully resulted in the government changing its mind about a potentially bad piece of legislation.

According to EuroNews on Feb 4th: “ The Romanian government is to withdraw a contentious corruption decree. Social Democrat Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu announced the legal order to decriminalise some graft offences is to be repealed in a cabinet meeting on Sunday (February 5).”

The article also stated that: “Parliament is now to debate a new corruption law, the prime minister added.

Tens of thousands of people welcomed the announcement, which came after five days of mass protests a stone’s throw from the prime minister’s office in Bucharest.

The demonstrations were on a scale not seen since the fall of Communism at the end of 1989.

Due to come into effect in a matter of days, the decree would have freed from jail dozens of officials who have been convicted of corruption and seen hundreds of others avoid prosecution.

Grindeanu’s administration had insisted the measure was an effort to ease the country’s overcrowded prisons. However, Romania’s ombudsman challenged the new law in the constitutional court.

It was also criticised by the influential Orthodox Church.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04FEB17 : Romania to withdraw contentious graft decree.

In a separate article on the EuroNews site, Diana Margarit a political science lecturer at one of the universities in Romana wrote the following: “ On Tuesday evening, 31 January 2017, the Romanian government led by Sorin Grindeanu, passed an emergency ordinance that modified the Criminal Code, especially on those matters related to corruption, abuse of power, fraud, conflict of interests, neglect of duty.

The reasons why the government rushed in passing this emergency decree and did not let the parliament adopt the law can only be guessed. Some members of the ruling political parties (the coalition formed by the Social-Democrat Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) that won the elections in December 2016) are already in jail, while others are facing charges with criminal offenses and might soon be convicted.”

Word spread quickly, and the people are more than fed up with the amount of corruption in their country. The article continues: “ The huge, popular mobilization against corruption and incompetent politicians has reached unprecedented proportions in the last 27 years since the fall of communism. The climax of these protests is expected to peak next Sunday, 5th February. 'The only solution, another revolution', one of the slogans used in other, previous protests, seems more appropriate in this context as this represents the largest social movement in post-communist Romania, and according to many voices, its mobilisation is comparable to the revolutionary one in December 1989.”

North Americans could stand to learn something from the Romanians. Margarit continues, writing that: “ Romanian citizens will keep protesting until the moment when the ordinance will be abrogated. The city where I live and teach, Iasi, the biggest city on the eastern borders of the European Union, known for its relative civil apathy, faced an outburst of rage and discontent from almost 15 thousand people.

In Iasi, like all the Romanian cities, civil responsibility and active participation have replaced the passivity and political disgust reflected during the legislative elections that took place just two months ago.”

Margarit closes her commentary with the following: “… this is not only a destructive re-signification of core concepts such as democracy and legitimization, but especially a frightening ignorance of what governing and ruling means. Despite the pressure exerted by civil society, embassies of Western democracies, EU leaders and institutions, and even a few PSD and ALDE members who resigned or declared themselves against the ordinance, the government proves the stubbornness of a dictatorship. Nevertheless, only hope, determination, cohesion and consistency, the true ingredients of an authentic civil society, can restore democracy.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03FEB17 Diana Margari for : Why Romanians are on the streets: anger and discontent.

These are the energies of people awakening to their enslavement all over he world. They are learning about the lies and frauds, and these are people who are prepared to set aside their personal inconvenience, and stand together for the greater good of all.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03FEB17 Chris Harris, : How does Romania’s revolution compare with this week’s protest?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05FEB17 : Bucharest to Reverse Controversial Criminal Law Changes Amid Massive Protests.


As mentioned earlier, George Soros may have something against Trump. In an RT article from Feb first, it is reported that Trump’s election win cost Soros and his clients an estimated 1 billion dollars.

According to the article: “ George Soros’s hedge fund was one of the biggest losers of 2016, as the Hungarian-born billionaire’s misplaced investments turned into a $1 billion loss for his clients, according to a report by hedge fund investor LCH Investments, cited by Bloomberg.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01FEB17 : Soros’s bad bet against Trump cost his clients $1bn.

It starts to get easier to see the manipulation, when we can connect a very wealthy individual, to a hedge fund in the stock markets, and then connect him to the media that gives him air time to make comments about something upon which he has placed his bets in the markets, and in this way he is able to profit massively by directing the will of the financial markets based on his comments alone.

On January 26th however, RT also reported that a Dutch regulator had ‘inadvertantly’ posted the list of short bets made by Soros.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a ‘short’ bet, the following definition is offered by : “ A short, or short position, is a directional trading or investment strategy where the investor sells shares of borrowed stock in the open market. The expectation of the investor is that the price of the stock will decrease over time, at which point the he will purchase the shares in the open market and return the shares to the broker which he borrowed them from.

Short-selling puts the investor into a position of unlimited risk and a capped reward. For example, if an investor enters into a short position on a stock trading at $20, the most he can gain is $20 less fees, while the most he can lose is infinite since the stock can technically increase in price forever. Short-selling is one strategy to use if you believe the price of the underlying asset will decrease in the future and you want to profit from that loss.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Definition of ‘short’ (or short position)

It is not a strategy to be used by anyone, because the risks are so great. However, people who are in influential positions, and who can leverage that influence, can take risks with billions of dollars, because they have the ability to manipulate or control the markets.

In theory, Soros could place a major bet that certain stocks will go down, and then he can use his influence to get his comments on business programs and pages across North America and the world, and then plant the seeds that will drive down those stocks, and deliver the profits.

According to the RT article: “ The market regulator in the Netherlands has accidentally published a list of companies in which George Soros held short positions. Hundreds of the billionaire investor’s short positions dating back to 2012 were made public on the regulator’s website, due to “human error,” according to the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26JAN17 : Dutch regulator ‘inadvertently’ posts list of Soros's short bets.

Doing an intensive study on each of the short positions taken by Soros since 2012 may help to show his involvement in various geopolitical instabilities that might have allowed him to profit from the collapse of a particular stock or a particular sector.

Due to the societal conditioning that North Americans and westerns have been subjected to, it is hard to see through all the lies.

Consider for example anothe RT article from Jan 19th that reported the following: “ Billionaire investor George Soros and global payments company MasterCard are planning to create a social enterprise to help refugees and migrants, as well as others struggling within their communities all over the world.

The partnership, called Humanity Ventures, seeks to apply commercial strategies to deliver a positive impact on society. The move follows Soros’ pledge to assign up to $500 million to address the challenges facing migrants and refugees.”

The article also wrote that: “The new enterprise intends first to target healthcare and education, supporting local economic development and entrepreneurship.

“Migrants are often forced into lives of despair in their host communities because they cannot gain access to financial, healthcare and government services,” said the billionaire.

Once the venture is established, Soros could contribute up to $50 million to make these solutions more scalable and sustainable, as well as encourage smaller programs aimed at reducing the migration crisis.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19JAN17 : Soros teaming up with MasterCard to help refugees.

The hint that caught my eye was this last sentence: … aimed at reducing the migration crisis.

At first glance, this venture would seem very humanitarian, and people would say that Soros is a hero or that he is such a kind and generous man. Yet, considering that he funds the very organizations that are causing the revolutions and crises that are intentionally pushing people to other countries, one can begin to see how hypocritical many of the elites are. Soros also stated that this particular venture was also ‘for profit’, instead of being a non-profit. The reason for this was to stimulate involvement from other businesspeople. In other words, the venture was to appear humanitarian, while also piling up the money into the pockets of the privileged investors.

The other thing that caught my eye was the involvement of a credit card company…a company that specializes in debt… the kind of debt that can screw people very quickly. Get some refugees involved, and perhaps they get a credit card, and then they become slaves to the system.

It is this kind of awareness that needs to be seen, understood and shared, so that people are not brain-washed by what appears to be good intentions when they are not.

By the same token, the people would be wise to not judge what appear to be bad actions, without understanding the full context of why those actions were taken in the first place.

To one person, a thief caught stealing food should be punished. Through the eyes of a more compassionate person, the thief was seen to be stealing food to feed her or his child at home because they have no money for food.

Who is the culprit in this scenario? The wealthy and most who have a job and an income will say it is the thief. The wiser people will look at the bigger picture, and try to understand what is so dysfunctionally wrong about the society that they live, that anyone should have to resort to stealing just to feed one’s own child.

Humanity is being challenged to open up more to all of this, while also learning to ‘follow the money’ and begin to ask more relevant and meaningful questions, while holding leaders accountable to their words and actions.


Of the numerous executive orders put out by President Trump, one order from Feb 3rd addresses the financial system.

The text of sections one and two are as follows:

“ Section 1. It shall be the policy of my Administration to regulate the United States financial system in a manner consistent with the following principles of regulation, which shall be known as the Core Principles:

(a) empower Americans to make independent financial decisions and informed choices in the marketplace, save for retirement, and build individual wealth;

(b) prevent taxpayer-funded bailouts;

(c) foster economic growth and vibrant financial markets through more rigorous regulatory impact analysis that addresses systemic risk and market failures, such as moral hazard and information asymmetry;

(d) enable American companies to be competitive with foreign firms in domestic and foreign markets;

(e) advance American interests in international financial regulatory negotiations and meetings;

(g) restore public accountability within Federal financial regulatory agencies and rationalize the Federal financial regulatory framework.

According to the order, the Secretary of the Treasury would consult with the heads of the member agencies connected to the Financial Stability Oversight Council and report back to the president within 120 days on what actions are being taken to bring the financial system into alignment with those core values.
Looking at the text of the executive order, the wording was not very precise, and I suspect that it was done this way intentionally, as Trump is one who prefers to keep people guessing.

What this wording means specifically, well, we’ll just have to wait and find out. It may have something to do with supporting the new financial paradigm, or it may be a tactic to try to keep the old system on life support for the immediate future.

CLICK TO VIEW  -03FEB17 :Executive Order: Core Principles Regulating the United States.


The sadly ironic thing about the world we have lived in up to now is that everyone, including myself, has been content to complain and remain enslaved to criminally fraudulent banking and legal systems without necessarily taking any kind of definitive action to change the world to the better.

Most people just love their enslavement; they love it so much that they will argue and fight against anyone who even dares to suggest that they are slaves.

As the saying goes: None are more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free. I said it a few weeks ago and I’m saying it again.

So many people are allegedly criticizing Trump, as if they have any real background knowledge to back up their particular opinion. We do not know what is going on in the background, and I gently remind people again that by taking the purely critical route, without understanding at least some of the bigger picture, and some of the BIGGER, bigger picture - then your arguments may not be completely valid, even though they may support one’s particular worldview, in that current moment of ‘now’.

A violent revolution only becomes necessary when the people have accepted their slavery for so long that finally there was one event that triggered the whole, violent eruption. This was done by design.

In this process of creating a New Earth with a new human and planetary consciousness, the truly awakened and empowered souls are going to have to make a conscious effort to not engage the violent energies that the global cabal is hoping that we will embrace. 

As Einstein has been credited with saying: “ You cannot solve a problem from within the same line of thinking that created the problem.” We have to step out of the box of limited, consciousness thinking, and step into embracing a new paradigm that sets the example for the children of the future.

Erica Chenoweth, co-author of the book, ‘Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict.’ offered, an article to the London Guardian on February 1. Chenoweth writes: “ Many people across the United States are despondent about the new president – and the threat to democracy his rise could represent. But they shouldn’t be. At no time in recorded history have people been more equipped to effectively resist injustice using civil resistance.

Today, those seeking knowledge about the theory and practice of civil resistance can find a wealth of information at their fingertips. In virtually any language, one can find training manuals, strategy-building tools, facilitation guides and documentation about successes and mistakes of past nonviolent campaigns.”

Chenoweth goes into further detail about nonviolent resistance, stating that: “Nonviolent resistance does not happen overnight or automatically. It requires an informed and prepared public, keen to the strategy and dynamics of its political power.

Although nonviolent campaigns often begin with a committed and experienced core, successful ones enlarge the diversity of participants, maintain nonviolent discipline and expand the types of nonviolent actions they use.

They constantly increase their base of supporters, build coalitions, leverage social networks, and generate connections with those in the opponent’s network who may be ambivalent about cooperating with oppressive policies.

Crucially, nonviolent resistance works not by melting the heart of the opponent but by constraining their options. A leader and his inner circle cannot pass and implement policies alone. They require cooperation and obedience from many people to carry out plans and policies.”

Chenoweth closes with the following: “Of course, nonviolent resistance often evokes brutality by the government, especially as campaigns escalate their demands and use more disruptive techniques. But historical data shows that when campaigns are able to prepare, train, and remain resilient, they often succeed regardless of whether the government uses violence against them.”

Historical studies suggest that it takes 3.5% of a population engaged in sustained nonviolent resistance to topple brutal dictatorships.”

So therefore, informed, and peaceful resistance is absolutely necessary; physical defence may also be necessary although not ideal in creating a new human consciousness.

Some will be called to defend against the cabal and fight; others will have a different calling. However, it is important that each individual connect to her or his truth, and then be willing to answer the call when he/she feels that call into action.

Arguably, the main reason Trump is so unpopular across the board is because he mirrored back to the American people exactly who they are. Trump tapped into the buried and repressed negative energies and brought them raging to the surface. Now that the people have come face to face with who they have been, they are suddenly wanting to blame Trump for merely exposing everything that has been repressed in the hearts of so many Americans.

Americans wanted change; they got it, and now it seems that they don’t want it, if it means exposing the dark raw emotion of the American Dream gone bad. It really was a dream, and a bad one at that.

Arthur Brock in an article appearing on the website on Feb first looks at the future of governance….and the future of governance may not include governments, at least as we currently know them.

Brock starts with the following: “ Living systems on every scale have governance — methods of self-regulation to manage the coherence and continuity of the system. Also, for steering toward goals or away from dangers.

This governance is not the same as a government. Government as we know it is a blunt instrument designed to enforce the will of the many over the few (although at this point it enforces the will of few on the many) It is a monolithic bureaucracy. And frankly, it isn’t very good at governance, at least not as defined in the first paragraph.”

The article addresses the nature of change and change fluctuates between the progressive nature of change and the conservative nature of change. All living systems have this tension between progressive and conservative - that is, the tension between conserving continuity and making progress.

Perhaps this is where politics now fails. According to the article: “ Globally, politics polarizes around that tension: conservative vs. progressive. This is a false choice. Both are mandatory. It doesn’t matter whether we like it or not. When the world around you is changing, and that change is accelerating, the question is never whether to change or stay the same.

The questions we must confront are:

What changes are vital? (to survival and goals)
How do we implement those changes in a way that doesn’t destroy the integrity of what works?

Selecting a conservative vs. a progressive candidate is a false choice that we are forced to make because of broken architectures of governments.”

Brock offers the suggestion that democracy, as we currently know and experience it, is dying, and there is an opportunity for the people to create a new form of governance that could work like a form of social media.

The article adds the following: “The government was already dying. The gap between what it had become and what we need it to be was becoming intolerable for too many people.”

This is not business as usual. They are not playing by the old rules. There is a good chance that they won’t acknowledge any established means of reclaiming the power they’ve seized. Not by impeachment. Not by the next election. Not by constitutional convention. Spending your energy on those things will likely be energy lost.

We’ll see if I’m right about this, but if I am, that means our only real alternative is to build the next generation of self-governance that reclaims the powers we’ve surrendered to the government.

It will need to be a P2P, fully-distributed, digital democracy that will be so different from how we think of government, that it may better be thought of as a kind of social network.”

This project is known as the ‘MetaCurrency Project’. It is the kind of project that may feel good to some people but not feel good to others. The project claims to be looking for: community organizers; social process wonks; programmers and crypto geeks; storytellers who can weave this vision of a future to aid in peoples’ transition; UX, UI and graphic designers, and the project is looking for people will to leave old pictures of government behind, and experiment with new, self-governance.

The website claims to be : “Developing tools and platforms
for open sourcing the next economy.” The website lists six sub-projects for creating change.

One technological project that is part of the over-all project is called CEPTR. According to the website: “CEPTR is a :
Cooperative framework for distributed applications
Quantum leap in large-scale collective social intelligence
Peer-to-Peer platform for building new Commons
Pluggable protocols that let everything talk to everything
Organically organized computing architecture of fractal receptors

The website states that: “The Internet launched a new restructuring of society, but is constrained by computing tech designed for centralized control. Learning from nature's blueprints, Ceptr provides an evolvable, fully distributed framework for coordination and sense-making on all scales.”

The vision seems to have some merit, but ultimately, it will come down to how many people can see value in the model, and be willing to grow the model, while re-working anything that may need to be adapted, to fulfill the highest good for all involved.

Additional links are in the show summary for those curious or choosing to learn more.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01FEB17 Erica Chenoweth, : It may only take 3.5% of the population to topple a dictator – with civil resistance.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01FEB17 Arthur Brock, : The Future of Governance is not Governments.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Developing tools and platforms
for open sourcing the next economy.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Building a Global Nervous System.


These energies of resistance that appear to rising up around the world, may have some people wondering what might be contributing to this, and why it may be happening.

One theory comes from an article that was reposted on the website on Feb first with an update the day after, on the second. According to this article: “ On 1/31/2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance has reached frequencies of 36+.” As of the time when this article was prepared, there have now been at least three straight days of this new frequency. The article continues:

“This is a big deal. In 2014, it was considered anomalous for the frequency to have risen from it’s usual 7.83 frequency to somewhere in the 15-25 levels.”

The article notes that: “The Schumann Resonance “are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.”

The article explains a bit of the science behind this, writing that: “ For many years this resonance frequency has hovered at a steady 7.83 Hz with only slight variations. In June 2014 that apparently changed. Monitors at the Russian Space Observing System showed a sudden spike in activity to around 8.5 Hz. Since then, they have recorded days where the Schumann accelerated as fast as 16.5 Hz.”

Apparently, something was affecting this resonance frequency more in the last couple of years. The article continues: “Is the Earth’s frequency speeding up? Since the Schumann frequency is said to be “in tune” with the human brain’s alpha and theta states, this acceleration may be why it often feels like time has sped up and events and changes in our life are happening more rapidly.

These emerging resonances are naturally correlated to human brainwave activity. So this means, we are changing.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03FEB17 : Unknown Force Is Spiking The Earth’s Schumann Resonance to 36+ In The Past 2 Days!

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Schumann Resonance.

The rising of this resonance may be an indication of the rising human collective awareness as well.

This could be an example of how science and spirituality have come together for the purposes of the grand human experiment, but it could also be the reason for why things became so dark and so low in frequency and vibration. The author of the article claims to have been told by a wise sage in India that: “the magnetic field of Earth was put in place by the Ancient Ones to block our primordial memories of our true heritage.

This was so that souls could learn from the experience of free-will unhampered by memories of the past. He claimed that the magnetic field changes are now loosening those memory blocks and we are raising our consciousness to greater truth. The veil is lifting. The blinders are coming off.”

Depending upon one’s worldview in the current moment, some will perceive these energies as ‘negative’ because they are tearing away the veil of illusion, and exposing parts of the 3D world to which humanity has been enslaved, and there are people who will feel threatened by this. Others however will see these energies as peeling away the layers of an onion, so that we can get back to a transformation of the old world, into a world that is much better for all.

In an article explaining her take on the energies at this time, Tiffany Stiles wrote the following: “ Star particle and diamond crystalline frequencies moving in and through. These undo all old programs and open the higher heart, and higher self to more and better.

All is coming up through the heart to be released and forgiven. All the old, painful stuff that one has held onto is rising up, and this creates spontaneous tears to cleanse the soul. Be gentle with yourself as your vibrational frequency adjusts to higher bandwidths as this takes place. Your vibrational frequency will dip low to release, and raise again after. The key is to see this all through your higher self, see those tough life lessons, understand why you chose to learn these specific lessons for your own personal soul growth now.”

Stiles also adds this: “These frequency downloads are very powerful, so anything you continue to hold onto that is rising to your surface through the heart will cause much physical, emotional and spiritual distress. You must be willing to work with what this energy pushes to the surface to come up and out once and for all. To heal you emotionally, physically, spiritually.

The thymus gland becomes over taxed with these high vibrational frequencies as these star particle, crystalline diamond frequencies move through every cell revving up your energy which creates heat, then cold, then heat… Tired, then bursts of energy back and forth until the body adjusts. Shifting timelines, loss of time, or time speeding up or slowing down is common with these. As the crystalline diamond frequencies rev up higher, and keep coming in stronger your DNA is being fired up, and triggered to upgrade. As more of these strands recalibrate within, you are then triggered to remember at your soul level. Your past lives come forth to heal, forgive yourself and others that played roles in those lifetimes.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03FEB17 TiffanyStiles, : Energy Update ~ Star Particle and Diamond Crystalline Frequencies Moving In.

One type of energy that may be assisting with these changes is known as photonic energy. An article from the website shares an explanation of photon energy. According to this article fro Jan 31st: “ Photon energy is the powerful new energy source that will replace electricity in the new millennium. It’s a free energy source and nobody can monopolize it. Its outer edge or belt has already reached Earth’s atmosphere and is affecting not only Earth but many planets in the solar system.

Photon energy is light energy, and it permeates the Earth in waves. It has the power to extend human life because it realigns the human body into a lightbody. Photon energy vibrates at a very high frequency and confers the power of instant manifestation of thought. Therefore, it is essential to maintain clarity and purity of thought by practicing daily meditation, being in the “now,” and staying heart-centered. In one sense, the Great Shift in Consciousness is the evolution of Mother Earth and her inhabitants into the realm of photon energy for the next 2,000 years.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31JAN17 : What is Photon Energy?

This article recommends meditation, meditation and more meditation in trying to ground and incorporate the new energies.

Different people see things differently. Different people feel things differently from others; different people experience things differently than others, even though everyone may be seeing, feeling or experiencing the very same thing.

It is part of the mystery, the magic, and the essence of this human journey, as we seek to link together what is spiritual within us, to that which is spiritual beyond us, using processes based in maths and sciences.

One and one’s service to humanity and the planet are as vitally important as any other human and his/her service to LIFE. She or he will become faced with this choice more and more over the coming weeks, months and years.

The time for sitting idly on the sidelines appears to be disappearing rapidly. It will be time to engage the game and not run away from it.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03FEB17 Aang Aakha, : How to Align Ourselves to the New Frequencies of Light.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 28JAN17 : What Will Happen After January 28, 2017??? The Effects Of Yin Energy On Our Hearts.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29JAN17 Anastacia, : Energy Update Real-Time – We Have Just Passed Through The ‘Eye Of The Needle’.


The vast majority of CVN’s followers will already understand that humanity and the planet are evolving towards a reality where certain technologies may not be necessary, and certain practices are no longer necessary, such as the need for money.

As the concepts of things like warp-speed travel in space continue to develop, it may no longer require humans to be put into some kind of stasis chamber for the purposes of a long journey in space.

However, it is worth noting that there is stasis-technology being developed, which suggests that that there is already a long-standing space program of some kind, even if it has been covered up by the global elites and their puppets.

Ed Oswald, writing for : A process traditionally used to treat cardiac arrest or traumatic brain injury is now showing promise as a possible method to enable long-term space travel through hibernation. Behind this effort is John A. Bradford, president of Spaceworks, and making this a reality is much closer than you might think.

Doctors refer to this strategy as something called “therapeutic hypothermia.” Essentially, the body is cooled slowly to a temperature between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius (normal body temperature is 37C). This will slow down both heart rate and blood pressure, giving doctors additional time to work on serious health issues.

Bradford hopes through additional work to extend the safe period for stasis out to months, and says this technology and the equipment necessary can be automated easily and made space-ready. Spaceworks is working on an open chamber capable of holding multiple crew members.”

The article finishes off with the following: “While stasis seems to be figured out, there are other issues that are not. One of the biggest is the long-term effects of low gravity, which can lead to a whole host of medical issues. Bradford and his team are working on methods to keep crew members “exercising” even during stasis: one potential solution being electrical stimulation — already used in physical therapy today.

Current plans are to start animal testing next year, followed by human tests in space and aboard the International Space Station. In the long term, Spaceworks is already starting to think about interstellar space missions, and how such a stasis system may be able to support hundreds of crew members aboard these ships.”

As I noted at the beginning, there is already more advanced technology available - I can say this with great confidence. The question is just in finding the best way to introduce it to humanity without pushing too many people over the edge of their sanity.

For the company to announce that they could have stasis chambers available for space travel by 2018, when deep-space vehicles have not yet been publicly announced, this might seem to suggest that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to rapidly move forward in unlocking the secrets of space, as President Trump said in his inauguration speech.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29JAN17 Ed Oswald, : Spaceworks may have a real-world stasis chamber for space travel by 2018.


Last week, CVN explored some of the latest news relating to an acceleration of activity taking place in Antartica.

This week, an article by Michael Salla, appearing on his website on Jan 31st offers the following: “ According to Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, preparations have been underway since 2002 to publicly announce the discovery of a flash frozen civilization in Antarctica. Goode’s startling claim has received support from internet data mining expert, Cliff High, who, in a January 2017 report, refers to an economic boom caused by an Antarctica announcement in the next year or so.

Goode and High’s information leads to the intriguing possibility that President Donald Trump will authorize a major announcement about an Antarctica discovery in order to rejuvenate America’s manufacturing industry.”

In the article Goode had described how he found out about the civilization in December, and then in January, he was taken to the site in Antarctica by an Inner Earth civilization he called the Anshar.

Salla compares information shared by Goode to measurements made by Clif High, who uses ‘predictive linguistics’ to pick up on worldwide trends via the internet.

According to the article: “ Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to aggregate vast amounts of written text from the internet by categories delineated by emotional content of the words and using the result to make forecasts based on the emotional ‘tone’ changes within the larger population. A form of ‘collective sub-conscious expression’ is a good way to think of it. Predictive linguistics can be used to forecast trends at many different levels, from the detail of sales to individuals, all the way up to forecasts about emerging global population trends.”

Salla also notes that: “Given Trump’s desire to revitalize the US manufacturing industry, it can be predicted that he would jump at the chance to roll out the Antarctica discovery during his administration once he is briefed about it. This is consistent with High’s reference to an “economic boom period” and the release of technologies that will “transform humanity.”

The article noted the visit by former Secretary of State John Kerry to Antarctica, right at the time of the election in the US. This would suggest that the visit may have been very important to the US.

Salla continues, writing that: “ Kerry or the US State Department officials who accompanied him will eventually brief Kerry’s successor, Rex Tillerson, who on January 23 received a close Senate Committee vote of approval, and this week is scheduled to be officially confirmed as the next Secretary of State. Once Tillerson is briefed about the Antarctica discovery, he will pass on the information to Trump and his National Security Council.

Salla finishes his article with the following: “Consequently, it can be predicted with high confidence based on Goode’s revelations and High’s predictive linguistics model, that Trump will at some point in his Presidential administration disclose the discovery of a flash frozen civilization in Antarctica with advanced technologies. Not only will such an announcement stimulate an economic boom, it is also likely to open the door to an official disclosure process of even more advanced technologies used in secret space programs and visiting extraterrestrial life.”

Whether the current activities happening in Antartica are revealed to the world or not, and when, remains to be seen. However, given how quickly other things are happening worldwide, and given how quickly President Trump has acted on other issues, it would appear that Trump is either choosing, or has been guided, to act as quickly as possible on a certain agenda that will likely be revealed over the coming month or so.

It might seem that we could expect some very intriguing announcements and/or initiatives that are going to move the world forward in some significant way.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31JAN17 Michael Salla, : Will President Trump Disclose Antarctica Discovery to Start Economic Boom?


History, as it has been currently taught to people around the world, has generally not made any attempts to link the scientific, energetic reality that exists, with the religious component of some Divine Creator Source. A link that, once made, would show conclusively that our reality is profoundly scientific, profoundly mathematical, and yet also profoundly spiritual.

That is a statement that may require many to re-read and reflect upon what that statement is truly saying. We are all One; we are all energy; our energies act and interact with all the other energies around us. A conflict, on its most basic level - is a competition for human energy.

It is only a matter of time now before humanity begins to experience science, technology and spirituality in a higher vibration form that goes beyond our current, 3D perspective on everything.

“Evan Thompson of the University of British Columbia has verified the Buddhist belief of anatta, or not-self. While Buddha didn’t teach anatta to lay people, thinking it might be too confusing, the concept is centered on the idea that there is no consistent self. The belief that we are the same one moment to the next, or one year to the next, is a delusion. Thompson says that “the brain and body is constantly in flux. There is nothing that corresponds to the sense that there’s an unchanging self. Anatta doesn’t mean there’s no you; it just means that you are constantly changing, constantly evolving, and shape-shifting.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - Lori Chandler, : Science and Buddhism Agree: There Is No "You" There.

There are evens some sources that are getting bold enough to begin suggesting that the reality we are currently in, is nothing more than an elaborate hologram. The more I reflect on this possibility, the more I am beginning to accept that there is a very real possibility of this. This is not necessarily a bad thing either. It is an experience; a chosen experience, at the soul level, to incarnate into a physical form, and have a chance to learn who one is, through all the experiences of being that who one is not.

Sky News via : actually dared to put this forth in an article from January 31st. This article wrote the following: “ The universe could turn out to be a "vast and complex hologram", meaning that life in 3D is an illusion, astrophysicists have said.

Researchers from the University of Southampton, working with colleagues from Canada and Italy, say they have found substantial evidence of a holographic universe - an idea first suggested in the 1990s.

In a 3D universe, Professor Skenderis said, the difference is that we are able to touch objects, and the "projection" appears to be "real", even though it could be an illusion. According to Skenderis: "Holography is a huge leap forward in the way we think about the structure and creation of the universe".

The article also added that: ”Einstein's theory of general relativity explains almost everything large scale in the universe very well, but starts to unravel when examining its origins and mechanisms at quantum level.

Hannah Osborne, writing for the International Business Times on January 30th added that: “ Lead author Niayesh Afshordi, from the University of Waterloo, said: "We are proposing using this holographic universe, which is a very different model of the Big Bang than the popularly accepted one that relies on gravity and inflation. Each of these models makes distinct predictions that we can test as we refine our data and improve our theoretical understanding - all within the next five years.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30JAN17 SkyNews via : Is the Universe a ‘vast, complex hologram’?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30JAN17 Hannah Osborne, : 'Substantial evidence' the universe is a hologram.

With this knowledge starting to filter into mainstream consciousness, the world is starting to be prepared for significant shifts in many different parts of our global society, as we currently know it.

Ian Johnston, writing for the London Independent on Feb 2nd shares his report on the breakthroughs coming in the field of quantum computing. He writes that: “ Scientists claim to have produced the first-ever blueprint for a large-scale quantum computer in a development that could bring about a technological revolution on a par with the invention of computing itself.

Until now quantum computers have had just a fraction of the processing power they are theoretically capable of producing.

But an international team of researchers believe they have finally overcome the main technical problems that have prevented the construction of more powerful machines.”

The article hints at a ten year timeline for this technology to really become available generally, although I might suspect that it will be much faster than this.

Johnston adds that: “Such devices work by utilising the almost magical properties found in the world of the very small, where an atom can apparently exist in two different places at the same time.

Professor Winfried Hensinger, head of the Ion Quantum Technology Group at Sussex University, who has been leading this research, told The Independent: “It is the Holy Grail of science, really, to build a quantum computer.”

Although smaller quantum computers have been made before to test theories, Hensinger was quoted as saying that: “ This is not an academic study any more, it really is all the engineering required to build such a device. Nobody has really gone ahead and drafted a full engineering plan of how you build one. Many people questioned that it can even be built. We show that not only can it be built, but we provide a whole detailed plan on how to make it happen.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02FEB17 Ian Johnston, : Quantum computing breakthrough could help 'change life completely', say scientists.

It is no longer avoidable - we are entering into a quantum reality. Last October, Robert Young reported in the London Independent that China has been moving forward in developing quantum technology, and had incorporated it into a space satellite. According to this article: “ China recently launched a satellite into orbit with a unique feature: it has the ability to send information securely, not with mathematical encryption but by using the fundamental laws of physics. China will be the first country to achieve this feat, and it marks a milestone in the development of quantum technologies.

The next revolution in technology promises to embrace fundamental laws of physics to enable devices to perform operations that are beyond the bounds of current electronics. The potential of quantum computers to tackle some of the most complex mathematical problems is very exciting. But information security provided by quantum communications could be just as important.”

The article adds that: “The current solution to this communications challenge is to use complex mathematics in a series of algorithms known as public key cryptography. But the increasing power of computers and ingenuity of hackers is opening up more and more cracks in this mathematical armour. An ideal solution to this problem would provide provable information security, guaranteeing the safety of our personal information.”

The article explains basically how the technology works: “ The technology on board China’s new satellite is simple in design and almost magical in operation. A special crystal divides a laser into two beams that are then directed to independent receiving stations on Earth. These beams share a property of quantum mechanics known as entanglement, which links them together even when they are far apart. Actions performed on one beam will also affect the other beam.

The trick to secure communications lies in this odd relationship between the two beams. The link is used to send random data from one receiving station to the other. This data can be collected and used, essentially as a complex password, to encrypt data sent over a public channel such as the internet. Quantum physics cannot be cheated, tricked or reverse engineered, unlike the complex mathematics of conventional cryptography.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19OCT2016 Robert Young, : China’s quantum satellite could make data breaches a thing of the past.

The fact that so many ‘breakthrough’ technologies are making their way into mainstream consciousness at this time, may suggest that there are forces in play to shut down the global cabal because they do not seem to be able to stop certain things from happening anymore. Assuming this to be true, then this would be a really great thing!

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12JAN17 Ian Johnston, : Scientists bring ‘nonsensical’ quantum physics into the real world for the first time.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04AUG2016 Andrew Griffin, : Quantum computer programmed to solve simple algorithms for the first time.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 20JAN17 Fiona MacDonald, : Graphene's superconductive power has finally been unlocked, and it's crazier than we expected.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18AUG2016 : This new equation might finally unite the two biggest theories in physics, claims physicist.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17AUG2016 Tom Siegfried, - A new ‘Einstein’ equation suggests wormholes hold key to quantum gravity.

CLICK TO VIEW - 28JAN17 Fiona MacDonald, :  Scientists have confirmed a brand new phase of matter: time crystals

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Solar Cells Will be Made Obsolete by 3D rectennas aiming at 40-to-90% efficiency.

CLICK TO VIEW  -30JAN17 Tom Randall, : Tesla’s Battery Revolution Just Reached Critical Mass.


Finally, in health-related news, we return to the increasingly popular topic of hemp, cannabis or marijuana, as most commonly know it.

Cannabis and its health benefits have been kept well-hidden, and the criminalization of the product for the last one hundred years or so has served to only benefit Big Pharma, Big Medicine and perhaps also Big Agriculture, including companies like Monsanto, Bayer and others.

Cannabis has been known to treat people with cancer, but it can also be very effective in the treatments of other conditions as well. For those who are very familiar with the hemp/cannabis industry, they will know the name Rick Simpson. It is Simpson’s particular formulation of oil that has been recognized as having the greatest health impact in treating cancer.

Many people are attempting to copy the oil product, and then sell it off as ‘Rick Simpson Oil’. What people may need to know is that so far, Rick has not given his official endorsement to anyone’s product, other than the formulation that he has made available for people. It is my understanding that Rick may be starting his own brand-name line of health-products, so we’ll see what may happen for him in 2017.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27JUN2014 via : Run from the Cure 2014 Updated - The Rick Simpson Story Second Edition.

Otherwise, there are a number of related articles to look at this week regarding cannabis.

Back in December, an interview appeared online and also an article from the news website. This article focused on how cannabidiol is effective for the treatment of Lyme disease. For those who may have Lyme disease, or who may know someone affected with this condition, there may be something of value to be had from listening to this episode:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 20DEC2016 : Episode 45: Research Shows Cannabidiol Is Effective Treatment For Lyme Disease.

The problem with governments and with people just making their own oil is that very people have done the research to determine the best possible strains of plant, that will produce the best oil for the condition that one may be experiencing.

Different strains of plant contain different levels of THC and CBD. THC is the component of the plant that, when heated, activates the psychoactive effects of the THC. There is also the CBD, which is the medicinal component. Those experiencing more acute episodes of pain for example, will likely do better with a treatment that is higher in THC while someone else may require more of the CBD if there is no great physical discomfort.

Everyone is focused only on the cannabidiol content or CBD content. Unfortunately, this may not be enough, and this is yet another reason how govt and its controllers can pretend to legalize marijuana, while controlling the content so that it does not deliver the best that the product could deliver.

Back in March of 2015, an article from the Cannabis Reports website offered the following: “ An extremely interesting study (Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response of Cannabidiol by using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol) was just published out of the Lautenberg Center for General and Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem.

The study examines the effectiveness of administering isolated cannabinoid extracts (a CBD-only formula) versus whole plant extracts (which contain the full range of the plant’s cannabinoid content).

The Hadassah Medical School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem sought to compare the effectiveness of a completely purified CBD extract versus a full-spectrum extract of cannabis flowers containing large quantities of CBD. The conclusion of the study was that the whole plant extract, which contained a large percentage of CBD but also contained traces of the other cannabinoids, proved far more effective than CBD-only solutions in alleviating inflammation and pain sensation.

The study demonstrated that a whole plant extract, containing the entire range of cannabinoids present in raw cannabis, will continue to provide relief for inflammation as the dose is increased. When supplied as an isolated cannabinoid extract, CBD on its own yielded a bell-curve of effectiveness, which is not desirable for medical treatments seeking effective relief that corresponds with the dosage.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09MAR2015 : Cannabis Study: Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extracts More Medically Effective than CBD Alone.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response of Cannabidiol by Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol.

Dr. Cristina Sanchez, a molecular biologist, has appeared in a five minute YouTube video explaining how the THC component works in eliminating cancer cells. As well, she explains a bit about how the human body already has a cannabinoid system, an endocannabinoid system to be exact, because, as you will hear in video, there are certain cannabinoids that are produced inside the body.

CLICK TO VIEW  - via : Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells.

As was mentioned moments ago, the criminalization of the plant was to not only keep people from being healthy, but also to make massive profits through the medical profession.

An article appearing on website from January 29th has reported that: “ A former “chief propagandist” for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), now turned cannabis advocate, made startling comments at the recent Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference in Denver, Colorado. There, Belita Nelson described what many of us suspected – the DEA is corrupt to the bone and full of lies.

“Marijuana is safe, we know it is safe. It’s our cash cow and we will never give up,” Nelson said to the audience of doctors and nurses, describing the modus operandi of the DEA.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29JAN17 Justin Gardner via : DEA ‘Chief Propagandist’ Says Agency Knows Pot is Safe, Keeps it Illegal for Profit.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : 1974 study showing how cannabis kills cancer cells.

On January 9th, Delilah Butterfield, writing for reported on the potential benefits of cannabis in treating the herpes virus. She writes that: “ There’s a possibility that cannabis may treat yet another surprising condition. It has been known for a while that many cannabis patients use topical application of the herb for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and other abrasions. Now, recent research provides evidence that the plant may treat herpes outbreaks.

The herpes virus family consists of a group of viruses responsible for many human ailments. Some of these include chickenpox, shingles, common cold sores, genital herpes, and Epstein-Barr (the virus that causes mono). In those affected, the virus is present in the body at all times.”

The article concludes with the following: “ does cannabis treat herpes virus? More pre-clinical evidence and human trials are needed to make the call. However, the information presently available suggests that the cannabis plant may one day prove to be a new effective weapon against the herpes virus.”

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The application of a skin cream that contains cannabis appears to have benefits on various skin conditions, and a second article by Butterfield looks at the benefits of having a skin cream with cannabis. In this article, Butterfield writes that: “ The skin in the largest bodily organ. It’s our first point of contact with the world around us, and it protects our internal organs from harm. While it may not seem like it, the skin is surprisingly active. Cells in the skin synthesize vitamin D, regulate our body temperature, and helps us detect changes in our environment. For these reasons, it’s important to keep skin healthy.

Specialized glands, cells, and hairs help the skin perform all of its routine functions. Surprisingly, recent research has shown that cannabinoid receptors are actually found on cells throughout the skin. Cannabinoid receptors are the binding locations for compounds like THC, the primary active chemical in cannabis. Both THC and non-psychoactive CBD are phytocannabinoids. Our bodies make versions of these compounds, known as endocannabinoids.

It’s a common misconception that cannabinoid receptors are concentrated only in the central nervous system and the brain. They’re actually found all throughout the body. This includes the skin, the gut, and reproductive organs. The fact that these cell sites are found in a wide range of bodily regions indicates how important endocannabinoids are to our basic health and physiological functioning. This includes the basic health and functioning of the skin.

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As more and more people start learning the truth about the coverup relating to cannabis and its health benefits, the push will begin…and in fact, it has already begun, in cities and countries around the world, to allow medical marijuana to be used for health treatments and also prevention. The problem is that the government-sponsored providers of cannabis are very likely not going to sell a product that restores health, because it is not in the interests of government nor is it the interest of Big Pharma, to have people healthy. They need people to be sick, so they can be more effectively controlled.

Those who produce the healthiest, and likely the most organic cannabis products are the ones who will be targeted for arrest and punishment, which is a clear sign of how dysfunctional the criminally fraudulent legal system has become.

Across the US and around the world, countries are beginning to pass legislation to allow access to medical marijuana. South Africa is one of the latest countries to jump onto the bandwagon of medical marijuana. An article appearing on the news website from Africa has reported that: “ It’s been three years since the medical Innovation Bill was submitted to Parliament by the late Mario Ambrosini. Yesterday saw Parliament’s Portfolio Committee of Health, who is in charge of this bill, finally make an announcement about what has been the most contentious aspect of it, medical cannabis. Government will soon regulate medical cannabis for prescribed health conditions.”

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Yet, as we heard moments ago, the former public face of the DEA is now saying that the DEA lies about the full facts relating to cannabis. Therefore it will be no surprise therefore that people will look to providing for themselves not just food, but also water, energy and medicine. reported in an article that: “ The Foria Relief Company has invented a vaginal suppository that can relieve pain from menstrual cramps. With an aromatic cocoa butter base, it could be an effective substitute for vicodin, midol and ibuprofen.

It works by inserting the capsule into the vagina and relaxing the muscles. These become tense and painful during menstrual cramping. By using extracted cannabis flowers, it contains exactly 60mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 10mg of cannabidiol (CBD).

THC is a known pain blocker, while CBD keeps you relaxed. These combine to relax your muscles, inhibit spasms and stop inflammation.”

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So, although this product was initially targeted for menstrual cramping, the wider benefits include eliminating the future market of painkillers. You can be sure the pharmaceutical industry will not take very kindly to that, and will do everything possible to keep cannabis criminalized, so that they can try to create a synthetic, controlled product, that they can put a patent on.

One of the primary concerns or even excuses, that some people, including police officers, are stating is that they believe cannabis smokers will be more dangerous driving than those who have been drinking alcohol. Numerous US states are attempting to enforce arbitrary blood-THC limits that determine if someone is impaired. However, one state is going against that trend, and it is the state of Oregon. According to an article on the on January 31st: “ In its DUI Legislative Report, the state’s Liquor Control Commission said it is recommending against a per se THC limit. By relying on the actual state of science, this welcome exercise in rationality should set an example for other states setting up their own regulatory framework.

According to the report:

Due to restrictions on cannabis research and limited data, it is difficult to make definitive statements about the risk of THC-intoxicated driving. The body of evidence that does exist indicates that while attitudes towards driving after marijuana use are considerably more relaxed than in the case of alcohol, the risk of crashes while driving under the influence of THC is lower than drunk driving. Little evidence exists to compel a significant change in status quo policy or institute a per se intoxication standard for THC.”

This, of course, does not suggest that it is okay to drive while smoking weed. Different people react differently, and those who are new at taking cannabis will experience the psychoactive effect more strongly, until the body becomes accustomed to receiving THC and CBD. As with anything, it comes down to common sense. However, the argument that cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol appears to be false.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31JAN17 Justin Gardner, : Oregon Sets Massive Precedent -- Refuses to Enforce THC Blood Limit for Driving.

From the textiles perspective now relating to hemp, and there is an article on the website that reports the following: “ Hemp Blue is the new American premium hemp denim brand, is making hemp clothing for a sustainable future. The company is based in Los Angeles, and makes environmentally conscious clothing for a cause: the legalization of industrial hemp farming in the USA!

Hemp Blue is helping to bring back agricultural industrial hemp as an environmentally conscious and sustainable resource in the United States. The company uses hemp to create the next level of premium, classic, denim apparel that’s actually good for the earth.”

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The link to the Kickstarter, crowd-funding project for Hemp Blue will also be included in the show summary.

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For listeners in Australia, there is a source for cannabis oil that was provided to me, and I offer to you for your own research. Note the name of the company, This website is not connected to Rick Simpson, and to my knowledge does not offer a formulation of oil that is close to the quality of what Rick Simpson’s formulation would have. Up to now, Rick Simpson has not sold the rights to his name to anyone, nor has he officially endorsed any one source as being credible enough to be recommended by him.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Possible source of medicinal cannabis in Australia. NOTE: This site does not provide the original formulation for ‘Rick Simpson Oil’.

There is so much going on concerning the hemp/cannabis industry right now, and it is becoming vital that people not only become better informed, but also more pro-active in sharing information, so that any who feel called to start making this oil, can also help to contribute to the health of those in their immediate communities, while also putting pressure on political leaders that the people are learning how to ask the more important questions, and are ready to start holding leaders accountable to their actions.

It all starts simply by being informed, and knowing how and when to ask the right questions.

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