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2017-04-21 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - April 21, 2017

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Greetings and blessings to all!

I’m choosing to start this week’s newscast a little bit differently. Instead of leading with a story about a specific global event, I’m leading with a story that seeks to help link numerous events together. It is time that we all begin to explore more deeply just how profoundly interconnected so many issues are. At the same time, the geoeconomic and geopolitical events can be connected to the issue of the disclosure of our galactic families, and relates to the cover up of the existence of civilizations and technologies of a non-Earth origin.

In a moment, we will hear from one formerly high-level official who continues his advocacy on these subjects.

First however, CVN has reported previously about the FBI file that is the most-viewed file from the documents that have been released for public view. This file gives an insight as to what so many people around the world are really interested in.

According to an article appearing on the Collective Evolution website on April 12th by Kalee Brown: “ The topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years, especially thanks to the plethora of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Tons of government agencies have declassified an overwhelming number of documents exposing not only the existence of UFOs, but the frequency at which they’re spotted and the physics-defying maneuvers that they carryout.

Of course, UFOs don’t necessarily equate to extraterrestrial technology; however, a significant amount of people have come forward discussing the existence of extraterrestrial (ET) life, including civilian eye witnesses, military personnel, and government officials from around the world.

Mike Gravel, a former US Democratic senator, was quoted in the article as saying that: “Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously, because we are a very warlike planet.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12APR2017 Kalee Brown, : The Most Viewed File In The FBI Vault Shows Us What The World Is Really Interested In Right Now.

CLICK TO VIEW  - The most popular FBI file on UFO disclosure (as of 2017)

Arguably, one of the highest-ranking politicians advocating the issue of disclosure is a former minister of defence for the Canadian government, Paul Hellyer.

Hellyer is well-known not only for his political service, but perhaps more importantly for his two other projects: the exposure of the ‘money mafia’ - the group of people who have been controlling the world, and his advocacy about the existence of civilizations and technologies from beyond Earth. Hellyer has published a book on the money mafia by the same title, “Money Mafis”.

In the following audio clip, excerpts have been taken to highlight the connection.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03MAR2017 via : Paul Hellyer Further Tells The Plans Of MIC SSP! Disclosure! (Roughly the first 15 minutes) 

In next week’s newscast, I will look at the remainder of this video, that explores some of the possible solutions that could be implemented moving forward.


In other geopolitical news;

The news just seems to get worse and worse for the global cabal as their agenda continues to get exposed on multiple fronts. Someone, somewhere must be totally freaking out, wondering how so many things could be going so wrong, to expose everything they have done, and are trying to do.

An article appearing on the Russia-Insider website on April 20th has reported that: “ Syrian forces shot down an ISIS drone that was targeting civilians in eastern Syria on Wednesday, according to multiple reports.

The drone was allegedly carrying a NATO-Bulgarian GLV-HEF projectile.”

Al-Masdar News was cited in the article as reporting the following: “

According to the NDF, their forces in the village of Abu Al-Alaya downed the Islamic State attack drone while it was flying over their positions and bombing civilians in the area.

The bomb used by the Islamic State to attack the civilians of Abu Al-Alaya was identified by the Syrian military as a NATO-sponsored GLV-HEF projectile, which is produced in Bulgaria.

ISIL has been using these projectile bombs to harass the civilians in east Homs and Deir Ezzor for several months now, forcing the Syrian military to constantly monitor these villages and towns in eastern Syria.”

The article also notes at least one other incident where NATO munitions from Bulgaria somehow ended up in the hands of ISIS militants.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 20APR2017 : ISIS Drone Drops NATO Munitions on Syrian Children.

The evidence is already coming out that, once again, the chemical attack against Syrian civilians that the West is trying to blame on Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was in fact done by forces loyal to the US and western interests.

A few of the more recent headlines over the past couple of weeks include the following:

On Apri 12th RT reported on a Russian veto of the West’s ‘misconceived’ Syria resolution at the UN Security Council. In this article, it was reported that: “ Moscow has vetoed a US-backed resolution condemning the Khan Shaykhun incident on April 4 as a chemical attack while demanding that Syria open up its military bases to inspections.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12APR2017 : Russia vetoes West’s 'misconceived' Syria resolution at UN Security Council.

On April 13th there was an unconfirmed report from Adam Garrie of that Israel had once again bombed Syria near the capital city of Damascus. This would represent a violation of international law, something that Israel has done repeatedly on many occasions.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13APR2017 Adam Garrie, : Israeli war planes bomb Syria.

The Syrian president recently spoke to the BBC, and denounced the accusations against him as being ‘100% fabrication’. Assad pointed out that the US is working ‘hand and glove’ with ISIS.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13APR2017 Alex Christoforou, : Assad speaks to BBC. Chemical attack “100% fabrication.” US working “hand and glove” with ISIS.

Based on the evidence of the NATO projectile reported moments ago, this would appear to validate Assad’s claims.

As well, Alex Christoforou in his Duran article on April 19th reported that: “ We may never really know what happened in Idlib, Syria on April 4th, ever since the United States decided to forgo an investigation and act as judge, jury and executioner with flimsy, if not outright false evidence.” Christoforou describes meeting with an expert in body language, to study the comments made by both Assad and also statements made by Major General McMaster.

Both videos will appear in the show transcript for listeners to view and decide for themselves. The general conclusion however is that Assad was telling the truth, and that McMasters was not.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19APR2017 Alex Christoforou, : This body language expert says Assad is telling truth about Syria chemical weapons, while McMasters is lying.


The industrial-military complex also has a massive pain in the rear end, and her name is Tulsi Gabbard. According to an article on the 21stCenturyWire news website on April 10th: “ Congresswoman and Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard continues to face down the mainstream propaganda machine with her based and skeptical opinion surrounding the war on Syria, including the recent attacks on Shayrat air base by the United States as a reprisal for the alleged ‘chemical attack’ on Idlib by Damascus.

It’s not surprising within the American political party system that if you don’t agree with ‘the gang’, they come for your blood, and this is exactly what’s happening to Gabbard. Her previous fact finding visit to Syria in 2016 had already began to turn heads, but now after the CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer, who happens to all of a sudden ‘like’ Donald Trump, the Democrats are circling Tulsi Gabbard in increasing droves.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10APR2017 : Tulsi Gabbard Triggers The War Hawks With Her Based Skepticism.
More will continue to be revealed over the coming weeks as this event, among others, continue to be exposed to reveal the wizard behind the curtain.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19DEC2016 Claire Bernish, : US Press Silent as Syria Presents Evidence of US-Backed Rebels Using Mustard Gas on Civilians.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13APR2017 Vanessa Beeley, : SYRIA: The New Transformation, the Resistance will Ensure Victory Against Terrorism and its Backers.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12APR2017 : Am A Syrian Living in Syria: “It was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists are sent by your Government”.


In financial news;

Linking together the geopolitical and geoeconomic events, one can begin to piece together all the events in the Middle East and also all the events that seek to make an enemy out of Russia. The global cabal is playing a very desperate game in an attempt to save their failing agenda while also attempting to stop the introduction of a new financial paradigm, even if it is only a temporary one, while also preventing the shift in human and planetary consciousness.

This week, we look first to an article by Rory Hall, appearing on the website on April 2nd. Hall offers an interesting analogy for interpreting some of the events that have been unfolding around the world. Hall writes the following: “ How would you feel if you had planned a gathering of your closest family and friends. Your list of invites grows to include some 185 guests. You also invited your known trouble-making cousin. Your cousin shows up drunk, armed and belligerent. He begins harassing a good portion of the guests, smashes some of your prized possessions and then, as an added bonus, he shoots and kills 12 of your guests.

As your cousin is leaving the gathering he takes your wallet and your wife’s purse. He also goes in your bedroom, opens your safe and removes all your gold and silver. Your cousin now has all your credit and debit cards and all the cash you had on hand. You can not conduct business in any manner. You can’t even pay the caterer for their services.

If this sounds like an horrific story, you’re right, it is. The drunken cousin is a metaphor for how the U.S. has been acting for the past several years and how it has treated countries around the world. Do you suppose some of these nations are more than a little tired of being treated in this manner?”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02APR2017 Rory Hall, : The Real Reason The Federal Government Have Been Keen to Blame Russia for Everything – Gold.

This would explain therefore the whole process that the BRICS alliance has been undertaking since its creation in 2010 - building a new system that would render the old system obsolete.

Russia and China are moving out from under the control of the USD as a global reserve currency, and active movements are being made to launch a gold-backed financial system. Hall writes that: “ We learned in March 2016 that Kazakistan had been in formal talks with the Shanghai Gold Exchange regarding gold as currency along the New Silk Road, or the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ as it is now known, spearheaded by China. Then, in October of 2016 we continued covering how China had been working directly with the IMF to get the yuan/renminbi currency added to the SDR basket of currencies for global trade.

China began working their CIPS system, global trade settlement system, in October 2016, the same time the renminbi joined the SDR basket, allowing China to conduct global trade outside the U.S. owned and operated SWIFT system. Both systems are used to settle global trade transactions and the SWIFT system has been geared to the Federal Reserve Note – U.S. dollar – while the CIPS system is geared to the Chinese renminbi.

China strategically stated their gold reserves for the first time in 6 years in the lead up to the SDR announcement last year. This exact strategic announcement by China was predicted here on POM.

Enter Russia and their global trade settlement system based in Russian rubbles. It is not quite ready for prime time, but not to worry, they are working around the clock to put the final pieces in place. Within the past two weeks Russia announced to the world where the system is, specifically, along with what is already in place.”

This should begin to give people an introductory idea as to why Russia is being targeted as an enemy at this time, with some attention being given to China as well.

An article on the website on April 13th shares that: “ It appears that the real reason why Trump capitulated to the Deep State so quickly is the final BRICS leadership’s decision to start the dumping of the fiat dollar in matters of mutual trade and economic cooperation between the BRICS member countries.

This latest counterattack against the Khazarian banking dynasty is definitely putting Donald Trump’s most ambitious campaign promise of “Making America Great Again” through economic recovery and military upgrade in grave danger, as the BRICS Alliance starts requiring the US government to pay for BRICS resources with real, hard currencies only.”

This final outcome that we are witnessing now may seem ‘sudden’ to most who have not been paying attention, but it has been many years in the making. The article continues:

“This highly coordinated dollar dumping was initiated 10 years ago, to give the West enough time to adjust to the new reality that the East could no longer sit idly by as the other side continued with its regressive foreign policies. Such offensive was capped with a massive display of cultural strength meant to correct the false technological claims of the West, during the Beijing Olympics, a year later.

Incidentally, what was to be a gradual move from fiat to gold-backed currencies still resulted in the 2008 Western financial crash, massive resignations of the banking CEOs in 2012 [here], Libor and other interest rigging investigations, and finally, the unprecedented Papal resignation of Benedict XVI in 2013.

Considering the sheer size of the BRICS economies, this decision to dump the dollar should put the Khazarian Mafia where they should be, i.e. into the dustbin of irrelevance.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13APR2017 : Start of BRICS Gold-Backed Trade Pushing Deep State Desperation at All-Time High.

On April 19th, reported that: “ the central banks of Russia and China are the world’s biggest gold buyers. Since the end of 2008 the gold reserves of China have nearly tripled - from 600 to 1,762 tons.

The Central Bank of Russia bought 356,000 ounces of gold in February becoming the largest buyer of the precious metal among the world's central banks, business daily Vedomosti reported, quoting IMF data. Russia currently has 1,415 tons of gold.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19APR2017 : Moscow & Shanghai seek to dominate gold trade.

However, these numbers may not be completely accurate. Informed market watchers have been observing the events carefully. From a Sputnik News article back in March of 2016, William F Engdahl reported that: “ Market watchers believe even that amount of gold in China's central bank vaults is being politically vastly understated so as not to cause alarm bells to ring too loudly in Washington and London.

Meanwhile, Russia's Eurasian allies — Kazakhstan and Belarus — are also increasing their bullion reserves.

It means that the countries, which are both members of the Eurasian Economic Union and participants of the China-led One Belt, One Road project are viewing gold as a basis for the Eurasian economy.”

Some statistics shared by Engdahl include the following:
Japan’s debt to Gross Domestic Product or GDP ratio is over 200%.
The Eurozones’ debt to GDP ratio is at about 94%
The US has a debt to GDP ratio at about 103%
By contrast, Russia’s debt to GDP ratio is at 18%.

Engdahl notes that this is a statistic conveniently overlooked by western ratings agencies, because they are engaged with the US Treasury war against Russia.


As has been reported by numerous sources including CVN for a number of years, the movement towards a gold-backed system is becoming very public now, and increasingly harder to deny. Essentially, what this means is that the fiat currency system, led by the US dollar is approaching a point of being globally irrelevant, if it has not already happened.

In the show summary will be a link to a report by Dave, host of the X22 Report where he comments on Trump’s role in preparing the US for the collapse of the central banking system.

CLICK TO VIEW  - X22 Report, : Trump Prepares US For Collapse of Central Banking System.

Although it will not be an easy transition for many - especially those who have no understanding of what is going on, it is a very much needed and necessary event, if the world is move forward in getting out of a criminally fraudulent system that has enslaved humans worldwide, while also profiting from the destruction of our planet for power and control.


In Europe, the DiEM25 group project, being headed up by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, recently launched their plan for trying to deal with the fraudulent western banking system in Europe.

From the Yanis Varoufakis website, the following was reported on April 3rd: “On 25th March 2017, as Europe’s leaders gathered in Rome to celebrate the… disintegration of the EU, DiEM25 was there, at Teatro Italia, launching our major Policy Paper The European New Deal – a comprehensive economic and social policy agenda, applicable to the whole of Europe (not just the EU), by which to save Europe and, more importantly, to make Europe worth saving.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAR2017 DiEM25 via : DiEM25’s Rome 25th March 2017 Launch of the European New Deal – from Teatro Italia.

The European New Deal, posted on the DiEM25 website explains a bit more. The principles of the document include four primary areas of concentration: Basic goods provision; turning wealth into investment; sharing the returns of capital and democratic macroeconomic management.

Among the policies are included these three: 1. Taming finance - “Regulating banking and establishing a new public digital payments platform that ends the monopoly of banks over Europe’s payments.”

2. Fixing the Euro - “ Saving the Eurozone by ending self-defeating austerity and minimizing the cost of its disintegration in case of its occurrence.”

3. Green investment - “ Linking central banking operations with public investment programs and the new public digital payments platforms.”

The CLICK TO VIEW  - : European New Deal

The New European Deal is available as a PDF document in both long form and a summary version, of 26 pages.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Download European New Deal Summary.

Now, what is not clear from this announcement is whether or not there are any active plans to prepare for the movement towards a gold-backed financial system as reported moments ago. It is hard to imagine that this group is not aware of this financial shift, so perhaps more information may be forthcoming with regard to this.


As the current financial paradigm appears to be moving towards a public death, many, like myself, are left with questions as to what do with any assets one may currently have.

RT recently reported that hackers had recently exposed the tools used by the NSA for spying on financial transactions. The NSA claims, of course that this puts the global banking system potentially at risk. For those attached to the current system, this may be considered a threat. For those who understand that this exposes all those who have been stealing from and controlling humanity, this would be good news.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14APR2017 : Hackers expose NSA financial spying arsenal, global banking system potentially at risk.

One CVN listener, a very good personal friend of mine, actually followed my advice years ago, and bought into BitCoin. He recently informed me that he had done this, and in fact he had now tripled his investment. Not having had the resources, I was unable to do so, but it was great that he was able to benefit from this.

There are no firm guarantees, unless one is perhaps wealthy enough to purchase physical gold, silver or possibly other physical resources.

For the rest of us, we may have to explore some other options.

Many are using PayPal, but even PayPal is being exposed for some of the outrageous fees that they have become famous for charging. Another company is seeking to challenge PayPal. This company is called TransferWise.

Personally, I have been giving very serious consideration to switching over to this system. A website promoting the 2017 Money Conference, is promoting the presence of Taavet Hinrikus, the co-founder of TransferWise. It is unclear as to whether this conference is upcoming, or whether it has now passed. Hinrikus will be speaking, if he has not already spoken, on the subject of the true democratization of finance. He has been quoted as saying that: “ Banks start by asking how much they can charge; we start by asking how little we can charge"

CVN invites listeners to do some exploration of this company, to decide for oneself, if this company offers a morally and ethically better model than PayPal.

CLICK TO VIEW  - website promoting co-founder of TransferWise.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : A competitor website to PayPal.

One other option for consideration, and this is also an option I am considering, as I have not been able to have a bank account or a credit card for many years.

I am looking to open a Bitcoin account and link it to a BitCoin debit/credit card.

The website claims to offer a better approach to Bitcoin debit cards. According to the website, the card’s balance is always held in BitCoin; there is the benefit of secure shopping with virtual cards; no monthly or card-issuance fees and also a Coinback Rewards program.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for PayCent - A Better Approach to Bitcoin Debit Cards.

All links will be in the show transcript, for those choosing to learn more. TransferWise, BitCoin and the PayCent card appear, at least at this time, to be some good options to consider, but I hope to offer more information in the coming weeks.


In more disclosure-related news,

As we heard at the beginning of the newscast, much information is being revealed by many individuals from both prominent and non-prominent positions around the world. As CVN has been trying to do, connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated events is not only challenging, but it is becoming increasingly more important if one is to gain a more complete picture and understanding of what is happening around the planet, but also within human and planetary consciousness.

CVN reported a few weeks ago the new documentary project being undertaken by Dr. Steen Greer. Greer is another individual who speaks to the issue of disclosure and the coverup by governments.

In an update this week on this project, it has been announced that the documentary will have its premiere in Los Angeles on April 24th. Included in this premiere will also be the official launch of the book.

From the website, one may be able to see that not only are very credible people coming forward with very relevant information, but the people of the world are increasingly demonstrating that they are tired of the coverup and are ready to take a step forward in evolution, with the revelations that so many know, but leaders are are not willing to acknowledge.

The website shares the following: “ Back in 2013, Sirius reached number 1 on Netflix for documentaries and was acclaimed throughout the world.

“Unacknowledged” will focus on the historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced – and why.

The best evidence for Extraterrestrial contact, dating back decades, will be presented with direct topsecret witness testimony, documents and UFO footage.

The viewer will learn that a silent coup d’etat has occurred dating back to the 1950s and that the Congress, the President and other world leaders have been side-lined by criminal elements within the Military-Industrial-Financial complex.

Super-secret Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) dealing with ET technology, zero point free energy, antigravity research and the real agenda behind Star Wars (SDI) will be exposed as only we can. With trillions of dollars of illegally obtained funding, these USAPs have become the greatest threat to world peace and the human future ever faced by humanity. They will be exposed. The project names, underground bases, corporations and agencies involved will be named.

The evidence for interstellar civilizations will be presented, along with evidence of an illegal cartel hiding from the public and Presidents alike the truth that we are not alone and that we now know how they get here. An expose of these technological developments -begun just after WWII – will explain the reason behind the secrecy: Oil, the PetroDollar, coal, public utilities, surface roads, jets and all current means of energy generation and transportation will be rendered obsolete once the truth is known. It is time.”


Various links will be in the show transcript for those wishing to view the trailer for ‘Unacknowledged’ or the full Sirius Disclosure documentary, as well as an interview given by Greer in 2016 discussing the ‘Unacknowledged’ project.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31MAR2017 Sirius Disclosure via : OFFICIAL Unacknowledged Trailer

CLICK TO VIEW  - Sirius Disclosure via : SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer - Original Full-Length Documentary Film (FREE!)

CLICK TO VIEW  - From June 2016 via YouTube - Greer talks about the ‘Unacknowledged’ project when it was first launched as crowd-funded project. The funding shattered the previous record, set by Greer’s first documentary, ‘Sirius Disclosure’ in 2013.


Over to science and technology-related news now;

For those who have watched Star Trek: The Next Generation, they may recall having been introduced a couple of times to the sonic shower.

Like so many other revelations coming forward at this time, technology similar to this appears to be on the edge of being introduced to humanity.

According to an article on : “ scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have developed a dryer that could make doing laundry much quicker. Called the ultrasonic dryer, it's expected to be up to five times more energy efficient than most conventional dryers and able dry a large load of clothes in about half the time.

Instead of using heat the way most dryers do, the ultrasonic dryer relies on high-frequency vibrations. Devices called green transducers convert electricity into vibrations, shaking the water from clothes. The scientists say that this method will allow a medium load of laundry to dry in 20 minutes, which is significantly less time than the average 50 minutes it takes in many heat-based machines.”

The new technology has the potential to deliver massive savings with regard to energy use in the average home.

The ultrasonic dryer allegedly delivers a few wonderful benefits. According to the article: “ The drying technology also leaves less lint behind than normal dryers do, since the majority of lint is created when the hot air stream blows tiny fibers off of clothing. Drying clothes without heat also reduces the chance that their colors will fade.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17APR2017 Leanna Garfield, : Scientists have invented a dryer that can dry clothes in half the time without heat.

A video put out by the US Department of Energy, attached to the news story reports how transducers, along with a custom amplifier, are used inside the dryer, in order to deliver vibrations, instead of heat, to dry clothing, and the vibrations turn the moisture into a cold mist.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12APR2017 US Department of Energy via : Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer Dries Clothes in Half the Time.

One has to keep in mind that if technology is being introduced now, then someone has known about it and has been developing it for many years before.

Is it possible that some of the approximate 6000 patents that have been suppressing technology from humanity, are now starting to be released? Well, perhaps an argument could be made to suggest this, absolutely. However, it still remains to be seen how quickly this technology, and so many other suppressed technologies actually make it into public domain.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory appears to be one such institution that has connections to certain suppressed technologies.

In a separate article on the website, a story by Mike Mueller is reporting that the advancements in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, are entering yet another milestone phase.

Mueller writes: “Oak Ridge National Laboratory is at it again.

This time they produced the world’s first 3D printed excavator. But this prototype, which debuted in March at the CONEXPO-Con/AGG in Las Vegas, does more than just move dirt. It demonstrates the latest advancements in additive manufacturing – including the ability to print with metal alloys.

Additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D printing, makes three dimensional parts by laying down thin layers of material in succession. The technology cuts down on time and wasted materials – making manufactured products quicker and cheaper to prototype and build.

The excavator, known as Project AME (Additive Manufactured Excavator), uses three different 3D printing platforms, materials and processes. The cab was created using carbon fibre composites and took just five hours to print on the Cincinnati Incorporated Big Area Additive Manufacturing machine. The all-steel boom (hydraulic arm) was printed in five days and utilized Wolf Robotic’s “Wolf Pack” robotic welding arm to create large-scale metal pieces. Finally, the 13 pound aluminum heat exchanger was printed on a Concept Laser machine that produces metal parts through a powder-based laser melting process.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06APR2017 Mike Mueller, : Digging In: Oak Ridge National Laboratory Creates World's First 3D Printed Excavator

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10APR2017 US Department of Energy via : 360° Video: World's First 3D Printed Excavator.

The rapid advancement of this technology is very similar to the rapid releases of new communications and computer technologies. It will represent a very dramatic and significant shift in the way humans live moving forward.

What we are witnessing, basically, is the end of the manufacturing industry as we have previously known it. It is an evolution towards a more efficient and customized form of manufacturing based on specific needs without wasting valuable resources. Technology is now showing that almost any item, metal, fibre, tissue, organic or otherwise, has the potential to be 3D printed. What this also means is that this is merely the next step towards the science of replicators and replication - the use of energy manipulations to produce or even to reduce and recycle a physical item.


Another evolution taking place is in the field of energy production. As most listeners already know, everything is energy, and it is from this energy that it is capable to power various technologies in physical form.

However, the global cabal has successfully been able to get humanity hooked and addicted to the electrical energy produced from sources that are now being shown to be harmful to humans and to the planet.

Over the last few years, numerous videos have attempted to share products that were claimed to be so-called free energy devices. Some later turned out to be hoaxes, but there have always been some that lack a reasonable scientific explanation as to why they are able to produce a certain amount of energy.

Recently, at the New Earth Festival, during their closing ceremonies on the fifth day, an announcement was made by the the New Earth Nation, introducing their free energy device to the group.

The website posted the article on April 14th. In the video, the introduction of the device begins around the 54 minute mark of the ceremony.

According to the article: “ New Earth Nation has made a historical announcement regarding a FREE ENERGY Generator called QT-PI.

It consists of 2 copper coils and a high frequency generator, which creates a magnetic vortex. It Plugs into your standard electricity output, which gets amplified over 300-400%. That’s enough power to run your average house appliances such as, lights, air conditioners, water heaters and cooking appliances. All the materials are completely off the shelf, using copper and a 3D Printer. The wheels are being set into motion to 3D Print larger quantities and create bigger power objectives. Market entry with governments are already in process of negotiations, and are helping to get it out to the people.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14APR2017 AEMedia, : Free Energy Update – New Earth Nation Releases Free Energy Generator Called QT-PI.

During the video, any participants who had a science or engineering background, were invited to come to the front of the crowd for the demonstration, and after the demonstration, one of the hosts explained the challenges of free energy devices:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09APR New Earth Project, : Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival - Closing Ceremony.

The free energy introduction begins at approximately the 54:00 mark. The statements about free energy begin at the 1:00:25 mark.

One of the hosts of the ceremony explained that the device was capable of putting out about 3kwh. This would not be enough for a typical North American house, but another host mentioned how several devices could be linked together.

The announcement seems very positive, and if plans move quickly forward for 3D printing this technology, along with relevant government approvals, free energy could be made very easily available to countless millions across Asia and Africa who have been living without power to provide for basic necessities.
No longer is it necessary to have ugly hydro wires destroying the aesthetic beauty of communities, nor is it necessary to have harmful, large-scale transmission lines or huge wind turbines to cause harm to humans and animals.

In case you missed it, we are in the midst of an incredible transformation!

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10APR2017 : Nigerian Scientist Invents Device That Can Supply The Entire African Continent Uninterrupted Power Supply.


Finally in health-related news;

For those who have taken the time to do more research, they may be familiar with the idea that cancer and arguably other illnesses within the body, are unable to exist in an alkaline environment. It might make sense, therefore, to establish a habit of starting one’s day in a way that accomplishes several goals at the same time - giving the body the water it needs, while also giving it the tools to maintain alkalinity and thus increasing the chances of avoiding certain health conditions.

To be fair, and also to be clear, no health practice will always guarantee success. As humanity moves along in its shifting consciousness, we often get confused by certain solutions seem to work miracles for some, and yet seem to have little or no impact on others. This therefore, emphasizes the differences between each human but may also suggest that one’s soul may also be guiding one towards certain lessons or solutions as part of one’s service to humanity.

Each illness although generally identified as something by the established medical profession, does not take into account the specific vibration of the illness as caused by the combinations of frequencies that came from the uniquely different environment that each soul was born into and the unique stresses experienced by each soul in his or her LIFE-path.
I would be prepared to bet that reproductive organ cancers in either men or women, will be vibrationally different between each individual as the stresses and conditions to which each was exposed will be very different, and the emotional/mental/spiritual state of each will also be contributing a certain frequency to the mix.

It is my personal belief therefore, that no singular medical treatment will have the same effect upon all people.

However, there are some general practices that one can begin to explore, and this story offers some possibilities.

An article from the Natural Living Ideas website from July of last year by Sierra Bright, explores four drinks to help alkalize the body and kickstart one’s day.

Bright offers the following: “ The way you start your morning can have a significant effect on how you feel for the rest of the day, as you’ve probably experienced at least one time or another. While you probably think that coffee is the best thing you can drink to get going, there are actually much better, healthier ways to get your day off to a great start.

As the body is especially acidic in the morning, tasked with cleansing it overnight, the last thing it needs is something more acidic like coffee. What it does need is an energy booster, as the tissues are dehydrated and in desperate need of healthy fluids to push out those toxins.”

She offers five reasons for starting one’s day with an alkalizing drink: Boosting energy levels: strengthening the immune system; Improved digestion; weight loss and also premature aging. Bright notes the following: “An alkalized, antioxidant-packed drink helps the body fight off free radicals which can slow the aging process, including signs like wrinkles and sagging skin. It can actually improve the skin’s health, helping to keep you looking younger.”

The four drinks that she offers for people to consider are the following:

Pineapple Metabolism Booster: “ This simple three-ingredient recipe contains organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar which is well-known to be an incredible fat burner that can help you lose weight. Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral properties, and is said to be beneficial for a wide range of issues, from allergies, acne, and high cholesterol to joint pain, chronic fatigue and acid reflux. Raw, organic honey adds a touch of sweetness and has its own benefits too. The organic, unprocessed type not only offers anti-inflammatory properties, it provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can strengthen the immune system, as well as bifidobacteria, a group of bacteria linked to digestive and immune health.

Sweet Greens Mood Enhancer drink: If you tend to wake up grumpy, the Sweet Greens Mood Enhancer might be your ideal go-to morning shot. It contains spinach, which is packed with all sorts of mood-boosting nutrients, from anxiety-relieving magnesium to depression-battling folates. The berries are what make this green drink sweet, and they also offer a wide range of powerful health benefits. Those antioxidants also aid the brain in producing dopamine, essential to your mood, as well as memory function. Finally, the slice of ginger further enhances many of these benefits while adding a great taste too. It also increases levels of those important neurotransmitters, dopamine, and serotonin, helping you to get focused and productive, improve your memory and your mood.

Sweet Citrus Morning Energizer : Lemons are famous for helping one to get the morning started out right. This citrus fruit can improve digestion and battle morning breath as it combats bacteria in the mouth. As it’s loaded with vitamin C, it also pumps up the immune system and even helps cleanse the liver. In fact, Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe writes in Biological Ionization in Human Nutrition that the liver can make more enzymes out of lemon juice than any other food, which naturally gives the organ a boost. Recent research from the Harvard School of Public Health found that consuming carrots isn’t just good for your eyes – it can positively affect brain function and even improve your mood. Carrots are packed with antioxidants known as carotenoids, and carotenoid levels are linked to mood health. They also offer wide-ranging benefits like battling free radicals, strengthening the immune system and helping to protect against disease.

Super-Powered Alkaline Detoxer: We’ve already mentioned the powerful detoxing, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting benefits of ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar – now, combine that with turmeric and you’ll have a true super-powered alkaline detoxer. Turmeric offers potent anti-inflammatory properties as well as being antiviral and anti-bacterial. It can kill intestinal parasites, treat yeast infections, prevent cancer from spreading and possibly prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Blending together ginger, lemon, turmeric and organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar into a morning drink each day can help relieve symptoms of digestive disorders and lessen the risk of heart attack, control damaging inflammation and reduce pain, battle free radicals and cleanse the liver. Of course, it also helps keep the body more alkaline, also lowering cancer risk.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2016 Sierra Bright, : 4 Power Drinks To Alkalize Your Body & Kickstart Your Day.

An article specifically about turmeric comes from the BestHealthyGuide website from September of 2016. This article shares that: “Turmeric is regarded as miraculous spice whose positive effects on the body are backed up by more than 600 health benefits. This is mostly due to its active compound called curcumin, which has a wide plethora of health benefits and healing properties. But, did you know that whole turmeric can help with brain regeneration?”

The article continues: “ Aromatic-turmerone is a fat-soluble compound found in turmeric, which is often overlooked. German researchers have thoroughly studied its effects on neural stem cells and what they found was that the number of neutral stem cells increased by 80 percent when exposed to aromatic-turmerone. In other words, a healing effect was happening. When used on rats, they created healthy new brain cells and noticed a size growth in both the subventricular zone and the hippocampus.

Ar-turmerone is a potent regenerative which can aid NSCs in brain regeneration and it is believed to help in cases of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's or stroke. Apart from promoting stem cell proliferation, it also distinguishes between stems cells and neurons, which is the main goal of regenerative medicine. On the other hand, curcumin has been found to boost the overall memory of Alzheimer's patients.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12SEP2016 : This is how your brain physically changes when you consume whole turmeric.

The simple recipes for each drink can be found in the article and the link is in the show summary for this story. Also in the show summary will be links to how to grow your own unlimited supply of lemons.

CLICK TO VIEW - : How To Grow An Unlimited Supply Of Lemons Using Just 1 Seed.


As we heard in the last story, many toxins are released in our bodies as we sleep. I also mentioned that many diseases, such as cancer, are anaerobic, meaning that they thrive in environments where there is no oxygen and also where the environment is more acidic.

Oxygen is vital for the body, and therefore it may be wise to consider putting more oxygen into your home environment. How might this be achieved?

An article from the website on April 18 explores oxygenating one’s home or living and work environment using plants.

According to this article: “Environmental activist and CEO, Kamal Meattle, has figured out a way to counteract pollution on a local scale.”

In a short speech given during one of the TED Talks series, Meattle shares his story and his research:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18APR2016 Alternative World News Network, : Activist develops way to oxygenate your house using plants.

CLICK TO VIEW  - TED Talks via : How to grow fresh air | Kamal Meattle.

As Meattle noted, he was able to heal himself, while also creating one of the healthiest buildings in New Delhi, greatly improving the health of all employees.

A link to a longer interview with Meattle will appear in the show transcript for this story.

It is unclear what impact plants such as these may have upon the chemicals used in chemtrail spraying, but it may perhaps bring comfort to many, knowing that their home is at least healthy enough, to allow the body to rest and recharge in the most oxygenated environment possible, especially during the sleeping hours.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAR2016 via : Kamal Meattle: “Grow” Fresh Air, Improve Productivity with Oxygen, & Why We Fall Asleep in Meetings.

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11. ( 1:07:22 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS;

I would like to close this week with two audio clips from videos found on YouTube. The first contains a few minutes from an interview with actor Will Smith, describing the facing of his fears while skydiving in Dubai.

As we move through these times, we are all, myself included, being reminded of the importance of facing and overcoming fears.

The second audio segment comes from the valedictorian speech of a graduate from Harvard last year. According to the YouTube page where the speech was posted: “Harvard University has called 2016 graduate Donovan Livingston's spoken-verse commencement speech "one of the most powerful, heartfelt student speeches you will ever hear!"

It is my hope that you will find some empowerment, joy and perhaps even a reminder to yourself, in these two reminders.
Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’! I leave you with Will Smith, followed by Donovan Livingstone in this week’s dose of empowerment!

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09DEC2016 via : Will Smith talks about fear.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29MAY2016 CNN via : Harvard graduate's unique speech goes viral.


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