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2017-05-26 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - May 26, 2017

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Greetings and blessings to all!

In the wake of what appears to be yet another desperate, false-flag incident in Manchester in the United Kingdom, there are two stories worth noting about this particular incident.

We start first within the UK where campaigning is continuing, leading up to an election in a couple of weeks.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appears to be sending what some may consider to be ‘mixed signals’, although it also appears that he may understand, at least on some level, that the wars his country has supported abroad have contributed to the terrorism-related events that are being experienced at home.

According to a London Guardian article by Heather Stewart and Rowena Mason on May 26th: “Labour leader will resume electioneering with emphasis on links between terrorism at home and wars abroad.

The longtime peace campaigner and former chair of the Stop the War coalition will also argue that it is the responsibility of government to ensure that “our foreign policy reduces rather than increases the threat to this country”.

Corbyn will say: “Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services, have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home.

“That assessment in no way reduces the guilt of those who attack our children. Those terrorists will forever be reviled and held to account for their actions. But an informed understanding of the causes of terrorism is an essential part of an effective response that will protect the security of our people that fights rather than fuels terrorism.”

He will argue that the government should admit the “war on terror” had failed and rethink its approach.”

He is being met with heavy criticism. According to the article: “ Ben Wallace, a Conservative security minister, criticised Corbyn’s comments as “crass and appallingly timed” and defended the government’s record on security spending. “He needs to get his history book out,” Wallace told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “These people hate our values, not our foreign policy.

Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader, was quoted as saying that: “I don’t agree with what he says, but I disagree even more that now is the time to say it. That’s not leadership, it’s putting politics before people at a time of tragedy.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26MAY2017 Heather Stewart and Rowena Martin, : Jeremy Corbyn links foreign policy to growing terror threat.

From one end of the spectrum to the other, it might seem obvious who is playing the cabal game and who isn’t.

Over in Poland, the Polish president appears to be finding the courage to stand up and speak out as well, saying ‘enough is enough’.

As far back as March of 2016, the Radio Poland news website reporting that: “Signalling what appeared to be a shift in government policy, Prime Minister Beata Szydło said: “I do not see how Poland could take in immigrants at the moment.”

The article continues: “The previous government vouched to take in refugees. It agreed to accept several thousand people, who could come to Poland on a voluntary basis. A total of 28 EU countries agreed to it: to solve this problem through relocation.

"But I say it very clearly: I do not see how Poland could take on any immigrants in the present circumstances,” Szydło told the Superstacja broadcaster.

Government spokesman Rafał Bochenek said the current system of checks on refugees coming to Europe from the Middle East was not working efficiently.

“We cannot... allow a situation to develop whereby the events that are now happening in Western Europe spread to Poland. Many such events have taken place in the past few months and we want to protect Polish citizens from that,” Bochenek added.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23MAR2016 : Poland will not take in any immigrants: PM Szydło.

Those comments were made shortly after a series of blasts happened in Brussels that killed over 30 people and injuring 250.

In April of 2016, Nick Gutteridge, writing for the London Express reported that: “EU migrant relocation plan 'DEAD' as Poland REFUSES to take in thousands of asylum seekers.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 15APR2016 Nick Gutteridge, : EU migrant relocation plan 'DEAD' as Poland REFUSES to take in thousands of asylum seekers.

Fast forward to present day, and several more European attacks have occurred over the past year, and it is becoming clear that Poland had enough foresight to see what was happening, and took steps to protect its borders and people.

A video has crossed my path, and I am trying to find out the exact date these comments were made. I have so far been unable to confirm the date. The video was posted on a YouTube channel called The Last Stand on May 26, and claims that the following comments were made after the recent events in Manchester. Comments on the YouTube channel page state the following: “ France and Germany recently stated that Poland should be forced to receive some of Europes new inhabitants and this is her response. One that actually reflects the opinions of the people. Poland also has a booming birthrate, unlike most European countries, so Brussels, France and Germany cannot use that excuse against Poland to get what they want.”

The English subtitles quote PM Szydlo as saying that: “

“We are not going to take part in the madness of the Brussels elitists. We want to help people, not the political elites. I have the courage to say, and I have the courage to ask all European political elites a question: Where are you headed, Europe?

Rise from your knees and from your lethargy, or you will be crying over your children every day. If you cannot see this, that today the danger from terrorism is a fact that can hurt every country in Europe, and if you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe and against all of us.

It needs to be told clearly and directly: this is an attack on Europe, on our cultures and on our traditions. Why I am talking about that? All of us in this room have to answer another question, and all people in Europe also have to answer this question: Do we want politicians who claim that we have to get used to attacks, and who describe terrorist attacks as ‘incidents’, or do we want strong politicians who can see a danger, and can fight against it efficiently?”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26MAY2017 The Last Stand via : Polish Prime Minister DESTROYS the Elites & Political Correctness. Why Don't All Politicians Do This?


The EU elitists and NATO leadership may have breathed a sigh of relief with the election of Macron in France, but with Poland now making gestures of challenging western hegemony, their comfort does not appear to have lasted a long time.

If NATO was not concerned about Poland before, this action may very well give them a cause for concern, although it no doubt will generate much support among the general populations of Europe.

Although CVN has been reporting this for almost five years, more and more people are finally starting to have the courage to come out and validate more and more that NATO is mere tool being used by the US to keep its presence in Europe.

RT reported on May 25th the following: “ NATO exists for the same reasons it did when it was first founded: make sure the Americans stay in Europe, keep the Russians out, and keep the Germans down, Jim Jatras, government relations, former US diplomat, and GOP Senate policy adviser told RT. “

President Trump has arrived in Brussels, for what are claimed to be ‘informal talks’, while an estimated 6000 protesters in the Belgian capital make their grievances known to the European and NATO leadership.

Jatras was quoted as saying the following: “ Let’s be clear about something that ‘NATO’ means the US; that these other countries are not really allies – they are satellites. Without a US commitment to NATO, there is no NATO. Trump was very clear during the campaign that he thought NATO was obsolete, that it did not really contribute to American security. Of course, that is the honest truth. Look what happened in Manchester a couple of days ago – that is the real threat to Europe. How is NATO dealing with that? I think what they are doing is celebrating in effect the reversal of the position he took during the campaign. Instead of being a critic of NATO, or considering NATO at best obsolete and probably dangerous to American security, instead he seems to have been sucked into the establishment position on NATO, and I am sure they are very, very happy about that.”

When asked if the protestors have a reason to be angry, Jatras replied, stating that: “They have reason to be angry. The fact of the matter is that there is such a strong consensus of the centrist parties in Europe – the same establishment parties that opposed Brexit, that opposed the election of Marine Le Pen, frankly, opposed Trump when he was a candidate that control all the levers of power in the European countries that are only too happy to hand over their sovereignty to the deep state in Washington and let America, or rather the people who run the establishment in America – not really ordinary Americans – decide their security questions even though it is not in their national interest to do so.

They have no agenda on fighting terrorism. NATO exists for the same reasons it did when it was first founded, which is to make sure the Americans stay in Europe, keep the Russians out, and keep the Germans down… NATO is a mechanism for geopolitical and security control of the continent, and it has only one raison d’etre and that is confronting Russia. Russia is the enemy. And again, how is that in America’s security interests?”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAY2017 : 'NATO, an American-made mechanism for geopolitical control of Europe’.

More tremors are occuring across Europe and eastern Europe, and we’ll look a few of those in next week’s newscast.


In other geopolitical news;

In Brazil, the global cabal appears to be in trouble in this country once again.

Listeners may recall last year, just before the Olympics, a coup was staged against former President Dilma Roussef.

Roussef was replaced by Michel Temer, who is known for his connections to the global cabal and allegedly also to the CIA and other groups. Temer led the revolt against Roussef, claiming that her alleged corruption was grounds for impeachment.

The campaign for impeachment proceeded, leading to her removal and the installment of Temer as President. Roussef as consistently stated her innocence of the charges against her. Temer has long been accused of his own corruption, despite leading a campaign to clean up corruption after Roussef. Reading between the lines, one might interpret this to mean that he was attempting to undo everything that was possibly being done to remove the global cabal.

What goes around, comes around, and now Temer is finding himself in a very similar situation.

RT is reporting however on May 25th that: “ The owner of one of the biggest beef exporting businesses in the world is testifying against Brazil's President Michel Temer, and this shows the scale of public dissatisfaction, Latin America expert James Petras, from Binghamton University, told RT.

The Brazilian capital has been in the grip of violent unrest with police deploying tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray against protesters.

The reason behind these mass demonstrations is the policy of current President Michel Temer, who came into power last summer as a result of the impeachment of elected President Dilma Rousseff.

One of his main promises was to fight corruption and improve Brazil's struggling economy. However, the economy continues to worsen while corruption is out of control.

Public discontent exploded last week when Temer found himself at the center of a bribery scandal.”

RT spoke with Petras, to ask him if it is likely that Temer will be impeached. Petras was quoted as saying that: “ it is very likely. It is a question of time, whether it is weeks or a few months, Temer is on his way out. He has taken power illegally by the opinion of most people. His seizure of power with the impeachment of the previous president. He is engaged in a large-scale privatization program, which alienates nationalists.

Unemployment has doubled in the last four months. He has been involved deeply in corruption scandals involving his cabinet ministers, his closest supporters in Congress. I think the combination of corruption, social and economic problems with the labor force, employment situation and finally the fact that he is not an elected president, the fact that he was able to manipulate Congress to secure the impeachment. I think all these factors together, and his stubbornness in owning up to the corruption has finally turned the tide. I don’t think he has more than 10 percent of the electorate at this time.”

When asked the same question, Dr. Francisco Dominguez, the Head of Latin American Studies at Middlesex University was quoted as saying that: “The government is imploding, and the level of corruption is just unbelievable. The people are very angry. They were taken away their right to vote for the president that they elected due to the coup - or the ‘impeachment’ as they call it over there.

Now the people, who were supposed to be fighting Dilma Rousseff because of corruption, are absolutely corrupt themselves. The level of corruption is really reaching incredible levels. People around him, everybody, including Aecio Neves, the Presidential candidate, who disputed the presidency as a candidate with Dilma Rousseff is also centrally involved.

People are being imprisoned, people are being arrested, and the amount of money that is being mentioned in the media is very partial in many respects… The government is unlikely to survive, regardless of whether there is violence or not. The mass protest is going to be so powerful from now on, and the people will not settle for anything else, but direct elections.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAY2017 : Beef with Temer: ‘Brazilian President's supporters jumping ship, his days are numbered’.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 24MAY2017 Lise Alves, : Brazil Braces for Protests Against President and Reforms.

Lise Alves, writing for The Rio Times on May 23rd offered some evidence of corruption, reporting that: “ Executives from Brazilian meatpacking giant JBS told federal prosecutors that the company paid politicians like current Senate President, Eunicio Oliveira and former Foreign Relations Minister and current Senator Jose Serra, to obtain benefits in legislation passed by Congress.

According to the executives, Oliveira received R$5 million to make changes in a legislative decree issued by the executive which could potentially jeopardize the properties of J&F, JBS’s parent holding company, if approved. Oliveira was the sponsor of the decree.

“We went to the Finance and Planning Ministries, I looked for senators to sensitize them. We got nowhere. I said, ‘Then there’s only one way: paying a bribe’,” J&F’s Institutional Relations and Government Director, Ricardo Saud told prosecutors.

According to Saud, after speaking to Oliveira, the transfer of R$5 million was agreed upon, which he said were paid as ‘donations’ that ‘had nothing to do’ with electoral contributions.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23MAY2017 Lise Alves, : Brazil’s JBS Names High Ranking Politicians in Scandal.

Of course, it does not help much when a leader with a reputation for corruption, calls on the military to protect him from the awakening masses.

In another article by Alves on May 25th reported that; “ The decision by Brazil’s President Michel Temer to call in the country’s Armed Forces to try to control the protest of more than 45,000 that gathered at Brasilia’s Esplanade of Ministries on Wednesday, May 24th, was widely criticized.

The government justified the action saying that the decision was taken because there weren’t enough agents from the National Force to contain the violence.”

The article continues: “The ‘Occupy Brasilia’ demonstration began peacefully, protesting the social security and labor reforms and calling for the ousting of President Michel Temer. In the middle of the afternoon, however, a small group of protesters tried to force their way into some of the Ministries’ buildings. “

CLICK TO VIEW - 25MAY2017 Lise Alves, : Brazil’s President Calls Armed Forces to Control Protesters.

Although this has not been confirmed, it is becoming a very common trick at protests where police officers will dress up as protestors and actively begin to stir up trouble, to justify more police or military action. Such was the case a few years back at the Toronto G20 summit, when police officers were caught being ‘agents provocateurs’, intentionally planted into a crowd to stir up trouble.

Although it is always so unfortunate when things come to these levels, we have to try our best to hold the vision that anything that is not in authenticity or integrity at this time is being exposed. The people of Brazil are clearly seeing it now, and it appears that the attempts by the global cabal to break Brazil, and deliver a blow to the BRICS alliance, may be failing.

If it turns out that Temer is impeached and removed from office, it is unclear at this time whether or not Roussef will be given the opportunity to be reinstated and allowed to finish out her term according to the will of the people.

For now however, it does appear to be a very good sign that the Brazilian people, like the peoples of numerous other countries in the past and present, are standing up and speaking out against the corruption of officials and leadership attempting to force controls upon a nation of people who are ready and prepared to defend their choice to have something other than that being imposed upon them.


In a few financial news items for the week;

Most CVN listeners are more than aware that the mainstream media has an agenda that goes far beyond the authentic reporting of events, arguably falling into a category that could diplomatically be called ‘pathetic parody’.

The western business media have for several years, been trying to sell the message to western stock market investors that China’s economy has been falling, and bordering a recession, if not actually in a recession.

For anyone who has done any kind of research on the current geoeconomic activities of China, one might be left scratching one’s head, as to how the western business media could be so wrong.

China has its infrastructure investment bank, and over 70 countries are now members with over 50 of those listed as founding members. China has its own gold exchange now in Shanghai; they are buying up massive amounts of gold for their reserves; they are selling massive amounts of US Treasuries to pay for that gold in all probability, like Russia has been doing; China has been making massive trade deals with countries worldwide that are now excluding the USD; China is also buying up massive amounts of real estate worldwide; and perhaps most importantly - China is leading the push to rebuild the silkroad trading network, now being called the Belt and Road Initiative.

Yet, according to a BRICSPost article on May 26th: “ Chinese markets appeared to shrug off the Moody’s ratings downgrade on Thursday and Friday as they rallied, led by the Shanghai Composite which closed up 1.43 per cent.

Amid media criticism that its ratings assessments are neither objective nor scientific, Moody’s on Friday said that it does not believe the government’s economic reforms will be enough to wholly stop the growing national debt.

Earlier this week, Moody’s downgraded China’s sovereign ratings from Aa3 (very low credit risk) to A1 (stable).”

Some analysts do not appear to be buying the message however. The article adds that: “ Market analysts said that Moody’s does not fully understand conditions in China or the government’s reforms.

China’s Finance Ministry called the ratings downgrade illogical and “absolutely groundless”. National media said that Moody’s was applying double standards, with some even hinting at a colonialist mentality to rating non-Western countries.

On Friday. Moody’s acknowledged that China has made progress in its reforms to control debt but said that these measures will slow debt and not sufficiently eradicate it.

The agency warned that there could be another downgrade soon.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26AMY2017 : China’s markets shrug off Moody’s downgrade.

It would seem that someone at Moody’s is attempting to keep investors from learning the truth about what is going on in the East - that a new financial paradigm is beginning to emerge, and that it is in contradiction to western hegemony, and western markets need to keep selling a certain message as long as possible so they can continue to sucker investors who are not willing to take the time to see and understand what is really happening.


A number of years ago, as the European Union began implementing the euro currency among member states, a number of countries independently began to hold referenda, choosing instead to keep their own currency, even while staying a member of the European Union.

What may have seemed like a bad decision at that time, has actually proven to be the wiser decision, given what is now happening around the Union at this time.

However, in what may be another stunt to help destabilize the EU, RT is reporting on May 25th that: “ Even though Denmark has already voted against dropping the krone for the euro, the European Commission may coerce the country to adopt the European single currency, reports German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The notes leaked from last week's meeting in Strasbourg revealed the EU Commission wants all 27 members of the bloc to adopt the euro by 2025.

Officials from the EU are reportedly seeking to draw up a euro budget able to incorporate a fixed tax payment from all the member states. The raised cash is for investment across the bloc.”

Reading between the lines, what this would seem to suggest is that the EU is attempting to stage a form of ‘bail-in’, meaning that they are seeking to get a hold of financial resources from these countries, to continue transferring to those who are already profiting excessively from the plundering of other EU member states via austerity measures and other actions.

The article continues: “ The euro is the sole currency for 19 members of the bloc. The nine remaining countries, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, that is currently in the process of quitting the EU, do not use the euro as the main national currency.

The EU Commission is reportedly due to hold a meeting regarding the future of the euro on May 31. The cabinet wants to re-establish control over the euro, according to the German tabloid.”

Of course, 2025 is quite a way down the road, and most CVN listeners share a similar belief and feeling that significant changes are currently underway that may make this story meaningless. What this story does highlight however, the growing desperation among the controllers of Europe. They must be losing in other areas, and are now being forced to find new avenues to exert power while stealing more wealth away from the general population, allowing heavier austerity measures to be imposed, ultimately leading to an increasingly more angry and volatile general population.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAY2017 : Denmark & other EU members may soon be forced into the euro.


While the western economy slowly grinds to a halt, and another economic paradigm rises up to replace it, uncertain investors appear to be turning to Bitcoin as a possible investment.

CVN reported last week on the latest developments with the cryptocurrency. It was to be expected that the currency would rise and fall, according to the types of investors involved.

As of May 29th, Bitcoin has experienced yet another correction, although from what I think I and understand about the currency so far, the correction may be the result of certain large-scale investors who are seeking to create these corrections, to scare people off from investing in the currency and giving it more legitimacy.

RT reported in its article that: “ On Monday, bitcoin was trading at $2,179, down $612 from last Wednesday's all-time high of $2,791, according to CoinDesk data.

"The correction was actually quite brief, the prices today are still higher than that of a week ago," Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC, a major bitcoin exchange, told CNBC.

"I think the pullback was just a profit taking, a correction from the skyrocketing prices of last week," he added.

Bitcoin's market cap fell from $40.49 billion on Thursday to $36.48 billion.

Analysts' forecasts for bitcoin differ significantly. While some predict a major correction, others say it's going to hit $6,000.

"There is a lot of fresh liquidity flowing into bitcoin, thanks to a surge in interest among investors in Asia, notably Japan and Korea, coupled with a resolution to the scaling debate. I would not be surprised to see the bitcoin price doubling again to around $6,000 by the end of the year," Aurelien Menant, CEO of Gatecoin, a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, told CNBC.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29MAY2017 : Bitcoin sees $4bn in value wiped out as price of cryptocurrency falls 20% .

Upon checking the website on the evening of May 29th, I observed the price as being in the range of approximately USD2300 for one Bitcoin, suggesting that the recovery was already under way.

CVN will be following developments with this currency more closely over the coming months, to assist those who may be able and willing to invest in Bitcoin.

CLICK TO VIEW - : To follow the current price for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other virtual currencies.

CLICK TO VIEW - : To follow the current price for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other virtual currencies.


Over to some technology, science and health-related news, together this week:

CVN reported some time back on the plan to launch what is known as the ‘fifth generation’ or 5G communications protocol worldwide next year.

Recently, I explained a bit about 5G, and I am realizing that it is becoming vital, if not urgent, to address this further. This is information that needs to be shared!

There are different versions on the internet of videos claiming to offer ‘all that you need to know’ about 5G. The following is one such video, but as we continue with this story, you will realize that this is not exactly ‘all you need to know’. It will give you an introductory understanding of how it works, however:

CLICK TO VIEW  - Published 06FEB2017 IEEE Spectrum via : Everything You Need to Know About 5G (CVN note: not even close). { 33:38 MARK }

The video stated that this technology will be ready in about five years. I am going to come back to this in a few minutes.

Three of the technologies mentioned at least, represent potential for great concern. Millimeter waves, small cells, and beamforming. As we heard, 5G is moving into a new frequency range, 30-300GHz. This is the millimeter range of frequency transmission. However, as the video noted, there are challenges because of various limitations with these frequencies, such as not being able to go through walls or other objects.

The video claims that small cells will then be necessary. Although many people will cheer and celebrate this so-called ‘advancement’ for living in our current paradigm, it is a technology that represents a threat to the emerging paradigm. Small cells can represent anything from a specifically-constructed tower, to any device that has the word ‘smart’ in front of it, such as a smart-meter, or a smart-phone, smart-TV, smart-refridgerator, and so on. What this means is that devices in any home can, in theory, become transmitters for a 5G signal. With all the signals bouncing off each other, the beamforming technology becomes a tool to ensure that signals can be delivered to specific receiving devices.

Virginia Farver, in an interview with The Common Sense Show, published on February 26th on YouTube claims your cell phone is a death trap, and that 5G is a killer. Here are a few excerpts from that 47 minute interview:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26FEB2017 The Common Sense Show via : Your Cell Phone Is a Death Trap-5G Is a Killer- Virgina Farver. { 41:19 MARK }


Here is where we can begin to connect the dots and begin to grasp the power and the real dangers lying behind this technology.

Although millimetre waves allow more room to transport signals, the range of this area includes a major threat. The video indicated the 30GHz to 300GHZ, but I have been informed by a physicist friend of mine living in Sweden that the 30-100GHz range is ideal for mind control. However, because millimetrewaves have more difficulty passing through solid structures, another technology is necessary. The video suggested ‘small cells’ and as you have heard, this can include anything with the word ‘smart’ in front of it. If you have smart devices in your home, then you are a potential target to be bombarded with mind-control frequencies.

With beamforming, it seems that the ability to target will be easier. Therefore, if the global cabal wants to start a riot, or create some kind of false-flag event, I would speculate that people could be mind-controlled into doing things they would not normally do, when exposed to the appropriate messages within the frequencies that are optimum for mind-control.

The blogsite Mind Control In Sweden has posted an eight minute excerpt of a video by Josh Del Sol. Del Sol is an, award-winning producer of the documentary ‘Take Back Your Power’, that exposes the dangers of smart-meters, and he has done another video giving more information about the dangers of 5G technologies.

The following is an excerpt from this eight-minute video, and it includes a press conference given by Tom Wheeler, the current chair of the US Federal Communications Commission or FCC and former Senior Lobbyist for CTIA - the association that represents all the companies associated with the US wireless industry. Listen carefully to his comments, and to various responses from reporters:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01AUG2016 via : 5G takes us straight into total surveillance, chipping and supposed health risks. {5G tar oss rakt in total övervakning, chippning och förmodade hälsorisker} { 49:14 MARK }

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Josh Del Sol’s ‘Take Back Your Power’ documentary and project.

CLICK TO VIEW  - YouTube channel for Take Back Your Power.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 26JUL2016 Take Back Your Power via : FCC: intimidating press, suppressing science at "5G" announcement.

I’m not sure about you, but my skin was starting to crawl, listening to Wheeler’s voice and his statements. As you heard, he deliberately ignored the question about the risks. He was pre-selling the information and control aspects of 5G without admitting that it is a mind-control/electromagentic weapons system. Once one’s brain signature is known and recorded, like a finger-print, any individual can be targeted within a group of millions, and only that individual would be affected. It could be interpreted as a more modern version of the MK Ultra program. What you may have sensed in his words is a tone of ‘controlled opposition’.

According to the CTIA website: “ CTIA was founded in 1984 in Washington and “represents the U.S. wireless communications industry and the companies throughout the mobile ecosystem that enable Americans to lead a 21st century connected life. CTIA also supports numerous important industry initiatives, such as to provide parents with tools and information to educate themselves so they may teach their kids how to use wireless technology responsibly and, a resource for consumers to research and find information on accessible wireless products and services. CTIA vigorously advocates at all levels of government for policies that foster continued wireless innovation and investment. CTIA also coordinates the industry's voluntary efforts to provide consumers with a variety of choices and information regarding their wireless products and services.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Information about CTIA.

Looking at the list of officers for CTIA, one sees company names like Sprint, US Cellular, Asurion, Samsung and AT&T. Looking at the Board of Directors, one sees companies like Samsung, Assurant Solutions, LeEco, Apple, Sprint, Asurion, Nokia, GM Onstar, LG Electronics, Ericsson, Verizon, Intel Corporation, and numerous others. Can you begin to imagine what might happen if GM Onstar starts transmitting 5G signals to people driving? They no longer need to hijack a car…mess with someone’s mind, and the individual will do it all him or herself.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Officers and Board of Directors for CTIA.

At this time, it is unclear whether everyone would be affected by these frequencies. If one learns how to properly protect oneself with frequencies, or if one is able to identify and create the exact opposite frequencies being used, it MAY therefore be possible to stop or negate the effects of 5G.

Earlier, I told you that I would come back to the comment that 5G would be available in about five years. You also heard Tom Wheeler say that that the US was going to be the first country with the technology. That was incorrect. This week’s newscast was prepared in Sweden, and I can tell you that it has already been rolled out in Sweden. Part of this newscast was written on internet networks using 5G.

A personal friend of mine, trained as a physicist and extremely knowledgeable to all that is being committed in Sweden against its own population, who lives in Sweden told me back in March that: “Sweden, is one of the most mind controlled societies in the world. It has gotten to the point, where the public itself maintains the mind control through political correctness; fear of being different; a hatred of innovations and creativity; equality for muslim terrorists, more over than our own concern for senior citizens and so forth. What this means, essentially, is that no more technological mind control is needed, the people themselves are ALL Manchurian candidates, in a soft way.”

With 5G having already been rolled out in Sweden, the people have now become unknowing guinea pigs and the results of various tests will be monitored closely by the interests in the US and other countries. The Swedish people will embrace it, being the technologically advanced and technology-hungry nation that it is. I feel pretty confident in saying that I expect certain ‘attacks and incidents’ to take place in Sweden over the coming months, as the technology is tested on the minds of people and how they react to it. These results will form the foundation for how it is rolled out in the US and other countries.

What I am saying is this: The fact that this agenda appears to have been accelerated, and is currently in use in Sweden, suggests that the Swedish people are about to become test guinea pigs in what can happen when these frequencies are triggered in the populations there.

Although not yet confirmed, there is cause for suspicion that recent violence outbreaks across Sweden related to the migration issue may also have been a mind-control test.

It is time for the general population to become aware very quickly of the dangers of different types of technologies being used against humanity, including smart meters, transmission lines, wifi and mobile telephony technologies and others.

Although there may be a certain appeal to having ‘smart’ devices for pleasure, work or in the home, I cannot stress enough that these devices represent tools for a desperate global cabal to reclaim whatever control they think they once had over humanity and the planet. I can only gently offer my suggestions that listeners avoid as many smart-devices as possible, and I am now observing the irony of that statement, as I have recently been gifted an older, unused smartphone to replace my older cell phone that broke. I see the benefits that this phone has offered me, but I am also very aware of the dangers that this phone may represent in the future.

The show transcript will all relevant information for those choosing to learn more or to share with others, including the original trailer for the documentary, ‘Take Back Your Power’ and also CVN’s earlier report on this story from March 24.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05JUL2014 Take Back Your Power via : Take Back Your Power - Official Trailer (2014 Edition)


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Many people have had various experiences that are linked to what we call ‘intuition’. Those who are not familiar or comfortable with this concept may be so inclined to call such experiences ‘coincidences’. More spiritually awake and aware people are familiar with a term known as ‘synchronicity’ - the aligning of a desired event at a needed or meaningful time.

During these rapidly changing and arguably critical times, as the global cabal attempts increasingly more events to keep humanity separated, distracted and in fear, it is becoming more and more important for one to learn to listen to one’s intuition or inner guidance, to lead them to whatever may be needed in any moment, and this may also include one’s own personal safety.

Although there are numerous videos on YouTube dealing with intuition, I have chosen two particular videos to share this evening that are short enough to give one an introduction to the topic, and perhaps this may lead some of you who are resonating with this information at this time, to pursue your own practice in developing this gift that is within each of us.

This first video, from the Heart Math Institute, explores the heart's intuitive intelligence as a path to personal, social and global coherence:

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A more recent video, offered by Kerwin Rae, published on YouTube on May 11th this year, explores more how intuition works. Rae notes on the YouTube page that: “ A lot of people have heard about the importance of trusting your intuition, and trusting your gut. However, many people miss out on how our intuition actually works.”

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As you heard moments ago, in the previous story, the introduction of the 5G network is anticipated to be a highly dangerous attempt to try to control and manipulate humanity.

Developing the tools to protect oneself - learning how to surround oneself with energetic barriers to block certain energies and frequencies may be very helpful to many. Intuition may allow one to ‘tune in’ to potential dangers and risks and be able to take steps to protect oneself and one’s family.

CVN reported many months ago on Farraday cages as a possible tool for protecting oneself, for example.  Having said this, there are also sources claiming that this technology does not work either, so greater research may be needed for very specific situations and frequencies. 

Although many links are available on YouTube for those searching for particular information that resonate with them personally, links used for this story will appear in the show transcript.

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In this week’s FINAL WORDS

In the last little while, I have heard a few people say similar messages relating to ‘good intentions’ as though this is the answer to what one may be experiencing in one’s world.

I have commented in the past about this word ‘truth’, and how ‘truth’ is relative to each individual and his/her particular worldview in any current moment of ‘now’. This truth changes as each individual grows from her or his experiences and learns… or does not learn any relevant lessons from a particular experience.

In any moment, one may believe he or she has the answer, only to find perhaps at another moment that she or he did not really have the answer, or that the ‘answer’ did not manifest certain emotions or experiences that one may have initially desired.

Jim Carrey has been quoted as saying that: “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of, so they can see that it’s not the answer’.

In this rapidly evolving world, where ‘truth’ is so incredibly vague in one’s external world, the only place to find truth therefore, is to look at one’s own personal truth, relative to one’s worldview in any moment.

So where does this take us with this concept of ‘good intentions’. I might loosely compare this term to something that a politician might say when he or she speaks of something that will be good for that country.

Not always, but generally speaking, most politicians say that something may be good for a country, when they REALLY mean that it will benefit a small, elite percentage of the population that will allow them to maintain effective control over the rest of the population, to suit their agenda, and not an agenda that is LIFE-honouring for all humans, nor is it LIFE-honouring for the planet that sustains us.

What then, is a ‘good intention’? What is the intention? Who is saying the intention? Why is she or he saying this intention? Who or what benefits from this intention? Is there potential harm, intentional or otherwise, that may arise from this intention? Is the intention empowering or disempowering to oneself or to others?

A soul that is acting within the global cabal, may or may not be aware that his or her intentions are good or bad for those within the cabal group, just as the intentions of a soul among the general population may or may not be good for the general population or even oneself.

Let’s consider the last story about 5G. Many people will strongly defend, perhaps even vehemently defend, the benefits of 5G - and I admit that there are benefits. However, several questions must then be explored. The ONLY reason humans are demanding anything that is faster - is because we have become socialized and addicted to a society based on debt and a need to survive within this debt. We need computers to do our jobs faster, to make corporations richer; we need faster communications technologies so we can make decisions and take actions more quickly, and so our children can reach us more quickly in emergencies. Our children are in more danger now because of this same society that we have been socialized and addicted to. We need faster technologies to prepare our food. We need faster technologies, so our children can be socially accepted, and so they have something to distract themselves in the evening because parents are too tired and stressed out at the end of the day to give proper and loving attention to them.

We have become the very product of our fears and our socialized addictions.

The questions, therefore, are these:

How much technology is enough? Artificial intelligence is already beginning to make humans redundant in many jobs. The world has now been created for corporations and the wealthy elitists…but the humans not within that circle are rapidly becoming expendable.
Would you rather live in a world with the current stresses, sicknesses, enslavement and debts and be slowly killed by the current technologies, or live in a slower, possibly less-advanced world, with a group of people who are committed to living in ways that are as healthy, self-sustaining and as LIFE-honouring as possible?
Each lifestyle has its own stresses, and its own pluses and minuses. The question is simply which stresses, pluses and minuses are most acceptable to you while giving you the greatest joy and fulfillment in the current moment?

What is one’s intention in that moment? One may believe one has good intentions because one is using all the faster technologies in order to provide what one believes to be the best living for one’s family possible. However that good intention, may end up in separation or divorce, because the partners are no longer spending time together, and when they do, they only fight and argue. The children may experience health issues from their addictions to their technologies. It has been said that young children should not be exposed to such intense frequencies, and yet today, children as young as three are spending insane amounts of time on laptops, tablets or other video devices becoming addicted to games, and often those games are violent.

Would this be a good intention therefore?

One who pulls one’s children out of school, so they do not have to be vaccinated, and they move into a spiritual, self-sustaining community that has less modern conveniences, but there is greater interaction with nature even though there may be certain stresses and even injuries that come with that lifestyle.

Would this be a good intention?

I have spoken in the past about the energies put out by humans, and we heard a bit about this moments ago. Our intentions carry energies or vibrations, and they lead to choices, and it comes down to one making choices that honour one’s truth, in whatever capacity that soul may be serving humanity in its evolution.

Each human makes choices that ultimately serve oneself, or one’s immediate social group or collective, be that a cabal group or a group among the general population. In a higher human or planetary consciousness, the consideration of one’s choices expand beyond oneself, to consider the rest of humanity and the planet. The products or services one chooses to buy or use have a reflection of how one is choosing to live. As Mahatma Gandhi has been quoted as saying: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

What are ‘good intentions’ to you personally? Are one’s intentions in alignment more with one’s own material needs and service, or are they more in alignment with the Highest Good of humanity and the planet?

A tough question, to be sure, but the simple answer is that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer. In a certain space of awakening, it MAY serve an individual to make personal choices that are more honouring to the individual than to the planet. In another space of awakening, one may be ready to make new choices that serve the higher good.

The question one may be wise to consider is this: Am I able to accept or live with the possible ‘worst-case scenario consequence, if it was to happen, as a result of this choice I am making?

Only the individual in her or his moment of ‘now’ is capable of making that choice, and it is not my place to judge another for that choice. We all do judge others for their choices however, either intentionally or unintentionally.

This is where intuition begins to come into play. As one learns to develop one’s intuition, one is able to guide oneself towards the answers that are most in alignment for the Highest Good of that individual in that moment. This takes practice, and it takes a degree of discipline…at least is has taken this in the past.

This may be starting to change however, and energies are beginning to appear that are seeming to help people awaken to their truths at this critical time.

Create a fantastic week, or remainder of this week…until our next moment of ‘now’!


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