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2017-06-23 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - June 23, 2017

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Greetings and blessings to all!

A few possibly interesting developments have been revealed in the last couple of weeks concerning the sudden isolation of the country of Qatar on the global stage.

Here is one perspective to the story.  Washington-based investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, host of the Wayne Madsen Report, posted an article on June 9th,  pointing the blame of the Gulf Arab split towards Israel and American Israeli casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

Madsen reports that:  “ Adelson and Israeli interests he funds are behind a series of computer hacking incidents that have resulted in a serious split between Qatar, the home of the U.S. Central Command's massive Al-Udeid airbase, and a bloc of Qatar's erstwhile Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) allies that include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.”

CVN reported a few weeks back that the incident began with an alleged hack of the Qatari News Agency website, posting information allegedly from Qatar’s Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Al Thani making positive and cordial statements about Iran, Hamas and also Lebanon’s Hezbollah party. 

Madsen’s article reports that: “ WMR has learned from unimpeachable intelligence sources who monitor Adelson's worldwide activities that the casino tycoon has used the neoconservative and Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and like-minded groups, all with close propaganda links to the Israeli government, to spread falsehoods attributed to the Emir of Qatar and the UAE government. The reason for the propaganda operation is to drive a wedge between Arab states that take a strong stand against Iran and those who maintain cordial ties to Iran.”

Madsen adds some more details, noting that:  “Adelson and his FDD and other pro-Israeli information warfare specialists wanted to punish Qatar for not only backing Iran but also hosting in exile in Qatar the political leader of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal. The placing of a fake news story in the computer system of the Qatar News Agency and the resulting breakdown of relations between Qatar and its Arab partners was the first phase of the operation.

The second phase was the release of emails, allegedly hacked from the Hotmail account of the UAE ambassador to the United States, Yousef al-Otaiba. An initial tranche of the emails were released by a previously unknown group called GlobalLeaks, which was neither connected to WikiLeaks nor an Italian software company called GlobaLeaks.

Oteiba's alleged emails, which span the time period from 2014 to this year, claim that Oteiba participated in a back channel relationship between the UAE and Israel facilitated by the FDD. The emails also purport to show that Oteiba participated in an Adelson/FDD operation to tarnish both Qatar and Kuwait as sponsors of terrorism and that this effort involved not only the UAE but Saudi Arabia.”

Madsen also adds that:  “Adelson has become the "George Soros of the far right" through his media acquisitions and influence. He owns the Israel Hayom and Makam Rishor newspapers in Israel, both of which support the far-right government of Binyamin Netanyahu. Adelson's sponsorship of the FDD has expanded his reach into American newsrooms with the type of fake news stories that have split the Gulf Arab and other Muslim nations into two camps: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, eastern Libya state, and Maldives on one side and Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Turkey on the other.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09JUN2017 Signs Of The Times, : Wayne Madsen: Adelson, Israel behind Gulf Arab split.

But while western leadership and the media attempt to sell a message that Qatar is connected to terrorism, another picture appears to be forming presenting a slightly different idea of what is going on.

Going back to November 4, 2014 for a moment, we find that the Reuters News Service reported the following:  “ Qatar will become the Middle East's first hub for clearing transactions in the Chinese yuan, in a step that could over the long run help Gulf oil exporting countries reduce their dependence on the U.S. dollar.”

The article also adds this:  “ Although the yuan is now used to settle over 24 percent of China's total trade, up from 3 percent in 2010, according to estimates by HSBC, bankers believe the share for Chinese trade with the Gulf is much lower, at about half that level.

However, Qatar's deal with China suggests it is looking ahead to a time when that will change. As the Gulf's trade and investment ties with China boom, the yuan is becoming increasingly important to the region.

"It's a clear signal that there is demand from Qatar and some of the surrounding Middle Eastern countries," said Candy Ho, global head of yuan business development at HSBC.”

Also according to the article:  “A clearing bank can handle all parts of a transaction from when a commitment is made until it is settled; having such a bank can reduce costs and time taken for trading, boosting activity in a financial centre.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04NOV2014 : UPDATE 2-Qatar to become first Middle East clearing hub for China's yuan.

It is worth keeping in mind that about eight months earlier in 2014, there was the Maidan revolution in Ukraine, led by the US, Israel, the EU and other western interests to install a puppet regime that would follow western orders.  Three years later, we see the Ukraine in really bad shape; Russia still being blamed for the events there, and Russia and China are seeing rapid and massive expansion on numerous fronts relating to the BRICS alliance and the Belt and Road Initiative or Yi-DAI / Yi-LU in Chinese.

This would therefore raise a lot of questions, especially in view of how Qatar has been suddenly targeted by western interests.
In another report, Dan Glazebrook, on June 14 in an RT opinion piece on RT, explores the Qatar blockade, the petro-Yuan and issues with Iran.  He writes that:  “ In April of this year, a self-imposed 12-year moratorium on the development of Qatar’s share of North Field came to an end, potentially opening up a flood of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) on the market in the years to come. But where will it go? Qatar had originally been hoping to build an LNG pipeline to the Mediterranean Sea via Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey; indeed, many have speculated that Assad’s blockage of this proposal in favor of an Iran-Iraq-Turkey route was a major reason for Qatar’s support of the anti-government insurgency there. The failure of this insurgency, however, has spelled the death of this proposal, leaving Qatar bound to look east to Asia – already their biggest customers – for their LNG markets. But most of the existing eastbound LNG pipeline infrastructure is controlled by Iran.

For Qatar, then, cutting its Iran links would be cutting off its nose to spite its face. This is why the Saudis aim to demonstrate that the alternative is having the entire face cut off.”

Glazebrook continues:  “For the US, the stakes couldn't be higher. In 2012, Iran began to accept yuan for its oil and gas payments, followed by Russia in 2015. If this takes off, this could literally spell the beginning of the end of US global power. The dollar is the world's leading reserve currency, in the main, only because oil is currently traded in dollars. Countries seeking foreign exchange reserves as insurance against crises within their own currencies tend to look to the dollar precisely because it is effectively ‘convertible’ into oil, the world's number one commodity.

This global thirst for dollars is what allows the US to print endless amounts of them, virtually for free, which it can then exchange for real goods and services with other countries. This is what is known as ‘seigniorage privileges’; that is, the ability to absorb ever-increasing amounts of goods and services from other countries without having to provide anything of equivalent value in return. In turn, it is this privilege which helps to finance the staggering costs of the US military machine, now running at over $600 billion per year.”

As Glazebrook also notes:  “... this whole system falls apart once other countries stop using the dollar as their prime reserve currency. And they stop doing this once oil stops being traded in dollars. This is one reason why the US was so keen for Saddam Hussein to go after he began trading Iraqi oil in euro.”

This is believed therefore, to be the real reason behind these events. There is an urgency to punish Qatar before they can do a deal with Iran, and price that deal in Chinese Yuan.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14JUN2017 Dan Glazebrook, : The Qatar blockade, petro-yuan & coming war on Iran.

Essentially this is the proof that countries are beginning to move away from supporting and being puppets to the West; instead they are increasingly moving away from the worthless USD and euro currencies, to move towards the Chinese Yuan and the alliances that are now forming from the East.


In other geopolitical news;

The events unfolding with Qatar are connected with current and developing events in Saudi Arabia.

For those who are followers of journalist Benjamin Fulford, has written in his weekly update this week that:  “ The Khazarian mafia controlled Saudis and their Israeli partners in crime have seen their entire plan for an “Arab Nato,” blow up in their faces. True Muslim countries like Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and others together with super powers like Russia and China lined up to support Qatar, leaving the Saudi Israel alliance isolated. India and Pakistan have shown they are with Russia and China by joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, something Iran is expected to do next year.”

Considering this, it may therefore not come as a surprise to hear information being reported by Alex Christoforou on June 20th from .  Christoforou exposes links involving John McCan, George Soros and Saudi Arabia.

He writes that:  “ Neocon Arizona Republican Senator John McCain may have his own little Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme operating in the halls of the US Senate.

The Daily Caller investigative group has learned that in 2012 McCain turned over nearly $9 million in unspent funds from his failed 2008 presidential campaign to a new foundation bearing his name, the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

The McCain Institute for International Leadership’s mission is to serve as a “legacy” for John McCain and “is dedicated to advancing human rights, dignity, democracy and freedom”, but many readers certainly are well aware that human rights and dignity are the furthest things from the neocon warmonger’s mind.

The institute is a tax-exempt non-profit foundation and has assets valued at $8.1 million, associated with Arizona State University.

Bloomberg reported in 2016 on a $1 million Saudi Arabian donation to the institute. The McCain Institute to date has refused to publicly explain the Saudi Arabian million dollar contribution.”

The article goes deeper to explore links with Soros, writing that:  “     The institute has accepted contributions of as much as $100,000 from billionaire liberal activist-funder George Soros and from Teneo, a for-profit company co-founded by Doug Band, former President Bill Clinton’s “bag man.” Teneo has long helped enrich Clinton through lucrative speaking and business deals.

The McCain-Soros friendship runs deep, and may help to explain why Republican neocon McCain appears to always be politically aligned with globalist neo-liberal Soros.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 20JUN2017 Alex Christoforou, : The [John] McCain Institute funded by George Soros and Saudi Arabia, EXPOSED

As CVN has reported, Soros has been linked to funding numerous destabilizing events such as Ukraine, Syria, events in the US and is also an advocate of Russian sanctions.  McCain has been active, appearing in Ukraine and other locations to stir up the war-mongering language, pushing Ukraine soldiers to fight on behalf of the wealthy US elitists, while sadly dividing and destroying a once-proud nation.


One might think that western leaders might have learned a lesson or two from the past when it comes to sanctions on Russia.  It appears they have not learned however, and there are people who are prepared to continue this path, regardless of the consequences.

A BBC News article on June 16 has reported the following:  “ Germany and Austria have sharply criticised the US Senate for tightening sanctions on Russia, accusing the US of threatening Europe's energy supplies.”

Just to remind listeners, this is how the US has maintained its control over the world until recently: getting other countries to follow the US interests or face certain punishments or lack of funding.   The US loses very little in sanctions against Russia, but their Senate can impose pressure on European countries to support the US, even when those same European countries are punished economically more severely than the US with those sanctions.
The article continues:  “ To become law the US sanctions bill still requires approval by the House of Representatives and the president.

It would mean US sanctions for European firms involved in major Russian oil and gas projects. One such project is Nord Stream 2 - a Baltic gas pipeline.

Russia is under Western sanctions over its role in the Ukraine conflict.

The new US bill is punishment for alleged Russian meddling in the US 2016 presidential election.”

However, it may appear that European countries are growing weary of playing the game by US rules. Perhaps they are also starting to move towards the East.

The article reports that: “ In a joint statement, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern said Europe's energy supplies were "a matter for Europe, not for the United States".

"To threaten companies in Germany, Austria and other European firms with fines in the US if they take part in or finance energy projects like Nord Stream 2 represents a new and negative dimension to US-European relations," they added.

They said the sanctions were clearly about US liquefied natural gas exports, US jobs and squeezing Russia out of the European market.”

Although not confirmed proof, there may be hint that some rebellion is beginning to take place within Germany against the unelected EU leadership.  The article notes that:  “German Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries joined in the criticism on Friday and warned of possible retaliation if Washington ended up fining German companies.

"I regret that the joint approach of Europe and the United States on Russia and sanctions has been undermined and abandoned in this way," she told Reuters news agency.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 16JUN2017 : New US Russia sanctions bill riles Germany and Austria.

The fact that she specifically mentioned the EU, despite the fact that Germany is a part of the EU, hints at something else going on behind the scenes.

Nord Stream 2 is a controversial project to boost Russian gas deliveries to Central and Western Europe. Russian state energy giant Gazprom already supplies about one-third of the region's gas.

Through all of this, there is something that keeps nagging at me.  Germany is making rapid movements towards solar power, and other countries are also doing the same thing with both solar and wind energies.

There is also greater revelations of Tesla technologies coming out.  I’m beginning to think that all this global talk about nuclear plants and energies, as well as pipelines, gas and oil fuels and so on, are perhaps part of the distraction to keep us from figuring out something else. 

If the most industrialized country in Europe, Germany, has been able to successfully move towards solar energies returns that are positive...why is there even a need to discuss fossil fuels and pipelines?


It is becoming increasingly hard for people to discern who is telling the truth about certain things or not.

Body language experts are sometimes consulted to analyze what people say, and how they say it.

According to the Bombard’s Body Language website, there are some very common things to look for.

The website identifies these as ‘tells’ ; in other words, something that ‘tells’ someone something about another person, for example.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Common Tells.

Although it would take too long put together a segment on this for the newscast, I am going to post in the Show Transcript for this week, a series of videos from politicians to whistleblowers connected to the pedophilia scandal and perhaps others.  Each listener can decide for her or himself which people he or she would like to explore and learn more about.  You can hear comments about Dutch Banking/Elitist whistleblower Ronald Bernard; Vladimir Putin vs Megyn Kelly; Leaders comments regarding the attacks in London; Analysis of comments made from the UK election which may include a surprising revelation for those living in the UK: an alleged victim of the Berkeley California violence; Syrian President Assad responding to allegations of his alleged chemical attack upon his own people and also George Soros.

Many others are also available to choose from in YouTube.


Dutch Banking/Elitist Whistleblower Ronald Bernard                                    Putin vs. Megyn Kelly at St. Petersburg



   London Attack  May, Corbyn, Queen Elizabeth                                      UK Election June 8: May, Corbyn, Sturgeon                                                                   


                       ‘Victim’ in Berkeley California Violence:                                                                                                 


  Syrian President Al-Assad on the Chemical Attack.                                    George Soros End Game


In financial news,

A somewhat interesting episode of The Keiser Report was aired this week, and I felt drawn to this page, even though I have not been drawn to shows from Keiser for a few months now.  I understand why I was suddenly drawn to this episode.

Before I get to that however, I need to give you some background information from a supporting article.

In September of 2016, Andrew Quenston, in an article appearing on the website, reported the following:  “ JP Morgan’s Quorum, built in partnership with EthLab, co-founded by Jeffrey Wilcke, an Ethereum core developer, is “a minimalistic fork of the Go Ethereum client” and a “derivative of Go Ethereum.” It allows for hundreds of transactions per second, according to the presentation, and increased privacy as smart contracts can be validated by only parties to the contract.

The presentation shows a high-level view of the private blockchain architecture with four components. There’s a network manager which enables a permissioned network by controlling access, a “crypto enclave” for private key management, a transaction manager for data storage and communication as well as for access to encrypted private transactions and a quorumchain which “utilises core Ethereum features to verify and propagate votes through the network.”

Do I dare to ask you what this may mean, if you read between the lines?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30SEP2016 Andrew Quenston, : JP Morgan Joins Ethereum in Developing Private Blockchain ‘Quorum’.

The Keiser Report, with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, does focus on virtual currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but I invite you to listen even more closely. Try to listen with a ‘spiritual ear’ if that is possible for you.   See if you can pick up what I picked up:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22JUN2017 RT via : Keiser Report: 'Initial Coin Offerings' (E1087).

In a separate, but related story, it was reported on CVN recently that Russia was looking to implement a national cryptocurrency, a subject that was discussed at the recent St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

According to an article by Paul Hill, appearing on the website on June 7th:  “ Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the Ethereum platform which runs atop a blockchain to facilitate smart contract functionality, met with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The brief meeting coincided with an announcement by the Russian Central Bank saying it wants a national cryptocurrency.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUN2017 Paul Hill, : Ethereum inventor met with President Putin at SPIEF 2017 

Given what I just reported about Ethereum being controlled or influenced by JP Morgan, I am intrigued by what I am picking up on this story.  China appears to be making the big play for Bitcoin.  China has gold. Is Russia going to attempt to get into the Ethereum game, to help convert it to some form of gold-backed virtual currency to further shut-down cabal influence?  Time will only reveal this.

Coming up shortly in technology news, I will share what I heard in the words from Keiser and Herbert as well as a disturbing theory on technology that started to come together for me, after a discussion with a shaman friend of mine.


CVN has long been reporting on the implementations being made by both Russia and China to create an infrastructure that will compete, and eventually replace the western banking system and paradigm.

A number of years ago, both countries began the active creation of international money transfer systems, that could compete against the criminally-corrupt SWIFT banking system.

According to an article from the Chinese News Service, Xinhua Net on June 21st, the second phase of China’s international money transfer system is ready for launch, and it will also help to promote the new Belt and Road Initiative or Yi-DAI, Yi-LU in Chinese.  I am going to continue to repeat the Chinese term for this, because someday I hope many of you will be able to use it to impress people of your knowledge about this initiative, because the western media is certainly not giving this very much, if any, attention.

The article reports that:  “ The second phase of the Cross-border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) will be launched in Shanghai to promote the global use of the Chinese currency and the Belt and Road Initiative.

The upcoming launch of CIPS Phase II in Shanghai will further boost the building of the international financial center there, China's central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said at the two-day Lujiazui Forum 2017 which ended Wednesday. Zhou did not provide further information.

The move came about two years after the announcement of the first phase of the CIPS, a payment and settlement system created by the People's Bank of China (PBOC) to provide safe, easy, and efficient settlement services for global financial institutions in doing RMB cross-border and offshore business.”

Reading between the lines, it may seem that this is another step towards the eventual shut-down of the USD and the introduction of some kind of metals-backed global financial model.

CIPS is making a very impressive movement into the global financial system.  According to the article:  “ By the end of May, CIPS direct participants in terms of high value payment reached 28 and its indirect participants stood at 574, covering 85 countries and regions.

With the theme "Financial Reform and Steady Development from a Global Perspective," the Lujiazui Forum 2017 drew many heavyweight attendees from home and abroad, including central bank governors, financial regulators and economists. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21JUN2017 : China to launch 2nd phase of cross-border interbank payment system for RMB

Again, reading between the lines, with central bank governors in attendance, one can be sure that the global banking cabal is very much aware of what is going on, even though western leaders may not even know much about this initiative.


In general news,

It was about one year ago that I wrote about the illusion and delusion of ‘democracy’ in the FINAL WORDS for the newscast.  Being on assignment this weekend with the cannabis conference, I would like to re-visit a few of these words, and add in comments relating to ‘peace’ education, especially if I am going to start using the hashtag to promote the newscast.  There are some things I would like new people to see about this newscast.

In 2016, some of what I wrote included the following:
“History has long shown how members of the global cabal play, and profit from, both sides of a war.

The global cabal profits from war, chaos, fear, debt and separation.”

The criminally fraudulent system of banking is one of the tools that has actively enslaved humans.  Can one really accept that it is human nature to work five days a week, making someone else richer, while paying off an imaginary debt on a computer screen??

Many will say yes to this, only because this is how we have lived our lives up to now, and since this is the only thing they know, they have not allowed themselves to dream that could actually something better for themselves, for humanity and for our planet.

Many people living in western countries believe they are ‘free’, because we have been conditioned and socialized to accept that we have ‘freedom’ based upon other intentionally-orchestrated events in other parts of the world that support this illusion.

I also wrote back then that:  “ Canadians, Americans and those in all western countries will stand up and defend that their country is ‘free’ and some may even to forcefully defend that position, as if the individual truly knows what it is that he or she is defending.

People of Canada, the US, the UK and basically of all western countries at least are under the mass illusion and delusion that they live in freedom.

As the quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe goes: “None are more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe that they are free.”

Case and point:

You cannot be born without permission from the government.
You cannot go to school without permission from the government - and in increasingly more cases, one cannot go to school without being forcefully vaccinated, by order of a government.
You cannot eat the food you want, but can only eat food that is allowed by government - and in most cases it is very unhealthy foods.
You can’t build a house without permission from the government.
You can’t drive a car without permission from the government.
You can’t own a gun without permission from the government.
You can’t go fishing without permission from the government.
In some cases, one is not allowed to collect rainwater.
We are not allowed to breathe clean air, due to the spraying of chemicals is being done without our consent.
One cannot get married without permission from the government.
One cannot work without permission from the government.
One cannot leave the country without permission from the government.
One cannot start a business without permission from the government.
One cannot fly on a commercial plane without permission from the government.
One cannot get a bank loan without permission from the government.
One cannot take drugs without permission from the government.
One cannot die without permission from the government.
One cannot inherit property or funds from a deceased family member without government interference.

Shall I continue?

A government can impose taxes without seeking informed consent.
A government can spend money wastefully on ‘research’, ‘impact-studies’ and legal work for lower-priority projects without informed consent.
A government can send middle and lower class children to kill, harm or be harmed or killed in unlawful wars started by bankers.
A government can legalize and enforce dangerous foods, water, air, chemicals and vaccines without informed consent.
Governments and unlawful law enforcement agents and agencies can impose a criminally fraudulent system of commercial law upon people and arrest any who question it, without informed consent.
Banks can fraudulently create money out of thin air, risking nothing, while claiming a right to foreclose when people cannot pay, without informed consent.

The irony is that the government is comprised of people elected by those very same people living under the illusion and delusion of freedom.

Yet, the government, again being elected by the people, continues to pass commercial legislation without the informed and democratic consent of the people.

This is the criminally fraudulent nature of the system of commercial law that has also been imposed upon the people without their informed, democratic consent.

Poverty is more than just a symptom of fraudulent banking system that exists on debt that is mathematically impossible to repay. It is an intentionally-created tool for the purposes of keeping people in debt, in fear, in separation and therefore under control.

Democracy, is merely the illusion that allows one to believe that one has the power in so-called ‘freedom’, and yet it also the very same tool by which one gives one’s uninformed consent to being a slave to commercial rules given the force of law.

We ask ourselves why there is not peace in our world, and it comes down to this:  peace - as a holistic experience being desired by many, is impossible to create within a paradigm that profits from conflict, chaos, debt and war.

Leaders claim to want peace; diplomats claim to negotiate peace; researchers claim to provide stats and measurements to contribute to peace; academics claim to study peace and institutions claim to teach peace.  They all benefit and profit however the exact opposite of that which they are claiming to work for.  If the world was peaceful...they would not have a job, or a salary or the precious reputations they enjoy. 

Why are they not challenging the institutions that profit from war and conflict?  Upton Sinclair states that:  “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his livelihood is dependent upon his not understanding it.”

This is the nature of the so-called ‘peace profession’ in our world, within our current paradigm.
Thus, it is also the very reason why this paradigm must now collapse, and is collapsing around us, as more and more people stand up for that which they are claiming to want to experience in our world.

This means challenging our corrupted financial and legal structures, while calling out leaders who are speaking and acting in hypocritical ways while dishonouring humanity and the planet.

I do what I do with CVN to create a day when I will not have to do CVN any longer, because the world will be better.  Then I can live a healthy, peaceful and abundant life - and so can everyone else.

Is there ANY western leader who can say this?  I do not believe there is, based on how they are currently acting.  They are living for themselves, or they are being controlled and manipulated, and are lacking the moral courage to be the leader that they were elected to be.

All of this is starting to come an end.  The illusion is ending, and the veil is rising, exposing everything for all to see.  How each individual deals with these revelations will help determine how humanity moves forward as a species on a planet that is on its way to becoming a galactic star nation.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 24JUN2016 :  Excerpts taken from FINAL WORDS.


Over to technology news now, and I’m going to shift a little bit and offer a technology-related commentary linked to what we heard moments ago from Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.

It is my feeling that there is some good news, bad news related to what they were sharing.  This is going to be complicated to share, and I understand that not everyone is ready for some of what I am about say, so if this does not resonate with you, please just let the information pass you by, but I also ask that you not judge this information either.  Just observe it, and see how you feel.  Something may or may not change later on, as other global events unfold.

Part of what has made CVN so unique in the world is that it looks at events from three perspectives : from the level of the souls who still have potential to awaken,  to the ‘bigger picture’ of those waking up to the lies and illusions of the current time, and also the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’ that attempts to explore the human journey, meaning and purpose within all of this, while also exploring what some people call ‘Ascension’ and others call an ‘Evolutionary Leap’ in human consciousness.   Part of my role is to try to connect some dots between events that some may have never considered before.

I am sensing that what I am about to say, MAY just become one of the MOST important messages that CVN may share through this newscast. 

Let’s explore first of all what was shared by Keiser and Herbert, before I throw a really wild perspective for you to consider on your personal LIFE path.

You heard the article that pointed out how JP Morgan was becoming involved with Ethereum.  Since that involvement from late last year, the price has grown to the point where it is now beginning to rival Bitcoin.

Some may say this is a good thing, however I am not so sure about this. Keiser and Herbert were, in my opinion, correct about the dangers concerning any kind of ‘ICO’ that is being offered by a virtual currency that also happens to be controlled, or at least heavily influenced by, a cabal-controlled bank. 

The alarms bells should be going off that a cabal-influenced virtual coin is attempting to mold itself into a virtual version of the fiat-currency monetary system that is in the process of collapsing.  It appears to be an attempt by some within the banking cabal to create a new trap for uninformed investors to get caught up in.  The huge rise in the price suggests that people are falling for it.  Members of the cabal may be somehow attempting to manipulate the blockchain, if that is even possible.  Perhaps enough people will get burned, that confidence in Bitcoin and others will drop, and the cabal will be able to bring people back into debt and fear.

The other ‘red flag’ that went up for me was this thing that Herbert called a ‘Basic Attention Token’  As she described it:  “ a new unit of exchange that functions according to one’s ‘attention’ or ‘focused mental engagement’.

I could be wrong, but IF what I am interpreting from this is correct, this is another, very desperate attempt to trap humanity and prevent humanity from ascending into a higher vibration, and this also leads to what I really want to talk about in just a moment.  Over the years, the so-called ‘spiritual talk’ has related to energy and where we put our attention.  As James Redfield has said:  “Where attention goes, energy flows”. So we have a cabal-controlled bank, heavily engaged with a virtual currency that has ‘suddenly’ been rising and there is this talk of ‘Basic Attention Tokens’.  

Do you see where I am going with this?  The cabal appears to be playing more games with us, trying to get us to purchase the cabal-supported virtual currency, and getting us interested in playing the virtual currencies just as though they were fiat currencies, while also enticing us with a currency that functions on one’s focused mental engagement.

What might this mean?  If I was to speculate, it might be something like a child learning to play a new video game.  They keep on playing it, focusing really hard trying to understand all the moves and all the rules, and will eventually get better.

When one is really focused on playing the cabal-contolled virtual currency game, the attention will be on them, and on the ‘attention tokens’, and thus the attention will not be focused on the cabal crimes, raising one’s consciousness, or helping to co-create the New Earth.

How MIGHT these ‘Basic Attention Tokens’ be used, manipulated or controlled?  I’m not quite sure, but I have a theory and it was something that Keiser also mentioned briefly.

If I am correct, then there is some cause for concern, but only enough concern so that one can be informed and aware as to what is going on, and choose something different.

It is related to, and here is where the technology part comes in - it is related to artificial intelligence.  Although I was talking about cryptocurrencies, what it is linked to, is the key message that I want to highlight right now, and this is the trap of technology that may be leading many humans away from their spiritual growth and evolution.

Unfortunately, this may be another topic that I may have to spend more time with on the newscast in the future. 

There are some sources reporting, or at least hinting, that artificial intelligence is being used and implemented far more than we think we know at this time.

I had a long conversation with a good friend of mine who does Shamanic work.  She and I are coming more and more to the conclusion that there may be a trap being laid for humanity, to draw them away from experiencing a rising shift in consciousness. 

Since roughly 2012, perhaps a bit earlier, some sources have described that our Earth is gradually separating from a 3D vibration to a 4D vibration and then finally to a 5D vibration before going even higher.  

If you are having trouble mentally picturing this, consider a highway that branches out into a ‘Y’ formation.  You have the choice to go left or right, but you have to make a choice to keep moving forward.

Many well-intentioned people are claiming to be on the spiritual path - and it is not my place to say whether they are or they are not.   

However, all these well-intentioned people, and sadly, I am now seeing that I may be among these people, have become so addicted to the material, external technologies that have been made available to us, that we are neglecting the internal technologies and the tools within our own bodies to do everything that our external technologies currently do. 

For example:  we get cold.  We turn on a heater, instead of tapping into the science of our own bodies to create the warmth that we need.  CVN has reported on individuals who have this ability. 

Take another example: So many of us are addicted to our phones, and thankfully, I am not yet so addicted to this, and I am beginning to feel I don’t want a phone anymore. We are so dependent upon our phones, that we have become too lazy to tap into our abilities to communicate telepathically. 

My shaman-friend stated that the whole purpose of technology right now, is to get us addicted to physical tools, so that we cannot focus our attention on the tools within our own bodies.  This is what makes technologies and things like ‘Basic Attention Tokens’ so concerning, at least to me. 

Consider this for a moment.  What if this rapid release of new technologies is the trap that draws us to the road on the left, continuing in the fear and controls of the third density vibrations, and taking us away from the road on the right towards the higher density vibrations?

Everyone is walking around these days like zombies, without participating, communicating, feeling, or interacting.   All one wants is faster and faster technologies, and the cabal is only too happy to deliver this, in the form of 5G communications, which will blow peoples’ minds with its mind-controlling frequencies. 

Even those who are claiming to be serving humanity and the planet are judging and critically putting down others in their service.  Jennifer Hoffman has written an article sharing the message that ‘spiritual shaming’ is the new black.  What she is implying of course, that it seems to be becoming ‘fashionable’ or ‘hip’ to be critical of others on their spiritual paths.

She writes:  “ Spiritual shaming is the new black and it’s all about your energy boundaries. It’s a form of manipulation which implies that your spiritual connection, talents, and abilities are in question if you do not use them in the way someone thinks you should or expects you to.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23APR2017 Jennifer Hoffman, : Spiritual Shaming is the New Black.

With technology, the global cabal is so desperate to control our attention and energy, that they found a way to distract and control us through this technology.  We are being led straight down the path that will take us away from the very Ascension that we are each claiming to want to experience.

Artificial intelligence and perhaps even cryptocurrencies, are part of the distractions to keep us from manifesting our own abundance, our own health, our own telepathy, our own ability to travel, our own ability to manifest all that we need.  It is keeping us from activating the very parts of our DNA that can help us achieve the full technologies within our bodies, instead of being dependent upon the cabal technological offerings.

This is not to say that some technology cannot be useful.  However, using what we need wisely, without being dependent upon it or addicted to it, remains the ultimate key, and right now, so many people, myself included, are spending FAR too much time on these technologies than we need to if, we are wanting to experience our own shift in consciousness. 

It is my feeling and also the feeling of my friend, that significant events are going to bring the whole global scenario to a head around September or October.  Things cannot keep going at the rate they are going, financially and/or politically.  Something is about to break, and where we choose to place our ‘attention tokens’, to use that phrase for a moment, will determine which bus we get on for the remainder of the journey.  Sadly, too many will be too addicted, even among those supporting Ascension, to make the break.  I pray I will not be one of those.

I remember the big power failure many years ago in North America, and how neighbours came out and started communicating with each other. Perhaps what it may take is a complete failure of the internet network, to wake up much of humanity, although some will go into fear and withdrawal.  However, as we adapt, we can begin to put our attention to the things that really matter, and to the technologies that reside within each of us.

I have observed over the last year or so, my increasing desire to be away from this computer more and more.    As much as I love putting together a program for all of you, I am noticing a change within myself.  I am feeling a yearning to start spending more time in nature and in water, and to try to connect on a different level with people again. 

As part of the cannabis conference, we took the speakers to a family camp.  Wow, I did not even think these existed anymore!  What a joy it was to see a campground that had so many activities for young people, families and even senior citizens!  The energy felt so wonderful there!  Yes, there was internet available, but the children were about doing adrenaline activities, and playing volleyball, swimming, rafting, hiking, football, and much more!  Meditating there was so much easier!

The name of the camp is Camp Menina, and according to the website, it is “probably the best holiday and sport park in the world’.  I’m beginning to think that may very well be true. The link will be in the show transcript.  Take a look.  Just amazing!

CLICK TO VIEW  - Homepage for Camp Menina in Slovenia ‘Probably the best holiday and sport park in the world’.

For those of you who are resonating with what I am sharing, perhaps it may be time to get a group of 50-70 people who have different skills, and consider buying one of those villages in Spain, or getting into intentional communities where everyone can focus on the real technologies that exist within our own bodies. 

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the one companion who is to journey along with me in this next part of the changes, and I await her arrival in my world, so that perhaps we can start doing more of these things together.  Yes, I should be doing them on my own, but come on, everything is more fun when you have a special hand to hold along the way!  There’s no science to that!


Finally in health-related news, we look first, and once again, at the dangers and illusions surrounding the cancer industry.   In this particular audio clip, Dr. Peter Glidden looks directly at the dangers and myths surrounding chemotherapy.  It is, according to him a waste of money.

Here is what Dr. Glidden had to share from an interview on :

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2011 : Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money.

That last interview was recorded in 2011.  Three years later, in another interview, Dr. Glidden explains why cancer was still so prevalent at that time and is still prevalent today.  He also offers some questions that  one would be wise to ask before starting cancer treatments.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10SEP2014 : 10 Questions To Ask Before Starting Cancer Treatments!

In the show transcript, a third video will be included that addresses the question of whether or not cancer is genetic.  According to Dr. Glidden, it is not, and he explains why he believes this in this video, for those choosing to see it.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23SEP2014 via : Cancer Is NOT Genetic. This Explanation Could Change Your Life!


Of course, most listeners already understand the dangers, myths and scams of the cancer industry, and that doctors are complicit in crimes against humanity, if they are administering chemo or radiation treatments to treat cancer. 

Most listeners are also already aware that there are numerous other options available, even if some of them are not readily accepted by politicians who are controlled by Big Pharmaceutical and other lobby groups that may profit from keeping people sick, and ill. 

This past weekend, I attended the Cannabis Renaissance conference, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  Eight speakers shared their insights on what their research is revealing about the benefits or lack of benefit of using cannabis. 

Although it surprised me initially, I realized that it makes sense afterwards, that cannabis may not be beneficial for everyone. 

As CVN has stated, every health or healing modality is as unique as is the individual seeking treatment. What works for some, may not necessarily work for another, and this could be due to a number of reasons, including one’s own soul contract.  If there is a LIFE lesson for one to learn by being sick, it is possible that no healing will occur, until the energy behind the condition..usually a mental or emotional energy blocked within the body, is dealt with.  This is one possible example.

Every human body has an endocannabinoid system.  As one presenter offered, there are cannabinoids in the breast milk of mothers.  Well, at least there used to be.  Perhaps one can begin to understand better then, why the food chain is being polluted with so much dangerous and unhealthy food, and why vaccines are being pushed on children, and why cannabis and other health-aiding plants have been criminalized.

There is a lot of audio material to go through, and this is going to take some more time, but I hope to offer at least some of the information from the conference over the next few weeks, before taking some time off for vacation.   Next week, CVN will be coming to you from The Netherlands, where I have been offered an opportunity to attend a presentation by Jennifer Hoffman.  Some listeners have been long-time followers of her work, and she has graciously allowed me the opportunity to sit in as a guest journalist to hear what she has to share about the upcoming global changes.  

There will be two presentations, an evening presentation on June 28th and then a full day seminar on July 1.  I hope to offer a little bit of her June 28th presentation on next week’s newscast.

According to her website:  “Jennifer is recognized as the world’s most accurate intuitive mystic, a leading voice in the spiritual awareness movement,  and is an expert in energy vibration, resonance, alignment, and intention. She is also a top-selling author, popular radio host, business and life transformation catalyst and spiritual teacher. 

Since 2004 she has published the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter, with more than 4 million readers, which is the Internet’s oldest and most widely read publication. Jennifer provides life intuition, spiritual wisdom, and business savvy to a client base that includes celebrities, business and industry leaders, professionals and other clients from  more than 75 countries.

Jennifer is a life long intuitive whose unique gifts allow her to read energetic fields and instantly know a client’s soul purpose, karmic path and life lessons, and what is required to bring their energetic vibrations into alignment with their soul’s desire for wholeness in body, mind and spirit. She is recognized for providing highly accurate and focused intuitive and channeled guidance to raise energetic  vibrations and create a clear path to a joyful, fulfilling life.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - : About Jennifer Hoffman. 

For those unfamiliar with Jennifer Hoffman’s work, a link to her Enlightening Life website will appear in the show transcript for this particular story.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Jennifer Hoffman.

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 11. ( 1:14:39 ) ANNOUNCEMENTS

I’d like to make a few comments before the FINAL WORDS this evening.

First, there were some website issues that came up last week that caused a few problems.  I was unable to attach the images that I described in the newscast - the World Cup logo and the weed fist image to promote the cannabis conference in Slovenia.  I was also unable to embed YouTube videos the way I normally do.

These issues appear to have now been resolved, thanks to Randy, who helped with the website.  The images and videos are now available to be viewed, for those choosing to do so. 

Secondly, I am trying to think of ways to help promote CVN, and possibly also to get the attention of a network like RT, in the hopes of perhaps moving CVN to a video newscast on their network. 

To increase the profile of CVN, I would like to ask a favour of all the people who regularly share CVN.  I’d like to start using the hashtag more, since this seems to be a way of getting more attention.  I confess, I do not know exactly how the hashtag does its ‘thing’, but it seems to work for others, and therefore, I’d like to find a way to take advantage of this. 

I’d like to introduce several hashtags, and if anyone is sharing, perhaps you could also try to remember to use these hashtags, so that more and more will see and hear about CVN.

There is a website called, and it seems to track how hashtags are used.

I tried doing a search, for example on #rt for the RT news network, and it gave me a response. 

There was nothing for #cosmicvisionnews, and only a little activity for #cvn, but there may be another entity using #cvn.  I am not sure. 

With your help, perhaps I can boost the profile of CVN and perhaps also get the attention of RT using the #rt along with #cosmicvisionnews and #cvn. 

I’m going to start trying to use #cosmicvisionnews and #cvn every where I mention the name.  

The third thing I’d like to say is that I am thinking about taking four or five weeks vacaTion, starting sometime around July 7th or 14th.  Things are heating up quickly in the world, and this may or may not be possible.   

If I could get the attention of RT, I would be very willing to move to Moscow to have my newscast based there. 

I would also like to get the attention of the Bitcoin community, as I have been told that there may be financial resources within this group that may be willing to help CVN expand and support the promotion of Bitcoin and virtual currencies.  I am planning to post a few statements on Bitcoin news websites, to try to get the attention of anyone who may be willing to help.  Extra assistance is always appreciated for any who are already active within the community. 

LIFE-willing, perhaps now is the time for CVN to start placing itself in a position to become a leading media for global change in a way that still does not appear to have been copied around the world.

As far as I can tell, CVN still remains as unique in its format and delivery today as it did when it was first launched five years ago.  Perhaps this unfortunate, because the goal has always been to promote the solution for global change, and to not have a ‘patented’ product that could not be copied.  I do not believe that this was to be the goal of CVN - to have a patented product.  CVN is bigger than just one individual, and it should be copied in different languages if people feel ‘called’ to use my English transcript, and translate it into other languages.

Anyway, many thanks to all for your continued support and thank you helping to promote these hashags and to help me get the attention of RT.


In this week’s FINAL WORDS;

Listeners have often heard me speak of both the ‘bigger picture’ and the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’.  Various people also speak of a ‘bigger picture’ as it relates to a higher, more spiritual interpretation of the events unfolding upon the planet.  Neither is ‘right’ nor ‘wrong’ - it is merely within the space of one’s own ‘truth’. Although terminology and wording may be slightly different, this is why it is so important for each individual to feel the energy of each message, to get a sense that so many of us are working for the same goal, in our uniquely different, yet equally beautiful ways.

I have received permission from Patricia Cota-Robles to share some of her video log postings.  With gratitude to her, I share the first of her series, entitled ‘The First Step’, and she explores her interpretation of the ‘bigger picture’.  

All links referencing her work will be in the show transcript for the FINAL WORDS.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’ !  Here is Patricia Cota-Robles:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27MAR2017 Patricia Cota-Robles via and : Vlog 1 The First Step.

Content is offered with permission from Patricia Cota-Robles, however I invite people who resonate with her message to sign up to view her video content here:

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Webpage to sign up to view video log content from Patricia Cota-Robles.

CLICK TO VIEW  - :  Homepage for Patricia Cota-Robles.


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