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2017-07-07 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - July 7, 2017

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Greetings and blessings to all!

While much of the western media drools over events at the G20 Summit taking place in Hamburg, Germany, many people and alternative journalists continue to keep a vigilant eye for the real events taking place, the events that are often covered up by the distractions of leadership summits.

Summits are a colossal waste of  taxpayer money, even though supporters will say it is necessary.

Personally, I say it is not necessary.  The only reason it is ‘necessary’ is because the people of the world have allowed a geoeconomic paradigm to be put into place that enslaves them, while creating a devastating wealth gap, thus creating a need for people to strike out, thus creating an alleged need for more security.

Seriously - why can’t leaders meet on a secluded island somewhere, or perhaps on a large boat out in international waters?  Why do they not use their so-called advanced technologies for more video conferencing?  Ah, hackers... and possible audio recordings.  Good enough reason to spend millions upon millions of currency to provide this charade of a global dog and pony show for leaders to try to show the world that they are trying to pretend that they are leaders.

Supporters of more police security have to begin to see how they are contributing to the problem, instead of the solution.

A quick scan of the Euronews website on Friday July 7 has a story, for example of Norwegians helping to re-erect a penis-shaped rock formation, alongside the headline story of dramatic protests in Hamburg.

I could be wrong, but there might be something rather poetic about that.

I am choosing not to report on the violence at the G20.  Most people would expect this, and I would prefer to wait until possible video footage shows up of undercover police officers acting as agents provocateurs, such as what happened at the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada a few years back.

At the time of writing this story, there was not any significant, breaking news coming from Hamburg.  Of course, I do not use the words ‘Breaking News’ like the mainstream media and some alternative news journalists, every time Trump sneezes or Kim Jong Un flips the bird to the US.  

For the record, just so people do not misinterpret, I am being sarcastic to some degree with that comment, but it is true that the media has overkilled the term ‘breaking news’, and it can be easily seen every time a well-meaning social media junkie re-posts a ‘breaking news’ story, only to discover that it was ‘breaking news’ two, three or more years ago.

This is one of the problems with people trying to be journalists.  They do not update their postings to remove their use of the term once the story has died down.

As the confusion grows as to which leaders are doing what in terms of meaningful global change at this time, it fuels more and more speculation as to what is really going behind the scenes at leadership summits such as these.
Leading up to the summit, we had China’s president, Xi Jinping stopping off in Moscow for a meeting with President Putin.

According to  Press TV article on July 3rd:  “ Chinese President Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Moscow for what his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin has described as “a major event in bilateral relations.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03JUL2017  Putin, Xi meet in Moscow before they head for G20 summit.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUL2017 : ‘Phone talks obviously not enough’: Putin & Trump meet on sidelines of G20 summit (VIDEO)

Personally, I am observing Putin’s statement of this meeting being a ‘major event in bilateral relations” as being significant by itself.  It is an interesting choice of words, considering it was just one of a number of meetings between the two leaders but this meeting just happened to occur ahead of the G20.

Keep in mind that the western leadership and media have been attempting to push Russia down with massive sanctions...a strategy that appears to be failing miserably.

What is also not being discussed by the media and so far by the global leaders publicly, is the Belt and Road Initiative.  You can be very sure that Putin and President Xi were doing some major deals, no doubt excluding the US dollar, and they were probably planning a grand strategy of support for each other in the face of western attempts at isolation. 

As it is, the western world, led by the US, appears to be increasingly more isolated.

Meanwhile,  VOA News was reporting US President Trump as stopping off in Poland for sixteen hours, before going to Hamburg.   Not exactly a ‘major event in bilateral relations’ happening there.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06JUL17 : Trump in Poland: Strengthening NATO, Shipping LNG and North Korea’s Bad Behavior.

The article suggests that Trump was there to discuss strengthening NATO and shipping liquid natural gas.  If presidential protocols mean anything anymore, President Trump was apparently upstaged by both the First Lady of Poland and Melania.  Instead of shaking Trump’s hand first, the Polish First Lady snubbed Trump to greet Melania.  Given that Melania is a native of Slovenia in Europe, one may wonder if there was a deeper, hidden meaning behind the alleged snub, that Europeans are acknowledged first, before the US.

I would be willing to risk my career as journalist on a bet that some very significant geoeconomic discussions are taking place  behind the scenes, and leaders may be trying to figure out exactly what message to give to the world, if they are going to give one at all.   CVN has long been informing listeners everything going on with Russia and China, their banking systems, their heavy purchasing of gold, and the launching of competing global development banks and now the Belt and Road Initiative.

While the world continues to get war-mongering headlines of ‘boosting NATO’ or activities in the South China Sea, or alleged missile activity coming out of North Korea, the eastern alliance of countries continues to move ahead in rebuilding the ancient Silk Road trading network, and it is this new paradigm that is driving the collapsing western hegemony into complete and utter redundancy.

Also of interest to note at the G20 is the article by Press TV on July 3rd reporting that:  “ A government spokesman said Monday that the Saudi King had officially declared his intention to skip the pre-planned visit to Hamburg in northern Germany, where he was to attend the G20 summit on Friday and Saturday.”

This article added that:  “ The cancelation comes amid a widening dispute in the Persian Gulf region, where Saudi Arabia and its allies cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing Doha of supporting terrorism. The dispute, one of the most serious to rock the region in decades, has already concerned Western governments, which see their interests in the region at great stake as a result of the political conflict.”

CLICK TO VIEW - 03JUL2017 : Saudi King Salman cancels visit to Germany, skips G20 summit.

Although all the puzzle pieces are not completely in place, it is pretty safe bet that we are now witnessing the sunset of western hegemony and rise of a new global, multipolar alliance from the East.

Finian Cunningham, in an OP-ED article on RT wrote on July 5th that:  “  The US' strategy has been to isolate Russia internationally. Evidently, it is Washington that is becoming more isolated on the global stage. This week in the run-up to the G20 summit in Germany, the reverse in fortunes could not be more glaring.

While North Korea was openly defying Washington with a breakthrough ballistic missile test, and US President Donald Trump was embroiled in his usual juvenile tweeting antics, Russia and China’s leaders were proudly consolidating their strategic alliance for a new multipolar global order.

Western media won’t acknowledge as much, but the meeting this week in Moscow between Putin and Xi Jinping was of historical importance. We are witnessing a global transition in power. And for the common good.”

Cunningham notes how the US and the West continue to push war-mongering where North Korea is concerned, whereas Russia and China are proving that they can be more level-headed and practical in handling the alleged crisis.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05JUL2017 Finian Cunningham via : Putin, Xi message to Trump: US unipolar world is over.

For the record, I intentionally use the words ‘alleged crisis’, because I am not fully convinced yet that there is something really going on there, other than it is being used as a weapon of mass distraction, as it has been used in the past.

Cunningham is stating effectively that a unipolar world, led by the US, is now over. It is now a totally a new game, and the US is not at the table.

Sources have reported that North Korea is one of, if not the last, cabal stronghold.  Other sources have speculated that the world has now moved onto a new global financial paradigm, one that is backed by gold.

One could make an argument that the role of Trump was to help collapse western hegemony, and this might explain why he has been so hated among the zionist neocons and neolibs in Washington.  A man as intelligent as Trump allegedly is, is not so naive to all that is going on.

A video was sent to me of Keith Olbermann of The Olbermann Report, calling on the leaders of the ‘free world’ to remove Trump.  To me, that statement smells terribly of being a cabal shill.  Olbermann does not seem to realize the western world is not ‘free’; that we are enslaved to criminally fraudulent systems of banking and law.  I’m not sure what his definition of ‘free’ is.  Also by asking other leaders to remove Trump, Olbermann seems to be calling upon other cabal puppets to help remove the potential threat to their global power and control.

Even Germany is making more moves towards joining the eastern alliance.  The writing appears to be on the wall, and the West is getting the lessons in strategic warfare from China.

President Putin, as a very high-level martial artist, is well-versed on strategies that do not immediate attack back.  Like China, Russia has learned to pull back and observe, while allowing the West to hang itself.

Case and point.  What might be part of the hidden picture?

Consider the Opium Wars as a possible starting point, at least for the events in recent history.

According to the website:  “ Opium Wars, two armed conflicts in China in the mid-19th century between the forces of Western countries and of the Qing dynasty, which ruled China from 1644 to 1911/12. The first Opium War (1839–42) was fought between China and Britain, and the second Opium War (1856–60), also known as the Arrow War or the Anglo-French War in China, was fought by Britain and France against China. In each case the foreign powers were victorious and gained commercial privileges and legal and territorial concessions in China. The conflicts marked the start of the era of unequal treaties and other inroads on Qing sovereignty that helped weaken and ultimately topple the dynasty in favour of republican China in the early 20th century.”

China was destroyed by Britain and then also by France in the Opium Wars.  Following the saying:  “Don’t get mad, get even’, this is what China did.

As soon as the fiat currency system was implemented by the West and western countries began their war-mongering and conflicts for profit, China proceeded to take full advantage of the criminally fraudulent system, borrowing phenomenal amounts of money.  Instead of using it for war and control, they used it to rebuild their infrastructure.   They also bought massive amounts of US Treasury debt bonds to use as collateral later.

As of the last few years, with a strong infrastructure, and the West reeling in debt, violence and fear, China and Russia began selling off US Treasury debt bonds and began buying massive amounts of gold for their reserves. 

Now, with the west in a devastated state, China is getting its ultimate revenge by buying up everything that westerners can no longer support.

As a result of this strategy, China and Russia are now in a position to call the shots, and the global cabal is scared because they have been royally screwed at their own game.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Opium Wars - Chinese history.

In a late-developing story coming out of Hamburg just before recording, Press TV has reported on July 7th that:  “ The United States and Russia have reached a deal on a truce in southwestern Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.

He said President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump agreed on the truce deal during talks held in a "constructive atmosphere" on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Lavrov said the ceasefire would take effect from July 9.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUL2017 US, Russia reach agreement on truce in southwestern Syria: Lavrov.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUL2017 : "Everything Can Fall Into Place, Or Could Fall Apart" — Trump-Putin Summit Friday Is Historic Turning Point.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUL2017 : Not so close? Trump further from center than predecessor Obama for G20 family photo.


In other geopolitical news;

The current times just seem to keep on delivering a series of events, of revelations and of activities that only demonstrate more and more that something significant is unfolding right in front of us, and most are not yet able to see, let alone grasp the meaning of it all.

After all the years of the conflicts in Iraq, and the increasing media reports of the defeat of Daesh, also known formerly as ISIS, Reuters News Service has reported the following on June 29th:


The article also added that:  “The fall of Mosul would in effect mark the end of the Iraqi half of the IS caliphate, although the group still controls territory west and south of the city, ruling over hundreds of thousands of people.

Its stronghold in Syria, Raqqa, is also close to falling.”

There is however some confusion in the story, and this is partly where things get a bit complicated.  As mentioned in the Reuters report,  “ A U.S.-led international coalition is providing air and ground support to the Iraqi forces fighting through the Old City's maze of narrow alleyways. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29JUN2017 :  Iraq declares end of caliphate after capture of Mosul mosque.

Given that the US, Israel and very likely other western interests, have been involved in the creation, funding and training of Daesh militants, it is puzzling that this would be reported.  It might seem however that there are opposing forces within the US government and military, something that CVN has long been speculating, that are fighting within themselves, and this war appears in the form of proxy wars being fought in the Middle East.

Bethan McKernan, reporting for the London Independent on June 29th reported Iraq as declaring that ISIS has fallen.  According to military spokesperson Brigadier General Yahya Rasool told state TV on Thursday, “Their fictitious state has fallen”.  This occurred exactly three years to the day since ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the establishment of the so-called ‘caliphate’ from the same grand mosque that they destroyed when it was abandoned.

Also in this article, there is video footage from a drone that flew over the city, showing the extent of devastation that has occurred.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29JUN2017 Bethan McKernan, : Iraq declares Isis's caliphate 'has fallen' after huge symbolic victory in Mosul.

For those unfamiliar with this term ‘caliphate’,  we can go back to the article from June 30 of 2014 when the caliphate was declared.  In an article on the Al-Akhbar website, the following was reported - again this is from 2014:  “ The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has now officially become a global Islamic caliphate. It took 14 months for its leader, who is known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to set himself up as a ruler “by order of God.” He is not only the “commander of the faithful” now, but also the caliph-at-large, and the “successor” of Prophet Mohammad. The historical declaration took place on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan of the year 1435 AH (2014 AD).

ISIS, or IS, believes that pledging allegiance to the new caliph is a duty for every Muslim, and those who fail or refuse to do so shall be deemed as apostates, and will be fought and struck down. This was clearly stated by Adnani, who said, “Beware of splitting the ranks. Those who want to split the ranks, strike their heads with bullets [...].”

The article continues:  “But what is the meaning of declaring an Islamic caliphate? A Salafi cleric says, “It means that borders and barriers among Islamic countries are now invalid. There will be a single Islamic economic system and currency, and an army to defend it.” He continued, “It also means there will no longer be any subservience to any country, requiring the establishment of universities and factories to make Muslims a major power in all fields.”

ISIS, represented by its senior leaders and notables, decided to declare the Islamic caliphate and to install a caliph for the Muslims, having in its view satisfied all the requirements to do so. These requirements are the same ones caliphs supposedly needed since about 1,400 years ago.

According to Salafi clerics, the caliph is required to rule a territory in every sense of the word, and not in a provisional manner. They argue that ISIS staked its claim to the caliphate on the basis that it controls vast swaths of territory, in addition to having funds, an army, and a population under its control, though ISIS did not take into account the fact that each era should have a different concept for what a state should be. Adnani had specified the role of the state as being to release prisoners, appoint governors and judges, collect taxes, and disseminate religious education, among other functions.”

Since many now understand that ISIS/IS/Daesh has been funded and trained by western and Israeli interests, it may be possible to get a hint of the whole mess in this next paragraph in the article.  The article states the following:  “What is certain is that the declaration of the caliphate puts all militant Islamic groups in an awkward position. Addressing such groups, ISIS had declared, “The legitimacy of your groups is null and void. It is a sin for any of you to sleep this night without pledging allegiance,” adding that other militant groups delay victory because they are a cause for divisions.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30JUN2014 Radwan Mortada, : What does ISIS’ declaration of a caliphate mean?

How this connects to the other events currently unfolding still requires a bit more research and understanding, but it is becoming clear that cabal forces appear to be in much greater chaos at this time, and their proxies are either rebelling, or are being sacrificed by the very group that gave them life.

If I was to speculate, I would say that that it is not a coincidence that Daesh is being defeated just before the G20 where it is suspected that leaders are ironing out details of a new global financial system.


On that note, looking to financial news;

This week has seen gold and silver taking a bit of a beating, although how badly one describes it may depend upon how much one is actually holding in  both metals.

It is a very tricky and very complicated process that we are in the middle of.

It is clear that the fiat currency system that has served the global cabal so well in enslaving humanity, is now imploding.  It had to.  There was never any way to avoid it, and its creators knew that this day would eventually come.

The question is what would replace it.  The global cabal no doubt had its own plans, and one of them likely involved the idea of a one world government on a different financial model.

This has been upset by several other events, most notably the BRICS Alliance; the creation of Russian and Chinese international development banks; the creation of their respective systems of money transfer to compete with SWIFT; trading deals excluding the USD as the median currency of exchange; the purchasing of gold and the launching of the Shanghai Gold Index; the selling of US Treasury debt bonds and the launching of the Belt and Road Initiative.

There are, most probably, at least two options that are available for the world right now, perhaps three, and possibly four:

1.  A total, global debt jubilee, writing off all fraudulent debt created from within the fractional reserve model of banking.  Something will have to replace this however.

2.  A so-called ‘global currency reset’ that has been linked to endless rumours and speculation over many years.

3.  The launching of a new system of gold-backed currencies, possibly including currencies like Bitcoin and others.

4.  Some combination of both 2 and 3, with gold-backed currencies being implemented worldwide under new guidelines and regulations.

A couple of articles from King World News may be worth noting, starting with an interview with John Embry on July 6 has given a warning that:  “ investors should be getting very concerned at this point as the market manipulation has been almost fanatical recently, suggesting that things behind the curtain are deteriorating at a rapid rate...”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06JUL2017 : John Embry:  Things Are Rapidly Detoriorating.

I point out to listeners that articles from this source - not all of them, but certainly some - seem to lack awareness of the higher changes going on.  They report on what is happening, but it seems to be more from a 3D perspective, without an understanding of the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’.

From Embry’s perspective, things are only ‘deteriorating’, not evolving, so this gives me some idea where he is at.  I am still waiting for western business pundits who can say that things are collapsing, but here is why, and it is really a good thing for these, two, three, and therefore it will be hard, but we will all make it through in the end.

In a late-released interview with Andrew Maguire on July 7th, Maguire allegedly exposed the catalyst that will create a massive gold price surge.

According to Maguire:  “ fully anticipated some 250 tonnes of sovereign size orders to hit on that date (July 5th).  The orders are still coming in very soon, and we all know there is no 250 tonnes of available gold to be delivered into the market at current prices. This is going to cause the inflection point that I discussed with you on the 9th of June.  I want everybody to be aware that I am 100% certain that this (massive sovereign physical gold purchase) is coming.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUL2017 : Andrew Maguire Just Exposed The Catalyst That Will Create Massive Gold Price Surge.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUL2017 : “I Can Vouch for Andrew Maguire”: SIGNIFICANT Influx of Physical Gold Orders Imminent?

Several other sources seem to be validating this also.  I cannot tell you what this may mean from the 3D financial perspective, as I am not spending much time trying to understand a system that is collapsing.

I can observe however the timing of this event in conjuction with other events such as the meeting with Putin and Xi Jinping and the new trade deals they have done; the movement forward on the Belt and Road Initiative and the buzz of activity surrounding the G20.  

If some sources are correct that the movement to the new financial paradigm may start to become more public, then China may do something with its Shanghai Gold Exchange to drive up the price of gold.

With both Russia and China holding more gold, combined with the rumours that the US no longer has gold, or very little of it...this could become a perfect financial storm that launches much-anticipated changes on numerous levels on our world - eventually for the betterment of humanity and our planet.


Perhaps finally, the end of CNN may be looming on the horizon, and consumers may be contributing to the demise.

An article appearing on ZeroHedge on July 7th reported that:  “

- AT&T announced plans in October to purchase CNN parent company Time Warner for $85.4 billion, or $107.50 / share (currently $101.50 near 15 year highs).

- According to Reuters, CNN is valued at roughly $10 billion - around 12% of the deal.

- Since the deal was announced, however, CNN's brand - and therefore it's value to AT&T, has been significantly damaged.

- In addition to recently firing three employees for publishing Fake News, ratings have been tanking, an undercover sting exposed CNN's extreme bias, and the network blackmailed a Reddit user for which they're now under intense memetic warfare.

- Outraged citizens have begun to boycott CNN advertisers.

- White House sources tell the Daily Caller that the AT&T / Time Warner deal, which requires White House approval, may be in jeopardy if CNN doesn't fire CEO Jeff Zucker.

The article continues:  “CNN is in the middle of a 'Full Spectrum Dominance Attack' after three weeks of utter devastation to their brand - which has not been reflected in the share price of parent company Time Warner ($TWX). A week after firing three employees for peddling demonstrably false anti-Trump propaganda, CNN was exposed as a network of hate-filled shills in an undercover sting by James O'Keefe of Project Veritas. Then, the "Very Fake News" network went on a witch hunt to track down the identity of Reddit user 'HanAssholeSolo' who they claimed was responsible for creating a video of Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo for a head, which the President tweeted on Saturday.

The result has been the collapse of CNN's reputation while AT&T's acquisition of parent company Time Warner hangs in the balance.

Ed Dowd, Former manager of BlackRock’s $15 billion Capital Appreciation Strategies points out the dollars and sense of CNN's impact on the deal:

Watch $TWX stock price to see if effective.#CNN is worth $10 billlion of the $85 billion deal.At $89 CNN is worth zero.Current price is $101

— Ed (@DowdEdward) July 5, 2017

And after the last two weeks, it's hard to imagine that AT&T hasn't already begun to renegotiate with Time Warner - considering the fact that one of the flagship assets included in the deal is currently imploding.”

As well:  “While traffic appears to be steady - which can be bought - their YouTube channel has suffered a significant hit to both views and subscribers, down 15.8% and 28.9% respectively according to While the network is certainly taking a financial hit from this, the real significance lies in the obvious damage to the brand. People have stopped taking CNN seriously.”

In summary, the article author suggests that Time Warner completely gut CNN and get rid of the quack anchors that have destroyed the network.

For those following market prices, if the price of Time Warner stock falls to 89 dollars as Ed Dowd stated, then CNN’s value effectively becomes worthless.
Consumer-driven protests are working when people collaborate together.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUL2017 : Will Horrendous CNN Ratings, Advertiser Boycotts, And 4Chan's Memetic War Destroy Billions In Time Warner Value?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27JUN2017 : ’Going for jugular’: Undercover filmmakers take aim at CNN.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 28JUN2107 Bryan MacDonald via : CNN’s Russia bullsh*t starts to unravel.


In general news,

As listeners will know, I have been on a couple of assignments over the last few weeks.  Coming up in health news, I will share a bit of information from the cannabis renaissance conference in Ljubljana.  In the last few days, I have had the pleasure of hanging out with and attending, a presentation given by Jennifer Hoffman, well known to many around the world in her service.

The one day workshop, on Saturday July 1st,  was entitled:  Energy Tools For The Light Activists.

The following are some of the key points I made from the event that I think may be beneficial to CVN listeners:

Hoffman notes, and I have reported the same numerous times, that our current 3D reality is starting to come apart.  It is practically disintegrating right before our eyes.  Hoffman also notes however that : “once it disintegrates... there will be nothing to go back to...  there will only be one choice, and that is to move forward.”

She invited participants to shift their focus from being ‘Lightworkers’ to ‘Lightbeacons’.  As she perceives it, we are now beginning to move into a space of awareness and being that is simply who we are, and not what we were working to bring forth into creation.  We are now in the 4D energies and having more fun.  I do agree we are having more ‘fun’ in witnessing the global changes that most of us have been waiting for, but I am still struggling, admittedly, to have more fun in my personal world.  

Most of us are now ready to simply BE that which we know we are:  the Light, and stand firm in our truth as we live as best as possible, in joy.  In this joy, those choosing a lower vibration will observe those BE-ing their Light, and they will have the choice...or not, to move into this higher vibration.  As you will hear in a moment from Jennifer, she will comment on how being in a higher vibration may actually help to protect us from negative energies and frequencies being put out by the global cabal.

Hoffman noted that:  “ If things are not working, then we are out of alignment with our Divine Purpose”.   Although I have long known this inside, it is perhaps hard to have it presented back to me, because it forced me to consider why things have not been working for CVN, at least in terms of providing me with the support I need to live. There are many reasons for this, and some of them will very much include my own creations, both positive and negative, that have prevented me from moving forward.

A far as what is becoming important at this time, Hoffman offered that:  “We are being moved toward our respective ‘truths’ at this time, and these changes can be difficult because they involve people, lifestyles, beliefs, etc.

Learning to make choices that are important to YOU, while releasing attachment to what those choices may mean to others.”

In honouring oneself, this shift may be positive for her or him, but it means that others will then have a choice to accept or reject that individual.  When one shifts, another then has a choice to shift as well, or not. Sometimes, letting others go is a necessary part of one’s growth, but also for the growth of the other also.

She also gave me something else to strongly consider.  She spoke of the word ‘abundance’.  Although the definition of this word means to ‘have a lot of something’, perhaps what I had not really considered was the fact that it is possible to have an abundance of negativity or negative things as well.

One could, conceivably, have an ‘abundance’ of poverty, or lack of wealth.  Another may have an ‘abundance’ of lack of health, or lack of self-confidence, or lack of joy.  It could be applied to almost anything.

To change what we are ‘abundant’ in, means changing the kinds of things one wants in life.  We have to teach ourselves how to create positive and healthy abundance but we also have to overcome all of the negative patterning and socializing that was drilled into us.

She also invited us to consider that the Universe always says ‘yes’.  Whatever one is thinking, saying, believing, the Universe responds with ‘yes’.

Hoffman asked the participants:  “What do you want a lot of in your life?  There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ abundance.  There is no lack in an unlimited universe. “

She offered a thought for consideration that the opposite of ‘abundance’ is not ‘lack’ but rather, it is ’limitation’.”

What limits one’s ability to have the kind of abundance that one REALLY wants...not what one is currently experiencing.

‘Abundance’ carries a different meaning for different people.  Many people speak and think in terms of wanting ‘enough’, without opening up to their true inner power and manifesting ’plenty’ - which is more than enough, that may allow one to share and help others.

She invited all of us to write down what ‘abundance’ means to each individual personally.  Hoffman asked people to share, and many were reluctant to affirm publicly or at least out loud, to the Universe what one wants.  I decided that since I was there, I have to start making some firm affirmations publicly and out loud.

I volunteered to share what I wrote, and my abundance comes in four parts:

1. Serving in a capacity as a healthy, respected, international alternative news journalist and peace education communicator worldwide, helping people to connect all the dots between the ‘bigger picture’ and the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’.

2.  Travelling and living around the world, meeting global leaders, and speaking on global peace.

3.  Receiving plenty of money for these services, to allow me to empower the general population in LIFE-affirming creations and self-sustaining solutions.

4. Doing all of the above in partnership and co-creation with a strong female companion, in a loving, healthy, empowering and fulfilling relation at a mutually-beneficial energetic level.

It has been said that it is wise to be careful what one wishes for, because one may just receive it.   When communicating to the Universe, it is wise to be as clear as you possibly can be.  It does not matter if others understand  what your definition of ‘abundance’ is.  As long as YOU understand it, and as long as you can communicate it clearly to the Universe, and own the creation you are stating, then let the Universe meet the request.  However, be flexible in how it manifests, because it may come in a way that was not considered or known.

She also spoke of ‘miracles’, stating that miracles are neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’; they are merely shifts in energy, frequency and vibration, allowing a different result.

If one is open to it, a ‘miracle’ may not necessarily come in the form of money, but perhaps in being the answer to someone’s prayer.  For example,
a miracle for me right now, may be for me to be someone else’s miracle in fulfilling their need for a housesitter.  Someone may be desperately looking for a trustworthy and responsible individual.  Being an answer to that person’s prayer may also be a form of miracle for me, in giving me a comfortable place to live and exist for an extended period of time.  Although it may not be a financial miracle, an answer appeared in a different form, but it would be a miracle nonetheless.   

Another key point from the day was this:  set intentions for what you really want, and be prepared to say ‘no’ to anything and anyone not in alignment with your intentions.  Surrender to your miracles, which is merely a state of allowing and receiving, without resisting the change.

Last week, I spoke of my theory about technology, and how it is distracting us from our inner tools.   Hoffman offered a bit of validation to this, in stating that it would benefit humanity if more people worked on their ‘inner knowing’. This comes in severals forms:  clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance clairempathy, clairgustance and clairolfaction.

What other key points were there?

Karma is over when one makes the decision that it is over.

Congruent harmony happens when your energy fits and flows in alignment with your intentions.   Divine Congruence happens when you are aligned with your highest potential, vibration and frequency.  This is a multi-dimensional reality, and I believe this is the state that Hoffman was talking about when one becomes a Lightbeacon.   We lead through our own BE-ing, of whatever we have chosen to BE.

Learn to trust your intuition.  Let your intuition be your guide. It will not tell you what to do. Rather, it will offer new potentials that may not have been considered previously.

She spoke briefly on the term ‘Christ consciousness’, which essentially is the  ‘martyred healer’.  This is what religion has taught humanity for centuries.  This is an energy to be released and healed.  As Lightbeacons, we are being called instead to bring in the Christed Awareness, without the martyred healer syndrome.

We are integrating 3D into 5D.  What can be integrated will shift.  The 3D paradigm is disintegrating, because the 5D energies coming in are shifting and affecting the current reality.

‘Spiritual’ does not necessarily mean being totally positive all of the time.  Everyone gets angry, and has a bad day, etc.  Believing that ‘spirituality’ means always being good, limits one in being human and whole, in all qualities.

Personally, I am taking that one point to heart, because I have found myself getting quite pissed off and upset at a few people in my world for how I have been treated, and it is time for me to revisit what energies I am allowing in my world, and I am believing that I may have to stop being so nice when it comes to being taken advantage of.

We need to let people go, and let them have their ‘bad teachers’.  We are around to show others that they can be healed...but it is not our job to heal them.  They have the choice.

We’ve been conditioned/socialized to believe that serving one’s needs is ‘selfish’.  Jennifer differentiates between ‘selfish’ - taking more for oneself from everyone else and ‘self-ish’, meaning to look out for one’s personal needs.   Putting yourself first does not necessarily mean putting others ‘second’, but that the energetic needs of others are integrated in a way where each is honoured in his/her most appropriate way.

We did an exercise where we were to write down three things that we wanted to do, and put a number to the amount of money that we wanted to receive to have that experience.  We’ve been conditioned to accept only ‘enough’, without having the courage to demand and create more in our reality.  Having financial wealth is not necessarily ‘bad’.  It is in the choice as to how that financial abundance is shared and used, as opposed to being hoarded for one’s own benefit.  The Universe is about flow, and placing money into the flow, in service to LIFE, can be a spiritual practice.

The three things I chose to ask the Universe for, were these:

1.   Cosmic Vision News video newscast program     € 400,000/month

2.  Have at least one place to call ‘home’, where I know my things are, and where I can create my own safe and sacred space, with various health-oriented devices.  €2000/month.

3.  Have the freedom to travel with my female companion wherever necessary, including beyond Earth, covering events, speaking to leaders and at conferences; connecting with individuals, while supporting and empowering global peace and self-sustainability in this birthing galactic star nation.   €5000/month

‘Blessings’, like ‘abundance’ are neither positive nor negative.   It is a judgement placed on an experience.  Although not noticeable at the time, a seemingly negative experience could be a blessing in disguise, to move one where one really needs to be.  We learn from the things that challenge us the most, or cause us the most pain.

Releasing energies that are no longer serving us, is becoming key for our growth forward at this time.

Nothing changes in your life,... unless YOU are willing to take action and make changes!

There were a few other key highlights.  I asked a couple of participants, first Yvonne and then Dorien to share what key points they got from the workshop:

AUDIO: Participants Yvonne and Dorien from Utrecht, Netherlands.

Hoffman is an author is several books including one about Atlantis and also the mind-control agenda.  I asked to comment not just on the workshop but also about these two subjects in particular, because many listeners are interested in these topics:

AUDIO:  Jennifer Hoffman

Hoffman’s perspectives may resonate with some as they are less esoteric in nature, and do not use the spiritual words and language that some may not resonate with.  Coming up in the FINAL WORDS, Patricia Cota;-Robles offers a more esoteric interpretation to the events happening at this time.  In both cases, the outcome suggests that humanity has been able to overcome this global cabal, even though it may not be fully apparent in this immediate moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Jennifer Hoffman.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : About Jennifer

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Jennifer’s blog.


Finally, in health-related news;

As I mentioned earlier, I recently attended the Cannabis Renaissance conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The cannabis movement is making some very positive movement forward in this country, and this has been the result of at least three key people whom I know personally and am proud to call friends:  Bożidar Radišič, Tanja Cvetreznik, and Dean Herenda.  Of course there are numerous others who are contributing to this campaign of awareness, although I do not know them as well yet.

Radišič has organized a series of these events in the past, bringing together professionals from around the world in their particular areas of expertise, to share their knowledge or their latest research.  In speaking with a few of the presenters, who have worked with Radišič before at previous events, what they respect most about him is that he is open and allows for information to be shared whatever perspective, even if it is not completely supportive of cannabis as healing solution.

Dr. Dorothy Bray from the UK shared a few of her insights on the conference, and what she was there to offer:


What is complicated in our world is that governments expect empirical, scientifically-based evidence to make adequate and informed decisions, but those same governments are controlled by corporate and legal interests that make it much more difficult and expensive to get that scientifically-based evidence, to prove that the corporations are corrupt.   Therefore, we are caught in a very difficult position, but it is not an impossible position.  It just means doing things in different ways, outside of the box.

Dr. Sue Sisley shares a bit about her work with cannabis as it relates to post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD:


As I have been trying to educate listeners for years now, the issues are inter-connected in so many ways, and it will always be wise if one has the ability to at least connect a few of the dots before challenging leaders with questions.  Otherwise, a skillful bureaucrat will be able to deflect the question and possibly even make the person asking the question look uninformed.

Note that Sisley mentioned specifically that her clinical trials involve very low-grade samples of cannabis.  It is yet another cheap trick that cabal-controlled government bureaucrats can use to slow the process down, or to force a desired result that is acceptable for the cabal agenda.  This is why, if one is going to question politicians about cannabis, it is also wise to have knowledge about how the legal system has been corrupted to work against the best interests of humanity and the planet.
Dr. Paul Hornby, based out Vancouver, Canada shares some of what he has learned with regard to cannabis:


I’d like to repeat and summarize some of Paul’s information again, so it is very clear for those beginning to research using cannabis:

- Cannabis, if fully utilized can change the world.

- Cannabis does not toxify the body in any way.

- There are 140 THC and CBD compounds and the natural extracts have more effective and better safety records than synthesized or highly purified versions of cannabis.  These are the kinds of cannabis that governments and companies like Monsanto are seeking to make available on the market.

- Synthesized cannabis could actually be dangerous and have negative effects on the liver.

- Extracted cannabidiol does not create this negative effect within the body.

- Synthesized or purified CBD is harder to find that ‘magic dosage’ and the most beneficial effects will be lost if the dosage is too small or too high.

- Cannabis is both effective and safe, when used in its extract form. These are the two qualities that regulatory bodies look at when allowing things to come to market.  However it is illegal because it is too effective, and too safe.

- With naturally-extracted CBD, one will get an increasing beneficial effect where it will plateau instead of dropping off that will happen with the more dangerous, synthesized CBD.

- CBD can be dosed according to body weight, but THC is harder to do so, because people react differently to the psychoactive effect.

The amounts given by Hornby were a bit unclear.  My research so far suggests that, depending upon the illness or condition, one might need anywhere from 20mg/day to over 1500mg/day.  In the show transcript, I am going to post several videos with some dosage information, for those who are wanting to learn more about this.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : CBD Oil Dosage - General Advice On How Much CBD To Take.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13JAN2014 via : CBD Dose Calibration By Body Weight.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05FEB2011 via : CBD Dosage Information - Written by Rick Simpson.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01FEB2016 Green Flower Media via : Cannabis Dosing Strategies; Dr. Dustin Sulak at the Cannabis Health Summit 2016

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31JAN2016 John Honeycutt via : Dosing Guidelines for CBD Oil with Dr. Terry Himes Neurologist.

More information about Paul Hornby:

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Browsing - Dr. Paul Hornby.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Interview with Dr. Paul Hornby.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 11OCT2005 Fred Leduc, : Dr. Hornby Of Advanced Nutrients

CLICK TO VIEW  - Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo : Dr. Paul Hornby

CLICK TO VIEW  - 27JUN2013 Tom Davidson via : Doctor Paul Hornby - The full interview.

This final interview was with Dr. Bob Melameade, a molecular biologist, researcher and founder of Dr. Bobs Cannabis Awakening Foundation in the U.S.:


CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Dr. Bob Melameade. 

Unfortunately, the interview was interrupted, and I was unable to get the full extent of the material he had to share.  The biographies of all participants in the conference can be found in the show transcript in a link for the conference,

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Webpage with the biographies of the experts at the Cannabis Renaissance conference.

As conferences of this nature continue to move around the world, the people are becoming much more informed as to the benefits.  The challenge however is to be informed enough, so that one does not blindly trust government-regulated or pharmaceutically-synthesized cannabis.

Some good news may be this, however.  Rachel Blevins, in an article on The Free Thought Project website form July 2nd reports the following:  “ A landmark study helps explain why Big Pharma is so afraid of the medical benefits of cannabis. The pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, both powerful influences in Washington, have long lobbied against cannabis legalization in order to protect their profits.

The recent study is lending credibility to the idea that medical cannabis can be used as a natural alternative to prescription pain medications, with nearly 100 percent of respondents saying they believe cannabis is helping them decrease their use of prescription opioids to treat the pain.

The study, which was conducted by HelloMD, one of the largest medical cannabis communities in the nation, and University of California Berkley, surveyed nearly 3,000 patients who use both opioid and non-opioid based pain medication.”

The article continues;  “The results of the study concluded that 97 percent of respondents “strongly agreed/agreed” that they could decrease use of their opioid medications when using cannabis. While 92 percent of respondents said that they “strongly agreed/agreed” that they prefer cannabis to treat their medical condition.

The study also found that 81 percent of respondents said they “strongly agreed/ agreed” that using cannabis alone was more effective than taking cannabis with opioids.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research

Amanda Reiman, a professor at UC Berkley who helped lead the study, said the treatment of pain has become a “politicized business” in the United States that has resulted in “the rapidly rising rate of opioid related overdoses and dependence.”

“Cannabis has been used throughout the world for thousands of years to treat pain and other physical and mental health conditions,” Reiman said. “Patients have been telling us for decades that this practice is producing better outcomes than the use of opioid based medications. It’s past time for the medical profession to get over their reefer madness and start working with the medical cannabis movement and industry to slow down the destruction being caused by the over prescribing and overuse of opioids.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JUL2017 Rachel Blevins, : Big Pharma Losing Grip as Study Shows Nearly 100% Cannabis Users Give Up Rx Pain Meds.

All links, videos and information will appear in the show transcript for this story.


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Just before we get to this week’s FINAL WORDS,  I am, perhaps unfortunately, going to have to put out another fundraising call.

I’m very sorry to have to do this again.  I’ve been experimenting with how to make CVN better.  For most of the last five years,  I have not gone out very much to specific events to meet people, to experience new energies nor have I made much of an attempt to cover events because I felt I needed that money for my immediate survival.

I have been trying something a little bit different over the last six months.  I purchased at least two, 5-city travel vouchers with a bus company called FlixBus. They have offered five cities for €99.  When I plan my trips correctly, it is possible to get to different cities around Europe using as few vouchers as possible.  Most of the time, it means that I can travel to at least two cities free of charge.  I have been doing a few stays at Airbnb, and I am now starting to use Couchsurfing, to minimize my costs even more. 

If CVN is going to grow, and get more support, I have to get myself out to where people are, so they can talk to me, and learn more.  I have to find ways to give presentations at more conferences, and this is going to require more funding.  I have been unable to get my own apartment with the funding that I had, and I was sharing a room for about a month, but circumstances have changed once again, and I have to find another place to live.

There are several peace institutions in Germany that I am trying to get the attention of, so that I can offer some presentations there.  It means having to go there, and start meeting people. 

The times are getting pretty crazy, and I know that almost everyone is going to be dealing with many of their own issues over the coming few months as global events heat up. 

IF however, you happen to be one who is blessed with a little bit more at this time, and you are able and willing to lend a bit of support so I can move forward at this time, then I so very kindly thank each of you for this consideration!  

In speaking with Jennifer privately at her event in Utrecht, she suggested to me that it is time to really put a value on my work and service. 

WHEN I can get settled somewhere on a more permanent basis, either in Slovenia, The Netherlands, or possibly elsewhere then perhaps I can start setting up actual presentations to begin sharing to people more about global events, global peace, solutions, relationships, energies, Ascension, politics, finance, science/technology, health, cannabis, and ET/UFO’s. 

At this time, LIFE is bringing up EVERYTHING in everyone, and there will be none of us that will be able to avoid going through this process of healing of release, and for some it will be more painful than for others.  I’m not going to sugarcoat it...the journey has been challenging, because I have had a few people in my world recently refuse to honour their promises to me, or they have not repaid money I gave to help them over the last few years. 

In some cases, it is about balancing karma.  In other cases, it is a lesson for me in patience, and letting go, something that is very hard to do when one is struggling and not having a place to live. 

I am exploring options however, I am creating that I will have more positive news after I have taken a bit of a vacation, and hopefully had a chance to get myself settled somewhere.

Thank you to the six people who are already making monthly donations.  Your faith in CVN is so very appreciated!

Blessings to all who may be able and willing to assist CVN and me at this time!


In this week’s FINAL WORDS

A few weeks ago, I aired a couple of videos from Patricia Cota-Robles.  I started at the beginning of her series.  This week I am going to jump ahead, because I’m getting a feeling that many...perhaps especially myself right now, need to be reminded of what is going on, and our role within it.

I can’t even begin to describe all the things that are coming up in my world for healing and release at this time.  It feels like a ‘perfect storm’, although I know that there are still many who are enduring much worse.  I have no right to complain, and I choose not to.  I eagerly am awaiting whatever solutions are to manifest not just personally, but for all of us. 

Create a wonderful week until our next moment of ‘now’! 

I leave you with Video log 16 from Patricia Cota-Robles, sharing why it is such a critical time on Earth. 

This video is shared with permission from Patricia, and I thank her for allowing me to share it with all of you! 

The specific wording and language used may not resonate with everyone at this time, but I invite you to try to listen with your heart, and try to interpret the message in a way that feels appropriate for you to understand and receive it.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 17JUL2017 Patricia Cota-Robles via :  Vlog 16 - Why is this such a critical time on earth?

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Patricia Cota-Robles

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Video log content.


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