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2017-07-14 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - July 14, 2017

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Greetings and blessings to all!

In the aftermath of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, we will soon observe the consequences of what was discussed.  We are going to observe this both in terms of the physical reality, but also in terms of the energetic shifts, which I will explain in a bit more detail shortly.

In a contributing article picked up by Sputnik News, Pepe Escobar offered his insights on what he called ‘the G20 from hell’.  In his article on July 9th he reported that:  “ A future history of the G20 in Hamburg might start with a question posed by President Donald Trump – actually his speechwriter – a few days earlier in Warsaw:

“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.”
Escobar continues:  “ The G20 as a whole was a noxious military dystopia disguised as a global summit. “Welcome to Hell” and other assorted protests, on multiple levels, were sort of answering another Trump-in-Warsaw question; “Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?”

These questions are, what is called in English ‘loaded’, meaning that the wording can be interpreted in any way so that someone is able to claim the statement as ‘truth’.

Let’s explore this for a moment.  The first statement on whether or not the West has the will to survive.  From the perspective of the global cabal and those attached to the criminally fraudulent systems of law and banking, the ‘will’ to survive appears to be coming in the form of pushing a stronger NATO alliance to stand up to Russia and other imaginary threats to their global hegemony. Secondly, the West cannot and will not survive in its current form, because the fiat currency system is imploding due to an impossible ability to pay off debt and the fact that the people of the world are becoming informed as to how they have been enslaved and manipulated by the global cabal on numerous levels.

IF the West wants to survive and remain relevant to any degree, they will have to surrender their hegemony of the world, and allow a multipolar world to form, in alignment with a gold or resources-backed financial paradigm as a temporary transition to a world where money will no longer be needed as we currently know it.

Regarding Trumps question in Poland:  “Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in he face of those who would subvert and destroy it?”

Whew...’Do we have the desire and courage to preserve our civilization...’?  Currently we live in a civilization that exists on the enslavement and control of humanity and the destruction of our planet for profit and power.  Who has the desire to preserve this?  I certainly do not, so I am not sure to whom he is directing this statement.  The second part...  ‘in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?’  Is the reference being made to the global elitists trying to maintain their control, or the people who are seeking to create their freedom from enslavement?

The elitists can interpret a statement like that to suit their agenda, and the freedom-loving people can interpret this to support their desire for freedom from enslavement and control.  Now we need to find out to whom Trump was really directing the question.

Escobar also adds this:  “While leaders worked the cosseted rooms, gossiped, listened to the Ode to Joy and indulged in the proverbial banquet, outside there was burning and looting; a sort of vicious, street-level commentary not only about their concept of “civilization” but also about Trump-in-Warsaw conveniently forgetting to say that it’s US and NATO’s “policies” which end up generating the terror blowback that threaten “civilization”, “our values” and our “will to survive”.”

As long as the West was in control of the world with its unipolar hegemony, the world was ‘peaceful’ by whatever definition they apply to that word.  However, China and Russia are being increasingly viewed as a ‘threat’ and it is only because both countries took the corrupt western financial system, used it to their advantage and built up their infrastructure and gold reserves...and now they plan to turn the tables on the corrupt fractional reserve system.

The global cabal knew that this day was coming.  As I have reported in the past, there is absolutely no way this current system can keep going, and it is a massively leaking dam that is about to breach and destroy the dam, unless the groundwork for the new financial model is laid down in preparation. 

As I also mentioned on last week’s newscast, China has very carefully planned these events, to get even for the opium wars initiated by the UK and France that destroyed China.

The writing is on the wall.  Some European countries are resisting the additional sanctions against Russia.  As Escobar also notes:  “ for all practical purposes what Chinese and German business interests do see further on down the road is Eurasia integration – with the 21st century New Silk Roads, a.k.a. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) starting in eastern China and ending in the Ruhr valley. Now that’s a practical definition of how a “multilateral trade regime” should work. Add to it the just-clinched, massive trade deal between the EU and Japan. For all practical purposes, geopolitically and geoeconomically, Germany is moving East.

The BRICs nations – China, India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa – met on the sidelines and, what else, called for a “rules-based, transparent, non-discriminatory, open and inclusive multilateral trading system.”

Escobar pointed out something that CVN has been saying for a very long time regarding the migration crisis in Europe.  He was describing how German Chancellor Merkel was able to ‘win’ in certain negotiations, but she lost miserably when it came to the issue of mass migration.  Escobar noted that:  “ No NATO power at the G-20 would have had the balls to publicly connect the dots between ghastly US/NATO wars in Afghanistan, Libya, and the Syrian proxy war, generating millions of refugees for whom the only hope is Europe. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09JUL2017 Pepe Escobar via : The G20 From Hell.

Stated bluntly, it has been the US/NATO policy of destroying countries that has created the mass migration that is now being used to rip Europe apart.

In a separate, but related story to the migration crisis this week, an article appearing on the ZeroHedge website on July 15th is reporting that:  “ Two weeks after Italy reacted with anger to Austria's deployment of troops and armored vehicles to the border between the two nations, while reactivating border controls at the Brenner Pass over concerns that Italy will be unable to handle the roughly 85,000 migrants and refugees who have entered the country so far in 2017, the Italian government has threatened to retaliate in way that assures an imminent migrant crisis as well as an escalation of tensions between the two EU nations.

According to The Times, an Italian minister and a senator have threatened to issue temporary EU visas to thousands of migrants in an effort to "resolve" Italy's escalating migrant and refugee crisis, which would then allow the refugees to travel north. The move, which has been described as a 'nuclear option,' would allow the nearly 200,000 migrants currently stranded in Italy, to travel across Europe using a Brussels directive loophole.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 15JUL2017 : Italy Threatens EU With "Nuclear Option": Give 200,000 Migrants EU Visas, Sending Them North.

So the West invades and destroys countries and displaces millions. Those millions are then sent into European countries by an unelected EU leadership, to destabilize them, and the taxpayers are forced to pay for them and to also absorb the austerity measures resulting from the action.  This gives a purpose and a meaning for NATO to remain in existence and in Europe.  The destabilization may also be an attempt to prevent the mass-movement of countries towards the eastern alliance, the new financial paradigm and the Belt and Road initiative.

Coming back to NATO however.  In another article by John Wight appearing on the RT news website on July 15th, Wight reports that:  “  NATO is not an organization committed to promoting democratic values, as claimed, but to promoting Western hegemony, domination and, wherever the writ of the West is resisted or contested, regime change.

The scale of human suffering wrought by Western imperialism is of such magnitude that it cannot possibly be quantified. In more recent times, since the end of the Second World War, words such as ‘progress,' ‘civilization,' and ‘democracy’ have been used to justify what has been a perennial state of conflict and instability. In every part of the world this imperialist juggernaut, led by Washington, has made its oppressive presence felt, undermining and destabilizing governments in the cause of an empire that wears the garb of democracy but which, just like every empire there has been, is rooted in power and greed.”

NATO was established in 1949, just a year after the State of Israel was formally created.  This cannot be a coincidence.

Wight notes also that:  “it was in the context of a Cold War that pitted the Soviet bloc against a Western alliance in a struggle defined by two antagonistic economic systems and their accompanying ideologies – capitalism and communism. It was a global struggle which lasted over four decades. One that brought the planet close to nuclear Armageddon in the early 1960s and spawned a series of proxy conflicts throughout the developing world, as countries such as Korea, Vietnam, Angola and Nicaragua emerged from decades of Western/US colonial and imperialist domination to assert their right to self-determination.”

As the world is now coming to learn and as I stated moments ago, military force has been used to remove leaders who refuse to play by the script of the global controllers.  The economic hitmen are sent in, like John Perkins, to bribe/blackmail leaders.  IF this fails, then the military is sent in under some pre-planned agenda.

Wight continues:  “The Western, or capitalist, bloc was and remains dominated by the United States, which, despite unleashing an ocean of propaganda designed to associate itself with words and concepts such as ‘liberty’, ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights,' is a nation that has extended itself in destroying liberty, undermining democracy and violating human rights in every corner of the globe.

As the author William Blum puts it in the preface of the 2014 edition of his bestselling and classic work, Rogue State: A Guide To The World’s Only Superpower, “The American Empire has become the world’s greatest threat, not only to peace but - thanks to its military-industrial-Wall Street-complex – to prosperity, and to the environment as well. The empire has become the world’s greatest weapon of mass destruction.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 15JUL2017 John Wight, : NATO: Instrument of US imperial power masquerading as freedom-loving military alliance.

Keep in mind also that the cabal funds both sides of the conflict.  Communist Russia came into being after the Khazarian Jews slaughtered over 60 million Russian orthodox christians in the revolution of 1917/18.  The Khazarian Jews were also pushing for the zionist creation of Israel, while also starting to take control of the United States.

This however, is all beginning to change.  Thankfully, people are awakening worldwide to the lies, frauds, and crimes against humanity and our planet.  They are becoming informed and through their courage in critically questioning everything, they begin to influence others in their ability to think and question for themselves.  With the shifting energies of the planet, we are also witnessing things being revealed in ways that have not occurred before in this lifetime.

So we appear to be on the Twilight of US global hegemony in the world, but, coming back to Escobar’s article for a moment, he writes in his closing comments that :  “ In the medium term, it’s fair to expect Germany to slowly but surely re-approach Russia. As much as Washington’s unipolar moment may be fading fast, the Game of Thrones in the G-20 realm is just beginning.”


In other geopolitical news, looking towards Syria for a moment, and it may appear that the West is giving up on its plan to remove President Bashar Al-Assad from his leadership of Syria. 

This would suggest some pretty major things happening behind-the-scenes that the world has not yet been informed of.

In an article appearing on Sputnik News on July 15th, the story states that:  “ Speaking to reporters after talks with President Trump this week, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Paris's Syria stance no longer includes the removal of President Bashar Assad from power as a priority. Russian observers say the about-face is significant, serving as the first inkling of a new paradigm in French Middle East policy.”

Macron was quoted as saying that:  “We have changed the French doctrine with regard to Syria; our fundamental task now is to eradicate terrorist groups, no matter [where] they are.”

Again, this is a statement that is open for interpretation, because the world has never been clearly informed as to who the real ‘terrorist’ is.

The West and the western media say the terrorists are ‘Daesh’ or ‘Al-Qaeda’,  ‘Al-Nusra’ or any one of several other groups.  Yet, these groups are funded and trained by US, Israeli and western interests.  Leaders and media of the west claim that Assad is a bad leader and needs to be removed.  Yet, the West removed Saddam Hussein from Iraq because he threatened to sell his oil in euros and not USD; Gaddafi was removed as leader of Libya because he was proposing a gold-backed financial system for Africa, and he offered benefits to the people of his country that would put the West to shame. 

At least several YouTube videos feature confessions from US soldiers saying that it was really they, the soldiers of the US and of western countries, that were the terrorists.

So, “To whom is Macron referring when he says terrorist?”, is the question.

The article also noted that:  “In turn, President Trump said that Washington was working on a second truce in Syria with Moscow, emphasizing that the first ceasefire was made possible only thanks to earlier Russian-US contacts.

Russian officials have reacted to President Macron's remarks with a cautious sense of optimism. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee deputy head Vladimir Jabbarov said that a real opportunity has emerged, perhaps for the first time, "to unite the efforts of the Syrian Army, the Russian Aerospace Forces, and the Western coalition in the fight against terrorism in Syria.””

The article also noted the following:  “For his part, Senate Foreign Affairs Committee head Konstantin Kosachev said that Macron's about-face was a sign that the new French president is looking to return his country to world politics as a major player. Still, he added that this "wonderful and long-awaited piece of news" will now require concrete proposals for cooperation to move forward. Kosachev welcomed the creation of a working group, but only on the conditions that the proposal is genuine, and that it does not undermine the negotiation processes in Geneva and Astana.”

Stanislav Tarasov, a well-known Russian specialist in Middle East studies, was quoted in the article as saying that:  “We see that Macron's France, unlike the France of his predecessor, is beginning to develop a new paradigm for Paris's foreign policy in the Middle East. [Former President Francois] Hollande practically did not have a policy, choosing instead to toe the line of the Americans, in a servile position. Paris did not even have its own clear position regarding Assad.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 15JUL2017  :  'Assad Can Stay': Western Powers Recognize Russia Was Right All Along in Syria.

At this point however, it is all just words, and it remains to be seen whether or not Macron and France really intend to move forward in what appears to be a bolder direction in its foreign policy, and to re-assert France as a major player in global affairs, instead of being a puppet to US demands. 

On a broader, more spiritual level however, perhaps the energies are bringing about significant changes in perhaps unexpected ways.  I will be commenting more on this shortly.


In financial news,

For those having the eyes, the ears and the hearts to see, hear and feel, as well as the open mind to interpret, one should be able to conclude that we are on the verge of very profound changes.  The fiat currency, fractional-reserve model of banking is imploding, and the movement is on away from the worthless USD and indeed also away from all worthless fiat currencies.

Former US Congressman, presidential candidate and host of The Liberty Report, Dr. Ron Paul appeared recently on World Alternative Media, offering an interview to host Josh Sigurdson.

In some excerpts from the interview, Paul offers his assessment on what he sees unfolding at this time:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13JUL2017 World Alternative Media (WAM) via : Ron Paul On The Coming Dollar Crash, Cashless Society & False Flags.

The link to the full interview will be in the show transcript for this story.


As you heard moments ago, Ron Paul spoke of expecting a crash to occur in the fiat system.  He also described how he himself began preparing.

The BRICS alliance of countries, led by Russia and China have been preparing for this since at least 2010.

I reported earlier how both countries took advantage of the fiat system for their benefit, and now they will be able to reap the rewards because they focused on their infrastructure, instead of external wars-for-profit.

An RT article on July 14th has reported that:  “ Trade between Moscow and Beijing has increased significantly in the first six months of the year, according to the Chinese customs administration.

Through June, trade between Russia and China was worth $39.78 billion. Russian exports increased 29.3 percent to $20.34 billion, while Chinese exports to Russia were up 22.2 percent to $19.44 billion.

In 2016, trade between Moscow and Beijing grew only 2.2 percent to $69.52 billion. The countries have set a goal to boost trade to $200 billion by 2020.”

Arguably, the biggest reason for this major increase is due to the fact that Russia and China no longer use the USD as the currency of exchange for their trading.  As a result, the US banking cabal is not able to steal money through the foreign exchange process.

The article continues:  “ In July, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the China Development Bank (CDB) agreed to establish a Russian-Chinese investment fund worth 68 billion yuan ($10 billion). It was created to make settlements in ruble and yuan easier.

Both Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly talked about the importance of payments in local currencies for bilateral trade.

The agreement was signed at a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, while he was in Russia on an official visit.

The countries are also jointly building the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility on the Yamal Peninsula in the Russian Arctic. Over the past year, Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia as China's top oil supplier.

China is building a new transport corridor to Europe as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (also known as the New Silk Road), which goes through Kazakhstan and Russia to Europe.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14JUL2017 : Russia-China trade surges 26% in first half of 2017.

If one only listens to the western business pundits, they hear that the Chinese economy is in ‘recession’ or something similar.  Clearly, two countries that are moving forward in heavy banking, trading and investment partnerships are clearly not affected by western sanctions, nor the fraudulent fiat currency models.


In general news,

Over the coming weeks, and months, numerous sources are pointing to massively shifting energies that have the potential to prepare humanity further for this experience that some define as ‘Ascension’, or whether people will fall back into third density patterns relating to fear and all the negative energies that the global cabal is seeking to create in our world at this time. 

I’d like to share this months energy update from Lee Harris.  He also speaks to the increasing energies at this time, and the impact that it is having upon us, and how we have the choice to use these incoming energies.

We are being changed and prepared.  Our physical bodies are changing, mostly in ways that the vast majority of people are not yet ready to understand, even though they may feel it or sense it on some level.

Here is a part of what Harris shared this month:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14JUL2017 Lee Harris Energy via : July Energy Update - The Arrival of Higher Frequencies and Light-speed Density Detoxes.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Lee Harris.


CLICK TO VIEW  - : Rise Of The Lightworkers MP3.

For those who understand and have faith in the science behind astrology, Carl Boudreau is also offering information about the planetary alignments that are supporting massive energetic shifts at this time, including at least one major eclipse coming in August.

Boudreau was asked about the energies relating to the Harmonic Convergence that took place back in 1987, compared to the energies of the current time.

Boudreau explained it this way:  “If the Harmonic Convergence chart of 1987 is about wealth building, the August 2017 eclipse charts appear to be about ”spiritualization.” We have seen what decades of unbridled emphasis on the creation, preservation and consolidation  - the monopolization of wealth and power by the 1% -  has done to the world.

However, to fully understand the meaning of Harmonic Convergence and of August’s eclipses, and the relationship between them, we probably must understand the astrological pattern that began emerging in the early 1970s, what I have called the oligarchic alignment. This alignment concentrated planetary power in the houses of the 1% (Libra thru Pisces) and formed the astrological basis for an extreme concentration of economic and political power in the hands of the 1%.

Essentially, then, what I referred to as the oligarchic alignment was a setup for the rise of global oligarchy. The wealthy and powerful, aided immensely by the oligarchic alignment, were well-positioned to exploit the Grand Trine of the Harmonic Convergence to expand and further consolidate their wealth and power in the years before and after the Harmonic Convergence.

Basically, in the early 1970’s the powerful outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, began settling into the last 6 signs of the Zodiac, Libra thru Pisces, the signs that govern the 99%. This alignment built up and persisted until roughly 2010, a period of forty years.

During these forty years between 1970-1 and 2010-11, the placement of powerful outer planets, in the signs of the 1%, were heavily empowering the 1%. Accordingly, during those years, wealth and power accumulated heavily in the hands of the 1%.

Coming when it did, in the late 1980s, the Harmonic Convergence would have capped off the political and economic empowerment of the 99%. All three powerful outer planets would have been in their signs. “

This however, is starting to change.  I reported on Boudreau’s astrology posting from five or six months ago, I think, about the movement of planet’s away from benefitting the 1% to benefitting the 99%.

Boudreau states that:  “ The oligarchic alignment began to unravel in earnest in 2010-11 when Uranus entered Aries. When Uranus entered Aries, it left the oligarchic alignment. When it entered Aries, Uranus began its long sweep of the houses of the 99% (Aries thru Virgo). And, to my eye, the influence of Uranus in Aries has been increasingly apparent among the 99% as a tendency toward reform and resistance since then.

If the oligarchic alignment and the Harmonic Convergence are responsible for the political and economic power imbalance in the world, and the oligarchic alignment is slowly unraveling, it seems reasonable to suspect that the eclipses of August 2017 will be part of this unraveling.

Thus, August’s eclipses would mark an important point in the unraveling of the oligarchic alignment and the global oligarchy it brought into existence.
August’s eclipses would be a counterpoint to the Harmonic Convergence. And from the look of the composite chart for August’s eclipses, that does, indeed appear to be what is happening.”

Boudreau points to the positions of several planets and stars and the profound impact that he expects from these energies.  The coming alignment of the star Sirius, which Boudreau says governs the spiritual hierarchy of the Earth, in alignment with Venus, with the energies of love, in the zodiac of Leo which focuses on the alignment of the personality and the Higher Self.  In this sense, there is going to be massive shifting within people to deal with their issues, but also there will be a burning away of the mundane within geopolitics and geoeconomics.

Boudreau adds that:  “Currently, corrupt, oligarchic values govern nurturance. Extreme political and economic inequality is the ideal and the goal. But the precise Sirius/Ceres conjunction speaks of the spirtualization of the principles governing nurturance as it is now found on our planet.

Thus, when all three bodies (Venus, Sirius and Ceres) are taken into account, the grouping at the apex of the Kite suggests that the eclipses of August will trigger the spiritualization of the global economic and political order.
The eclipses will trigger events that replaces the system of gross inequality of wealth and power we currently have and replace it with a system characterized by an equitable, fair distribution of power and wealth.”

With all of this, there is potentially a lot to look forward to over the coming months, as long as one is able to stay grounded enough to know that whatever chaos  or disruptions arise, it will all pass, and each soul will be called to stand in one’s truth during this time, and to avoid falling into fear as much as possible, and focus more on grounding the higher energies of love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, generosity and any energy that is generally LIFE-honouring.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Carl Boudreau via : Mid-July: August’s Eclipses (again). Twilight of the Oligarchs.


Over to some science-related news now,

Since we seem to be following a theme this week of consciousness of mind, body and universe, there is this possibly relevant report.  Thankfully, there are people who are informed on topics such as these, and can try to help explain them...even when there is currently no explanation.

A report on July 13 had suggested that there was high energetic activity taking place beyond Earth.  In most cases, people might first think that our Sun was sending out some solar flares and solar winds towards Earth.

The problem this time however, is that this source is reporting that there has not been any activity of an unusual nature, coming from the Sun:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13JUL2017 via : SWPC Type IV Alert - Shockwave ROCKS Earth - (Late Flaring Observed) .

Is our universe being energetically prepared for some kind of celestial energetic event?  This is hard to confirm at this time, although it cannot be completely dismissed either.   The source says, he intends to keep following this story, but as of this moment, he is having a hard time explaining where this energy is coming from that is giving the readings that some are receiving, and that others are feeling, due to their sensitivity.

Perhaps more will follow on this possible story, as details become available.


While unusual things appear to be happening beyond Earth at this time, an article appearing on the website from June 24th  is asking whether our Universe may be conscious.

Many, and perhaps most of you probably just had the thought:  ‘so what else is new?’; ‘tell me something I don’t already know’ or  ‘DUH it’s about time science got this fundamental truth straightened out’.

It may be obvious to many of us, but there are sill many, hopefully new CVN listeners who may need to be reminded of this or introduced to this idea.

According to the article:  “ Physicist Gregory Matloff has published a paper that argues that the entire universe may be capable of consciousness. This concept, called "panpsychism," is speculative, but there are many who wish to perform further research on it.

For centuries, modern science has been shrinking the gap between humans and the rest of the universe, from Isaac Newton showing that one set of laws applies equally to falling apples and orbiting moons to Carl Sagan intoning that “we are made of star stuff” — that the atoms of our bodies were literally forged in the nuclear furnaces of other stars.

Even in that context, Gregory Matloff’s ideas are shocking. The veteran physicist at New York City College of Technology recently published a paper arguing that humans may be like the rest of the universe in substance and in spirit. A “proto-consciousness field” could extend through all of space, he argues. Stars may be thinking entities that deliberately control their paths. Put more bluntly, the entire cosmos may be self-aware.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 24JUN2017 :  Could The Universe Be Conscious?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 2016 Gregory L. Matloff, Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research, : Can Panpsychism Become an Observational Science?

In this context, the question of consciousness is now being explored more at the macro level of human awareness - the cosmic level.

In an academic paper from 2013, James Beichler explored the neuro-cosmological basis of consciousness and spirituality.

In his paper, he wrote the following:  “  Great strides have been made in the neurosciences over the past few years, especially in the areas of neurophysiology and neurophysics. In fact, the area of research called neurophysics has only emerged as a viable branch of physics in the past decade or two. The object of these researches goes beyond just discovering how the brain functions, but to actually discover the neural correlates of mind and consciousness. On the other hand, developing physical models of consciousness from the opposite direction of a theoretical rather than an experimental or observational direction has also become popular over the past few decades.

Together, these two approaches have raised the possibility that science will soon understand enough about mind and consciousness to answer important questions that have haunted philosophical thought and metaphysical speculations for several millennia, the most important of which might be How does human consciousness emerge within the brain? And ‘What is the relationship between consciousness and the greater universe?  These questions represent perhaps the greatest and the most important mysteries of all science because they define who we are, where we have been and where we are going as an intelligent species.”

Beichler also adds that:  “ The answers could also tell us how we as individuals and a species relate to the universe as a whole  –  It is at this point that physics and physical cosmology enter the study because it has traditionally been the science of physics that studies and tries to determine what it is that we observe and otherwise sense as reality.

The smallest viable living unit is the cell and the neuron is the particular cell associated with mind and the brain

However neurons extend throughout our bodies to make up the nervous system that carries signals from the external world to our brain and from our brain back to the various muscles and organs in our bodies

Not only do neurons extend throughout our bodies, but there are a disproportionately large quantity of neurons in the heart  – Only in the heart does the density of neurons approach that of the brain.”

Beichler points out that:  “If mind and consciousness emerge from the vast net of neurons in the brain, as all scientists think, then mind and consciousness must extend throughout the rest of the body as do the neurons.”

Consciousness is thus also explored at a microcellular level, the levels of the neurons, within the human body.

CLICK TO VIEW  - PDF document via   The Neuro-Cosmological Basis of Consciousness and Spirituality

Consciousness is being shown beyond current human understanding, on both a macro and micro level and we are now beginning to link the macro with the micro.

In a video from November of 2016, scientist and author Gregg Braden continues his work in linking the spiritual component of human existence with science, exploring the connection between the heart and mind through coherence and exploring humanity’s connection to a larger, unified field:


It is becoming more and more my personal belief that ‘energy’, ‘frequency’, ‘vibration’, ‘DNA’, ‘consciousness’, ‘heart’, ‘love’, ‘peace’ and ‘LIFE’, are becoming more and more interconnected as human awareness continues to evolve.  It is even possible that that these terms are also becoming important keys for humans to focus upon in the coming future, as the planetary energies continue to rise, so that less humans are drawn into the tricks, treats and traps of the global cabal seeking to keep its control of humanity.   Over the coming weeks, I hope to be able to explore this in a little more detail.


Finally in health-related news;

The current time we are in appears to be guiding humans who are ready, to move more into a space of feeling and BE-ing.

While attending the workshop in The Netherlands last weekend with Jennifer Hoffman, I met a gentle soul there named Joseph Blezer.  Joseph describes his service for humanity as being the ‘alchemy of touch’, and invites clients to ‘feel who you are’.   In this audio clip, he shares a bit about himself, and his service for humanity:


Currently, Blezer’s website is available only in the Dutch language, but he communicates well in English, so any who may feel interested in reaching out to Blezer for more information, or to book a session, can do so from his webpage, and the links will appear in the show transcript for this story.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : {DUTCH ONLY FOR NOW} : Homepage for Joseph Blezer.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Contact webpage for Joseph Blezer for rebalancing/healing work.

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9. ( 1:16:20 )  FUNDRAISING CALL

Just before getting into this week’s FINAL WORDS, I would like to put out the request again that CVN is in need of financial assistance at this time, so if there are any listeners who feel a calling to support this service,  your help at this time is most graciously appreciated!

10. ( 1:16:41 )  FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS;

The question in the minds of many who are awakening at this time, and even those who have been awake for years or even decades is arguably this one:  “Why am I not creating the life I am desiring?”

There are possibly several answers to this question, depending upon the individual.

It may not yet be time for that individual to have that experience, because there are still lessons that need to be learned.
The individual may not be fully connected in awareness, with a strong heart/mind connection.
The individual is more focused on the physical and the material, and is neglecting the power within and also beyond oneself.
The soul is choosing for whatever other reasons, to be at that density of vibration

Those are at least four, although possibly there may be a few others.

We are approaching a period of time, and arguably have already been in a period of time, of great revelations and transformation.

As well, we note the increasing desperation of the global cabal to distract us from the spiritual tools within ourselves, and keep us stuck in lower vibrations through fear, separation, debt and technology.

So many people around the world right now are, for example, addicted to websites proclaiming a certain experience will be coming called a ‘currency exchange’.  I have been aware of this for many years, and yes, I even did buy a small amount of currency, believing that this was going to happen.

It may happen, or it may not, but what if, for a moment, we consider that the financial events, or the alleged financial events, are part of the trap?   The internet was part of the trap as well; to get humans addicted to everything except finding the truth about everything.  This is now starting to backfire on the global cabal.

We have come to learn how tricky this global cabal has been in the past.  We are seeing how desperate and tricky they are in this lifetime, and how they fund both sides of conflicts, and easily turn people on each other, in order to fulfill their agenda for domination of the planet and the ultimate enslavement and control of humanity.  This ‘global cabal’ however is still not the full story however.  This cabal entity is merely the public face of a much more secretive group of individuals who are not known to the public.  This is another rabbit hole for another day, for those choosing to go down that hole.

This global cabal, along with its partners, are no longer winning this time however, and it has been argued that there are  other forces and energies that are assisting on the levels that they are allowed to do so, at least for now.

The world has become addicted to technologies once again, and people continue to demand more and faster technologies.  The global cabal keeps giving us what we want, without telling us that what we want is also killing us and benefitting them.

A few weeks back, I asked listeners to picture our Earth being on a road, moving in one direction.  The Earth, as I currently think I understand it, is splitting into different versions of itself.  The process of this splitting is the experience many are now calling 4D.  This is where the energies of both a 3D and a 5D reality have the potential to be experienced.

Is all the talk about currency exchange, and the release of more technologies, are they mere distractions, to keep people from focusing on the approaching energies that will assist humanity and our planet into moving more fully into a 5D reality?  If so, those who are addicted to technology-controlled, money driven world, MAY be falling into a final trap that draws a soul away from the experience of Ascension.  Becoming aware of the possible trap may hopefully keep some people from falling into the trap if/when such a time ever comes.

There are souls here that are very young, and they will not Ascend, because their journey is to go through another cycle around the Galactic Sun. One friend describes to me that the 5D Earth is known as Tara and the 7D Earth is known as Gaia.  I am open to the possibility that there is truth in this.

Consider this:  There were some prophecies that spoke of 1000 years of a ‘golden age’.  That may be true, but what about the remaining 25,000 years of the next cycle around the Galactic Sun?  It could end up being much like what we have experienced. 

I am starting to observe that this illusion humanity has been trapped in, may actually go even deeper than what many us may think we know at this time. 

It is starting to come to me that a time is approaching when we are going to have to choose the reality that we want to live in.  We might be tricked into thinking that the ‘golden age’ will have financial abundance and technologies for all.  Yes, it might even be good for a thousand years or so...until things get dark again.

Consider also this:  where are you choosing to put your focus?  If your ‘New Earth’ is dependent upon financial changes and new technologies, it is possible that you may be lured into repeating another 26000 year cycle, by choosing the 1000 years of golden age.   There is nothing wrong with this, if this is what your soul has chosen to do. Many however, will be tricked into going this path, in the same way humanity has been tricked into surrendering our rights and freedoms to be enslaved to commercial rules and privileges. 

Is it possible to perhaps shift one’s focus into simply envisioning a pristine Earth, with a human species that is awake and aware, and living in ways that do not require money as we currently know it or technologies as we currently know them?

Depending upon where one’s focus is, one may create a new planet of financial wealth and incredible technologies including transhumanism, and a merging of humans with machines.  Another may envision a New Earth that has many other things, while creating a different kind of abundance, but still an abundance that fulfills one in LIFE.

In this 4D Earth we are currently experiencing, we are seeing the potential for several types of reality to manifest. One may be a new world where finances and technologies will be keys to the future on one version of this world.  We - or at least those who are open to looking for it, are also witnessing signs of profound shifts in consciousness and awakening to the fact that materialism does not create happiness nor does it guarantee security.  The trap may be in selecting a world where we are dependent upon looking at external things to provide for our well-being, or we can choose a world where external things are not needed for survival, because we will be manifesting all that we need on our own.

Which world would you rather choose to be a part of?  You may wish to consider this a lot, and very quickly. 

Where are you choosing to put your focus?   Personally, I am trying to put as much of my focus as possible on the 5D Earth, and I see abundance flowing in different and more beautiful ways than the current 3D/4D system we are currently experiencing.

A close personal friend of mine has now revealed to me that she is ready to come out and start serving more publicly at this time. I have mentioned material I have received from her in the past, without mentioning her by name.

Her name is Christina Mahler, and she describes herself as an adept shamanic practitioner.   She has been doing extensive inner work, and she also does extensive work for others with her shamanic practice. 

She has been coming across a lot of information from many different sources, and she has begun connecting a few dots of her own, as to how this whole process MAY unfold.

In about two weeks time, I will be doing some work with her, and although part of this work is related to addressing issues in my world personally, we will also be doing some work that I hope we will be able to share publicly on the newscast.  We are going to explore more deeply this process that is being described as ‘Ascension’, and we will explore also parts of the Hopi Prophecy that describe what is called the ‘Blue Kachina’.  Christina believes that this ‘Blue Kachina’ may be, or is at least connected to, a particular celestial event that is going to supercharge the bodies of those who are ready to receive it, to lift their bodies to the minimum 5-strand DNA activation needed to move into the Ascension experience.  We will begin to explore galactic cycles, what is currently happening on Earth, and why things that are not of integrity are being exposed at this time.

Christina is busy working with individual clients, but also doing some group work, as well as drumming classes and more.  She has said to me that is able to take a few more clients, if there are any CVN listeners who are wanting to work with an individual doing shamanic practical work. She can assist with:  soul retrieval; extractions; divinations; death and dying; power animal retrieval; healing with spiritual light and more.  On top of her shamanic healing work, she also offers workshops relating to shamanic journeying as well as the Fundamentals of Shamanism.

Shifting your energies will contribute to having an easier journey when the Blue Kachina arrives.
Her website is and is available in both English and German.  Links to both webpages, along with her contact details,  will also be in the show transcript for the FINAL WORDS.

If things are not manifesting according to your desires right now, and you are seeking some guidance, I can recommend Christina.

Create a fantastic week, until our next moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW  - : English homepage for Christina Mahler.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : English contact page for Christina Mahler.

CLICK TO VIEW  -  : German  contact page for Christina Mahler.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : German contact page for Christina Mahler.

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