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2017-07-21 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - July 21, 2017

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Greetings and blessings to all!

This week I choose to lead with financial news as we are witnessing some amazing things unfolding in the financial world at this time involving virtual currencies, or alternative coins.

Before I get to the bigger news of today, July 22, it is going to be necessary for me to first cover two other stories, so that listeners can fully grasp the significance of the bigger news.

We start first with the following story, involving Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There is something really interesting unfolding before our eyes, for those who are willing and able to look under the surface, and perhaps see some signals between the lines of what is currently being reported. In a very broad sense, it could be considered an experiment in finance, in technology but also in consciousness.

I have been reporting on the shifting energies, and the potential impact over the next two to three months, and we’ll hear a bit more about it shortly.  This is exposing many of the systems that are not functioning in integrity with humanity and the planet.

At the same time however, it is causing confusion among many about which path to take.  I commented a few weeks ago on the possible ‘traps’ relating to technology, and how the embracing of all the technologies MAY lead an individual AWAY from one’s own inner growth and healing.   A question needs to be asked whether the releasing of various technologies at this time is an orchestrated attempt to keep people from awaking to, and activating their own inner technologies and tools to navigate the coming energy shifts affecting humanity and our planet.

An argument could also be made that a similar battle is now unfolding within the financial world.

An article appearing on the Natural News website on July 19th by Mike Adams reporting that:  “ There is no longer any question about it: Coinbase is a massive fraud and appears to be engaged in widespread criminal conspiracy. Coinbase is the most popular online wallet for Bitcoin, and I have previously reported on how Coinbase has seized Bitcoins from users in Wyoming and Hawaii, preventing them from accessing their coins even if they move their residency to a different state.

Coinbase is currently taking WEEKS to respond to urgent queries, I’m being told, and they provide no working mechanism whatsoever for users in Wyoming or Hawaii to change their state of residency. When those users attempt to login to upload new IDs or change their address, they are given “Unable to create account” errors which state that “Coinbase has indefinitely suspended its business...” in their old state. In effect, Coinbase has stolen all the Bitcoins from users in those states and may have already absconded with those Bitcoins.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19JUL2017 Mike Adams, : Coinbase declares it will suspend / seize all accounts on August 1st.

To better understand this story, and also the next story, some historical information is required about what the blockchain technology is, and how the manipulation of it affected Ethereum last year; how Ethereum is connected to Coinbase and other alternative coins, and how it potentially will affect Bitcoin this year.

We start first by understanding the blockchain technology itself.

Here is what I think I know so far:  A particular kind of new technology, called a blockchain, was made available to the world.  It does not appear to be controlled by any one person or group.  It appears to be an open-source technology and is available to everyone.  There are different ways this blockchain can be used and applied and this is being witnessed worldwide at this time.

Think of a blockchain as a network of roads within the core of a city. On any given day, most people travel to work on the same road.  When this is known, then the person’s travel itinerary is not exactly secure, because it is known that someone travels that route every day at roughly the same time.  With increased congestion in a city core however, people are changing their routes, to find any other way to get to where they are going, more quickly.

A blockchain, could be thought of as a series of multiple different pathways, being used depending upon traffic, making it almost impossible to know who is travelling where, and when.   Of course, this is a very loose analogy, but I hope it gives you the idea of how blockchain can be used to keep someone’s identity protected. 

Bitcoin was the first, or one of the first at least, to take advantage of this core technology called a ‘blockchain’.  Many other alternative currencies have also popped up, using this technology.

Blockchain therefore, is this open-source, secure, yet uncontrolled network of pathways that allow particular kinds of information to be exchanged.  In this case, it is financial transactions.  These transactions cannot be monitored, nor can they be controlled by governments or entities of the global cabal.  You can imagine that this would be a threat to them, because they can no longer access and steal your money.

Some, however, attempted to modify the core technology, and market it.  Ethereum did this, and ended up paying a big price, as you will hear shortly.

The cabal has a choice: kill or discredit the technology, if possible, or find a way to take advantage of it, and use it to support their own agenda.

At this time, there has been more coverage on alternative currencies, but a lot of focus seems to be on another currency called Ethereum.  Ethereum is much younger than Bitcoin, and yet is getting more extensive mainstream coverage.  A very good argument for this, is because Ethereum has the involvement of a cabal-owned bank, JP Morgan.

Here is what happened to Ethereum.  On July 16, 2016, an article on the Coindesk news website reported that:  “ Last month (meaning June, 2016), an unknown attacker drained tens of millions of dollars worth of the digital currency ether from The DAO, an ethereum-based smart contract aimed at functioning as a funding vehicle for projects in the ecosystem. The incident sparked an effort to effectively roll back the clock and undo much of the damage, a process that comes to a head this week as network-wide changes are set to be rolled out.

For weeks, the impact has been largely confined to the pages of social media and, for developers, within the workspaces and private chats of those most closely involved with the so-called ‘hard fork’ effort. Now, however, with code for the changes completed and merged with major wallet implementations, that’s about to change.

Major exchanges that offer trading services for ether have announced their plans to support the fork in the past few days. Generally speaking, the plan is to support the strongest blockchain, which will be determined by how much hashing power it draws from ethereum’s distributed network of miners.

So far, digital currency exchanges Poloniex and Kraken (which comprise more than 50% of ether trading volumes) have both said they plan to briefly suspend deposits and withdrawals prior to the fork activation.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2016 Michael Del Castillo, : The Hard Fork: What's About to Happen to Ethereum and The DAO

Note the final sentence that mentions a suspension of deposits and withdrawals.  This suspension has happened before, and it will be mentioned again in the next story.

Two days later, the following message appeared on the Ethereum blogsite:  “We would like to congratulate the Ethereum community on a successfully completed hard fork.  The fork itself took place smoothly, with roughly 85% of miners mining on the fork” .

CLICK TO VIEW  - 20JUL2016 : Hard Fork Completed.

With Ethereum, which is suspected of being influenced by the cabal, someone managed to hack the system, by exploiting vulnerabilities.  How exactly might this have been accomplished?

A few moments ago, I spoke of the core blockchain technology. Ethereum took the blockchain, but attempted to make changes to the core.  In doing so, vulnerabilities and loopholes were created that allowed the exploitation.

In Ethereum’s case, the manipulators, or the greedy ones were the winners because the hard fork was chosen and implemented. This also will be important to know as it is related to the next story.  Ethereum however, was still not secure.

One month later, July 30, 2016 - last year - a CryptoCoinNews article reported that:  “ Brian Armstrong, founder and CEO of Coinbase, admitted on Twitter that there could still be bugs in the Ethereum DAO. This comes after various tweets encouraging the hard fork as a means of updating blockchain systems.”

Armstrong was also quoted as saying that:  “My hope is to see hard forks as an elegant upgrade/voting mechanism, not something to be feared that results in multiple coins.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30JUL2016 Justin O’Connell, : Coinbase CEO Admits There Could Be Bugs in Ethereum Hard fork, Celebrates Combined Value of ETH and ETC

The Coinbase CEO, supported a modification to the core...the modification was implemented, and a month later he is admitting that his system may still have bugs as a result of that manipulation.

Why Armstrong felt that hard forking was necessary to create multiple currencies is very odd.  The blockchain technology is open source and any one can create a currency, and many are now appearing.  Armstrong appears to be supporting a cabal-oriented agenda to promote the modified, hard-forked blockchain core - the more vulnerable one as the preferred route in the future for creating more alternative currencies.

The vulnerabilities have continued, and further discredit Armstrong’s belief in hard-forked alternative coins.

Even a year later, the Ethereum-based platform does not appear to be secure.  A new alternative coin, Coindash, using the Ethereum platform, attempted to have an Initial Coin Offering or ICO on July 18th.  The launch experienced a major setback,  due to a hack to their system.  This was reported in a Kryptomoney article on July 18th.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2016 : CoinDash, an Ethereum based ICO website hacked.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30JUL2016 Lester Coleman, : Ex-Ethereum Developer: How the DAO Hack Happened And What Comes Next.

Adams is reporting in July of 2017 that Coinbase is corrupted, Coinbase uses the Ethereum platform as its core.

As stated, this background information is important for understanding the next story.  I will go into a more in-depth understanding of some of the terms, like a hard fork.


Coming up on August 1st, Bitcoin will be facing a process similar to what happened to Ethereum a year ago.

Most of this information was prepared before the news of July 22nd, which I will get to shortly.

What the world is witnessing right now with all this is an experiment of sorts in a modified form of democracy within finance, technology and consciousness.  What happens from here, will depend upon where the consciousness level is of all who are participating in it.

This democratic process is quite new.  Think of this way; imagine a country that has no government. People propose improvements to the functioning of their society by proposing ‘improvement protocols’, and the people vote on accepting the protocol or protocols that they believe best serve the community.

Now that we hopefully understand the blockchain basics, and what happened with Ethereum, from the last story, let’s explore the upcoming event with Bitcoin.

It is important to note that, up to now, Bitcoin has not modified the core blockchain technology, like Ethereum did.  There are now people seeking to do this, and this is why Bitcoin is facing the same possibility that Ethereum went through last year.

Learning from the lesson of Ethereum, why mess with something if it is not broken?  One could speculate however, that the global cabal is trying to infiltrate Bitcoin and do the same thing to Bitcoin, which would cause people to stop investing in Bitcoin, and therefore people would continue to use the cabal-rigged markets and hedge funds.

The upcoming implementation or ‘lock in’ is for a process called SegWit, or Segregated Witness.  According to on July 22nd:  “ SegWit or Segregated Witness is a method of scaling up the Bitcoin network, to confirm more number of transactions in each Block without increasing it’s size. It is invented to help to shrink file size of Bitcoin transactions. It’s basic purpose is to enable Bitcoin network to confirm more number of transactions in the same amount of time.”

This article explains a bit more how a Bitcoin transaction works.  The article writes that:  “ a person sends Bitcoins to another person. This transaction has been added in a Block in the Blockchain. The other person will only receive the Bitcoin when the Miner confirms a whole Block of Bitcoin transactions. Like this transaction, there are various other transactions which are added up in the Block.

A block has a maximum file size of 1 MB ( One Megabyte). When this Block’s space capacity is full, another Block is created and added up in the Blockchain. As Bitcoin transactions are increasing day by day, more number of Blocks are created and adding up in the Blockchain. This is stressing up the Blockchain network and causing delays in getting transactions confirmed. Also as Miners job has increased, the transaction fees are getting higher, making Bitcoin transactions more expensive.”

Currently, each Bitcoin transaction contains three elements:  An input that includes sender details; an output that includes recipient details and a digital signature that serves as a ‘witness’ that the sender really has the balance to do the transaction.   This third, ‘witness’ element however, uses up too much data storage space within the core.

According to this article:  “ SegWit proposes to remove the Digital Signature Element from the transaction and adding it to another new block called, Extended Block. It means any transaction which gets added in the Block for confirmation, will only contain Input and Output and not the Digital signature. This will make transactions lighter. As a result more space is available in the Block. This means more transactions can be added into the block to get verified. As more number of transactions will get verified in same amount of time, the Bitcoin network will become faster again.

Thus we are removing the Witness (digital signature), segregating it to another Block, hence Segregated Witness.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - : What is Segwit?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29MAY2017 William Suberg, : Bitcoin SegWit Activation August 1: New Bitcoin Improvement Protocol.

Two options have been put forth for acceptance. The option that gains the greatest acceptance will determine the SegWit process that is locked-in on August 1st.

Splitting the core, or doing a hard fork has been proposed through Bitcoin Improvement Protocol or BIP 148.  The soft fork option has been reported as BIP 91.  As you will hear in a bit more detail shortly,  this lock-in, will be determined by how investors choose to invest their money by selecting exchanges that support one option over another option.

The soft fork option is proposing a workaround, so that the core itself is not violated with potential loopholes and vulnerabilities.

Think of it this way: A city has traffic congestion in its downtown core. Lots of traffic, people going everywhere to try to avoid slowdowns wasting time and money.   BIP 148 - the hard fork option - would see the city tearing up roads and trying to build other options within the downtown core which does not solve the problem; it attempts to temporarily implement a fix to a problem while making many bureaucrats, politicians and other companies very rich in the process of working within this core causing grief and significantly more financial burden on the taxpayers who are more or less getting screwed by all the additional delays and expenses.

BIP 91 - the soft fork solution would see the city create a ring road around the core, so that traffic not needing to be in the downtown core can be routed to the ring road to get around the core and to the destination. The flow is lessened in the core, without disrupting the core further.  As well, time is saved all around, and expenses are less, and the burden on the taxpayers is less.   You can perhaps see why cabal-controlled governments might not like ring road solutions.

Implementing the soft fork option required some degree of visionary foresight, to see what is happening and to create a better solution, instead of merely trying to put a temporary fix on a problem.  This will also result in lower fees for transactions.  This is primarily how the global cabal has made its extraordinary profits - by not solving the ROOT or SOURCE of the problem, and instead creating temporary fixes that will only cost more money and time in the future. 

Through visionary foresight, by leaving the core blockchain intact and not messing with it, it is believed that vulnerabilities cannot be created that can be exploited.

A quick review:  we should now understand the core technology.  We should now understand how messing with this core creates vulnerabilities that could exploited by greedy people, as happened with Ethereum.  We see visionary thinking trying to prevent what happened to Ethereum from happening with Bitcoin.  This process is being done through a form of electronic democratic participation.

Let’s now look at how the process goes that will lead to the lock-in on August 1st.

How will this be accomplished?   Consider how you, as a consumer, ‘vote’ for products or companies by using your money to buy products or services.  We ‘vote’ to support our environment by rejecting products coming from Monsanto or any other company.   IF more shoppers stopped supporting certain companies, the company would be forced to either go bankrupt, or adapt to the will of the shoppers.

Investors choosing the ‘hard fork’ option will place their money into exchanges that support or endorse the ‘hard fork’.

Investors choosing the ‘soft fork’ option will place their money into exchanges that support or endorse the ‘soft fork’.

This process is currently underway.

When the consensus percentage of exchanges or mining companies is reached, the winning option will be locked-in.  With Ethereum last year, the majority accepted the hard fork, and they continue to pay a price for this.  The media seems to be trying to cover this up, however.

Why then, are exchanges shutting down?  In the previous story, Adams reported Coinbase as shutting down on August 1.

Another article from the website is reporting on July 21st that: “A number of Japanese bitcoin exchanges will temporarily suspend bitcoin services including deposits and withdrawals as a precautionary measure for the possibility of a split of the Bitcoin blockchain on August 1.

In an announcement, members of the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA) confirmed they will suspend bitcoin trading from midnight July 31 in the lead-up to a possible Bitcoin protocol split – expected to occur at 9:00 AM local time on August 1.

Underlining the “maintenance of customer assets” as their highest priority, a total of 13 digital currency exchange operators wrote:

[W]e decided to temporarily stop accepting bitcoin deposits and withdrawals at each exchange due to the possibility of the branching (split) of the bitcoin protocol.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21JUL2017 : 13 Japanese Bitcoin Exchanges will [Temporarily] Suspend Services on August 1.

Exchanges in China are also reporting a suspension in Bitcoin trading.

An article appearing on the website on July 18th is reporting the following:  “ Chinese exchange OKCoin has confirmed it will halt trading over the SegWit lock-in period as a hard fork appears less likely.
So we have this somewhat new, democratic experiment unfolding before our eyes.

How is this playing out in the public realm and how are people reacting to it?

What we witnessed in the past week was a major correction in the prices of various alternative currencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

A trusted friend of mine bought into Bitcoin three years ago, when I suggested to CVN listeners to do so.  He has done quite well with it.  I called him up, to ask him what has been going on with the price lately.

What we believe happened recently is this; many sold their Bitcoin, either by uninformed fear, or because they saw a possibility that a hard fork was about to happen.  The price dropped considerably.  In less than a week however, with just days leading up to the August 1 event, the price has begun soaring again, and in fact is pushing towards breaking its previous all-time high.

What this SEEMS to suggest is that people pulled their money out of exchanges that supported the ‘hard fork’, and this may have contributed to the crash in price.  As they re-invested in exchanges supporting the ‘soft fork’, the price began to rise again.

Assuming that this is true, what this represents is a consciousness-based movement affecting an outcome that supports a particular technology solution that could better benefit humanity, while also delivering a blow to any group or entity that might seek to breakdown the core within Bitcoin so it can be exploited. 

This is what remains to be seen on August 1, but so far, the indications suggest that the will of the people... correction, the will of INFORMED people is making their voice heard by voting with their money and choosing an option that will not support the greedy people from doing to Bitcoin what happened to Ethereum.

China is very heavily invested in Bitcoin. China is building a new financial paradigm with gold-backed currencies. The global cabal obviously does not want this, so there may be a very targeted reason why the cabal might seek to hard fork Bitcoin and create vulnerabilities that could be exploited.  This would also support why exchanges are shutting down temporarily during this process, in case the hard fork option is locked in on August 1st.

It would also appear that the exchanges that are supporting the ‘soft fork’ option are the ones that are shutting down, so that they can protect the interests of their investors...IF the group supporting the ‘hard fork’ option should win....which appears unlikely at this time.

A CoinTelegraph article on July 18 reported that:  “ Over the past few days, miners have begun signalling in increasing numbers for BIP 91 over BIP 148. If the required support threshold is reached before Aug. 1, BIP 91 would lock in, providing an alternative road to SegWit without a mandatory hard fork.

BIP 91 requires 80 percent miner support to lock in and subsequently activate, as opposed to BIP 148’s 95 percent.

At press time Tuesday, BIP 91 had achieved 61.8 percent miner backing, along with relief from community commentators on social media.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2017 : Suddenly, Bitcoin Hard Fork Looks Unlikely As Chinese Exchange Readies For SegWit.

I note that this was July 18th, because the key news is still to come.

For the CVN listeners who are active in Bitcoin, please use discernment with what I have shared, and use it to guide you in researching your options.  This is only an overview of all of this, and there are more details going on than have been reported here.  What I have attempted to do is give listeners some of the keys to begin understanding this process and how to better recognize the potentially risky alternative coins and the potentially more secure coins.

All that is not in integrity at this time, with the rising vibrations of the New Earth and the rising human consciousness, is being exposed and cleaned out. As the August energies sweep through with the eclipse and could be argued that even more will be exposed for removal.  Whether this happens or not however will depend upon how you choose to use your physical currency, your currency, and even your energetic currency which is your mental and emotion attention to anything.  Who and what do you choose to support, in your desire to create that which you are claiming to want to experience in the coming moments of ‘now’?

Having now spent multiple hours preparing all of this, we can now get to the big news that was released late on July 22nd.

This news may now make some of I just reported irrelevant.  However, the information is still beneficial for the process of learning what is going on, and how it can have an impact overall.

The breaking news that Bitcoin investors have been waiting to hear is the result of the process that will determine which option is locked in.  As of July 22nd, it is now being reported that close to 100% of the entities involved in mining Bitcoin have now signalling acceptance of both BIP 91 but also BIP 141, which was a pre-condition for the full implementation of BIP91 and SegWit.  BIP 141 focused on a process called Bit 1, which I am not yet familiar with.

A CryptoCoinNews article reported on July 22nd that:  “ Bobby Lee, the CEO of leading Chinese bitcoin exchange BTCC, revealed that over 95 percent of blocks mined by major mining pools including Antpool, Bitfury, F2Poo, ViaBTC and Slush Pool have all signaled for the activation of the Bitcoin Core development team’s transaction malleability fix and scaling solution Segregated Witness (Segwit).

Earlier, I reported the massive drop in the price of Bitcoin and the rise that has taken place again.  This article explains why this happened in more detail.

“On July 16, when the BIP 91 activation threshold of 80 percent of hash rate was met, bitcoin price increased from $1,850 to $2,350. Investors and traders became certain that Segwit was going to activate via BIP 91.

On July 21, as BIP 91 fully locked in, bitcoin price increased once again from $2,350 to $2,600, demonstrating a staggering $800 increase within a 5-day period.

On July 22, at the time of reporting, bitcoin price has surpassed $2,860, with most indicators pointing toward an optimistic upward momentum for bitcoin price.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22JUL2017 Joseph Young, : Bitcoin Price Breaks $2,860; Segwit Upgrade Finalized Securely.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22JUL2017 P.H.Madore, : Bitcoin BIP 91 Signaling Near 100%

The core will not be tampered with, and the ring road option will be implemented, allowing the data-heavy SegWit portion to be re-routed away from the core, making transactions faster and cheaper.  Unlike Ethereum, this should also preserve the security of the core blockchain.  This is causing great confidence in the price of Bitcoin.

In the show transcript for this story, I will place links to various crypto currency news sites so people can follow this story over the coming week.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for  Coin Desk News.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Coin Telegraph News.

CLICK TO VIEW  - :  Homepage for Crypto Coin News.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 20JUL2017 Aaron van Wirdum, : BIP 91 Has Locked In. Here’s What That Means (and What It Does Not).

CLICK TO VIEW - 16JUL2017 : Blockchain for Babyboomers: What Stops Older Generation From Using Bitcoin?


In geo-political news for the week, we take a look at an event unfolding in Ukraine, as this country finds its way back into the news.

An article appearing on the Pravda Report website on July 18th reported that:  “ The head of the People's Republic of Donetsk, Alexander Zakharchenko, announced the decision of the People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk (two breakaway territories in the Donbass, Ukraine) to create a new state - Malorossiya (translates as Smaller Russia).

"We, the representatives of the former Ukrainian regions, announce the creation of a new state that will become Ukraine's successor. We agree the new state shall be called Malorossiya, because the name "Ukraine" has discredited itself," the text of the constitutional act presented in Donetsk reads.

It was also said that Malorossiya will be a multinational federal state with broad autonomy. Its official languages are Russian and Malorussian. The flag of the new state is the flag of Bogdan Khmelnitsky. The capital of the new country is Donetsk, whereas Kiev remains a historical and cultural center, without the status of the capital city.”

The announcement reflects a similar move by the people of Crimea, although Crimea voted to return to the Russian Federation, instead of declaring a separate state.

This article also added that:  “Zakharchenko suggested introducing a state of emergency in Malorossiya for three years to avoid chaos. During this period of time, activities of any parties in the new state will not be allowed. Zakharchenko also urged to conduct investigations into crimes against humanity committed in Odessa, Kiev (during Maidan riots) and in the Donbass.

The founders of Malorossiya stated that the People's Democratic Republic of Donetsk and the People's Republic of Luhansk were the only territories of the former Ukraine, where legitimate power was maintained”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2017 : Ukraine collapses officially: Donetsk and Luhansk republics create their own state.

Ukraine is a mix and match of territories over several centuries.

Adam Garrie, writing for The Duran on the 18th provides a bit of historical context to the announcement of Malorossiya or ‘Little Russia’.

He reports that:  “ In 1667, the Treaty of Andrusovo affirmed Russian sovereignty over historic Russian lands that had been part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth since the 14th century. These areas were de-facto Russian ever since the Treaty of Pereyaslav, signed in 1654 as an alliance between local Cossacks and the government in Moscow.

The restoration of Russian lands was affirmed in the 1686 Treaty of Perpetual Peace.

These regions became known as Malorossiya (Little Russia) and formed the triumvirate of the Three Russias under a single sovereign (Great Russia, Little Russia and White Russia). The lands of Malorossiya on the left-bank of the river Dnieper were later incorporated into further territorial gains from Poland-Lithuania on the right-bank of the river Dnieper in 1793.

In the 1764, former Ottoman regions around the Black Sea including  the cities of Odessa and Donetsk formed Novorossiya or New Russia. The former Ottoman Khanate of Crimea formally linked up with this region in 1783.

The current borders of Ukraine were manufactured haphazardly under Bolshevik rule which effectively slammed together the historic regions of Novorossiya and Malorossiya with western regions bordering former Polish lands that had been subsumed by Austro-Hungarian rule in the late-modern period. Areas that were part of the Second Polish Republic between the world wars, including Galicia and the Czech and Hungarian regions of Carpathian Ruthenia, were incorporated into The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic after 1945.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2017 Adam Garrie, : DONETSK: Alexander Zakharchenko declares new state of Malorossiya.

Ukraine president Poroshenko, put into power by the US through the orchestrated Maidan violence in 2014 has lashed out at the declaration.  He was quoted by DNI News agency as having said on Twitter that:  “ The project Malorossia was buried, Ukraine will restore sovereignty over Donbass and the Crimea.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2017 : Poroshenko denies idea of Malorossiya.

Whether the new territory is recognized by the US or the EU remains to be seen.  Ukraine has very unfortunately been thrown under the bus, and the people have been used as scapegoats for an agenda that is now hurting this country more than helping it.  Change was inevitable.

As Garrie observes in his conclusion:  “Historic regions of different cultural, linguistic and sovereign backgrounds cannot be slammed together into an artificial state for an eternity. History shows that such states are typically dissolved or radically reformed after a certain period of uncomfortable pseudo-coexistence.

The impending collapse of the regime in Kiev and the longer term re-defining of the borders of the state now called Ukraine will have to be addressed sooner or later. The proposals which came out of Donetsk today are as good a beginning on the road to much needed change, as any.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 20JUL2017 Adam Garrie, : Russia’s opposition politicians react to Malorossiya declaration.


As CVN has been reporting over the last six months at least, the refugee crisis has been having a polarizing effect on Europe and North America especially.

The trick, and also the trap, is this:  anyone who dares to speak against immigration is branded a ‘racist’ or as being insensitive during a time of human crisis.  It is very similar to people being branded as ‘anti-semitic’ for questioning the zionist agenda, often misinterpreted as being ‘anti-Jewish’.

Yes, there is a crisis occurring on a planetary scale - more than one of them, actually and they are all playing out in slow motion in front of our very eyes at this time, with the help of the corrupted mainstream media selling the criminal agenda; a criminal, fiat-currency banking system that profits those committing the crimes, and the criminal, commercial system of law that protects all those committing the crimes. 

There are numerous crises and crimes against humanity and our planet that are being carried out at this time, and the good news is that all of these are being exposed more and more, as informed and awakened souls, courageously begin to hear and answer the calling in their hearts to start speaking up for humanity and our planet. 

With the current migration crisis, the media is selling the message that the alleged ‘refugees’ are families from Syria and nearby countries affected by wars that have been started by the US and western interests.  CVN has reported in the past on videos and reports that refugees coming into Europe are not families with children, but rather large groups of men of fighting age.

The wars that are being fought are proxy wars; meaning that the US is funding and training groups like Daesh, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and others to fight on behalf of US interests.  The US has, perhaps until just recently, been pushing to get Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad out of office.  The US has done this in numerous countries, including Libya, and I’ll speak to this in a few moments.

The media would say that there is a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and that it is up to the countries of Europe and around the world to take in thousands upon thousands of refugees, all to be paid for by taxpayers who never consented to their countries attacking Syria, Libya, Iraq, and so many others.  Yet governments are being forced to take people in. 

I apologize for having to restate this over and over, but there is always going to be someone who hears this for the first time, and will assume that I am ‘racist’ or ‘anti-immigration’ or whatever.

There is no ‘humanitarian crisis’, except for the crisis that has been deliberately created by people who profit from conflict, chaos and war.  It is not the ‘humanitarian crisis’ that is being sold to us, in other words.

There is a deliberate agenda to pull people into Europe to cause chaos.  It is my belief that one of the reasons involves the need of the US and the EU to keep NATO alive in Europe.   This however, may also not be true because on an economic level, we’re witnessing more countries beginning to align with Russia and China as they move forward in creating a new banking system, allegedly backed by gold, as well as the new Silk Road, officially known as the Belt and Road Initiative or Yi-dai / Yi-Lu in Chinese. 

Things are incredibly interconnected and incredibly confusing and the mainstream media does not even come close to reporting with any degree of accuracy what is going on in the world at this time.

Coming back to the purpose for this story this week however; a report has surfaced on the internet by an individual named Lauren Southern.  Southern went to France, to one of the train stations where refugees have been arriving.  Here is what Southern had to share in her report:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 16JUL2017 Lauren Southern via : Paris Train Station Overwhelmed With Migrants.

Details for Lauren Southern:


As you just heard, Southern validates what CVN has been reporting - that many of the immigrants coming into Europe, undocumented, are economic migrants, mostly men and of fighting age.  It has been reported that the migration crisis was being used as the excuse that allows US-trained Daesh agents to sneak into various countries and begin destabilizing those nations.

As Southern stated, she believes the people being allowed in are economic migrants from North Africa.

This opens another avenue for exploration, and this begins to connect Hillary Clinton and her bombing of Libya and the US-led NATO assassination of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. 

In the show transcript for this story will be a video of a Russian documentary.  The documentary describes Libya from the very beginning, when numerous tribes of people lived in tents across the country, and how Gaddafi delivered on promises of using oil revenues to benefit all the people of the country.  Gaddafi created a country where the government paid for almost everything, and Gaddafi created the kind of system that would have been a direct threat to people wanting to create US and western capitalistic hegemony around the world.

Of particular interest, especially as it relates to this story, is the prediction by Gaddafi that Europe will turn black.  In the Gaddafi years, Libya was the country that was preventing economic migrants from entering Europe.  Gaddafi also wanted to create a gold-backed currency for the African Union, which would have levelled out the economic gaps across the continent.

By taking down Gaddafi, he predicted that economic migrants would begin flowing into Europe to cause chaos and violence.

As it turns out, he was correct.

Western interests had been stealing all the resources from Africa, and this is why there were so many alleged ‘conflicts’ there.  Before the age of the internet, it was easy to report a story, and the media would sell it, and everyone would believe it.  Obviously this is not the case any longer.  With China and Russia also apparently working on a gold-backed financial system, the West will not be able to do to them what they did to Libya.

The video has English subtitles, but for those interested in this kind of history, it is worth taking a look.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02SEP2016 Inessa S via : Gaddafi's Prophecy, 2011 - "Europe will turn black”.

A second Russian documentary with English subtitles features Russia writer Nikolai Starikov explaining who is behind Europe’s refugee crisis.  Going back to the ‘50s and ‘60s, Starikov notes how crises have been created in numerous countries.  There have been numerous such waves of refugees or migrants.  In one part of the interview, the subtitles quote Starikov as saying that:  “ In reality, it was primarily for economic reasons and sometimes there were political issues too - for example, an anti-US revolution took place in Iran.  All of the corrupt Iranians - the secret police, the local oligarchs, fled to London, to Europe and so on.  There have always been political asylum-seekers, but there has always been the rule in the EU and in individual states that if you are seeking political asylum - I stress political, because you cannot seek economic asylum - then you have to prove that you are facing danger.  There is a procedure in place.  What we see here is that there is no procedure, no state even.  All of a sudden, the border guards, the customs service,  all of the state functions dealing with these migrants, has vanished.  The issuing - or not - of documents.  From Africa to Europe, you will hardly be asked for documents or whether or not you’re a political asylum-seeker or not.  They’ll do nothing to you.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04OCT2015 Russia Insider via : Top Russian Writer Nikolai Starikov Explains Who Is Behind Europe's Refugee Crisis

In further proof of the legitimacy of Gaddafi’s prediction, an article has appeared on ZeroHedge on July 22nd, asking the question of whether or not Sweden has become a failed state.

The article writes that:  “ The Swedish state, in true Orwellian style, fights those Swedish citizens who point out the obvious problems that migrants are causing.
When police officer Peter Springare said in February that migrants were committing a disproportionate amount of crime in the suburbs, he was investigated for inciting "racial hatred”.

Currently, a 70-year-old Swedish pensioner is being prosecuted for "hate speech", for writing on Facebook that migrants "set fire to cars, and urinate and defecate on the streets".

The security situation in Sweden is now so critical that the national police chief, Dan Eliasson, has asked the public for help; the police are unable to solve the problems on their own. In June, the Swedish police released a new report, "Utsatta områden 2017", ("Vulnerable Areas 2017", commonly known as "no-go zones" or lawless areas). It shows that the 55 no-go zones of a year ago are now 61.

In September 2016, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Minister of Interior Anders Ygeman refused to see the warnings: in 2015, only 14% of all crimes in Sweden were solved, and in 2016, 80% of police officers were allegedly considering quitting the force.”

Sweden appears to be becoming ripe for a civil revolt - but this will depend upon how long people continue to remain quiet, in order to be socially compliant.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21JUL2017 : Is Sweden A Failed State?


In one other financial story for this week:

As we observe how  the alternative currencies and blockchain technologies appear to be driving the cabal out of business, so too are governments that are courageous enough to choose programs that place humanity and the planet ahead of corporate profits and shareholder returns.

An article appearing on The BRICS Post website on July 2 recently has reported that:  “ Financing sustainable development and infrastructure projects and local currency financing remain the focus of the New Development Bank launched by the BRICS countries, according to a new policy document for the next five years.

“The Bank will dedicate around two-thirds of all financing commitments in this period to sustainable infrastructure development, i.e., infrastructure projects that incorporate economic, environmental and social criteria in their design and implementation,” according to the policy document.”

Most of the Bank’s projects will be either “sovereign operations or under sovereign guarantee”.

Essentially, this means that the government will be responsible for the debts, should the primary recipient of the funds go into default.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Definition of ‘sovereign guarantee’.

The policy document also stated a focus on:  “ Clean energy, transport infrastructure, irrigation, water resource management, sanitation, sustainable urban development, and economic cooperation and integration among member countries.  The NDB signifies developing countries’ coming of age and reflects their aspirations to stand on their own feet.”

The article also added that:  “ The bank will aim to lend $2.5 billion to $3 billion this year, its president K.V. Kamath announced in May, nearly double the amount the bank loaned last year..”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JUL2017 : Two-thirds of BRICS bank funds to finance sustainable infrastructure projects.

The movement is on, and the leaders are emerging from The East, as they seek to demonstrate how to do business in a better way than The West has done for the last 100 years at least, and arguably much longer.


In general news;

Last week, I went into a bit of the astrological background offered by Carl Boudreau regarding the alignments of the outer-most planets has led to the rising success of the 1% and how the planets are now moving out of those alignments, and we are witnessing the collapse of this group and the global cabal generally.

I briefly also mentioned the upcoming solar eclipse in August, and according to various sources, this is going to be a unique event, but it is also going to be a powerful event, as it relates to the collapsing control of humanity and the planet.

I’d like to offer a few other articles for consideration this week, as well.

In the first article, by Celia Fenn, appearing on her StarChildGlobal website on July 5th shares an overview summary of what July and August are bringing.  She shares that:  “ ... you have now reached a time in your year of 2017 when great change is at hand.  We would call this the Great Shift of 2017.  Indeed, as we have said earlier, 2017 is the year of Sacred Planet Earth, and the year of New Beginnings.  The incoming Light Codes of the first half of 2017 have laid the seeds for the rising New Earth Consciousness to manifest on Earth.

We call this New Earth consciousness the “Unified Field” of Higher Consciousness.  It is the new and emerging field of Higher and Multi-dimensional consciousness that is coming into existence around the Planet to create the Multi-dimensional grids for the New Earth.  It is held in the Heart, Soul and Light Body of each person who has made the commitment to Higher Consciousness and Multi-dimensional living.  As these shining beings awaken, and come together, their radiant energy signatures and group energy signatures create the structural grids for the New Earth manifestation.

This is why it is so necessary for you to maintain your personal energy signature at a high frequency, and to come together with others who are at a similar frequency of Light and Consciousness, and to contribute to the emerging Unified Field of Higher Consciousness.

This emerging field has now reached the point where it is powerful enough to be the motivation for major shifts on the Earth.  The energies of July will build up to a climactic point in August at the Lion’s Gate and the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in Leo, especially the Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August.

This will be a fairly lengthy period of sustained intensity, and you will need to focus your intention into maintaining your inner Peace and Power as you pass through this period of challenge and testing as you bridge between the New and the Old in your lives.  Do not despair, do not fall into victim consciousness or anger, but allow yourselves to remain in that place of Trust and Flow.  It is not a time to be active and to try to make the changes.  It is rather a time to go within and surrender to a greater power, while allowing your self to flow into the changes with confidence and trust.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05JUL2017 Celia Fenn, : The Shift of 2017 and the Grounding of the Higher Consciousness Unified Field.

In a blog posting on her website on July 8th, Lisa Transcendence Brown shares how we have entered a new passageway, and multiple tests are taking each of us deeper into clearing linear programming and core issues relating to almost everything.  She writes:  “ As humans we see everything linearly, because this is how we functioned in the lower dimension realms of Old Unconscious Earth. Our bodies still hold programming that must be cleared, regardless of our ability to maintain higher consciousness. First we must be able to maintain, then the body & physical catches up. Physical matter took form. Changing that form, means re-writing everything through new en-codements, new DNA configurations, new non-linear geometrics and bodily systems that run on all new enhanced (Soul) Sequences and Codes.

NEW Earth is a whole new EVOLVED Value System, a whole new way of existence that is VIBRATIONAL and totally non-linear. To our/the human aspect, it cannot understand. It takes connecting fully, deep within with our own Soul to SEE what was not visible before. It takes letting go of old programmed mindsets, old beliefs, old associations, old everything that makes sense and completely adapting to a whole new system that is often the opposite of what we once believed..... “

She adds the following:  “ Deeper into the Root (Chakra) of everything, deeper into the/our Core (Galactic/SOULar), deeper into those hidden/suppressed/linear programs of separation that we didn't know were there... Here we go. Further within and out through our Soul & Star (Chakras) and individual StarGate Systems finally linked up with the new Operating Systems that our Galactic Bodies have built to constantly link up and synchronize continually, every day now.

We see vibrationally/holographically, across dimensions/timelines, infinite collective programs being affected by this. The overall visual brings the words "The MotherLoad of all tests", as we move into the Lion's Gateway 8/8/8 and the Convergence 8/21 "time" "frames", then into the September Equinox, then the 11/11 Gateway into the December Solstice Gateway and beyond. Each more potent and powerful than ever before. “

Now of course, those who may have experiences of this nature, have already done a good amount of inner work so that their bodies are capable of such experiences.

Brown shares the following about those who have not yet done their work, writing that:  “ Those who were deeply embedded, deeply asleep, holding deep karmic (unconscious) programs, "falling" deep into the "lowest" unconscious realms of amnesia, have more "fog" to clear, have more physical realities to overcome/resolve/evolve, than someone who has been partially awake much of their existence here. It doesn't matter though, as each will go through many "deaths" of old programming, on an emotional/mental and physical level too. These deaths are different for each, yet necessary for the body to come through/transition over to "the other side", to awaken to/come to exist on NEW Earth, where UNITY and PURE LOVE are the core of all things here.

You will never not have an old program to resolve, it's just to the degree you must experience each, and often barely at all. The more you exist as your Universal/Unified Self, the less physical everything is, and it just becomes energy you work through/dissolve/resolve, for the physical to reshape/re-materialize in new form for you.

Everything is FOR you, everything is a GIFT, everything opens your heart and eyes, to what you could not see/understand yet. Everything brings you closer to the magic and magnificence that already exists, everything clears an old cellular program.... everything does this.”

This passageway is going to take each into the "next phase". Dependent on where you currently are (newly awakened or functioning as your higher Self/Spirit/Soul/Galactic aspects), it doesn't matter, because everything will be to evolve you beyond your current state. Everything is to bring you further into NEW Earth Existence than before and further collapse those strong programs that you were operating under, those old beliefs and mentalities that functioned linearly to create a physical reality that's got to be completely undone.....

Money, things, each other, self, the physical, your SOUL.... and the value you put on everything and how you see value, how you spend your time/energy/money... which version of Earth you Support... with your time/energy/money.... then that will be the one you are currently vibrating at/on... and where go in & out of consciousness on this, then you will vibrate back and forth to resolve this, all of this separation within you, until you UNIFY and return to full love again too.”

As she closes her posting, Brown shares that:  “ You are going to continually see an increase in ego structures dismantle, which can go into desperation, heavy narcissism, pointing the finger and judgment, assumptions. Take great care if this triggers/activates yours. Human aspects are not privy to the information that the higher realms/NEW Earth operates under yet and there will be much confusion (even greater than before) about CORE BELIEFS as each works to transition to a whole new way of "thinking" that might look "one way", yet it's something completely different..... This is uber important as we move into these next phases of cleansing/purification/unified existence now. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08JUL2017 Lisa Transcendence Brown, :  We've Entered a New Passageway: The Tests of all Tests Taking Each DEEPER into Clearing Linear Programming and CORE Everything...

There are numerous, key energetic dates coming up within the next month and even for the remainder of the year.

Sandra Walter in an article from her website writes that:  “The August eclipse is deeply esoteric, which is why we are guided to utilize it for complete activation of the New Earth Crystalline grids. A Total Solar eclipse crossing the entire United States is a rare event. In this year of dropping old timelines while simultaneously amplifying the higher timelines of Ascension, this eclipse presents yet another powerful turning point for a palpable external manifestation of what is occurring with the higher light.

Our August Gateway passage opens on August 3, includes the Lion’s Gate on the 8/8, the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, and extends until August 25. This wave of Light assists us in dissolving realities which do not serve the collective highest interest. It also provides an activation of ancient encodements, structures and intentions set in place for this possible scenario, while lighting up the New Earth/Crystalline Grid networks.”

This eclipse is to be transformative, according to Walter: “This passage completes the need for conflict, and sets the stage for the higher timelines of Ascension. Obviously, war and conflict do not exist on Primary Christed timelines of Ascension. Bit by bit, the revelation of what has occurred in the higher realms steps forth: The birthing of a new Universal platform and the return of Christ/Crystalline/Unity Consciousness.”

The significant increase in false flags and events designed to keep people distracted, in fear and in separation,  would suggest that the highest levels of the global cabal understand that something of a very potent, energetic nature, is unfolding upon the planet at this time.

Walter notes the key dates that represent various gateways to energies for the remainder of the year:

SUNday, July 23 – Cosmic Trigger. Last New Moon (2:47amPT) before the Eclipse (also a New Moon).
August 3 – Gateway Opening for the August passage.
August 7 – Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse (11:12amPT).
August 8 – The Lion’s Gate
August 21 – Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon (11:31amPT)
August 25 – August Gateway closes
September 21 -25, including:
September 22 – Equinox (1:02pmPT) and
September 23 – Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shift
December 21 – 25, including:
December 21- Solstice (8:28amPT) and
December 23 – Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shift

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17JUL2017 Sandra Walter via : The August Eclipse: Metaphoric and Mystical.

I personally have been feeling extremely disconnected from the world.  I strongly do not feel like I’m in the world, even though I observe myself moving around within it.  Many others have noted the same thing.

There may be more to this however.  An article appearing on the The Earth Tribe website posts a story that:  “ A recent study examined the difference in outlook between open minded and close minded people.

The study stated that the quality of ‘openness’ has a lot of deciding power on what kind of reality an individual lives in. Most open minded people live in a completely different reality than other people!”

I suspect that many listeners will react by saying: “Well, what a surprise...not.”

The website posting is based on a study, posted on the Science Direct website in the Journal of Research in Personality in June of 2017.

CLICK TO VIEW  -  June 2017, AnnaAntinori. Olivia L.Carter. Luke D. Smillie, : Journal of Research in Personality - Seeing it both ways: Openness to experience and binocular rivalry suppression

The article summarizes the following about the study:   “The test for open mindedness focused on five categories of personality – conscientiousness, neuroticism, extroversion, agreeableness, and the ability to keep an open mind to new experiences.

They then tested who experienced a visual perception phenomenon called “binocular rivalry.” This phenomenon occurs when each eye is shown a different image, in this case a red patch in one eye and a green patch to another.

Most people switch back and forwards between the two incompatible images, as the brain can only perceive one at a time. But some people merge the two images into a unified red-green patch. Most participants who looked at both patches together were the ones who scored higher on openness!

Researchers theorize that open minded people tend to be more creative. Because these people are fine with keeping their mind open to experiences, learning and perception, they easily create new mental routes inside their head. Therefore, they develop new ideas by connecting things a normal person would not. This finding had been mentioned in an old study from 2015 as well.

Open mindedness, therefore, helps individuals attain higher planes of thought and a calmer resting state.

It literally creates a different structure of reality by introducing new elements inside the picture normal people would not perceive. It broadens the world an individual lives in.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Psychological Study Reveals That Open Minded People Live In A Completely Different Reality.

Therefore, there now appears to be scientific backing to support not just open-mindedness as benefiting an individuals growth, but taking further into the experience of what some call ‘Ascension’, it can help better prepare one for this experience also, in consideration of the energetic and astrological shifts occurring at the same time, to create a potentially new reality.

Keep in mind even this material that has been shared still does not take in effects of the presence of ‘Planet X’ which numerous sources are now saying will be more readily visible towards the end of this year.

What we are witnessing, as Jennifer Hoffman noted a few weeks ago, is a disintegration of the 3rd density or 3D reality that Earth has occupied for millenia.  We have merged into a 4th density or 4D reality, that allows those who are ready, willing and able to see, feel and perceive this shift and movement away from the 3D.  Those who are too attached or stuck in 3D will not notice anything, and will use their experience to make others ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.

Avoid allowing yourself to be influenced by those who are not understanding.  Seek to connect more with people who DO understand and who will be supportive in your own personal journey.  The current understanding of many is that Earth is not finished in its journey and there will be a movement into a 5th density or 5D vibration/frequency that begins to move us away from everything that has served to control, enslave and limit humanity while destroying our planet. 

If you are one feeling odd things. you may wish to consult a naturopathic or homeopathic practitioner to validate what you are feeling and confirm that it is not something potentially more serious.  Your body may require vitamins, minerals and holistic supplements that you may not realize at this time.

CLICK TO VIEW   - 18JUL2017 : Are You Experiencing Advanced Energy Shift Symptoms? This Is The BIG Reason Why.


In some disclosure-related news now,

On July 13th, RT reported that:  “  During a press conference entitled "The mummies of Nazca" in Lima, Peru, UFO enthusiasts and journalists discussed the alleged discovery of alien remains near the Nazca lines of Peru.

Well-known Mexican Ufologist and journalist Jaime Maussan claimed on Tuesday that a total of five bodies have been discovered in the past two months, asserting that the remains possess qualities "closer to reptiles than humans."

He explained that the bodies are over 1,700 years old, which happens to coincide with the timeframe in which the Nazca lines (geoglyphs or artworks formed by lines drawn in the earth) are believed to have been created. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13JUL2017 : 5 ‘aliens’ discovered near Nazca lines in Peru - Ufologist (VIDEO, POLL)

The presentation had several people attempting to debunk the discovery.  The article writes that:  “ British UFO author Nigel Watson described the find as “a plaster cast model,” describing it as “110 perfect fake,” as cited by The New York Post.

Watson’s theory that it’s simply a money-making scam bears weight, as attendees forked out a staggering $300 (£232) for the privilege of attending the conference and seeing the ‘aliens’ up close, according to Metro UK. It wouldn’t be the first time a hoax has earned the prankster some substantial money, and likely it won’t be the last.”

This article also noted however that: “ Maussan included X-rays of the mummified remains in order to dispute claims made after the initial discovery in June that they were falsified or made of plaster cast.

"Nobody has proven that it is a fraud. We are going to present preliminary evidence that will determine in the eyes of the media, that these are true specimen,” he said. “And if there are still doubts that this is real, the obligation of Peruvians and the whole world is to preserve these bodies to find a true answer.”

Five days later, on July 18th, RT followed up on this story.  Referring to the article I just mentioned, the second article reports that:  “ At a press conference last week, Mexican paranormal journalist Jamie Maussan claimed the five mummified bodies discovered over the last two months appear “closer to reptiles than humans.”

Now, Maussan, who has devoted much of his life to investigating extraterrestrial phenomenons, says x-ray, DNA and carbon 14 analysis of the remains further points to the presence of intelligent life.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2017 : Ufologist ‘confirms with scientific evidence’ that aliens lived with humans on Earth.

Maussan, speaking in Spanish to RT was quoted as saying that: “ We confirmed with scientific evidence the existence of beings from another world. Before it was a possibility, now it is a reality. [These] mummies were buried in human tombs, in sacred places,” said Maussan. “This means that they had coexisted with our ancestors, were not enemies and had, to a certain extent, a degree of respect between both races or cultures.”
To offer a balanced perspective the article also noted that:  “It’s worth noting, however, that Maussan has long been criticized for his questionable evidence of extraterrestrials on Earth. The World Congress on Mummy Studies was once cited as calling Maussan’s work "an irresponsible organized campaign of disinformation.”

The campaign for disclosure appears to be heating up on numerous levels with many seeking, rightfully or wrongfully to be THE trusted source when it comes to all things extraterrestrial.

Of course, this has meant that many sources, although perhaps well-intentioned, may have jumped the gun too quickly in trusting some sources.

Although CVN firmly and without question stands behind the existence of our galactic families, and although I maintain the belief that there are galactic influences of both a positive and negative nature influencing Earth and humanity at this time, I am choosing to be more observant and careful about reporting certain information.  As much as I would love for CVN to become a trusted source, what I would rather do is establish a reputation for cautious consideration.

I recognize how vitally important the issue of disclosure is becoming to the future evolution of humanity and this planet.  At the same time, I also recognize how desperately certain groups and forces are trying to push humanity further into fear and lower-density vibrations .
There are extensive campaigns for disclosure of both a positive and negative aspect.  Thus it is getting challenging to discern between information and disinformation.

As an awakened journalist, I choose to be very careful about affecting my own personal karma by unintentionally leading humans down the wrong path.  Thus I again make it clear that no one is to believe anything I share, unless it feels ‘right’ within their own hearts.  Something that is true for me or you on one day, may not be true for me or you sometime later. 

I would like to feel that, as the global changes move forward, the forces that are guiding the positive changes will recognize CVN’s role, and will call upon CVN to serve in a greater capacity at some point.   Until then, I share what I can, and invite each listener to discern for him or herself what is acceptable for her or him in this moment.

Many people are long-time followers of various whistleblowers.  Some listeners have asked me to take a firm position on whether or not I believe them.  At this time, it is challenging for me to do this publicly.  My opinion, really, should not be a factor in guiding someone else to trust any source, including me.  I may, or may not, have a personal opinion about particular sources, but I am trying to recognize whatever role those souls are meant to play at this time in the overall shift now taking place.  I do not wish to negatively influence the journey of any individual without, what I call, firm, concrete and definitive proof of claims being made by a specific individual.

Many are looking for their 15 minutes of fame, or to launch themselves onto the scene as ‘celebrities’.

Very credible sources have presented documentation which demonstrates more concretely, the existence of civilizations and technologies of a non-Earth origin.  Many whistleblowers are not offering anything in the form of valid proof, other than their stories.

As Carol Rosin has shared, the warning from her friend Werner Von Braun on his deathbed, was that the final card the global cabal would play in their last attempt to control and enslave humanity and prevent humanity from ascending is the ‘alien card’.  I do not wish to contribute to this.  Therefore I am careful about sharing alleged information from various whistleblowers. 

For those who may be interested, I will post an interview in the show transcript for this story of Richard Nolan, a well-known UFO researcher and one of the presenters at the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure, organized by the Paradigm Research Group back in 2013. 

Dolan shares his insights on whistleblowers, and at this time, I am leaning in agreement with many of his opinions on this subject.

Observe very carefully how information on this topic comes out over the coming months.  Keep in mind also the logo of the World Cup football/soccer event in Russia next year which may be a warning to the leaders of the western world that disclosure is to come by 2018, if the West is not willing to take any firm steps on their own to reveal information that has long been suppressed, including technologies that could change our planet almost overnight.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18JUL2017 Richard Dolan via : On Corey, Andrew, and the Whistleblowers.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10JUL2017 AlphaZebra via : Richard Dolan talks to Bill Ryan in depth: Corey Goode, Andy Basiago, Bill Tompkins, MUFON, and more.


Finally, in health-related news;

CVN, as most regular listeners know, has long been an advocate for the use of cannabis in healing.  Over the years, as I have come to learn more and more, I am trying my best to share it with listeners, so they can make the best, and most informed choices when doing their own research to decide if cannabis is good for them personally.

Before I get to the story being reported, I do want to add some recent information that I have come across that is vital in ensuring one has the best possible cannabis for healing.

The medical and pharmaceutical industries realize that they can no longer suppress this information.  Therefore the only way is to embrace it, and try to create a product that will suit their agenda.  This is almost exactly like what is happening within the virtual currency markets now, as we heard earlier regarding Ethereum, Bitcoin and others.

An individual whom I met at the cannabis conference in Slovenia recently, posted information about the best kind of CBD to look for, and very likely, synthetic cannabis will NOT be the best cannabis to buy for one’s health.

If one is able to, look for a trusted source that grows an organic, multi-spectrum cannabis with love.  A multi-spectrum cannabis contains:  CBD,CBD[a],THC,THC[a],CBG,CBN,CBC,Beta-Caryphyllene,Myrcene,Limonene,Camphene,Geraniol,Linalool,Eucalyptol.

These days, ‘organic’ is more challenging, due to the chemtrails dumping chemicals on all outdoor plants.  Therefore, it may be better to grow cannabis inside a shipping container that has been prepared for growing.

It is pretty obvious why governments and corporations would seek to keep both cannabis and hemp criminalized, as it not only takes away their profits, but it heals people and also helps many to have ‘spiritual’ experiences that awaken them further to the illusion of the world that we have been currently enslaved to.

CVN has reported in the past on other psychedelic plants that have the potential to help awaken people to their inner power while also helping them to heal. This week we have another story.

An article by Robert Jonathan, appearing on the Natural News website from December of 2016 looks at several studies that have been done, showing the health benefits of using ‘magic mushrooms’ for healings, and yet these are also classified as illegal in many countries.

According to the article:  “ Two major clinical trials have reportedly reaffirmed the effectiveness of psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic found in 200 varieties of mushrooms, in treating mental illness.

Earlier in 2016 researchers at London’s Imperial College found that after one week of high doses of psilocybin, twelve study participants no longer suffered with depression or self loathing. Eleven weeks later, five of them no longer had any lingering depression symptoms.”

The article continues:  “... in the U.S., the DEA classifies psilocybin as a banned Schedule 1 drug like heroin, LSD, or Ecstasy, with no currently accepted use in medical treatment.

In the minds of government regulators, magic mushrooms apparently conjure up an image of burned-out hippies staggering around Woodstock on a bad trip rather than as a legitimate treatment for mental illness.

Data published this month in the Journal of Psychopharmacology focusing on cancer patients perhaps may change the conventional thinking that stands in the way of magic mushrooms being officially adopted as an alternative to antidepressants that bring with them many toxic side effects.”

The studies were done by New York and Johns Hopkins universities although each institution’s study was under slightly different conditions, which are detailed in the article for those choosing to read it.

The article does note the general results however.  According to the article:  “ The results suggested that “High-dose psilocybin produced large decreases in clinician- and self-rated measures of depressed mood and anxiety, along with increases in quality of life, life meaning, and optimism, and decreases in death anxiety. At 6-month follow-up, these changes were sustained, with about 80% of participants continuing to show clinically significant decreases in depressed mood and anxiety. Participants attributed improvements in attitudes about life/self, mood, relationships, and spirituality to the high-dose experience...”

Of course, there is always a degree of warning issued by institutions, probably to protect themselves from legal actions.  “Both double-blind studies cautioned that more fact-finding is necessary to fully determine if  psilocybin is safe and effective.”

What the studies also noted was that “participants in both groups told researchers about mystical or spiritual experiences after ingesting psilocybin, the effects of which last about four hours.”  According to Dr. Roland Griffiths, lead author of the study at Johns Hopkins:  “ one way psychedelic researchers have characterized this is as the inverse of PTSD. With PTSD, one terrible experience can change the way a person’s brain causes them to perceive the world, with long-lasting effects. This is like the opposite of that — a single meaningful experience that people highly value and has transformational, enduring effects.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13DEC2016 Robert Jonathan, : Medical scientists stunned as “magic mushroom” treatment found to heal mental illness... yet it remains illegal.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30NOV2016 Stephen Ross, Anthony Bessis, Jeffrey Guss et al., Journal of Psychopharmacology, : Rapid and sustained symptom reduction following psilocybin treatment for anxiety and depression in patients with life-threatening cancer: a randomized controlled trial.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01DEC2016 Kevin Loria, : Hallucinogenic drugs could soon work ‘like a surgical intervention’ for mental illness.

At this point, anything that has the potential to heal, awaken and empower people in their fight against the global cabal and western hegemony, is considered a threat, and therefore it is up to each individual to become as informed as possible, and share information on whatever level that individual feels called to share it.  It is about reclaiming the will of the people, and the global establishment is being forced to take notice that the people of the world no longer choose to play the games of the global cabal, nor do they choose to be slaves to their systems any longer.

The energies are shifting to empower humanity, and although there may be some chaos and even discomfort over the short-term, it is important to always stay grounded in the belief that everything negative must first be brought into the Light, in order to be exposed, transformed and then released.

In a related story, an article about the benefits of Lion’s Mane mushroom for the brain and nervous system will appear in the show transcript, along with two other unrelated articles - one relating to the benefits of ozone therapy and another reporting on the seven most dangerous vaccines injected into the body, and why they cause more harm than good.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 16JUN2016 Valerie Burke, : Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Unparalleled Benefits for Your Brain and Nervous System

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23SEP2016 Valerie Burke, : Ozone Therapy Is Powerful Medicine.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14DEC2016 S.D. Wells, : The 7 most dangerous vaccines injected into humans and exactly why they cause more harm than good.

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Before I get into this week’s FINAL WORDS, I would like to state that I will be taking at least three or four weeks off for vacation.

At the moment, I am not sure where I will be living, or whether I will have the resources to live there.  A lot will determine how things move forward for me in the future.

At this time, I am being forced to start doing some very deep personal work.  I need to release whatever blocks are preventing me from creating the financial support I need, and I am also now dealing with some possible health-related issues that I can no longer ignore.  This also will have an impact on how things move forward for me.

My most immediate goals are to do the shamanic work to release blockages relating to finances, to romantic relations, and to personal stability, as well as my personal health.  The next goal will be to actually create a place to live where I can have some stability and peace of mind.   At that time, perhaps I can begin to explore what happens with CVN.

So, as of this week, I’m planning to take next week, and the month of August off, but this may change as information comes to me from my shamanic work with Christina Mahler.  She has a couple of things planned for me next week that I am creating will lead to some great breakthroughs in allowing me to move forward in my service to humanity and the planet.

Depending upon any global events that take place, I may consider a few news postings, or possibly a few short videos.  I will explore this as I get rested and deal with the issues that need to be dealt with.

My fundraising goal, as I stated, is to provide for accommodations somewhere, and also some treatments to address all the issues that are coming up now for healing and release.  One listener today has offered a significant contribution to help cover this, and she knows who she is.  I do not have her permission to mention her name, but I will call her ‘M’.  Thank you so much M for your extremely kind and generous support!

If any listener also feels guided to support CVN and also me at this time, I most gratefully thank you for this consideration!

10.  ( 01:35:43 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS

As I reported last week, various sources are reporting that there is  massively shifting energies at this time. Carl Boudreau explained that the planets are now starting to move OUT from an alignment that previously benefitted the 1%, into an alignment that is ‘spiritualizing’, to use his word, the Earth, and empowering the 99%.

We are witnessing global events that seem to validate this, as so much is starting to unravel at this time.  Two weeks ago, Jennifer Hoffman commented that our 3D reality is starting to disintegrate before our eyes.

There are the desperate attempts of the global cabal to get people back into fear, and then there is also the Hopi Prophecy of the Blue Kachina, that sources are reporting will activate parts of human DNA on those humans who are ready and able to integrate these energies, that will allow them to adapt and prepare for higher 5D vibrations and frequencies.

We are witnessing a polarization within many people who are claiming to be working for the Light, and there have been some fairly strong attacks against some sources.  I am holding back from taking a firm position on whether any source is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.  I do have some opinions, based on current information, but I am very open to having my opinion changed by new information.

If I was to offer any guidance to all of you at this time - it is to avoid stating definitively that any source is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.   Share an opinion, but I would suggest also stating that it is only an opinion, and that it could change with new information.  This may allow you to avoid getting caught in the trap of ‘judgement’ that the cabal seems to be pushing us all towards.  We cannot give them this energy.

However there is also the issue of having to deal with all the ‘baggage’ that each one of us carries.  I am now personally starting to go through this.  It does not feel particularly pleasant, and I know it is going to have to get worse, before it can get better.  Perhaps over the years, I have been in a bit of denial - and perhaps many of us have.

A timely article crossed my path this week again.  I’ve discussed it briefly in the past, but here it is again - right in my face, as I prepare to deal with all my ‘baggage’.

The article was posted by an individual identified as ‘DocDelux’ on the website on July 13th.   The article is entitled:  “ New Age Bullshit Part 1 - Self Proclaimed “Lightworkers”.

The title triggered me a bit, as I’m sure it will trigger many of you.  Over the last five years especially, we’ve been focusing on a ‘Golden Age’ and many of us have been declaring ourselves ‘Lightworkers’ or some other term.

Doc starts out with the statement:  “Beware of people constantly spouting rhetoric about love and light. They are hiding something, or better yet, hiding from something.”

My first reaction was: ‘The NERVE of this guy to say that!”  Then I tried to go into what he was really trying to say.  I confess, I do not like the generalized nature of his comment - assuming that all of us are ‘bad’ as Lightworkers because we haven’t dealt with our own baggage.

We ALL have baggage.  I have it, and all of you have it. The trick is in finding an honourable balance in anchoring the energies of love, Light and Peace, while also facing down and releasing the energies within us that need to be released and healed.   Judgement statements such as ‘beware those spouting rhetoric of love and Light’ does not feel right to me, personally.
However, as I said, I felt a desire to explore more deeply what he was trying to get to.

Doc continues: “ Light and love is something more likely that they are trying for, hoping for, because its more often those who are lacking who put so much emphasis on those things.”

This may be true for many, and I can see that my own LIFE-path has not exactly been ‘Light’ or ‘love’.  Yes, I want to see more Light and love in the world, and my particular service with CVN has followed some of what Doc is saying here.

Sometimes, to create the change we want in ourselves, we have to think, say and do the ‘love and Light thing’.  By doing this, especially if one is not exactly feeling it in the current moment, it begins to reprogram the mind and the neural network in the brain to the new way of thinking.  A substance abuser, as part of the healing may need to keep talking and thinking positively to begin programming his or her brain to manifest the desired reality.  I’m not saying that Doc is ‘wrong’ - but I am inviting people to consider this as a possibility for why people are not always practicing what they are preaching right now. We each need our tools to reprogram the reality that we are desiring to experience.  If one’s message does not resonate with you - just set that message aside, without judging that individual as ‘wrong’ because he/she is not a perfect practitioner of the message.  Feel the attempt of that individual from the heart, if possible.

He quotes Carl Gustav Jung who is credited with saying:  “ There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

I may not have a place to live yet, or the resources to fully support myself, and I may be missing a companion or loving interactions with more people, but inside, I try to hold on to the fact that if I can help empower this in others, then perhaps I will be able to better manifest it in my own world.

It’s more complicated than just this however, because of course there are soul-contracts and there are also energetic blockages and attachments from past lives and the current life that affect how we deal with things.  We may KNOW things on certain levels, but are still trying to find ways to deal with and release them.  I don’t think this that makes someone ‘wrong’ for talking about Light and love while also dealing with one’s own baggage.  This is, of course, as long as the individual is open and honest with people in saying that she or he is dealing with one’s own baggage, while not denying or hiding it. 

If any listeners were inclined to feel that I may be hiding my own baggage, I affirm again, publicly, that I am, like all of you, dealing with my own ‘stuff’, but we are working together towards a common goal, and we have to help each other along in the most LIFE-honouring ways we can in each moment of ‘now’.

Doc adds the following:  “ What good is being in the light, talking about light? What good is light if it is not going into the dark places, having the courage to deal with the disturbing truths of our human condition? True "lightworkers" show people whats in the dark, the things that have been working against them, and humankind unbeknownst.

I don’t talk much about light and love because thou art that.

I talk about the things that people keep hidden. Nothing of value is discovered in the light. Treasures are found in the dark. The truth is that most people hate true light workers because they expose their bullshit. The light burns them, their rhetoric becomes empty slogan exposing a circle jerking orgy of the fearful, those who only dwell in the well lit corners.

They call themselves lightworkers, but are easily offended, and refuse to deal with the "negativity" in the world, only surrounding themselves with those who buy into the cult of positivity. They are new age deceived.”

He closes with the following:  “A true lightworker doesn’t tell everyone that they are that. Its apparent. Far more times than not, it is those who burn us with the truth, the things we didn’t see before they came along, that are the brightest, and the very ones we turn away from, to go back into the comfort of ignorance; talking about light, but not being.

Most of all though, true lightworkers don’t talk most exclusively about light and fluffy things. They talk about the shunned and forgotten things, because by sharing their understanding of the heavy, the painful, the dark, they bring light to where there was little to none.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 13JUL2017 DocDelux, :  New Age Bullshit Part 1 - Self Proclaimed “Lightworkers".

Two weeks ago, Jennifer Hoffman suggested we become more Lightbeacons, than Lightworkers. We have been exposing all the darkness in the world, and the world is starting to see it.  Perhaps now is the time to focus on ourselves, and our baggage, and simply BE our own Light.

From what I can tell, CVN is unique in the world because I attempt to empower lessons from both the darkness that is being revealed, while also empowering the Light, strength and courage to transform or transmute it, while connecting the dots of political, financial, science, technology, alternative health, spiritual, and ET/UFO news.  To transform our world, it is vital to become aware of our enslavemenet and to what is being done to us and our planet, so we can begin to envision solutions and transformations.

This transmuting is to be done on all levels from the macro-cosmic level, to the global level and then to the micro-level of the baggage that we each have within ourselves and our DNA.   

It feels true to me that we cannot deny or ignore the darkness of which we have been a part.  This darkness has been necessary for us to journey as a spiritual being having a human experience. 

I am feeling more strongly at this time that the energies are pushing ALL of us to deal with our baggage, if we are to align ourselves with the higher frequencies and vibrations of a 5D reality. 

More and more, I am walking around and it seems like I’m walking in a dream.  I observe myself interacting with the world, but I do not really feel like I am here.  I know I am shifting, and I know I am being pushed to deal with my own crap at this time.

For me to become a better journalist for all of you, maybe I’m being told that I can no longer hide, and as painful as it might be, I’d like to create that the rewards and the healing of coming through it all, will be infinitely greater and more rewarding!

So, with your loving energies healing and perhaps also some of your financial support, I can begin moving into a space of dealing with all this, so that I may be able to be of better service to you all moving forward, if this will be for the Highest Good of all at this time!

In the show transcript for the FINAL WORDS, I’m going to include a link to  two interesting videos that crossed my path.  Both are songs from a group called ‘OMNIA’ from 2013 and 2014.  The group sings in pagan folk music style.  The first song is entitled:  “I Don’t Speak Human’, and the second song is called ‘Earth Warrior’.   In 2016, the group released a new CD called ‘Prayer’, consisting of pure pagan folk music.
At first, I was tempted to judge the song and the artists, but once I pulled my head out of my butt and witnessed my judgement, I began to get a greater sense of their message.  Perhaps you may have the same experience.  I actually found myself starting to appreciate their service and their message, delivered in their uniquely different, equally beautiful way!

Create some wonderful weeks ahead, and may you all find ways to use these energies through August for your own Highest Good ... until our next moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW  - 11MAR2013 WorldOfOmnia via : OMNIA (Official) - I don't speak Human.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29JUL2014 WorldOfOmnia via : OMNIA (Official) - Earth Warrior.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for the musical group OMNIA.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Facebook page for the musical group OMNIA.

CLICK TO VIEW  - :  List of upcoming concerts for the remainder of 2017.


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