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2017-10-15 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript With Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - October 15, 2017

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Greetings and blessings to all!

We are in the midst of witnessing something incredible taking place on our planet.  It is something that very few will fully understand, because they still only see current events as being separate, and not connected in ways that are so profound, it would blow their minds into next year, if not further.

Our dearly beloved global enslavers have orchestrated an extended history that keeps people sufficiently in fear with weapons of mass distraction, and/or addicted to anything from entertainment, video games, sex, mainstream news, sports, social media, phones, and numerous other things.

We are in the beginning stages of breaking at least some of these addictions, and many are turning away from news, sports and even social media as they attempt to find greater peace in LIFE and perhaps open themselves up to other solutions to live in greater personal harmony with themselves, others and our planet.


We are witnessing some phenomenal geophysical events at this time from hurricanes to floods, to earthquakes, to massively increasing volcanic activity all along the Ring of Fire.

Some are saying the events are human-created, and a strong argument could be made to support this for most of the events.  There are very likely however also some events that are being created by the planet herself, as she seeks to release generations of negative energies to begin healing herself.

In the past two weeks, I personally have had two dreams relating to the Earth.  In one dream I saw a new Earth coming, and I felt really excited about this.  Two days later, I had a dream of significant Earth activity, in the form of geophysical events. If I am interpreting my dreams correctly, the shaking down of dysfunctional structures on our planet may be necessary through events that force humanity to face their mortality, in order to step into their awareness in co-creating the New Earth that so many are claiming to want.

Even ZeroHedge was one of the sources posting on the increased geophysical activity at this time, along with The Drudge Report commenting on a specific volcanic incident near Tenerife, that could have a significant impact on western Europe and the eastern US.


Considering that there is a growing movement in this state to break away from the US, also considering the growing Hollywood scandal, California could be a good target for destroying the homes of anyone who may have damaging info to reveal.

IF the photos are to be believed about what is left at the scene of the alleged forest fires, the houses were almost literally completely incinerated. Two reports in YouTube posted by an individual call into question the nature of these fires.  According to the research of this individual, the average temperature of a house fire is about 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit or almost 600 degrees Celsius.  This is not enough to completely level everything in a house, including metal appliances, while also leaving some trees still standing nearby in some cases. - 10OCT17 via – Santa Rosa and Northern CA Fires defy the laws of physics – where did the houses go? - 10OCT17 via : Napa, California fires: where did the houses go? What twisted the steel?  - 13OCT17 Jim Stone via : California Fires Were Not ‘Wild’, They Were Engineered!

For those who may remember the fires in Waldo, Colorado a few years back, you may wish to go and search for those images, and you’ll see that it was the same there – houses being completely incinerated, and flames leaving trees standing, but nothing of the homes, and even properties next door to an incinerated house appeared to have been untouched – assuming these photos are true as well.

Very suspicious activity taking place with these fires.


I would prefer not to focus too much on the blatantly false flag event that took place in Las Vegas.  The internet is filling up quickly with evidence that contradicts the official story of what happened.

In the show transcript, for those who have not seen much, there will be a few links posted that will assist listeners in discerning for themselves what took place.

Video reports are supporting a ‘multiple shooter’ scenario, where the official story has only one shooter, an elderly man who managed to get a phenomenal amount of equipment into a casino hotel, which would be highly secure. - 02OCT17 Baxter Dmtry, : Las Vegas: Video footage confirms multiple shooters, coordinated attack. - : Las Vegas false flag: video proves team of shooters behind attacks.

A article from Oct 4th by Jon Rappaport notes how the official narrative is falling apart, writing that:  “The worst single shooter incident of all time in the US is fast turning out to be the worst false flag operation ever. The forensic analysis and official narrative simply don’t add up.

Rappaport estimated that Paddock would have had to injure or kill 2.1 people per second, to complete the mission stated by the official statement – 573 people in about 4.5 minutes.

The article quotes a report by Jeff Rense, stating that:  ““…a potential MAXIMUM of only 360 rounds could be fired at full auto burst with NO magazine changes in the approximate four minutes or 240 seconds of the shooting!”

“So, Paddock didn’t fire 360 rounds in 240 seconds because he had to stop and change magazines…probably 30 round mags. That would be THIRTEEN magazine changes
in the 240 seconds. And it is reported he fired from both broken out windows.” - 04OCT17 : Vegas shooting:  Official scenario crumbling.

The Sydney Morning Herald on Oct 14 had reported how the police had continued changing the official version of events that took place. - 14OCT17 Mark Berman, : Police defend Las Vegas shooting investigation after changing timeline.

Matt Agorist writes on Oct 10th that: “In an unprecedented reversal, police have dramatically changed their official story this week on how the massacre in Las Vegas unfolded. To be clear, the facts they changed are not some accidents due to mass chaos, ‘whoops we were just confused’, or ‘sorry we got that wrong’ — no, these were a complete reversal of official narratives already determined to be facts and released during press conferences.” - 10OCT17 Matt Agorist, : Time to pay attention:  police begin making massive reversals in official Vegas narrative.

An article appearing on The Economic Collapse Blog on Oct 3rd has Michael Snyder offering sixteen unanswered questions relating to the event.  A few selected questions that the media do not wish to discuss include:

Why were law enforcement authorities discussing “another suspect on the fourth floor”, and why isn’t the mainstream media talking about this?

How in the world did Paddock get 42 guns and “several thousand rounds of ammo” into his hotel room without anyone noticing?

Why did it take law enforcement authorities 72 minutes to get into Stephen Paddock’s hotel room?

Why was ISIS so eager to take responsibility for this attack, and why was the FBI so quick to dismiss that connection?

Why were nearly all of the exits out of the concert venue completely blocked?

Why was a country music festival chosen as the target?  Was the goal to kill as many Trump supporters and other conservatives as possible? - 03OCT17 Michael Snyder, : 16 unanswered questions about the Las Vegas shooting that mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about. -; 09OCT17 Jay Greenberg, : Wikileaks:  The FBI were behind the Las Vegas Shooting Attack. - 02OCT17 Chris Hedges via : The End of Empire.


With the news coming this week of sexual harassment and assault allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood appears to be entering a phase of implosion, as more and more men and women are stepping forward to reveal details of alleged abuse that was done to them in exchange for their entrance to Hollywood and their future success.

An article on the website on Oct 14th shares a number of Twitter messages that have begun appearing from celebrities beginning to speak out on the abuses within Hollywood.   This article points to another article where a growing list of performance artists are detailing their experiences with Weinstein and arguably others. - 14OCT17 : Hollywood seems to be in a total downfall.

In another TrueEarth article the day before, the article focuses on recent information released from David Wilcock detailing how the recently deceased Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine, published kiddie porn back in 1975.

Relating to the Weinstein scandal, the Las Vegas shootings and other events, Wilcock was also quoted in this article as stating that:  “The shootings were real. They stink to high heaven. The Weinstein thing was not a brief headline that disappeared in the trauma. It has caught on like wildfire.

We have said for years now that the Cabal would attempt a “Partial Disclosure” of UFOs when they are very close to defeat, for mass distraction.

That now appears to be happening.

So as warriors of Truth, we all have to be extremely careful right now and exercise discernment like never before.”

I will have a bit more from Wilcock and Fulford in a moment. - 13ICT17 : David Wilcock updates, pedo arrests, Syria update, Julian Assange tweets about pedophilia.

This is just beginning to hit the fan, and to give you an idea of how quickly this is becoming a very serious situation, The Huffington Post has reported on Oct 15th, maybe a week after the allegations against Weinstein surfaced, that:  “The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expelled Harvey Weinstein after holding an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss the onslaught of sexual harassment and assault allegations directed at the Hollywood mogul.

The Academy’s Board of Governors voted “well in excess of the required two-thirds majority to immediately expel” Weinstein from the prestigious organization, the academy said in a statement to HuffPost. 

The board said it dismissed Weinstein, once a powerful film executive, in order to send a message to the rest of the industry. It also accused those within the Hollywood community of “willful ignorance and complicity.” - 15OCT17 Willa Frey, Carla Herreria, : Harvey Weinstein kicked out of Motion Picture Academy.

It strikes me as a bit odd that the Academy claims to have had little or no knowledge of such activity within the industry.  What it seems to suggest more is that Hollywood is starting to turn on each other, and to try to avoid being taken down by those being exposed at this time.

You can expect more to come from Hollywood in the coming weeks and months, most certainly.

Then there are also all the pedophilia charges coming forth within the Roman Catholic Church.

The Neon Nettle news website had reported in June the discovery of an ‘unprecedented’ amount of child porn discovered in The Vatican. - 22JUN17 Jay Greenberg, : ‘Unprecedented’ amount of of child porn discovered in the Vatican.

Then Katherine Frisk, writing for Veterans Today in July covered one of the largest pedophile bust in Catholic Church pedophilia in history. - 02JUL17 Katherine Frisk, : Origins of the largest Catholic Church pedophile bust in history.

One of the powerful cardinals within The Vatican, George Pell, who is the Chief of Finances, perhaps ironically, was forced to take leave from his post to defend himself in Australia against historical sexual offence allegations.  Hearings are on-going in Melbourne and the Herald Sun reported on Oct 6th that Cardinal Pell will face a month-long preliminary hearing next March.  The article also stated that:  “Dozens of witnesses, including former choirboys, will be called during the preliminary hearing that prosecutors estimate will last four weeks.

The court heard at least 55 witnesses had made statements to police, but it is unclear how many Cardinal Pell’s legal team have formally sought to cross examine.” - 06OCT17 Shannon Deery, : Cardinal George Pell expected to return to Melbourne court over historical sexual offence charges. - 06OCT17 Emma Younger, : Cardinal George Pell appears at Melbourne magistrates court to fight historical sexual offence allegations.

All of the primary institutions of control and enslavement on our planet are currently being exposed and broken down:  governance, business and religion.


On top of everything else taking place, there is one other event coming up that may be a trigger to the floodgate of information to come.  Since 1963, speculation has been extensive as to the death of US President John F Kennedy.  The reasons for his death also have multiple speculations.  These answers are expected to become public shortly, unless legislative action seeks to stop it.

RT has picked up a story written by Irish political editor John Lee on Oct 13th where Lee reports the following:  “Top secret files are due to be declassified this month in a move that could bring closure to one of the most traumatic events in US history – the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

A law was signed by former President George H.W. Bush in 1992 mandating the release of all documents related to Kennedy's assassination within 25 years. Under the JFK Records Act of 1992, the National Archives has until 26 October of this year to disclose the remaining files relating to the assassination, unless President Trump determines that doing so would be harmful to national security. There are about 3,100 files still sealed by the National Archives.

Most right-thinking people would like to see the files released, to put an end to the constant speculation about the death of one of history’s most iconic politicians.

If the information comes out that is believed to be within these files, it could be the earthquake that sets into motion multiple aftershocks that could bring down once and for all any remaining confidence the public may have about governing institutions.  - FILES TO BE RELEASED IN THE NEXT WEEK THAT COULD EXPLAIN EVERYTHING ABOUT THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION.

One of the questions I have is this:  IF there was only one shooter, and that one shooter was on top of a building, why is JFK’s wife trying to get out of the presidential limosine, when the agents could keep her safely protected…allegedly, within the vehicle?  Why would she attempt to get out of the one vehicle that could get her safely away from a shooter on top a building?   Just one question of many.


As many know, Trump recently made a comment at a White House event, with top military staff present that this may be the ‘calm before the storm’, and when pushed for a comment about what he meant by this, he replied stating:  “You’ll find out.”. - 05OCT17 Associated Press via : Trump calls photo op ‘calm before the storm’. (1:20 mark starting)

On Oct 12th, RT and other sources reported on a FOX News interview Trump had with Sean Hannity, Trump implied that this comment was referring to North Korea, although he did not explicitly come out and say this. - 12OXT17 : Trump implies cryptic ‘calm before the storm’ remark was about North Korea. - 12OCT17 Global News via : Donald Trump finally explains what he meant by cryptic ‘calm before the storm’ remark.

For those who have an ability to read between the lines, this leaves the door open for other speculation.

Many people are starting to follow a young man named Jordan Sather.  It is wonderful to see a few more people, especially young people, taking up the call to do some alternative journalism to inform people what is going on.

Sather presents an overview of his perspective of how he sees things playing out over the coming moments of ‘now’.  In his posting from Oct 8th, Sather goes into details about possible data dumps, and how this may be a ‘first round’ of disclosures relating to false flags, political corruption and the pedophilia scandal.  He also hints that a push for other disclosures, such as those relating to suppressed technologies and ET/cosmic understanding that could be forced out.  He feels that information is coming that will make even the most asleep people begin to question everything, including the three-letter agencies in the US.

He states it will be up to the people to usher in the rest of the disclosure information, because people will be more receptive once their illusions about the constructs of governance and more are shattered.

Although not incorrect, Sather is also missing a few key things.  He does briefly mention Russia and an international alliance that is working to ‘drain the swamp’.  Sather points to Trumps comments with Hannity that ‘nothing has worked for 25 years, and only one thing will.’  Sather then dips into the idea that the secret space programs, or SSP’s may play a role in the upcoming ‘storm’ being hinted at.

Sather makes no mention however of all the financial stuff taking place right now, and how this is driving the USD into global irrelevance.  With all the movements being made by Asia right now, and also with the rising interest in digital currencies, along with the technology of the ‘blockchain’, there are other huge factors that also need to be considered, not to mention as well, all the geophysical events, either human-created or natural.  All of this, and more, are contributing to the shift in human and planetary consciousness unfolding at this time.

The fact is this:  we can speculate all we want, and this was very likely the purpose of why comments like these are made in the first place: perhaps partly to keep people distracted with idle conversations about things that may or may not happen, but perhaps also to see how the discussions begin appear on the internet, to get a sense of public opinion as to which direction they would like to see things go. 

For me personally, there are FAR too many factors in play right now, to make an educated speculation as to what may or may not happen.  We can observe, but we cannot directly control an outcome.  See the events, hear about them, envision a higher outcome that you would like to see for humanity and the planet, and then use that energy to create something physical and meaningful in your world and then share it with others.

Sather is doing well, really well, and received over 100,000 views to his YouTube posting.  That is really great, and I hope he continues to receive support, as many seem to be resonating with his style and approach. He seems to be mostly on track, and I hope people will support him in his service.  His report will appear in the show transcript for those choosing to view it. - 08OCT Destroying The Illusion via : 10.8 – The Calm Before The Storm. (Jordan Sather)


In the past week, both David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford have hinted at something ‘big’ is about to happen.  With Trump’s comment, and with a message I received from a trusted friend, along with my own personal dreams, they are all pointing to something very significant that is coming.

There are those who feel that Fulford is not a reliable source.  Perhaps arguments could be made both ways.  There are those who feel that Wilcock is trying to promote and glorify himself more than he aspires to help others and the world.  Perhaps an argument could be made both ways on this as well.  I sent a message to Wilcock, to call him out on an interview he did with a source known as Drake. 

Years ago, when CVN was on BlogTalkRadio, there was a time when both of our programs were in the top five or the top ten. Wilcock stated that only he and Fulford were the ones actively reporting on the arrests of the global cabal.   I told him that I have been doing this for many years as well, but I did not have the sources that he alleges he has.

 I stated that perhaps this was the case because he was only trying to glorify himself and Fulford, while neglecting other people and a few other journalists doing the same thing, but without the contacts.  I offered him a chance to prove me wrong, and to have his contacts vet me and then reach out to me also.  If he really is focused on global change and getting the message out, then having more people to do it will make it faster.   It is my hope that he will prove me wrong, and show that he can work with smaller journalists and perhaps help them to gain greater credibility to promote change that much more quickly and honourably.

Benjamin states the following this week:  “starting in late October…

… the world will experience “earthquakes, storms, and other disasters” that will result in a large drop in the world’s population before “a happy new era” begins. Mr. K was evasive about details, but did say something could happen in Japan just before the October 22nd Japanese general election that Asian secret society sources say will result in the ouster of Khazarian slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Referring to Trump’s comment, Fulford writes:  “The “storm” would take place in the form of mass arrests, the issuance of a new currency, and the launch of a global currency reset, the source said.

“‘Calm before the storm’ means the swamp is about to be cleaned out and they are all scared sh#tless, so we better take a picture,” a CIA source confirmed. - 12OCT17 : FULL ARTICLE - Benjamin Fulford 10-9-17… “Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and Others All Say Something Big Is Coming”

On his blog, Wilcock has offered a few extensive postings on recent events.  Wilcock mentions a suspicious fire that started on the roof of the NY Federal Reserve building. Sources are speculating that attempts are being made to destroy damaging information, before the storm hits.  ZeroHedge also reported on this as well. - 07OCT17 : Fire Breaks Out On The Roof of the New York Fed. - 10OCT17 David Wilcock, : Vegas Terror and Disclosure: Is Something Big About To Happen? - 10OCT17 Part Two: The Secret Space Program and the Cabal.

In part three of his report, Wilcock goes into the symbolism behind the Las Vegas events including the name of the shooter, the name and shape of the hotel, a pyramid nearby with an ‘all-seeing eye’ lit up, and more. He links the Mandalay Hotel imagery to that of the Trilateral Commission, a known cabal institution.  He also observes how 32 is the highest level one can attain within Freemasonry, and the shootings, the alleged ‘official’ shootings, came from the 32nd floor . - 10OCT17 Part Three: Signs Of A Cover-Up

Here is another interesting thought to consider.  While those in the west are distracted by the events I have just mentioned and many others, the countries of the East continue to just move forward on a daily basis, building a new economic paradigm, and a new alliance of countries to create something new.

They do not appear to be overly alarmed by everything happening in the West.  This may make one wonder if there is something that they know, that people in the West do not (yet) now?


In other geopolitical news;

An article appearing on on Oct 4th carries a YouTube video of a recent address to the EU parliament by Nigel Farage on how the EU leadership is failing Spain, and demonstrating gross hypocrisy in its treatment of various states within the Union:  - 04OCT17 Alex Christoforou, : Nigel Farage destroys the EU and Juncker over Catalonia silence (Video) - 03OCT17 via : Nigel Farage "This Union is prepared to turn a blind eye" - 3rd October 2017

Despite what the unelected EU leaders would tell the world, it appears that there are increasing movements all over the union for either greater autonomy or full independence, and the results of the Catalonia vote for independence in Spain recently are only bringing these movements into greater public awareness. 

An article appearing on the London Independent website on October 3rd by Will Martin, highlight varying degrees of movement for greater autonomy or independence.

According to this article:  “Britain's vote to leave the European Union is almost certainly one of the most seismic political events in the Western world in the last handful of decades.

It marked the first time any nation had decided to leave the European alliance, first formed in the 1960s and promptly sparked some commentators to suggest that other nations could follow Britain out of the bloc in the coming years. 

While Britain leaving the EU is undoubtedly the biggest split we're likely to witness in Europe in the coming, there are movements across Europe that could end up physically separating entire nations.” - 03OCT17 Will Martin, Business Insider via : This map shows the European regions fighting to achieve independence.

The article includes a map and if the map is correct, it suggests that the Union is not the happy place that leaders are claiming, especially as more and more awaken to the lies, frauds and crimes being committed by the unelected leadership.

The map appears to identify at least 50 different parts of the Union  from eastern Ukraine, all the way to the coast of Portugal on the west.  To the north, the entire Saami region seeks to split a huge portion of both Norway and Sweden, while taking part of Finland and also a part of Russia.  Many parts of Spain, the southern part of France, the northern part of Italy all have movements, as well as Bavaria in Germany and even the region around Slovenia. There are numerous other smaller movements as well.

There is no denying that a wave of tsunami proportions is approaching the shores of the global enslavers, and this group of people appear to no longer have many tools at their disposal to save themselves. 

For many, myself included, although I recognize the part me that is them and the part of them that is me, I realize that this is something that has to move forward in a way that is as peaceful, as comfortable, as safe and as quick as possible.  However it is something that we have do with great awareness to avoid carrying negative energies forward into the world that we are claiming to want to live in.


In financial news now, looking at one of the other major parts of the puzzle being exposed at this time.

While the West seems preoccupied with all being exposed, the countries of the East seem to be somewhat quietly moving forward, finalizing all their plans, crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s to make sure that something will be in place as the western hegemony continues its downward descent into irrelevance.

On Oct 8th, Alex Christoforou reported for The Duran that:  “Gold, a SWIFT alternative, and even blockchain technology are being utilized to free Russia from US hegemonic influence…and its working.

As the entire western mainstream media and “red scare” US congressmen push the fake news “Russia election meddling” narrative, there is only one “Russia story that matters“…

The World Gold Council has reported that the Central Bank of Russia has more than doubled the pace of its gold purchases, bringing its reserves to the highest level since Putin took power 17 years ago.” - 08OCT17 Alex Christoforou, : Russia’s plan to free itself from the US dollar is working better than anyone imagined.

Back in February, a Forbes article by Ralph Benko had reported President Trump as stating how replacing the USD with gold as a global currency could make America great again. - 25FEB17 Ralph Benko, : President Trump: Replace the dollar with gold as the global currency to make America great again.

However, the East continues to move forward. ZeroHedge on October 13 then reported that:  “The monetary regimes of China and Russia, two of the world's most resource-rich nations, are drawing closer with every passing day.

In the latest push for convergence, China has established a payment versus payment (PVP) system for Chinese yuan and Russian ruble transactions in a move to reduce risks and improve the efficiency of its foreign exchange transactions. The PVP system for yuan and ruble transctions, designed to streamline commerce and currency transactions between the two nations, was launched on Monday after receiving approval from China’s central bank, according to a statement by the country’s foreign exchange trading system.”  - 13OCT17 : China launches Yuan-Ruble payment system.

Other countries are ready to make the move as well. Adam Garrie of The Duran reported earlier in October, the 4th that:  “President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has spoken in Moscow as part of Russian Energy Week and proposed that key energy producers work to implement trading strategies which ditch the US dollar in favour of currencies including the Chinese Yuan and Russian Ruble.

Venezuela recently announced that it would begin trading its oil in Yuan and today, President Maduro said that his country seeks to expand the use of other global currencies, including the Russian Ruble.

CVN has reported on this in recent weeks, and continues to follow the remarkable changes happening on all fronts worldwide. - 04OCT17 Adam Garrie, : Venezuelan President Maduro tells Russia its time to ditch the Dollar and embrace the Rouble and Yuan


For those who have been publicly critical of Bitcoin in the western financial circles, such as Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Bank and others…I suspect that they are eating their hearts out now, because their attempt to destabilize Bitcoin appears to have failed…quite miserably.

Two sources at least have reported on the massive growth of Bitcoin compared to various western banks and institutions.

RT and ZeroHedge both reported their own versions of this on Oct 13th.  RT noted that:  “Its market capitalization is approaching $97 billion. If bitcoin were a company, its market cap puts it in the same league as some of the world's biggest corporations.

The cryptocurrency would be in 77th in PwC's list of the top 100 corporations, bigger than Bayer, Goldman Sachs, UPS, Nike, and Mitsubishi.

Bitcoin is up over 480 percent year-to-date.” - 13OCT17 : Bitcoin now bigger than Bayer, Goldman Sachs, Nike.

The ZeroHedge article notes Bitcoin as being now being bigger than Morgan Stanley.  - 13OCT17 : Bitcoin is now bigger than Morgan Stanley.

Another article focuses a bit more specifically on Jamie Dimon’s attempts to destroy Bitcoin, or at least drive the price down significantly.

On a graph that appears in the article, Dimon is quoted as saying that “Bitcoin is a terrible store of value” on January 23, 2014, when the price was around 1000 US dollars.

On November 5, 2015, the price dipped to approximately USD400 and Dimon was quoted as saying: “Bitcoin will not survive”.

On January 20, 2016, the price had stayed pretty much the same, and Dimon was quoted as saying that: “Bitcoin is going nowhere”.

The price started to go up, especially in 2017.  On September 12th when the price was around USD4000, Dimon stated that:  “Bitcoin is a fraud”.

Then on October 12, with the price around USD5600, Dimon stated that:  “I’m not going to talk about Bitcoin anymore.”

Of course, that proved to be false because less than 24 hours later, he made the following statements:

“People who purchase Bitcoin are stupid”

“Who cares about Bitcoin?”

“I don’t understand the value of something without value.”

“Bitcoin is ‘a great product’ if you are a criminal.

He then added:  “This is the last time I talk about Bitcoin.”

How ironic that the head of an international bank specializing in criminally fraudulent fiat currencies worth nothing would accuse Bitcoin of being the exact same thing.  - 13OCT17 : Jamie Dimon vs Bitcoin – Keeping Score.   - 13OCT17 : At it again: Dimon breaks vow, says Bitcoin buyers will ‘pay the price’.

As of October 13, the Bitcoin price was hovering around USD5800, and is flirting with the 6000 dollar mark, a new record high, just to put people like Dimon into their places.

A few other Bitcoin highlights for this week:

There is a question that comes up in Bitcoin circles and my friend asked me this question to test me, before directing me to this story.  He asked me: “Why is there only a 1MB limit to the Bitcoin block size.

The answer that came to me was this:  This is a new technology, and it appears that it is a technology that the global controllers do not know how to control.  We do not really know where it came from, although there is a name, Satoshi, that is credited as being the founder or creator of it.  Some have speculated that this coding may have been ‘dropped off’ on Earth to be found.

If this coding really is a mystery to the world, and IF it came from an alleged off-world source, or even from a wise human being named Satoshi.

IF the intention of this coding was truly to benefit humanity and the planet, and try to help humanity free itself from the grips of the global cabal, then my theory was that the blockchain size had to be kept small, as a way of testing humanity’s sincerity in using the technology in honourable ways.

An article by David Dinkins also gives his answer to the question.  In a Coin Telegraph article on Sept 19, Dinkins writes:  “Anybody familiar with Bitcoin is aware of the vexing problem caused by the 1 MB blocksize limit and the controversy that arose over how to scale the network. It’s probably worthwhile to look back on how that limit came to exist, in hopes that future crises can be averted by a solid understanding of the past.

He continues: “It seems that late in 2010, Satoshi realized there had to be a maximum block size, otherwise some miners might produce bigger blocks than other miners were willing to accept, and the chain could split. Therefore, Satoshi inserted a 1 MB limit into the code.

And he kept it a secret.

He likely kept things quiet to minimize the chances that an attacker would figure out how to use an unlimited blocksize to DOS the network.

That last statement is a concerning one, because it opens a door to a possibility that the coding can in fact be hacked, although other sources say it is not possible.  At this time, no government intelligence agency appears to have cracked it.

The 1MB blockchain size was not a problem, until massive numbers of people started buying Bitcoin.  As CVN has explained previously, the most data-intensive part of a Bitcoin transaction is the part called the ‘segmented witness’ or SegWit, that proves the funds are really available from the sender’s wallet.

Simply increasing the size is problematic.  As the article states:  “ Larger blocks create technical challenges.  Back in 2010, Internet technology was such that larger blocks would not have propagated properly.  - 19SEP17 David Dinkins, : Satoshi’s Best Kept Secret:  Why There Is A 1MB Limit To Bitcoin Block Size.

It remains to be seen then exactly how this technology will evolve and whether or not it will evolve in a way that is ultimately for the Highest Good of humanity and our planet.

An interesting tidbit of information coming out of Slovenia as well this week.  According to another CoinTelegraph article on Oct 13:  “The government of Slovenia has announced that it aims to position the country as the leading destination of Blockchain technology in the European Union (EU). The government is also studying the potential applications of the technology in public administration.

In his speech at the Digital Slovenia 2020 event in mid-October 2017, Prime Minister Miro Cerar stated that the country’s regulatory agencies and ministries are already studying the technology and its potential applications.”

The Prime Minister was quoted as saying that:  “The regulatory bodies and ministries are already studying Blockchain, and the state is participating in activities at European level in the area of the introduction and regulation of this technology. We are also already laying the foundations for the initial pilot testing of the technology in the state administration."

This announcement follows a previous announcement on October 3rd.  The article reported that: “On October 3, the Slovenian government launched the Blockchain Think Tank as part of the Slovenian Digital Coalition.

The think tank will serve as a point-of-contact between Blockchain developers, industry players, and the government. It will also coordinate the creation of various educational materials on Blockchain with different companies and assist in the drafting of new regulations around the technology.

In his speech, Cerar claimed that the government is extending its full support behind the technology.

"Slovenia as a whole is, therefore, setting itself up as a Blockchain-friendly destination, and to that end it is establishing the pillars of a national Blockchain ecosystem in the area of the transfer and spread of information, the adoption of legal regulations and the promotion of a supportive environment for the development of companies working in the area of Blockchain technology.”   - 13OCT17 Slovenia Aims to Become the Leading Blockchain Technology Destination in Europe

Whether or not the government is honourable and sincere in its attempts to set this up remain to be seen.  The government has advised its citizens to exercise caution regarding ICO’s due to a lack of existing regulation.

Whether or not this initiative has any connections to the fact that Donald Trump’s wife Melania is from Slovenia herself, is unclear at this time.


While Russia and China move forward with gold-backed currencies, and while digital currencies continue to make waves globally, Anonymous appears to be moving forward in finding ways for people to take advantage of the collapsing system in the same way the criminals used it.

From the website comes this story that they are releasing a new technology that they claim will break the stock market and make everyone rich.

According to the article:  “As we promised, after David Rockefeller passed away we are ready not only to reveal documents but our new project called AnoTrade on which we’d worked a couple of years.

For hundreds of years, few self-assigned leaders like Rockeffer, Bush and Trump's family had ruled world financial market. These families got in their greedy hands tons of unfairly earned money. Most of this money comes from stock markets.

The Anonymous team also states that:  “We  have spent years and finally, we can establish a secure and encrypted connection to the main server via multiple subnets. The exact same system is used by billionaires all around the world. They paid for this system tons of money. Since every second this server has over 5000 connections from all around the world, they can’t find which connection is ours. This way we know the stock price before it’s appeared publicly and every registred member AnoTrade can get huge amount of money via these trades.

Our goal is to provide AnoTrade to every world citizen. This is our new project, our gift to the world. Currently, we are sending out invites via social networks - if you are reading this article then you are invited. Our system is safe to use because it can’t be shutdown. To block it they need to turn off the main server which will cost $900 billion per second of downtime. This is much more than stock market billionaires can lose with our system.

The article has a link to its Ano Trade website, but it appears that the site is still under construction.  The link will appear however in the show transcript for those wishing to bookmark the link to follow up on this story at a later time. - : Anonymous releases new software to brake(sic) the stock market and make everyone rich. - The alleged link to AnoTrade, being set up by Anonymous.  As of the day of recording, October 13, this link was still ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION’.  You may choose to bookmark it for future reference.


In general news;

Those of us who have considered ourselves ‘Lightworkers’ or ‘Lightservers’ over the last number of years especially, have often subscribed to the idea of positive thinking and how it can change us.

I also entertained the idea of this belief, and felt that if I fed myself enough positivity, that my brain would begin to re-wire itself to match those vibrations.

Thousands of us have lined up to pay lots of money to people who stand before us, selling their books, CD’s, DVD’s or whatever other promotional material they may have, to tell us that we can change our world by listening to them, and if we don’t achieve it, well… we did not listen to them well enough or did not follow what they sold to us well enough.

The problem is that these gurus think that their message is for everyone, and they do not really care, because any one who buys their products has validated the success of the guru, and not the success of the individual buying the product or service.

Zen master Osho has some thoughts on the ideas of ‘positive thinking’.  In an article by Lachlan Brown on May 12th, Brown asks: “ it really helping us live more meaningful and fulfilling lives?”  He answers himself with a ‘no’, and continues: “In fact, according to spiritual guru Osho, it might just be one of the biggest ‘bullshit philosophies’ there is.

Osho believes that positive thinking may be doing more harm than good because it means we’re denying reality and being dishonest to ourselves.

Osho was quoted as saying that:  “ The philosophy of positive thinking means being untruthful; it means being dishonest.  It means seeing a certain thing and yet denying what you have seen; it means deceiving yourself and others.  Positive thinking is the only bullshit philosophy that America has contributed to human thought – nothing else.  Dale Carnegie, Napolean Hill and the Christian priest, Vincent Peale – all of these people have filled the whole American mind with this absolutely absurd idea of a positive philosophy.’

Brown quotes Osho telling the following story:  “ It happened that Henry Ford came in his latest model car and went into a bookshop to find something to read.  Napolean Hill did not want to miss this chance.  He went forwards with his book and he said, ‘A great book has just been published – you will be happy with it, and it is not only a book, it is a sure method of success’. 

Henry Ford looked at the man and said: ‘Are you the writer of the book?’ Napolean Hill said proudly, ‘Yes, I am the writer of the book.’  Henry Ford without touching the book just asked one question, ‘Have you come in your own car or on the bus?’

Napoloean Hill could not understand what he meant. He said, ‘Of course, I came on the bus.’

Henry Ford said, ‘Look outside. That is my private car, and I am Henry Ford.  You are befooling others; you don’t have even a private car and you write a book called ‘Think and Grow Rich!  I have grown rich without even thinking so I don’t want to bother with it. You think and grow rich – and when you grow rich then you come to me.  That will be the proof.  The book is not the proof.’

It is said that Hill never could gather up the courage to meet this old man, Henry Ford again, even though he became a little richer.  But compared to Henry Ford he was always a poor man and was bound to remain a poor man, always.  But Ford’s logic was clear.”

It is unknown if this story is actually true, but it shares a compelling thought worthy of reflection.

Osho describes himself as neither being a positivist or a negativist.  He is quoted as saying in the article that:  “I have to be against both because both choose only half the fact, and both try to ignore the other half.”

Osho is also quoted as saying this:  “Remember, a half-truth is far more dangerous than a whole lie, because the whole lie will be discovered by you sooner or later.  How long can it remain undiscovered by you? A lie, of course, is a lie;  it is just a palace made of playing cards – a little breeze and the whole palace disappears.  But the half-truth is dangerous.  You may never discover it, and you may continue to think it is the whole truth.  So the real problem is not the whole lie, the real problem is the half-truth pretending to be the whole truth, and that is what these people are doing.”

Osho believes it is harmful to repress negative ideas.  He is quoted as saying that:  “ The negative ideas of your mind have to be released, not repressed by positive ideas.  You have to create a consciousness which is neither positive nor negative.  That will be pure consciousness. In that pure consciousness you will live the most natural and blissful life.

The article notes the following quote by Osho in conclusion:  “ Positive thinking is simply the philosophy of hypocrisy – to give it the right name.  When you feel like crying, it teaches you to sing.  You can manage if you try, but those repressed tears will come out at some point, in some situation.  There is a limitation to repression.  And the song you were singing was absolutely meaningless; you were not feeling it, it was not born out of your heart.”

This is one area that may just be part of the brain-washing that has tainted the spiritual and new-age movements.  We have been denying what is a part of ourselves.  We each have within us elements of duality, and therefore also of negativity.

There is a time and place for creative, positive thinking, but I suspect that one must be more in harmony with one’s consciousness, to achieve that space from which conscious creation and happiness can be born.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in this moment, this is a very good thing.  I’ve been rather uncomfortable with ideas like this over many months, and I am beginning to see that we all are going to need to feel, and to release while also choosing to be more physically active in our creations, as opposed to simply relying on good words and ideas from others, including me. - 12MAY17 Lachlan Brown, : A Zen master explains why ‘positive thinking’ is terrible advice. - 15MAY17 Justin Brown, : A Zen master explains why ‘positive thinking’ appeals to mediocre minds.


In a disclosure-related news story for this week;

As if things in Washington were not crazy enough at this time, it seems John Podesta has made some kind of appearance again.

Podesta was a counsellor to Obama, Bill Clinton’s former Chief of Staff, and most recently was chairman to Hilary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign bid. There are rumours abound to his connections to the pedophilia scandal in Washington, although no formal actions appear to have been taken against him yet.

However, for whatever he may or may not be, he was known to be an advocate for the disclosure of information relating to our galactic families.

Recently he tweeted that some kind of announcement was to come, and it also connected with former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge who also has been advocating for disclosure of information of a non-Earth origin.

At the same time all these events I spoke of earlier that are happening, an article appeared recently in The Huffington Post on Oct 10th by Leslie Kean.  Kean reported that:  “Something extraordinary is about to be revealed. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have always remained in the shadows are now stepping into the light. These insiders have long-standing connections to government agencies which may have programs investigating unidentifed aerial phenomena (UAP). They intend to move into the private sector and to make all declassified information, and any future knowledge, available for all to see.”

Assuming that there is truth to these reports, it cannot be a coincidence that this initiative is being announced at a time when so many are rushing to capitalize on blockchain technologies that allow information to be made available in a more public and transparent manner.

Kean continues:  “The team includes a 25-year veteran of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations; a Lockheed Martin Program Director for Advanced Systems at “Skunk Works”; a former deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence; a DoD Senior Intelligence officer who, among other sensitive responsibilities, ran a Pentagon aerospace “threat identification” program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. And well placed and experienced professionals, from Intelligence and high academic positions, are also on board.”

Kean asks: “What is going on here? Is this the beginning of some sort of trend towards a new openness on the part of the U.S. government? These people know more than any of us do, so the question of their motivation is fundamental.” - 10OC17 Leslie Kean, via : Inside knowledge about unidentified aerial phenomena could to world-changing technology.

CVN also has this question, among others. The team that Kean is referring to, is identified on the projects website, To The Stars Academy.

According to this website, eleven people are a part of the executive team, ten men and one woman.  They all appear to have extensive credentials in various areas of specialty to contribute to a project of disclosure.

This would also therefore come with some concerns.  CVN has sent a message to this team, to reach out to see if they are interested in having contact with me.  I am interested to see how willing this team is in willing to be open and transparent with their personal backgrounds and also with all sources of funding received by this project. - : Information about the executive team.

DeLonge has been mentioned on this newscast previously.  DeLonge has attempted to reach out to people like Podesta and others in his pursuit of speeding up the disclosure process.  DeLonge has hit speedbumps along the way however.

Kean notes in the article that:  “Tom’s plans for TTS were delayed at this point, but he persevered. Subsequent delays have been out of his control, but everyone involved agrees with the necessity for a gradual release of information. “I think they really do want us to know. I really do think they do. I do, at this point, feel like it’s going to be a tough thing to swallow for people and I think there are elements about it that people are not ready for,” Delonge told George Knapp, the chief investigative reporter for KLAS TV in Las Vegas and weekend host of Coast to Coast AM.

Fast foward to the present. Now, these early advisors have mostly receded to the background and Tom has moved on to something even bigger. He has assembled a new team of collaborators and created The To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS/AAS), for which he is President and interim CEO. The Academy includes three synergistic divisions: Science, Areospace, and Entertainment. The Public Benefit Corporation is seeking to serve the public good through exploring “the outer edges of science and the understanding of phenomena,” and making all of it public.

The team was announced on Oct 11th.  The project has been identified as ‘To The Stars Academy of Arts And Science, or TTS/AAS.  According to the project website, the mission of this project is: “to be a powerful vehicle for change by creating a consortium among science, aerospace and entertainment that will work collectively to allow gifted researchers the freedom to explore exotic science and technologies with the infrastructure and resources to rapidly transition them to products that can change the world.

The three areas the project is directing its collective focus lies in science, aerospace and entertainment.

The project, according to its website, identifies itself as a ‘public benefit corporation’.  They explain this as meaning that:  “our public benefit purpose is a core founding principle of our corporate charter, alongside the traditional goal of maximizing profit for shareholders.

They state that their public purpose is: education, community, sustainability and transparency. “

The term ‘Public Benefit Corporation’ or PBC is a relative new term.  The website explains the following:  “PBCs have enjoyed a surge in popularity as the public becomes more interested in corporate responsibility, transparency, and more recently, the concept of impact investing.* It’s clear that an expanding portion of the general population is looking to make an impact on the world around them, not only through volunteering, or speaking out on social media, but through financial decision making.

A link to a 63 page information circular being offered by To The Stars Academy will be provided in the show transcript for those seeking to learn more about this venture.

CVN is not yet ready to affirm its faith and trust in this venture.  At this moment, it seems very promising, and it is my personal hope that all involved are sincere and authentic in their desire to help humanity and our planet.

With all the disinformation and misinformation being communicated at this time, it is wise to maintain discernment.  IF TTS Academy replies to my request for communication, and if they are willing to demonstrate the transparency they are claiming to support, it is possible that CVN will be able to offer more support to their mission and service.


Over to some technology news now

People may recall many years ago, a documentary called ‘Who Killed The Electric Car?’

After a quick search, I was unable to find a version of this documentary to post in the show transcript that highlights the story of how the electric car grew in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s only to very quickly disappear.

Various sources pointed a finger at General Motors as being one of the major companies complicit in the death of the electric car.

A new documentary has surfaced, entitled: ‘Revenge of the Electric Car’.  The following is just a very short, edited clip from the beginning of the documentary: - 01JUL2016 via : Revenge of the Electric Car.   (approx. 3:00 to 6:00 mark)

As the world has begun to notice, one of those entrepreneurs is Elon Musk and his Tesla company.  Tesla, in its relatively short history, has not only shown electric cars are relevant to the current time, it has shown that cars can also be stylish, powerful and economically viable.

Musk acknowledges that his company alone could never satisfy the growing demand for environmentally-friendly vehicles, so he did what no other major company has arguably done, and released the plans for the cars to be open-sourced and available to all, free of charge.

The revolution can no longer be stopped as the documentary explained. 

GM is once again eating its own words.  Paul Einstein of NBC News has reported on October 2nd that:  “General Motors plans to go 100 percent electric, the Detroit automaker announced on October 2nd.

GM currently offers one extended-range electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Bolt EV, but will add two others within 18 months, said Executive Vice President Mark Reuss, with “at least 20” to be in the line-up by 2023. In addition, the company is developing a new truck platform powered by hydrogen fuel cells, dubbed Surus, short for Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure. - 02OCT17 Paul Einstein, : GM is going all electric, will ditch gas and diesel-powered cars.

They are not alone.  NBC has also reported that Volvo has an even more ambitious plan to go all-electric by 2019.  According to Einstein in a separate article from July 5th:  “The automaker announced that all future models will use some form of electric propulsion, whether in hybrid form with a gas engine or all-battery models. The company says it hopes to become the first traditional carmaker to produce no vehicles based solely on internal combustion engines.

Luxury automakers in general have been announcing major electric-vehicle plans in recent months. BMW will reveal an all-electric version of its 3-Series sedan at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Mercedes-Benz is planning a new battery-car brand, Mercedes-EQ; and its parent, Daimler AG, on Wednesday announced plans to invest more than $700 million to build battery cars in China.” - 05JUL17 Paul Einstein, : Volvo is the first automaker to offer electric or hybrid only.

At this time, it is unclear whether or not any of the companies were taking advantage of the open-sourced plans made available by Musk.

Musk has also made headlines with his offer to provide Puerto Rico with enough Tesla technology to rebuild its national powergrid, after it was destroyed in recent weather-related events.  It appears that the governor of the state is open to accepting the offer, according to an article appearing on on October 5th. - 05OCT17 : Puerto Rico Governor Responds To Elon Musk’s Offer To Have Tesla Rebuild The Island’s Power Grid

So, the end of the diesel era may finally be here.  With car companies seemingly seeing that they have to change, and with new technologies like the hyperloop coming out as well, the movement appears to be gaining steam towards modes of transportation that are more environmentally-friendly.

An interesting historical note for car and aviation enthusiasts.  The EV1 shares a common history with a very famous military jet built in Canada in the ‘50’s called the Avro Arrow.  Like the EV-1 on the road, the AVRO Arrow was light years beyond anything in the air at the time, and had more than proven its worth in every way.  It became SO successful however, that military interests felt threatened enough to have the project stopped, and the existing craft were chopped up into pieces so no one would be able to replicate the technology.  Links will appear in the show transcript for those interested in reviewing this fascinating screw up in Canadian military history. - 18APR2016 via : Death Of The Arrow, The Biggest Mistake in Canadian Aviation History. - 02FEB2015 via : Avro Arrow Documentary.

Just as another interesting side note to this story, the company that made the Arrow in Canada, AVRO Aviation, was also involved in some very highly classified, anti-gravitational technology that seems to show conclusively that both the US and Canada were very aware of the existence of technologies of a non-Earth origin.  The link to the PDF document for this Project 1794, US Air Force contract number AF33 (600) 30161 from the late 1950’s.

AVRO Aviation Project 1794 Declassified


While also on the subject of Tesla, this time on the real Tesla, Nikola, an article appearing on the website has explored the mystery and magnificence of the numbers 3,6 and 9.  The article quotes Nikola as saying that:  “ If you only knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9, then you would have a key to the Universe.”

According to this article:  “Tesla seemed to have a way of understanding the universe and its laws. Energy, frequency, vibration were his keywords, 369 a code to unlock the universe, free energy for everyone was his ultimate lifegoal.”

The article explains that:  “we should realize that we did not create numbers, we discovered numbers. There is a numerological system for everything. The development of creation goes by a pattern of numbers. Flowers, the trees, an embryo and even a star formation. They all have a numerological system within, including you. When nature starts to develop from nothing into something it starts to divide, 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512.. When you start to add all these numbers a pattern will form in which the 3,6 and the 9 do not exist. You can add till infinity and back but the 3,6 and 9 will not show up. Some call these patterns the blueprint of god.”

Regarding the 3,6 and 9, the article states that:  “are not a part of creation in the physical world. This could be because the 3, 6 and the 9 stands for the non physical world, our energy. The way we vibe that will attract situations that match your vibe. A non physical, invisible higher energyfield flowing through each and everyone throughout our universe turning mind into matter, thoughts into reality. Thoughts are energy and we can use our thoughts to raise our frequency into higher vibrations that will produce a higher quality of life. Imagination may be the key.”

This is also why Tesla is famously quoted as saying:  “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

The article also notes something that I think most, if not all of us, understand in theory, but are having challenges applying it in reality, myself included.  The following is written:  “Imagination is the most powerful tool we can use to create changes in our life. All spiritual and quantum teachings tell us that the reality we observe is not seperate from our inner reality, the way that we think. This powerful statement means that we create what we see. When you are aware of this knowledge you can start to become aware of your inner picture and then you’ll start to notice how your inner picture very slowly will materialize into your reality. Albert Einstein told us imagination is the preview of life’s comings attractions. So if memory is our rewind to the past, imagination is our fast forward to the future. Albert Einstein also told us that everything is energy, this includes us human beings. Energy trapped into form that is in transition and we can give direction to this transition if we learn a new way of thinking. If you learn to think in a certain way that is aligned with this higher energy and the laws of the universe you create any change you want.” - : Spiritual Science: The magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9 – Nikola Tesla.

So much is going on around the world right now, and it is time to put our own oxygen masks first, so we can come to the aid of others while holding the energies, frequencies and vibrations of the world that we are claiming to want to experience and live in.  For the Highest Good of all, may it be so!

10. ( 1:16:33 ) ANNOUNCEMENT

Just before I get to my FINAL WORDS this week, I would like to ask if there are any listeners from New Zealand who are living there?  If so, I would be interested in hearing from you as soon as possible. 

If you could please contact me through Facebook or the following email:, I would like to get into contact briefly.

11. ( 1:17:03 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS:

Earlier, I shared a story about the dangers of positive thinking.  My first reaction was one of self-defence, to protect that which I was holding as ‘truth’ for myself.  I thought that it must be a lie, or an attempt to break those of us trying to create positive change in the world.

I kept telling myself that of course we need to be positive.

As I kept reflecting on this, the question comes up: ‘what part of me needs this belief that we have to be positive?’  ‘What part of me needs this belief that we have to be negative?’

As I move forward with my experience at my current location, I’m experiencing some profound things spending time with the friend who invited me down here.

He is a wonderful soul, and he has a wonderful vision for global change, similar to me and similar to so many of you.  We both have been great at carrying visions for global change.  My friend however has begun doing more than just talking.  He is creating a foundation that he envisions will connect people and support people in their growth and their projects.

We are both human however, and our human insecurities crop up.  I have been sleeping on his sofa for the last two months roughly. I am in his sacred space, and I have very little privacy for myself.

We are noticing that we are getting in each others’ faces at times.  We have disagreements.  Then we have great discussions; then we have disagreements, followed again by some discussions.

What I am discovering is that, in his best intentions, he created me to be something that I am not.  I arrived not realizing that there were very high expectations of me.  I am also realizing that I have been disappointing my friend because I did not know things he thought I should know, or I did not do things a certain way, or think a certain way about this or that, or I did not approach problem-solving in the same way he did.

I want to be clear; this does not make him ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.  He is a beautiful soul, and he will always be a brother soul to me.  We are seeing how even people of a higher awareness and consciousness can go through periods of facing that which is within us. 

In the past, I had a pattern of running away from facing certain things.  At my current location, this is hard to do, because I do not know anyone else in this city well enough to run to.  I’m also witnessing things coming up within him as he deals with his disappointment that I have been far more disconnected from the world than he thought.

He, like all of us, went through the 2012-2017 emotional roller coaster of positivity and promises of great change. He woke up to that around 2014, and realized that he was going to have to begin creating his own change in the world.  He has gone back to ‘the system’, to learn and teach himself what he needs to know to operate a foundation.

He has driven himself and has done well with it. He has to do things his way and do them well, and do them right away.  I have struggled intensely to live up to that expectation of me, among others.  I admire him for his energy and drive, and I often feel guilty that I do not possess that same drive. 

He tells me often that he wants me to be a part of his foundation, and yet I resist, wondering if it means that I have to change myself to a standard that I am not even sure I can measure up to.

His foundation is his dream, his vision. It is a great one!   He wants it to be for everyone. He wants to bring in people of a high vision and big heart with an equal balance of masculine and feminine energies.  He wants to empower people with business skills, legal knowledge, project management, philanthropy, service, media, community growth/service and so much more.

I am starting, I think, to grasp the understanding that Osho shared earlier.  It is necessary to be present to both the positive and the negative.

I go through feelings of self-doubt when I see how I do not measure up to what he does and how he does it.  I observe how he reacts, or how he does not react to things that I say and do or I say and do them.

It is no doubt the very same kinds of issues that come up in almost any community claiming to want to create a more loving space for awake and aware humans wanting to live away from the destructive values of our current world.

We cannot repress them, and I have been a master at repressing emotions.  From past experience however, I can think of one very clear example where my repressed emotions protected me from releasing too much information about myself to someone who wanted to control what I should or should not share about myself. 

In the right situations and in the healthy situations, one needs to feel completely safe in sharing and being the best that one can be, in service to others and to the planet.

It is uncomfortable… really uncomfortable.  It is also necessary…really necessary for me, and arguably for all of us, at this time.

In the past ten days, I felt drawn to watch two movies once again.  The Peaceful Warrior and Green Lantern.  Very different types of movies, but both having messages that I needed to be reminded of.

The following are some quotes from ‘The Peaceful Warrior’ that may be meaningful for some of you at this time:

“There are no ordinary moments.”

“Something is always happening.”

“If you don’t get what you want; you suffer; and even if you do get exactly what you want, you still suffer, because you can’t hold on to it forever.”

“You never surrender your dreams.  You surrender the one thing you never have and never will have – control.  Accept that you don’t control what will happen to you. That you may or may not do or have something, but you are exceptional anyway.”

“The journey – is what brings us happiness, not the destination.”

“What do you do, when you can’t do what you’re born to do?  Everything has a purpose – even tragedy, and it up to the individual to find it.”

“Anger, hatred, violence they’re all really just fear. Fear then, not money is the root of all evil.”

“The people that are the hardest to love, are usually the ones who need it the most.”

At one point during the movie, Dan Millman is hiking with Socrates, and they discuss three rules:

The Rule of Paradox – life is a mystery don’t waste time trying to figure it out.

The Rule of Humour – Keep a sense of humour, especially about yourself, it is a strength beyond all measure.

The Rule of Change – Know that nothing ever stays the same.

We observe the world we currently live in, and how it conditions us to never change.  We hang on to various patterns or careers or relations because we fear what the changes will mean to us.  We are addicted to countless sources of distraction, and they become a pattern in our lives and we often lack the motivation and spirit to actually go out and make a physical, positive difference in the world.

In the movie Green Lantern, Hal Jordan has received his superpowers, but when he first appears before other Green Lanterns, he is tested and then mocked because he lacked the courage that other Lanterns had.  Even though he was a fighter pilot and had to be fearless in the air, he began to see that he may lack what is required to be a Lantern.

He is reminded that the ring chose him for a reason.  He is also reminded that courage does not mean being fearless; it means being able to overcome that fear and act.

At a moment when Earth was in trouble, and when Jordan was on the verge of losing his life, he had to summon all the power of the green light, the colour of will and the collective will of the Green Lantern corps, and he had to summon all the courage within him to face not only the demon threatening him, but also his demons from within to face the threat.

At some point, I think we all have to come back to a beginning point, a point of complete surrender.

As Dan Millman said in ‘The Peaceful Warrior’, “I thought I was strong.  I am not”.

We may think we are strong, from the safety of our homes, behind our computer screens.  I used to think I was strong. 

I am not strong.  I am now in a point of surrender where I no longer know who I am in physical form, nor do I fully know what I am to become from here.

This is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’, ‘right’ nor ‘wrong’.  I’m just realizing that I am not in control, and I do not know where things are going to go from here.

Perhaps from here, is where the journey really begins?

Create a fantastic week, until our next moment of ‘now’!


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