'Peace' Education



– Geoffrey West, Masters, Peace Education, UN-mandated University for Peace, Class of 2006

FULL DISCLOSURE: This commentary is not praise for the profession of 'peace' education. It is a plea for serious self-reflection. 

Spiritually-speaking, I have come to understand both the 'bigger picture' of global events: the truths that are currently exploding around the world to validate everything I tried to share years ago, and I am able to see this in relation to the 'BIGGER, bigger picture' - the human journey of spiritual awakening, through this period of darkness that is beginning to disappear and put this into the context of 'peace' that is finally becoming understood around the world.

In 2006, while doing my Masters degree in Peace Education, I made four very bold predictions:

  1. There would be a global financial collapse/transition/transformation.  I was expecting it to begin around 2008-2009, and it did begin...with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Unfortunately, there was not enough public awareness or resistance to carry it through, and the controllers of humanity and the planet were able to 'kick the can' down the road a few years to 2016.  At this time, EVERYTHING is starting to get exposed - all the things I spoke and wrote about in 2005-2007 and so so much more that I have been researching since then. 
  2. There was going to be an explosion in the 'truth movement' (the 'bigger picture); an awakening of the masses around the world that would begin to expose the lies, frauds, and crimes being committed by leaders around the world, as well as bankers, lawyers, judges, law enforcement, media, religion and more. These are the crimes against humanity and our planet.  On other levels, what would also be exposed are those who, intentionally or unintentionally perpetuate the lies under designed programs pretending to claim to want better things for the world.  The peace education profession is one such example.
  3. There was going to be a 'spiritual' awakening of people worldwide to understand the larger meaning of everything that was happening and why. (the 'BIGGER, bigger picture')
  4. There was also going to be a growing global push for the disclosure of civilizations beyond Earth that have been interacting with at least some world governments and also a push to release the massive amounts of suppressed/militarized non-Earth technologies that could transform our planet.

All four have now come true.

The peace educators I used to know personally ARE NOT 'bad', nor are they 'wrong'. They have unfortunately, allowed themselves to be led into an illusion, and they were either unable or unwilling to do the necessary reflection and critical analysis of a profession that has only been used as a facade, to carry on the illusion that people and organizations are working for peace in the world.
It is my hope and creation that, by sharing this, perhaps some peace educators will begin to address the profession in a way to bring the change that is urgently needed at this time! It is the very same illusion that has been perpetrated upon humanity so they are not alone. ALL humans have been deceived..for their entire lifetimes, and arguably much longer.

I say this with the greatest love and compassion I can: Peace Education owes it to humanity to stand up for peace by questioning all the people and institutions that have hindered and prevented peace.

In 2004, I closed the multinational, corporate aspect of my life. Even though I had a high salary, with six weeks vacation and good benefits, I was fed up with the illusion of what I was a part of, and I knew that my path was to do something different, that could be more meaningful, not only to me personally, but also to humanity, our planet and the future generations.

I had an idea and a vision for peace, and it was my belief that I could find validation for this vision at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. I was directed to apply my vision to the Peace Education program in particular, so I chose this program. I spent the year dedicating myself to the validation of my vision as I worked on my Masters thesis. My degree is proof that my vision has validity. Yet no one within the field of 'peace' education acknowledges this validity - because it represents a threat to the profession that provides the income, the prestige, the retirement pension, the recognition they need, or more.

Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

The pattern became predictable during my year at UPEACE. With each new class, I would ask very similar questions, and my classmates had a hard time understanding my resistance to the status quo, by challenging professors on various points, and presenting the evidence of things that I was seeing unfold in the world at that time. 

 By the time my course had finished at UPEACE on year later, I had been ostracized by many of my classmates and even by the university itself. The thing that I had discovered, was apparently the one thing that the university administration did not want me to discover.

The University for Peace, like so many 'so-called' institutions for peace, was not truly interested in global peace at all. They were only interested in the BUSINESS of peace.

Leaders of our world proudly claim to 'want peace' or they will 'bring peace' to the world; negotiators claim to 'negotiate peace'; researchers claim to 'measure or quantify peace'; academics claim to 'study peace' and institutions claim to 'teach peace'. Yet, the salaries, the perks, the privileges, the reputations of all involved here are dependent upon a lack of peace in the world.  So what are they REALLY saying when they claim to work for or want 'peace' in the world?By the time I finished at UPEACE, I saw that the profession known as 'peace education', is a mere facade for the glorification of claiming to work for something, while demonstrating very little, if any, true understanding of why there is not peace in our world at this time.

In the years since then, some professors from UPEACE and some students, have achieved their respective degrees of success, by finding well-paid jobs within institutions alleging to work for peace; others are fortunate enough to give lectures at educational institutions; while others still create research works on various topics. Some may have found ‘honourable’ work at NGO’s believing they are contributing to ‘democracy’ for example – only to find out how the same institution has participated in the destabilization of a country, like Ukraine for example, but also many, many other countries whose leaders were demonized, because they would not adhere to US/western hegemony, led by the western model of fiat currency, fractional-reserve banking and protected by the criminally-fraudulent system of Admiralty Law – a judicial/legal system of COMMERCIAL RULES that have been given the force of ‘law’, without the informed, democratic consent of the people upon whom this system has been forced.

During these years, it has become more than abundantly clear, at least to me, that 'peace education' is a glorified, but very failed product of its own illusion. It would appear that those connected to this profession have not understood the wise words that have been credited to Albert Einstein when he stated that a problem cannot be solved from within the same line of thinking from which the problem came. What Einstein was saying, therefore, is that IF one hopes to resolve the issue of 'global peace', then one is going to have to approach the solution from outside of the box of thinking that does not want peace in the world. Despite claims made by so many, there can and never will be peace in our world, as long as conflict and war remain more profitable than peace.

Peace Educators are human, and thus like humans, dislike having their systems of belief shattered, let alone challenged. 

Unknown:  "Most people do not want the truth - what they want is the reassurance that what they happen to believe, is the truth." 

I discovered this during my year at UPEACE.  Years ago, I had a pretty good idea of what was not working in the world, and I had a pretty good idea of what the solutions were. Yet, no one was interested. Here I was, surrounded by natural beauty, in an institution claiming to be recognized as an educational institution for peace; surrounded by 'so-called' established people in the fields of peace; and surrounded by students from around the world eager to learn about this very vague word called 'peace'.

Part of what my research established is that there is no, broadly-accepted, holistic definition for this word 'peace'. Therefore, what is it that leaders are claiming; what is it that negotiators are claiming; what is it that researchers are claiming; what is it that academics and institutions are claiming when they claim to 'want peace'? The next questions that I might ask are : "For whom is this claim of peace being made, and who stands to profit from these claims for peace?" 

Unknown:  "if peace was profitable for the elites of the world, we would have had it by now". 

Twelve years after leaving UPEACE, this statement has significantly greater truth to it than most can even BEGIN to comprehend, and it is something that the profession of peace education has been in denial of.

'Academics' present their papers and their research, and it all looks wonderful on paper. They receive funding from institutions that in turn receive funding from individuals and corporations that get their profit and power from the exact opposite of that which they are funding. It is an illusion these institutions use, to appear to be doing something good for the world, while in reality doing the exact opposite because it is more profitable.

Peace educators, requiring validation for their work and their egos, joyfully receive the funding without even questioning from where the funding came. They joyfully give and receive validations of each others' work as though a document can REALLY make a difference. It does not. Even when I arrived at UPEACE, I was beginning to see the pattern of corruption in the world, and I had put some of the pieces together. The more I worked on my thesis, and the more deeply I looked into the reasons why we do not have peace in our world, I saw that this rabbit hole was even deeper than what I thought. I continued to venture down this rabbit hole, while my classmates, professors and others stayed safely out of the rabbit hole. I knew a lot back then, but twelve years later, I can now see that, even what I knew back then, or thought I knew, was NOTHING compared to what I now understand about the forces controlling our planet, and enslaving humanity for profit, power, greed and control.

There are two illusions that have trapped peace educators, and this can be best explained by a few quotes from unknown sources: 1. "The system will not provide an education that will overthrow its own system." and 2. The same quote from above: "Most people do not want the truth - what they want is the reassurance that what they happen to believe, is the truth."

Peace Educators are so attached to the idea that they are doing something good in the world, that they are unable and unwilling to see how they have become the antithesis of that for which they are claiming to support.

Peace Education CANNOT be taught within a system that profits from conflict, war and debt, UNLESS that same 'peace education' teaches people how to critically question the governance, the banking and legal structures and the military/industrial complex along with their puppets, that prevent peace.  In this sense, it is only a vast waste of money, time, energy and resources if the profession cannot act outside of this paradigm.

What the peace education profession also (sadly) has no understanding of, are the tools being used for the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet for profit, power and control.  The controlled western media is one of them.  A criminally corrupt system of debt-based banking, known as the fractional-reserve model for banking perpetually enslaves individuals and nation-states in unsustainable debts that are mathematically impossible to pay off.  As well, most, if not all western humans (at least) are enslaved to a 'corporate fiction' identity, dictated by the criminally-fraudulent system of commercial law that creates commercial rules, and then gives them the force of 'law'...without the informed and democratic consent of national peoples.

Here are a few keys facts: 1. EVERY war started since WWI has been a banker-created war, and not been a war for 'democracy, freedom or peace' (except the 'peace' that means the enslavement of humanity to a criminal paradigm created by bankers and an elitist mafia. 2. The lie of 9/11 is that this was the justification for the invasion of the remaining countries that did NOT have a Rothschilds-controlled central banking system. 3. The system of commercial admiralty law - currently the 'law' that attempts to govern global control and 'peace' - is a series of commercial rules decided upon by the elitist few and imposed upon humanity by cheating humans into 'consenting' to the process of having their rights stripped away from them, and then having those 'rights' sold back to them as 'privileges'.

'Peace'...as a holistic, natural and free experience that is claimed to be wanted by most humans worldwide, will NOT happen within this framework, because free, critically-thinking humans are a threat to this system of profit, enslavemenet, debt, fear, separation and control.

Within the UPEACE community, I was increasingly ostracized, because I was willing to critically question all the structures of human control and enslavement and why Peace Education was not addressing the issue. Not wanting to acknowledge this 'elephant in the room', I became a 'persona non grata' after graduation.  Not particularly honourable, for people, an institution, and a profession, claiming to teach peace, inclusivity, tolerance and respect.We can even look to the prophet Muhammad who has been quoted as saying:  "The cure for ignorance is to question".  

Since the word 'truth' is very relative and subjective to each individual believes in any moment, my thesis postulated that the word 'peace' would also be very relative to what one feels and believes in any moment.  This feeling or belief flows first however from another word, 'LIFE' (capitalized).  To appreciate and better understand the definition of 'peace' my work offers, LIFE is defined as the following:

"An ever-evolving process encompassing the ALL THAT IS.  This includes the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that sustains all things on Earth and beyond".

The relation each individual has therefore with LIFE in each momen will vary, based on one's social conditioning, personal beliefs, values, morals, ethics and so on.

The level of peace within each individual therefore will be relevant to the relation one has with LIFE in each moment.  In my Masters thesis, I have therefore offered a definition of 'peace' as being:

"An internal experience of unconditional love and service to LIFE, relative to one's uniquely different and equally beautiful relation with LIFE in each current moment."

Along with tens of thousands of other awakened people who do not have a Masters degree in 'Peace' Education, I now have a much better understanding of how and who, to critically question.  These individuals are paying the price by being denied employments opportunities.  They are ridiculed, demonized, ridiculed, and rejected social circles, and in extreme cases, they are incarcerated, simply because they see what 'peace educators' do not want to see or acknowledge. 'Peace Education' has therefore failed them, but more generally, it has failed humanity overall.


Unfortunately, those in the peace education field will dismiss my remarks, and say that I am just jealous and bitter because others are more successful than I am. From their perspective, that may be true - they have been more 'successful', within a corrupted paradigm.  So now it comes down to the definition of 'success'. If 'success' means having been brainwashed into believing that one is making a difference in the world, and getting a nice salary, and global prestige without critically questioning why peace is not present in the world --- others can have it. I do not yearn for that kind of success. It is not honourable to me personally.

By the standards of those same people, I might be considered a 'failure'... yet I receive constant validation from many listeners that I am on the right path, and even if I am not getting everything right 100% of the time, I am not professing to be in truth, and I encourage people to critically question even ME.

There are so many who have no degrees at all who understand 'peace'; what's wrong with our planet; who's responsible for it, and things that we can do about it - even more than I think I know. They do not receive accolades and validations from people to boost their CV or their ego's. They simply serve, with humility and compassion.

A true peace educator, upon very critical self-reflection, might begin to ask why. "Why is it that everyone is claiming to want peace and that so many are willing to spend money on peace-oriented programs but we still have so much conflict and separation in the world?"

'Democracy' has been an illusion; 'freedom' within countries is an illusion. North Americans especially have been indoctrinated with the belief that they are 'free'. WE ARE NOT FREE. There is almost nothing a North American can do, without government permission. I believe the same to be true in all European and western-influenced/controlled countries.

Without government permission, we cannot: 1. Be born; 2. Receive healthcare; 3. Get a job; 4. Get married; 5. Have children; 6. Eat food; 7. Drive a car; 8. Own a gun; 9. Own a house; 10. Go fishing; 11. Operate a boat; 12. Start a business; 13. Take drugs; 14. Fly on a commercial plane; 15. Travel to another country; and we cannot even DIE without government permission.  

This is just a SMALL sample of the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS that have been stripped from humans and commercially sold back to them as PRIVILEGES.     This is neither ‘freedom’ nor is it ‘peace’. Purely and simply - - it is ENSLAVEMENT.  It is an illusion conveniently marketed and sold around the world. 

The ROOT cause of ALL conflict in the world - from global to personal - comes down to ENERGY - and a competition to control and manipulate the energies of those around us. Every human uses tactics that James Redfield ('The Celestine Prophecy') calls 'control dramas', and Eckhart Tolle ('The Power Of Now') calls 'pain bodies'. When something does not go our way, we consicously and subconsciously resort to these dramas to get control of the people that one wishes to control.

I walked away from journalism in the ‘90’s because I would not play their game. I figured out what the media was up to, immediately after graduation from Radio and Television at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. I immediately figured out what ‘peace education’ was about, after graduating from UPEACE. I am now able to share my work, my message and my vision on MY terms, without it being corrupted by corporate interests vested in the need to prevent peace from manifesting in the world. 

Peace will not manifest while there are still people controlling the global structures that profit from conflict, war, separation, fear and debt-created-from-thin-air.

IF Peace Education is not willing to take on this advocacy – to educate people to begin critically questioning the leaders and the structures/systems that enslave us, while also teaching people solutions how to make themselves and their communities self-sustaining,  then it is a failed profession.  It is a profession wasting money trying to put out a fire that will NEVER get put out, as long as the ROOT SOURCES of the global fires are not FIRST extinguished. 

Thankfully, the world is now finally becoming more aware of this, and I am SO VERY GRATEFUL to the thousands of courageous souls who have had the courage to question, challenge and peacefully resist the structures of global human enslavement and planetary destruction, for profit, power and control.

YOUR service to humanity and the planet is needed, to be the example that 'professionals' need to see - and perhaps feel empowered by, so they may feel guided to help restore the integrity of a profession that has been sorely tarnished. 

Geoffrey West

Bachelors, Radio and Television, Ryerson University - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Masters, Peace Education (2006), UN-mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica

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