The Intention

The intention of this work is to focus energy on ONE solution, while also offering information and perspectives that will allow each individual who resonates with this work to find her/his own 'truth' within the information, and feel empowered to make Self-honouring choices first, while also honouring all other aspects of LIFE.

With this slightly new focus, the intention of this work also shifts slightly. This focus and intention flows from the following assumptions:

  1. Everything is energy, and that this energy acts and interacts with all other energies that are a part of the ONENESS of LIFE
  2. The level of 'conflict' experienced by any one person is directly related to the level of one's connection to, and relation with LIFE, including Self, others, our planet and all that exists beyond Earth also. The greater the separation and fear experienced, the greater the levels of conflict.
  3. Our cosmic family is as much a part of the ONENESS of LIFE as we are. Within our cosmic family, there are higher energies, based in love and Light, and there are darker energies that are grounded more in fear and separation from LIFE - just like it is here on Earth also. How we learn to act and interact with different races, religions, cultures, gender, orientation, class, physical/mental ability or whatever is a smaller test of learning how to accept the many different types of LIFE existing beyond Earth, humanoid or not.

Originally, the intention of this work wanted to walk people through the several phases. Phase 1 was beginning to awaken to the 'truth' and to see that things were no longer working, and beginning to understand why they were not working. Phase 2 was to begin connecting people to the ONENESS of LIFE, and gradually assist in the understanding that whatever we do to another, we are ultimately doing to ourselves. Phase 3 was to empower this new relationship to LIFE in the making of new choices honouring Self, while honouring others, our planet, and LIFE beyond Earth. These choices would begin to lay the foundation for the creation of a step by step plan for structural change.

The slight change of focus is partly due to what has now become clear with regards to our global economy, but also because of the mounting evidence to suggest that most, if not all of our current challenges can be resolved quite quickly...with the introduction of our cosmic family to the masses in Europe and North America. The presence of our cosmic family in other parts of the world is no longer a big deal. Sightings are regularly reported on local TV newscasts in Central and South America. Videos on YouTube are beginning to show that our cosmic family are making their presence known more and more, thus making it harder and harder to deny by those who are desperately trying to avoid this announcement being made. It will expose all their lies and frauds.

The banking system is now being exposed as a fraud and as extremely corrupt. The amount of debt currently in the world can and will never be paid off. It is an impossibility within the current system. Pursuing phase 1 of this work, and educating people to what is not working is distracting people from what is really happening. Certain people will be drawn to assist in any one of the many 'challenges' being faced by humanity. What is slowly being revealed is that some of the current disasters have been human-created. The money from the middle-class and poor are being funneled away to the profit of smaller, elitist groups. There will never be enough money to put out one of these 'fires', let alone all of them, within the current paradigm.

This is why the paradigm is beginning to collapse.

The original phase 1 was taking people to too many places at one time. It is better to focus on one solution, and let this solution bring resolution to so many other issues that have been distracting humans. Focusing on one goal, one solution allows the energies of the people to become that much stronger, and thus making the realization of that one goal easier to attain.

The intention is to fully support disclosure of our cosmic family. The mounting evidence indicates that there are technologies that can help the planet, right now. Our water can be cleaned up, and the air also.

The disclosure announcement would put many of the current leaders out of their jobs, because the truth would be known by all. This would allow new societal structures to be implemented much more quickly, and minimize the period of time that humanity has to go through hardship to heal, re-group, and re-build.

We can stay within the current paradigm...and continue experiencing the hardships we are experiencing. We can move forward and take an opportunity to reveal truth and technologies, while breaking down and cleansing the current structures, while also creating an exciting new future much more quickly.

This seems like a 'no-brainer' to me! For those who do not speak English well, this just means that to me, the choice seems very obvious!

However, as noted above, we are all energy, and our energies act/interact with all energies around us. One will believe whatever it is that one wants to believe, based whatever stories one has accepted within one's own LIFE-path.

It is all about choices, and those depend upon what stories you are using to create your reality.

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