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As one who has received a Bachelors degree in Radio and Television, and also a Masters degree in Peace Education, I have picked up a few things here and there about how our so-called 'leaders' - be they civic, political, business, religious, media or educational - justify their reality, their salary, their reputations, their 'perks and privileges' in getting people to believe what they believe, so that things will never REALLY change. 

For example:  Many leaders claim to want 'peace'; negotiators claim to 'negotiate peace'; researchers claim to 'measure or quantify peace'; academics claim to 'study peace' and institutions claim to 'teach peace'. 

My experience at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica has revealed that this institution, through all their claims of promoting and teaching various aspects of 'peace', does not genuinely want peace in the world.  What this institution wants - and indeed what many leaders and peaceworkers want - is the recognition of being recognized as wanting peace in our world, but are unwilling to make the REAL, CONCRETE changes to our global society that will promote peace.

To do so would be, to them, an act of career-suicide, and a loss of their salaries, pretige, reputations and perhaps even their retirement funds.

The expression goes as follows:  "It is difficult to get someone to learn something, when that one's livelihood is dependent upon that individual NOT understanding something."

Humanity has been fed and marketed many, many lies under the guise of doing something meaningful for humanity and our planet.

Scientific data can be manufactured and altered; statistical data can be 'massaged' and distributed to the public to make anyone believe the message that its creators want people to believe.

Journalists, either knowingly or unknowingly, participate in the deception.  They do so knowing that they are not honuring the journalist ethic, so that they can selfishly advance their careers.  Others participate while not being aware at all that they are being used as tools in perpetrating acts of distraction and/or deception. Then there are journalists who do their job fearfully, knowing that their employers are not being honourable or truthful but are afraid to say anything because they need their salary to provide for their security or the security of their families.

This, therefore, ties in to the lies that have been sold to humanity about 'money', about 'economics' and so forth.  The current paradigm of money is in the process of collapse/transformation. 

The purpose of this section is to try to help people begin to see that mainstream media journalism does not honour the ethic of true journalism.  They can't - it is impossible.

Why is this?  If you watch any regular TV newscast or listen to any radio newscast, you will anywhere from three to maybe ten items of news, with each story between 30 seconds to maybe at most four minutes long. The major networks are governed by the almighty currency of their country. They need commercial advertising revenue, and they need to squeeze a number of stories in, to fulfill the illusion that they are delivering a meaningful product.

In today's world, as many are now beginning to understand, EVERYTHING is so profoundly connected to something else, that it is impossible to do any story justice in one to four minutes.

Every so often, I am going to try to give my listeners examples of stories that they can look at, and begin to try to look at a story from a broader perspective.  The mainstream media will only give you a small piece - and arguably it will be the small piece they want you believe, and not the small piece that allows viewers or listeners to determine for themselves what feels truthrul to them or not in the current moment.


CVN is unique because I understand that each human is uniquely different and equally beautiful!  Each individual will not always see or interpret something the same way because of the various 'filters' each human was conditioned into:  race, religion, culture, gender, orientation, etc etc. . These criteria of separation have contributed to the 'global cabal' having its control over humanity and the planet.  They do not want humanity awakening to the truth, the beauty and the power of who they really are!

Events are happening quickly at this time.  Do not believe anything, just because you hear it on a mainstream newscast.  Do not even believe anything I share on my newscast - unless it feels right to you at this time, according to the beliefs you have.  Even still, QUESTION EVERYTHING - and I ask and demand that you do this for my newscast.

I offer links to all the stories that contribute to my newscast so you can go to the story and decide you feel I am doing my best to report stories fairly.  Sometimes I will make mistakes.  Perhaps I believed one source at one point, but then something happens to make me change my belief in that source.

The KEY to major stories that the mainstream media breaks is this:  IF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS COVERING A STORY EXCESSIVELY - WHAT IS IT THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DISTRACT YOU FROM KNOWING OR DISCOVERING?  Start looking at as many external, and seemingly unconnected 'dots' as possible, and they start linking them together.

This section is a lesson in how to begin thinking in this way.  I hope that you will find something meaningful in this! 



From the LESSON 1: 01APR16  newscast, story two, beginning at the 15:23 mark:  THE FLYDUBAI PLANE CRASH ON 19MAR16


Many people have probably heard about the crash of a FlyDubai airplane travelling from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don in Russia. The plane crashed in the early hours of 19MAR.

My original thought was to not give much attention to this story, but after having some long discussions with a friend of mine, I decided that maybe this story could offer you, the listener, an opportunity to learn a bit more about how I think, as a journalist, as a human, and as one who is awakening to all the lies and frauds in our world, while still remaining committed to co-creating a better world for all.

I am not saying that there are any answers, and at this time, the purpose of this story is not to provide an answer, but rather to begin teaching all of you how to better approach stories that you are hearing in the media, so you can begin to present questions to other people, to help teach them how to think about what is happening.

Let’s look first at just the facts of the story. FlyDubai, FZ981 travelling from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don.

Euronews reported a Boeing 737-800 operated by FlyDubai, a low-cost subsidiary of Emirates Airlines, crashed around 0350hrs, 3:50AM on Saturday morning, March 19, killing all 62 people on board. Most of the passengers were Russians on holidays.
Investigators are examining various possible causes, including human error, a technical failure and bad weather conditions.
Both pilot and co-pilot, a Cypriot and a Spaniard, each had over 5,000 hours of flight experience, and both have landed at this airport previously.

Strong winds were reported at the time with gusts of up to 69 kilometres per hour, but visibility was said to be good, according to the independent US-based Flight Safety Foundation.

The Rostov region’s emergency ministry said that the plane’s wing hit the ground on its second attempt to land and burst into flames.

Some reports appeared to suggest the plane had been ascending before experiencing a sudden fall.

The plane was reportedly in a holding position for about two hours and the crash happened more than two hours after its scheduled arrival time.

My first instinct, when looking at any tragedy these days is to assume that it is, first of all, a false-flag event of some kind, and then let the facts prove me wrong.

If you were to assume that this was a false-flag event of some kind, what questions would you first have, based on the facts alone?

My first questions might be as follows:

What are the current geopolitical issues in the country of departure? In this case, the United Arab Emirates.

What are the current geopolitical issues in the country of destination? In this case, Russia.

What are the current geopolitical issues in the country where the crash occurred? In this case, Russia.

Is there a significant nationality of passengers on board, and might this be connected to the country of origin, country of destination, and country where the crash occurred? In this case, it was predominantly Russian, with a few Ukrainians, and a few from India.

What were the nationalities of the pilots? In this case, Cypriot and Spanish. How many hours experience do they have on the plane that crashed, and have they flown that route often? In this case, both have over 5000 hrs on this plane and both have flown the route often.
What type of plane was involved? What is the plane’s maximum range, how much extra fuel did it have? In this case, it is a Boeing 737-800, the 800 version being a fairly new version of the 737 fleet being less than ten years of age.

The reports suggested high winds in the area at the time.
Was this the reason why the plane was held in a holding pattern for almost two hours, while depleting its spare fuel supply, forcing it to land on an almost empty fuel tank?

If one were to look at Google maps for the area surrounding Rostov-on-Don, there are several other cities the plane could have flown to. Even if neighbouring Ukraine denied the plane an emergency landing in Marupol, the plane could still have chosen to go to a number of Russian cities that were within 1000km of the destination. Failing that, an emergency landing on water could also have been a possibility.
Were these options even considered, and if not, why?

Did other flights land successfully just before this flight? Were flights diverted, and if so, where they diverted to? Was this the only flight kept in a holding pattern, and if so, why? I’ll come back to this in a moment.

There have been some reports indicating that Boeing aircraft are now equipped with technology that allows them to be controlled remotely. Is it possible that the plane was highjacked remotely, and intentionally crash-landed? What might be a possible reason for this? I’ll come back to this in a moment.

A Sputnik News article reported a meteorologist, Evgeny Tishkovets as saying that there was a rare weather anomaly in the area called a ‘streaming flow’. According to Tishkovets: “the "streaming flow" usually occurs at a height of 5 kilometers, but in Rostov-on-Don it came down to a level of several hundred meters.”

Does the scene of the crash reasonably correspond with the preliminary and potential causes of the crash?

From the facts above, it appears that the plane aborted its first landing attempt. On the second attempt, one report suggests a wing hit the ground, and the plane burst into flames. Looking at the photo of widely scattered and very small debris, this does not seem consistent with that story. Another report suggests the plane was aborting its second attempt, ascended and then was suddenly and immediately forced down. It is possible that this might be consistent with the plane being shattered into many smaller pieces.

One flight-tracking website, indicates that on the day in question, FZ981 travelled 2807km from origin to its destination where it crashed. The website, which offers statistical info on planes, reports that the maximum range of the 737-800 is about 3585km. That leaves approximately 700km that the plane could have flown if it needed to be diverted. Yet, the plane was kept in a holding pattern for roughly two hours. This would suggest that there was no mechanical problems with the plane, and sources have indicated that there were no distress calls ahead of landing. Was the plane held intentionally? Is it possible that weather modification was involved in bringing down the plane? If so, why then might this plane be targeted? I’ll come back to these in a moment as well.

Most people, listening to standard media news might hear this report and be inclined to just brush it off as an accident, a weather-related incident, possibly pilot error and then just move on.

However we no longer live in ‘normal’ times, and it thus requires us to begin looking at surrounding events and current geopolitical and geoeconomic atmosphere to see if there MIGHT be something more involved. There might even be a spiritual component included in this story:

RT reported on 20MAR that three people cheated death by missing that flight. It would be remiss to at not at least consider the possibility that one or more of them could be involved in someway, although my instinct is telling me that this was more of a spiritual synchronicity; that these souls were guided to miss the flight because they were not supposed to participate in this event.

Most listeners are familiar with the current attempts of many western countries and their media empires to demonize Russia on numerous levels. Immediately, there will be a number of questions coming to mind of the geopolitics of the countries involved, and the passengers on board.

I’ve mentioned a few of those questions already.

If one had not been paying attention to Russian news or the alternative media, there may have a few things that people might have missed. As CVN has long been reporting, Russia and China have been deconstructing the global cabal and their paradigm of enslavement and control. They are implementing new international banking structures that are competing and starting to replace structures formerly dominated by the international banking cartel. Russia has single-handedly destroyed Daesh in Syria, and forced the US into a situation of carrying out a proxy war with itself in that country. Several countries, Canada among them, have recently increased their sanctions against Russia without just cause…except the cause that only reinforces their naive and erroneous beliefs about the current geopolitical order and its impending collapse and transformation.

I mentioned a few moments ago that I would return to a few questions: Why was the plane kept in a holding pattern? Is it possible the plane was remotely hijacked and intentionally crash-landed? If so, by whom and why? Could HAARP have been used to create the rare weather anomaly that brought the plane down? If HAARP was involved, then this would suggest involvement of the US and the global cabal. Why then might this specific flight be detained and then brought down?

There are at least two stories of potential interest that MAY provide some hints to these last few questions.

Sputnik News reported on 17MAR that Russian President Putin was going to be in Crimea on 18MAR, to follow up on the construction of a new land bridge that is being built to link Crimea directly to Russia. Crimea is the small peninsula that voted to breakaway from Ukraine after the political coup and revolution in that country, and they asked to be reunited with Russia, which the Russian government did, and this has upset Ukraine and the West. Both Ukraine and the US were keen to keep Crimea because of its strategic location. The US and western media have been accusing Russia of illegally annexing the country, despite a democratic vote held in the region where over 95% of the people voted to rejoin Russia.

What might Crimea, or a bridge have to do with this plane crash? Maybe nothing…maybe everything. When looking at the Google Maps location for Rostov-on-Don, this city just happens to extremely close to, if not directly on, the main roadway that will be used to serve Crimea. It cannot be overlooked also that the plane crash happened during the night, immediately after Putin had been in the area. Could it have been a western message to Putin?

However, the rather quick appearance of another story begins to raise a whole bunch of new questions. A story that appeared on the website on 19MAR and was then removed, had reported/revealed a highly intriguing possibility involving this flight. The article appeared on another website, the website. The article writes: “A Federal Security Service (FSB) interim report to the Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) and Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) circulating in the Kremlin today states that it has confirmed from their initial investigation of the list of passengers and crew aboard FlyDubai Flight FZ981, that exploded early this morning in Rostov-on-Don, that this place was carrying a “high level” American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official who was travelling on a forged British passport using the name of Larisa Allen—and that aboard this plane too was an estimated US$27 million in currency.”

This article points out that this flight route is common, because many Russian women go to Dubai, having been recruited as ‘dancers’, and you you know what that means. The article continues: “ With organized crime elements within the Federation (Russian Mafia) controlling the bulk of these “dancers”, and with Dubai having become a global centre for terror funding, money-laundering, drug money and mafia cash, this report continues, CIA fears that terrorist funds were being diverted to Russia provides the most likely explanation as to why one of their “high level” officials was on board this plane.

As to how the estimated US$27 million in currency came to be aboard this plane packed into the cargo hold in “metal/aluminum” containers, this report notes, is currently being suspected by the FSB to have been “caused/effectuated” by the Cypriot pilot of this plane as the links between Cypress banks and Federation organized crime have long been known.”

The Russian EMERCOM website that provides information during emergencies, shows the list of passengers on the flight. The very first name happens to be the name of Larisa Yuryevna Allen, the suspected CIA agent. The article suggests that she was travelling on a forged UK passport, but the site reports her nationality as being Uzbekistan.

Why was the plane kept in a holding pattern? Is it possible that Russian authorities were aware of Allen, and getting ready to arrest her?
Was she the agent following the criminals, or was she the criminal herself?
Western news would likely try to pass it off as her trying to follow the criminals transporting the money. Could the plane have been remotely hijacked by the CIA to avoid the arrest and seizure of the funds on the craft? Could HAARP have been used to force the plane down, when the CIA got wind that Russian officials may have been waiting for the plane?

There is another unconfirmed report suggesting that the plane exploded in mid-air, and this may suggest that the containers of money were rigged with explosives to detonate if the money should fall into the wrong hands.

Since it was not bonds, and only cash, it would make sense that the money was to be used for some kind of illegal activity…and thus there would have to be protection measures put in place to protect those funds in case they ended up in the wrong hands or getting seized.

This would again implicate the security company at Dubai, and possibly the ground handlers of the plane. Which company is responsible for the ground-handling?

Given the history of the CIA and its involvement in the destabilization of countries, the theory points to the agent transporting the money into the region, and given Ukraine’s declaration to retake Crimea and not having the resources to do so, it presents a very convenient motive, assuming these particular facts were true.

Wow, the questions become almost endless now:

It would certainly make for a great cover story by the CIA to blame the money transfer on the Russian mafia, prostitution and a pilot from Cypress.

However, there is also the US involvement in the coup in Ukraine. Consider also a story reported on PressTV and other sources on 27FEB. PressTV reported that: “ Kiev is preparing a special military unit in a bid to retake Crimea, the Ukrainian premier says. “We are working on a project that will prepare us to regain Crimea,” said Arsen Avakov, RT reported on Saturday. “

A New York Times article from 01MAR2014 had reported that Ukraine armed forces are ill equipped to try to reconquer the region militarily. Liz Fields, writing for Vice News in June 2014 reported Ukraine president Poroshenko as promising to retake Crimea and not back down from seeking closer ties with the Europe in his inaugural speech.

This reality alone provides a motive as to why 27 million dollars might be smuggled into the region and why a CIA agent with a forged UK passport might be transporting these funds to help further Ukraine’s efforts to retake Crimea, or perhaps at least sabotage the bridge project.

There are also the questions of the containers of money on board the flight.
Anyone who has travelled on a civilian flight knows that they are not allowed to travel with more than roughly USD10000 without declaring it.

Was the money declared? Who approved it, and why? What was the reason for shipment of so much cash? Had it been in bonds, then the bonds could be tracked. There must have been security at Dubai airport to oversee the placement of the containers of money on the plane. Is Israel the company providing security at Dubai airport? Israeli Mossad oversees security at AMS airport where MH17 took off and was later shot down by Ukraine jets over Ukraine, and blamed on Russian missiles. Was the CIA planning to provide illegal security at Rostov-on-Don to receive the money and get it out of the airport before being tracked by Russian officials?

I am not saying that any of these answers are true. As I stated at the beginning, the purpose of this story was not to report on anything, but rather to help teach you how to look at a story from the bigger perspective, and attempt to link events with other things happening around the world at this time, and then begin to consider how it connects to the BIGGER bigger picture of the shift in human and planetary consciousness at this time.

So this may give you a better idea of the kind of thinking I go through with many stories I report on this newscast. Unless you are paying attention to other events happening around the world, it can be very easy to miss elements that could be very vital to understanding the real truth behind a false-flag story, or perhaps even just a general story.

It is my hope that you found this little lesson in journalism meaningful, and it is also my hope that it may help you to think a little bit more deeply about any story, before you blindly share it forward.

The transcript for this story will appear in the show summary to allow people to move through this lesson at their own pace.  - 20MAR : Meteorologist: Rare Natural Phenomenon May Have Caused FlyDubai Plane Crash.,+Rostov+Oblast,+Russia/@47.2609231,37.3867803,7z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x40e3c777c3b4b6ef:0x8248b451e48b4d04  - Google Maps showing the location of Rostov-on-Don, the intended landing location of FlyDubai FZ981.  - : Information about FZ981/FDB981 the distance of the flight was 2807km.
FDB is the ICAO identification, FZ is the IATA identification.  - : Information about the 737-800 aircraft involved in the crash. Flight range: approximately 3585km.  - 20MAR : 3 would-be passengers cheated death missing fatal Flydubai flight.  - 17MAR : Putin to Visit Crimea on Friday to Review Kerch Strait Bridge Construction. - 19MAR : Top CIA Official Killed In Russia Aboard Dubai Plane Carrying Millions Of US Dollars.  -  - 19MAR EMERCOM (Russia) : Updated list of passengers and crew members of flight 981 – Dubai – Rostov-on-Don  - 27FEB Plans underway in Ukraine to 'regain Crimea’.  - 01MAR2014 Steven Erlanger and Andrew Kramer, : Ukraine Finds Its Forces Are Ill Equipped to Take Crimea Back From Russia.  - 07JUN2014 Liz Fields, : Ukraine's New President Pledges to Retake Crimea.  - YouTube Video with examples of ‘unusual’ weather patterns, suggesting chemtrail/HAARP interference?







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