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2018-01-12 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript With Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - January 12, 2018

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Greetings and blessings to all!

Last week, the media was ALL over the alleged feud between Trump and Steve Bannon.

Even though we may not still see the final result of this little charade until sometime later, the media has moved on to its next ‘flavour of the week’, and this is the alleged comments by Trump that some countries are ‘s***holes’.

A LOT of attention is being focused on incidents and language that promote further fear and separation.

The US media is desperately trying to get some kind of charge to stick to President Trump.  It may seem he is starting to get TOO close to completing his draining of the swamp.

Upon coming out from a closed meeting at the White House where no recording devices were allowed.  One or two sources so far have alleged President Trump as making a specific, derogatory remark about people coming from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries in particular.

====================================================================  - 12JAN18 Dylan Scott, : ‘Shithole’ countries, Donald Trump’s latest, racist tirade, explained.

CNN and other mainstream media have gone into meltdown, airing the alleged quote consistently with the profanity, even though there is no direct recording of the quote as having been made.  This strikes me as particularly odd about journalism ethics, as it applies to this story.  - 14JAN18 Seraphim Hanisch, : CNN meltdown over Trump is deranged and selfish.


I observe that these are countries that have been specifically targeted and destroyed by western interests in the past, so if the media were to start reporting on these countries, trying to dig up more dirt on Trump, what they may find more likely is the involvement of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department as having committed untold crimes in those countries that have, until now, been covered up.

The irony however…is that, according to an article published on RT, there were at least seven times when critics of Trump basically described Russia in a similar way to Trump, and even worse, without using those exact words.  The media and no one else cared about this, however

Republican Senator John McCain, referring to Russia is quoted as saying: “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country."

TV host Keith Olbermann, referring to hockey player Alex Ovechkin endorsing Putin for president, said:  “Maybe Ovechkin should be thrown out of this league and forced to go back and skate with Putin in that hellhole.”

Republican senator Lindsey Graham in 2009 and 2014:  “A “one-man dictatorship” (2009) with “an economy the size of Italy” that is “playing a poker game with a pair of 2s” (2014).

Tim Wise, prominent anti-racism activist in a tweet from 2016:  “With each new day I know why part of my family left that s***hole of imperial Russia. 100 years after last revolution let’s hope 4 another1,”.

Barack Obama in comments to The Economist in 2014: “Russia doesn’t make anything. Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. The population is shrinking.”

Josh Marshall, Talking Poiins Memo political blog founder in 2016:  “Xenophobic paranoia and a gravitation towards autocracy are embedded into the cultural DNA” of Russians.”

Josh Barro, Business Insider Senior Editor and MSNBC contributor:  “A dystopic s***hole since the dawn of history,” adding in another later deleted tweet – “It’s amazing how much national pride Russians have, given how little they have to be proud of.”

====================================================================   - 13JAN18 : 7 times Trump critics called Russia a ‘s***hole’ and worse, and no one cared.


What better way to troll the media into digging more deeply into these countries, and what has happened there, than by making a very specific remark that may not even have been said.   Perhaps the idea and the plan was to have someone leak the alleged comment, only to have it disproven later, after all truth comes out about why certain countries are in such a sad state of affairs.  It will all very likely come back to the Clinton Foundation.

It seems that the media may have taken the bait once again.  In an update to this story on Jan 12th, the media are apparently shamed once again as Tom Cotton reveals what really happened in the meeting with Trump.  An article on the SubjectPolitics website lists numerous people who criticized Trump’s alleged comments.  At the same time however, Senators Tom Cotton and David Purdue were in the room and according to this article, delivered a statement as follows: “ President Trump brought everyone to the table this week and listened to both sides. But regrettably, it seems that not everyone is committed to negotiating in good faith.  In regard to Senator Durbin’s accusation, we do not recall the president saying these comments specifically but what he did call out was the imbalance in our current immigration system, which does not protect American workers and our national interest. We, along with the president are committed to solving an issue many in Congress have failed to deliver on for decades.”

====================================================================  - 12JAN18 : Media hangs heads in shame as Tom Cotton reveals what really happened at meeting.


So the ‘racist’ card is being played against Trump, with one apparent agenda.  The agenda is ignored when comments are made against Russia, and yet, the same card is being played in Europe while also getting media attention.  

An article by Christine Douglass-Williams, appearing on the website reported on Jan 11th that:  “Guy Verhofstadt, the President of the European Parliament, is accusing Poland and Hungary of being “illiberal” and working contrary to traditional values. He stated:

The European Union… was built to guarantee our citizens’ freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

All true, but Poland and Hungary are trying to preserve these values. It is the EU that has been bullying these noble countries into surrendering these values to Islamic supremacists. With that surrender comes chaos. Ever since Europe abandoned its reasoned practices of carefully restricted immigration in favor of suicidal open immigration policies, it has dealt with burgeoning crime, jihad attacks, infiltration by the Islamic State, returning Islamic State fighters, diminished freedom of speech, sharia courts in the UK, unstable economies, increasingly aggressive anti-Semitism, sharia patrols, no-go zones, and cultural practices unbefitting to democratic states.

Guy Verhofstadt is a confused man. He refers to Poland and Hungary’s “nationalist values” as “racist” for trying to protect traditions of “freedom, democracy and the rule of law.” He and others like him are disconcertingly reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels worked from the dictum that if you keep telling a lie “big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

====================================================================  - 11JAN18 Christine Douglass-Williams, : EU boss calls Hungary and Poland ‘racist’ and illiberal for refusing Muslim migrants.


Verhofstadt has been outspoken in stating that right-wing Hungary and Poland must accept liberal values or leave the bloc. He was quoted in another article by Liam Deacon of Breitbart as saying:  “There is no place in our Union for countries who take EU money, who want to participate in the single market but who reject our shared values.  We should be wary of narratives based on the defence of so-called ‘national values’, which are used to mask racist hate campaigns fuelling anxiety against migrants and refugees.”

====================================================================  - 10JAN18 Liam Deacon, : EU Boss:  ‘illiberal’ Poland and Hungary must accept ‘EU values’ or leave, ‘nationalist’ values ‘racist’.


The game appears to be quickly approaching some kind of climax, given the rate of different stories coming out at this time, with the reports of the emergency alert system in Hawaii on Jan 13th.

For about 30 minutes, the island was described by Global News in Canada as being ‘more confused than chaotic’.  After the 30 minutes, a follow-up message was sent out over the network that it was a ‘false alarm’, and that there was no threat.

Possibly ironic that Hawaii would be used as the false flag point once again for a global conflict. 

The message that appeared on screens and mobiles across the state specifically identified a ballistic missile coming from North Korea as being the source, so this lends credibility to the argument that there was a plan in place to create a false-flag attack on Hawaii, as justification for a conflict with North Korea.  The early-warning sirens however did not go off.

Perhaps there are two possibilities at least here. Maybe the good military launched a dud missile, to activate the alarm system, and get the media attention focused on this event.

Another source, who posts on social media pages about the alleged global currency reset, made a claim that his or her sources reported the following: 

“Yesterday, Jan. 12, an anomaly was detected off the coast of Hawaii which held off the RV release.

Today, Jan. 13, the cabal attempted to nuke the Hawaiian islands and put the blame on North Korea.

(Sources have confirmed that the false alarm today in Hawaii was a cover story. The attack was real. The media had their "North Korea Attacks the Hawaiian Islands" story preemptively ready. The cabal panicked when the attack failed. A cover story was shortly made up and the attack was branded as a false alarm. The Emergency Broadcast System does not lie. Someone pressing the "wrong button" simply does not happen. This was another cabal attempt to derail the transition process by fabricating a war.)

Missile launches were detected in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

The launches originated from the same anomaly detected yesterday, Jan. 12.

The missiles were immediately intercepted and destroyed.

The anomaly was a nuclear stealth submarine.

The nuclear stealth submarine was located and destroyed shortly after the attempted attack.

Planetary scans did not detect any anomalies two days ago on the 11th.

The Alliance believes the submarine originated from another D.U.M.B. located somewhere in the Pacific.

The Alliance is now actively searching for said D.U.M.B.”

==================================================================== - 13JAN18 : RV/Intelligence alert – January 13, 2018.


I emphasize that this information and the source, have not been validated, even though there is logic to the information that was shared.

Perhaps the media will be forced to acknowledge that it was a rogue submarine, and this revelation will blow more truth onto the global stage.

Numerous very high-level military sources connected to The Disclosure Project, set up by Dr. Steven Greer, have spoken of ET interference when it comes to nuclear missiles.  It is conceivably possible that there was ET interference in this case, to prevent nuclear missiles from being used.


In other geopolitical news,

It may be safe to say that there are some governments around the world that may be starting to feel a bit more nervous, now that a formal probe has been launched into the actions of the Clinton Foundation.

On the 5th and the 6th of January, it has been reported that both the US Justice Dept and the FBI have been involved in probes relating to the Clinton Foundation offering political favours, in exchange for donations to the foundation.

====================================================================  - 04JAN18 : Justice Dept launches new Clinton Foundation probe.  - 05JAN18 Mat Zapotosky and Devlin Barret, : FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for months.


On Jan 12 a source known as Magapill reported on some of the sealed indictments being opened, moreso in connection with Uranium One, which is the link between the Clintons, their foundation and Russia – not the alleged collusion between President Trump and Russia.

According to this article:  “An executive of a Maryland based transportation company allegedly paid bribes to officials from Russia which enabled him to obtain highly sensitive nuclear fuel transportation contracts.

Some people think that the sealed indictments are a coordinated effort to bring down an 'elite pedophile ring' that involves many across the Government, Hollywood and the Mainstream Media.

The indictments that were unsealed today however, have to do with 'Uranium One'.

The same Uranium One that Hillary Clinton just 'happened to receive several millions of dollars' into the Clinton Foundation while she oversaw the deal being approved.”

==================================================================== - 12JAN18 : First indictments unsealed: Uranium One.  - 13JAN18 Elizabeth Lea Vos via : First charges brought in relation to Uranium One scandal.


Ekaterna Blinova, writing for Sputnik News on Jan 11th, reports how the net closing in on the Clinton’s could be making many western governments very nervous.

Blinova writes that:  “A new FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation should send an alarming signal to foreign governments and individuals who have provided donations to the charity over the past two decades, Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist Charles Ortel told Sputnik.

"Numerous governments have sent substantial sums towards the Clinton Foundation; yet to date, the Clinton Foundation refuses to account publicly, as is required, for specifics concerning each government donation (state laws in New York and California require this for example).:

As to why foreign governments turn a blind eye to the alleged fraud committed by the Clinton Foundation, Ortel was also quoted as having said that:  “The numerous foreign governments that seem to be associated with Clinton 'charities' have behaved deplorably," Ortel told Sputnik in August 2017, suggesting that they apparently realized that a thorough investigation into the matter could result in "acute embarrassment and even legal exposures for individuals and [foreign governments] involved."

====================================================================  - 11JAN18 Ekaterina Blinova, : New Clinton Foundation probe sends alarming signals to foreign governments – analyst. - 04JUL2016 : Norway’s funding of Clinton Foundation under scrutiny.


Some of the countries that may be exposed in this probe include: France, UK, Norway, Spain, South Korea, Australia, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Canada.  Even the Bill Gates foundation has sent more than 600 million to the part of the Clinton Foundation that allegedly deals with fighting AIDS.

However, coming up on January 15th, an article on ZeroHedge is reporting that:  “On January 15, the DOJ's internal watchdog - the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), is expected to present their findings to Congressional investigators regarding a wide variety of alleged bias and malfeasance by the FBI, the Clinton campaign, and the Obama Administration - both during and after the 2016 election. Moreover, the man heading up the OIG investigation, Michael Horowitz, fought the Obama Administration to regain investigative powers which were restricted by former Attorney General Eric Holder during the Fast and Furious scandal. 

…this highly anticipated report is likely to be the legal impetus behind a second Special Counsel “

According to the article, here are few things being done, while the mainstream media is focused on Bannon, on racism by Trump and North Korea:

“The DOJ is "taking a fresh look" into the Hillary Clinton email 'matter' 

The FBI has launched a new investigation into the Clinton Foundation the day after the Clinton's Chappaqua property catches fire

Former FBI Director James Comey's full Clinton memo was released, revealing felony evidence of changes which "decriminalized" Hillary Clinton's behavior. Oh, and every one of the memos he leaked to his Cornell professor buddy was classified, per a sworn statement by the FBI's "chief FOIA officer" in a sworn declaration obtained by Judicial Watch.

The House Intelligence Committee will be granted access to "all remaining investigative documents," unredacted, along with all witnesses sought per a deal reached between Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Nunes 

Opposition research firm Fusion GPS was forced to hand over banking records detailing various clients and their intermediary law firms, including the Clinton Campaign and a Russian money launderer whose lawyer was none other than Natalia Veselnitskaya of Trump Tower meeting fame.”

====================================================================  - 07JAN18 : Upcoming OIG Report Likely To Trigger Second Special Counsel; Comey, Lynch And Clinton In Crosshairs

LATE ADDITION TO SHOW TRANSCRIPT - THIS VIDEO IS NOT IN THE NEWSCAST.  - 09JAN18 Operation Freedom via : Brief Video: THE STORM Hits January 15.  - 13JAN18 : Entire US Political Landscape Is Gonna Rock!! Highly Anticipated FBI, Clinton, Obama Administration Report Coming Out January 15 Via DOJ’s Internal Watchdog – The Office Of The Inspector General


Is it starting to get a bit too hot in the kitchen now?  According to, a grand total so far of 31 House Republicans are not planning to seek re-election in November.  The average is usually around 22. 

====================================================================   - 10JAN18 : A record-breaking 31 House Republicans won't seek re-election in 2018


So the weapons of mass distraction continue, with the mainstream media making a mockery of themselves.


Rumours have been circulating that Julian Assange may have been extracted from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, although this has not been fully confirmed.

One source, Sorcha Faal has posted an article outlining the timeline of recent events that appear to be linked to what is happening with Assange.  I am aware that many do not trust this source, Sorcha Faal, and I am as well keeping my discernment where this information is concerned. 

The timeline of info however, presents at least one somewhat convincing argument for why certain things have happened recently, and how they may be linked.  What is also hinted at here is what I have personally believed – that Trump and Putin are working together on some level to take down the worldwide global cabal.

The article begins by offering information about, “A tensely worded new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that within hours of elite Russian Spetsnaz forces obliterating the CIA base in Syria behind a plot to assassinate President Donald Trump—Wikileaks leader Julian Assange posted to his Twitter account the long awaited “Marshall Attack” message signaling his acceptance of Trump’s “terms”—and that has now left the entire world holding its breath in fear as to how the American shadow government “Deep State” will respond.”

The article continues:  “According to this report, Julian Assange is a longtime known US intelligence operative whose Wikileaks whistleblowing website is a CIA created and operated deep cover organization that had split with the “Deep State , and whose factional war embroiled the 2016 US presidential election by their releasing tens-of-thousands of Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party emails—and who, also, after Trump won, began releasing some of the CIA’s most hidden secrets. [Note: It is illegal under US federal law for some holders of top security clearances to click on this link.]

In fearing that Julian Assange would begin posting further CIA secrets, this report details, President Trump began planning to free him from his forced “Deep State” confinement in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy—but with the plan eventually meeting failure when, on 25 December, the US Office of Naval Intelligence posted to the US Navy Twitter account the words “Julian Assange—thus signaling they were preparing, at all costs, to keep Trump from freeing Assange.

In fearing that President Trump was going back on his word to free him after the US Office of Naval Intelligence posted their ominous 25 December “Julian Assange” warning Tweet, this report continues, several days later, on 1 January, Julian Assange posted a cryptic Tweet featuring a 60-character code along with a link to the music video “Paper Planes”—a code referring to a “dead man’s switch” intended to trigger the release of documents in the event of his death.

In response to Julian Assange’s 1 January warning, this report notes, President Trump, on 3 January, shocked the “Deep State” to its very core by releasing the bombshell news that he had just authorized his attorneys to file a motion in US Federal Court absolving Assange of committing any crimes against the United States

With President Trump in his shocking US Federal Court filing showing Julian Assange that he still intended to free him, this report continues, the next plan to accomplish this feat involved Ecuador granting Assange citizenship and diplomatic immunity—but that the “Deep State” thwarted by getting London to say they that they would not honor Assange’s diplomatic immunity.”

Recently, Trump cancelled plans to visit London, and this article speculates on one of the reasons why Trump may have gone there.  The article writes that:  “ President Trump didn’t fear London, as he knew that his Official State Car (US presidential limousine) is covered under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations—whose diplomatic immunity includes not only embassies, but, also, diplomatic vehicles, houses and offices—thus meaning that a US Official State Car could enter into the Ecuador Embassy compound in London (sovereign territory) , take as a passenger Assange (diplomatically immune), then transfer him to the sovereign US territory of Air Force One (step from car to aircraft stairs)—all of which would entail Assange never having to step a foot upon UK or EU soil. [Note: This high-level transfer tactic was perfected by the US and Soviet Union during the Cold War for spies discovered in a host country in order to prevent their prosecution (i.e. publicity).]

This high-level transfer of Julian Assange to the United States, this report further details, was due to take place during President Trump’s visit to London next week—but that Trump had to abruptly cancel after Russia discovered the “Deep State” was planning to assassinate him while he was there using bomb laden combat UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) the US Office of Naval Intelligence and CIA were perfecting the deployment of in Syria—with Trump’s “false flag” death then being blamed on radical Islamic terrorists—that would, most assuredly, ignite World War III that the “Deep State” desperately needs to cover up their soon to be revealed crimes.”   

With President Putin knowing full well what the US Office of Naval Intelligence and the CIA were planning—but who only publically stated “We know who you are!”—this report continues—he ordered elite elements within the feared 3rd Guards Spetsnaz Brigade (the world's most efficient killers) to immediately deploy to Syria—and who, within 72 hours, located the main CIA base these terrorists were using and obliterated it killing all of its top commanders and destroying their combat UAV storage depot.

Within hours of President Trump receiving confirmation that this ONI-CIA base in Syria was destroyed, this report notes, further communications were made between the US and Julian Assange—and that Assange replied to by posting to his Twitter account a photograph containing a chess board, unaccompanied by any text, showing a move from the Casablanca vs. Marshall chess game of 1918 – considered one of the greatest defensive games of all time—known as the “Marshall Attack”—and prompting suggestions that Assange is preparing a “checkmate.

Finally, the article closes with this:  “With the “Deep State” becoming so desperate in their trying to keep the fake Trump-Russia collusion story alive, this report concludes, US intelligence operative Julian Assange represents their gravest threat—and is due to him having written and video taped evidence proving that the late Democratic Party data analyst Seth Rich, not Russia, leaked all of the emails to Wikileaks—and for which Rich was promptly murdered immediately after his meeting with the top aid of Democratic Party Leader Debbie Wasserman-Schulz—and that has the Democratic Party, to this very day, still refusing to release the links they have between Rich and Wikileaks.”

====================================================================  - 13JAN18 Sorcha Faal, : World holds breath after Julian Assange agrees to Trump’s terms – and elite Russian forces obliterate CIA base.


If the contents of this report are accurate, it paints an intriguing picture of what is potentially to come in terms of more truth being revealed. 

In a separate, but related story, Chelsea Manning, the former US soldier who leaked the original files to Assange and who was released from prison for that so-called crime, has announced that she is planning to seek a Democratic senate seat in her home state of Maryland in the November elections this year.  Perhaps Manning is hoping to become a force…and a face for change within this party, once all the swamp creatures have been drained.

====================================================================  - 13JAN18 Maria Perez, : Can Chelsea Manning run for US senate with a criminal record?



In a bit of financial news,

Reports are already beginning to come out regarding the audit of the US Department of Defence that was recently started.

According to a ZeroHedge article on Jan 11th:  “On Wednesday, the Defense Department Comptroller David Norquist told lawmakers in Washington that the DoD’s first-ever department wide audit will cost about $367 million in 2018 and an additional $551 million to fix the problems.

Norquist, who testified before the House Armed Services Committee, said Defense Secretary James N. Mattis and Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan are in full support of the audit. Back in May 2017, President Trump appointed Norquist to finally put the military’s financial house back in order after many years of delays.

What is surprising, if only in retrospect, is that according to the World Economic Forum, U.S. Department of Defense has been named the largest employer in the world with some 3.2 million members on its payroll and $2.4 trillion in assets but has never administered a full audit. .

"This is the first time the department will undergo a full financial statement audit,"he said. "A financial statement audit is comprehensive and occurs annually and it covers more than financial management," Norquist explained to Lawmakers.

The purpose of the audit will document military equipment and real property along with condition and location. “It tests the vulnerability of our security systems and it validates the accuracy of personnel records and actions,” Norquist said.

Norquist did offer a preview of what is to come.  The article writes that:  “an initial Army audit found 39 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter ($830,700,000) were not adequately recorded in the property system. "The Air Force identified 478 structures and buildings at 12 installations that were not in its real property system,” he added. In other words these helicopters were simply "missing" on the books.”

As well:  “in a recent report, the U.S. military lost some 44,000 troops across the globe in a country location labeled as “Unknown.”

Going even deeper into the rabbit hole, Mark Skidmore, a Professor of Economics at MSU specializing in public finance, found the Department of Defense and Housing & Urban Development may have spent as much as $21 trillion on mysterious items between 1998 and 2015.

“This is incomplete, but we have found $21 trillion in adjustments over that period. The biggest chunk is for the Army. We were able to find 13 of the 17 years and we found about $11.5 trillion just for the Army,” Skidmore said.”

====================================================================  - 11JAN18 : Army finds $830 Million in ‘missing’ helicopters as first-ever audit begins.


In just this little preview a hint has already been made about spending on the secret space programs, and the missing troops may be part of such a purpose.

Whether or not such information would be made public, remains to be seen, but there appears to be at least now a formal acknowledgement that very significant spending was made on things that have not been acknowledged to the public.


In general news;

Have you noticed how the ‘Russian dossier’ and the so-called ‘Russian collusion’ stories have now fallen so far into the background, they are hardly mentioned? 

Have you noticed how quickly the hype over Bannon’s book has gone down – to be replaced by the alleged comments made by President Trump that some countries are ‘s***holes’.   The media is trying to brand Trump as a ‘racist’ and they are jumping all over any piece of information they can, to support the narrative they have been told to support.

I am not saying that Trump did or did not make the comments he was alleged to have made.  Here is what I am observing however:  1. To my knowledge, there is no audio recording of him using those exact words, because no recording devices were present.

2. Even IF he did use these words, what might this reveal? Could it have been yet another trap, to see who would report this alleged comment to the media? Maybe that was one reason for making such a polarizing comment.  He has done it before, and survived.  Haiti was one country that was specifically highlighted in the wake of the alleged comments.  Let’s explore this angle a bit for just a moment. 

The big Haiti earthquake in 2010, killed at least 100,000 and arguably many more.

====================================================================  - : 2010 Haiti earthquake info.


Right after Haiti’s major earthquake, both the Bush and Clinton families collaborated to raise millions of dollars that seemingly disappeared.

Wikipedia info on the collaboration suggests around USD55million was raised, probably to pay the six-member board with two chairs and a CEO.

====================================================================  - : Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund.


A Washington Post article reports the fund as having raised ‘hundreds of millions’ of dollars for a hospital in Haiti that was never built, six years after the earthquake.  

====================================================================  - 13JUN2016 Michelle Ye Hee Lee, : Did the Clinton Foundation raise ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ for a hospital in Haiti that was never built?


Even the Red Cross has been accused of stealing money.  An NPR article from June 3rd of 2015 reports the American Red Cross as losing almost USD500 million.  The people of Haiti never received it, it seems.

====================================================================  - 03JUN2015 Laura Sullivan, : In search of the Red Cross’ USD500 million in Haiti relief.


The Canadian government at that time, led by former PM Stephen Harper set aside at least CAD5 million, for the Red Cross to set up a hospital.  Another hospital? Yet no hospital appears to have been built.  Canada probably made a ‘donation’ to the Clinton Foundation.

====================================================================  - 13JAN2010 : Canada Rushes Aid to Haiti.


The London Daily Mail reported in March of 2015 that: “Hillary Clinton’s brother landed a lucrative gold-mining permit in Haiti after Bill Clinton helped country recover from earthquake devastation.”

====================================================================  - 06MAR2015 David Martosko, : Hillary Clinton’s brother landed a lucrative gold-mining permit in Haiti after Bill Clinton helped country recover from earthquake devastation.


The only problem here is that the country never recovered, and all the money seems to have disappeared. So it would seem a lot of people were paid off to presumably secure a lucrative gold deal.  That fact becomes more meaningful when one considers how Russia and China especially have been significantly increasing their gold reserves in preparation for what soon appears to be the launch of the gold-backed petro Yuan.

Was Clinton also trying to get a hold of Haiti oil that was reported to be present? Was Clinton perhaps also having children declared dead and then shipped away for human trafficking?  Could arguments be made for these cases? 

==================================================================== - 16OC2016 Ezili Danto, : Hillary Clinton and quiet genocide in Haiti hides behind humanitarian front.


Suddenly this week, we’ve got Trump, Bannon and Haiti in the news.  Here is some possibly relevant information from an article in Slate Magazine  by Jonathan Katz on Sept 22, 2016.  He writes how the Clintons did not screw up Haiti alone – you helped, referring to those who are reading his article.

Katz writes:  “Here is an island country of 10 million people where America’s ultimate power couple invested considerable time and reputation. Here is a fragile state where each took turns implementing destructive policies whose highlights include overthrowing a presidential election. Bill Clinton in particular mixed personal relationships, business, and unaccountable power in ways that, if never exactly criminal, arouse the kind of suspicion that erodes public trust. No two individuals, including Haiti’s own leaders, enjoyed more power and influence than the Clintons in the morass of the failed reconstruction following the deadly Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake, when a troubled country managed to go from catastrophe to worse.”

====================================================================  - 22SEP2016 Jonathan Katz, : The Clintons did not screw up Haiti alone. You helped.


Suddenly, people from Haiti are being interviewed, in the media’s attempt to portray Trump as a ‘racist’.

The media is suddenly starting to take an interest in Haiti again.  Why? Because Trump allegedly made a certain statement.  Why this could be good news for Trump is that if the media does its job properly… and this is why the Russian dossier has died – the media is going to be forced either to report everything that really happened in happened, including the ties to Clinton, and to gold, possibly to oil and maybe more.

The media would likely not have been interested in the story, because they are more interested in taking down Trump.  So, Trump gives them a reason to start investigating him again, and this time the trail may take the media to Haiti.

I could be wrong, but it seems that every time he makes a certain statement about something or some group of people, he is hooking the media into moving in a direction thinking they can bury Trump, but end up discovering the truth, or they realize that they were led there intentionally, to reveal the connections with the Clintons and more.

When dealing with this entity called the ‘global cabal’… I’ll say it again, one cannot just simply make an assumption about the administration or about Turmp himself.

I personally do not like the strategy, because I hate that peoples’ feelings get hurt in the process.  However, I also understand that those choosing to feel hurt, are dealing with at least some issues in their own personal world on one or more levels.  I also understand that peoples’ feelings may need to be temporarily hurt, in order to achieve a more meaningful goal when it comes to taking down this group of people that have been enslaving humanity and destroying our planet.

With Haiti in the news…. follow the money…  this too is a trail that leads to even more evidence that will bury the Clinton dynasty.

Now, whether or not Trump did or did not make the particular comment, or whether or not it was a test to see who in the room was going to leak the comment to the media, or whether or not the comment was dropped to stir up another investigation leading to Haiti….well, I guess this remains to be seen.


In disclosure-related news;

Don Daniels, host of the Becoming a Cosmic Citizen program on BlogTalk Radio, recently interviewed Clifford Stone, a well-known whistleblower on the existence of our galactic families.

According to Daniels:  “Sgt. Clifford Stone was groomed from an early age by the US Army for his Empathic / Telepathic abilities. After later entering the Army, he was channeled into a special program with the cover of Nuclear / Biological / Chemical Rapid Response Team, but that was just the excuse to pull him away from his regular duties on a moments notice and send him where needed for UFO Crash Retrieval missions, and especially for his ability to communicate telepathically with any surviving Extraterrestrials captured by the Army. Clifford has many stories of his encounters with our Star Cousins, including the personal side communications he carried on with the Extraterrestrials while relaying the answers the commanding officers had requested. He says the officers always asked the wrong questions, and the private conversations were much more illuminating.”

In a very short sample from the interview, Stone goes into the nature of the galactic families with whom he was in contact, and why they are not to be feared.  He  also answers a question on the relevance of what many listeners will know as the ‘Prime Directive’ – a rule of non-interference within a society that is not as evolved in every sense of the word.  The audio clip is taken from approximately the five to ten minute mark of that program. 

====================================================================  - 10JAN18 : Becoming a cosmic citizen – Sft Clifford Stone – Army ET Interfacer/Empath  - Galactic U Radio – Becoming a Cosmic Citizen: Becoming a Cosmic Citizen - Sgt. Clifford Stone - US Army ET Interfacer / Empath


The link to the full interview is in the show transcript for this story.


Dr. Carol Rosin was one of the original whistleblowers to appear when Dr. Steven Greer announced his Disclosure Project to the world in May of 2001.  Rosin was the one who received the words from Werner von Braun on his deathbed that when all the cards had been played and the global cabal became too desperate, that they would attempt to play the ‘alien invasion’ card.

Now a host of her own radio program, she recently interviewed Dr. Greer for almost two hours.  In the first part of the interview, Rosin asked Greer what message is vital for Russian President Putin to hear as well as the other leaders, regarding the issue of the existence of our galactic families.

In the first few minutes of the interview, Greer shares information that is relevant to two things that are currently happening – one is this alleged threat of nuclear war with North Korea and the other is the audit currently underway at the Department of Defence in the US.

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A third connection is the event today in Hawaii where a missile was allegedly launched.  Assuming that story to be true, and assuming that the galactics have intervened to shut down nuclear weapons, there is the possibility that if a missile was truly launched, then it was very likely interfered with.

Just a few of the many, many dots that need to be connected and joined to get a better understanding of how things are really unfolding upon our planet at this time.

The full interview is available in the show transcript for this story.


Over to some technology-related news now:

In the past, CVN has reported on several types of flying cars that are beginning to appear on the scene. 

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2018 in Las Vegas, another drone-style taxi was presented to the North American audience for the first time.

Sean O’Kane, reporting for The Verge goes behind the scenes with a bit more information, and why big companies are lining up to get this type of technology out sooner, rather than later:

====================================================================  - 08JAN18 Sean O’Kane, The Verge via : Exclusive – Volocopter’s flying taxi takes off at CES


Among some of the other big topics for the show this includes:  3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, digital health, self-driving cars, and virtual or augmented reality technologies.

An article on TheDuran website from Jan 14th explores a few other futuristic, car/plane designs that are being worked on in different countries at this time.

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Other than the fact that time itself seems to be speeding up, the introduction of certain new technologies seems to be coming forth at an accelerated rate.  Could this mean that perhaps certain other suppressed technologies may be on the horizon that can clean our air, our water or our land?  Could there be health technologies coming that have long been predicted?  I’ll look at this next in health.

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Finally, in health-related news;

As I hinted at moments ago, many technologies have been militarized or otherwise suppressed because of the impact it would have on the profits of those who have been controlling the global economy for this current lifetime for all of us.

Back in 2013, an article on by GW Schulz estimated that there were secrecy orders on at least 5000 inventions.  Other sources have estimated this to be closer to, or above 6000.

====================================================================  - 16APR2013 GW Schulz, : Government secrecy orders on patents have stifled more than 5,000 inventions.


It is believed that there are many technologies that are capable of transforming our planet almost literally overnight if they were to be made available to humanity and the planet.

One piece of technology that has been floated around in the past from various sources claiming to have access to futuristic technologies, is healing chamber that is capable of healing injuries, ailments and physical challenges, but can also allegedly regenerate limbs, and even reprogram one’s DNA to make one physically younger again.

One such piece of technology has been given the name ‘Med bed’.  A source who identifies himself as Jared Rand shared more about this particular device in a conference call interview recently.  The following audio is taken from approximately the 12:00 mark to the 28:00 mark.

====================================================================   - APPROXIMATELY 12:00 – 28:00 MARK   AUDIO CONFERENCE CALL WITH JARED RAND. 


A transcript of roughly the same information can be found in an artilcle posted on the website and the link will be in the show summary.

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Rand points out several concerns.  One is obviously the threat from Big Medicine and Big Pharma that do not want this technology made available because it would essentially kill their business.

A second concern is the risk in introducing this technology to the general public, because human nature will cause people to fight greedily to receive a treatment such as this.  One only has to see how humans fight at stores to get one of a few remaining toys to understand the greedy nature of many humans.

A third concern that Rand also pointed out are the risks of making oneself younger.  A few movies have loosely taken on the topic in different forms, but making a choice like this comes with real consequences, especially where other family members are concerned.

Although the most urgent cases are tended to first, are there perhaps ethical concerns?  Should people be given some kind of qualifying exam, before being told about the technology, to see where their hearts are, and to see what their true intentions are in wanting this benefit?

Personally, I think people who have a demonstrated record of human and planetary service should be within the first three or four waves of people.  Those who do not have a track record will have to perform a contract of service for humanity and the planet in order to become eligible to receive this kind of healing. 

Can this technology, in theory, heal someone who was a killer or pedophile for example?

There are many ethical questions that need to be discussed and considered when approaching this technology.  As exciting as it is, I understand the risks and also the rewards that this one technology alone can bring to humanity.

The question is whether we can best use the technology to empower the best leaders of a new Earth so the technology may be honoured for what it is, instead of merely allowing people to regress and continue poor lifestyle choices or crimes.  

In the show transcript, links to a couple of other videos on the technology will also be posted.

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10. ( 01:11:51 ) ANNOUNCEMENT

Just before I get to this week’s FINAL WORDS, I would like to congratulate Jordan Sather for reaching 100,000 supporters within his first year of his form of journalism.

It is a style and a niche that has worked very well for him, and he seems to be very deserving of the support he is receiving. 

As far as I am concerned, it matters not who is the ‘face’ or the ‘voice’ as long as there are more people standing up and speaking out for the Highest Good of all!

I wish him every success and may you all continue to support him in all ways, including financially, if it will help keep him going.

Well done, and congratulations, Jordan!

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11. ( 01:12:36 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS:

Have you been noticing how the media is focusing only on stories that serve more to separate humanity, and keep humans in fear, but also more focused on their debts?

I’m shaking my head at how so many are getting drawn into these stories, and coming to various conclusions based on one single incident or story, without considering both the ‘bigger picture’ and also the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’.

Earlier, you heard my thoughts about Trump’s comment and a bit about the geopolitical situation. I’d like to comment on something that is loosely similar, but a very different subject.

The media is playing its role in attempting to keep humans separated, in fear, in debt and sick.  As it turns out, they are also trying to keep humans alone.

An article on the website from Jan 10th reports that:  “Fewer young men in the US want to get married than ever, while the desire for marriage is rising among young women, according to the Pew Research Center.

Pew recently found that the number of women 18-34 saying that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things rose from 28 percent to 37 percent since 1997. The number of young adult men saying the same thing dropped from 35 percent to 29 percent in the same time.

Pew’s findings have caught the attention of one US writer who maintains that feminism, deeply entrenched in every segment of the culture, has created an environment in which young men find it more beneficial to simply opt out of couple-dom entirely.

Suzanne Venker’s article, “The War on Men,” which appeared on the website of Fox News in late November, has become a lodestone for feminist writers who have attacked her position that the institution of marriage is threatened, not enhanced, by the supposed gains of the feminist movement over the last 50 years.

She points out that for the first time in US history, the number of women in the workforce has surpassed the number of men, while more women than men are acquiring university degrees.

“The problem? This new phenomenon has changed the dance between men and women,” Venker wrote. With feminism pushing them out of their traditional role of breadwinner, protector and provider – and divorce laws increasingly creating a dangerously precarious financial prospect for the men cut loose from marriage – men are simply no longer finding any benefit in it.

As a writer and researcher into the trends of marriage and relationships, Venker said, she has “accidentally stumbled upon a subculture” of men who say “in no uncertain terms, that they’re never getting married.”

Venker is also quoted as saying that:  “When I ask them why, the answer is always the same: women aren’t women anymore.” Feminism, which teaches women to think of men as the enemy, has made women “angry” and “defensive, though often unknowingly.

Now the men have nowhere to go. It is precisely this dynamic – women good/men bad – that has destroyed the relationship between the sexes. Yet somehow, men are still to blame when love goes awry.  Men are tired of being told there’s something fundamentally wrong with them. Tired of being told that if women aren’t happy, it’s men’s fault.”

====================================================================  - 10JAN18 Hilary White, : Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’.


I have a lot of personal feelings relating to this story and seeing how it has impacted my LIFE path.  However, there are at least two points that are either not addressed, or they are not addressed as fully as they perhaps deserved to be.

The article is focusing on the growing gender separation. The media focuses on the growing gender separation. 

Very few however, seem to acknowledge the very essence of what ‘marriage’ has become and one of the underlying reasons for why it has become this.

I personally am struggling to see any value and purpose in ‘marriage’.  Please note that I am making a very specific distinction between ‘marriage’ and commitment to a partner, spiritual or otherwise.

In our current world, driven by economics and protected by commercial rules given the force of law, a marriage really is nothing more than a glorified state and church-sanctioned commercial agreement.

Keep in mind that couples have to apply for a ‘marriage license’ to be married.  Why is this necessary?  Licensing is where the government takes away one’s rights, and then sells them back to the individual as a ‘privilege’, bound by commercial rules given the force of law.

Our governments participate in the criminality of the fractional reserve banking model, supporting the debt-based, and stress-filled economic reality that eventually drives couples apart.  As the economics drives them apart, lawyers and judges get wealthier, settling the disputes because of an infinite number of commercial rules that are applied to couples when neither of them consented to those commercial rules in the first place.

When I do LIFE counselling with people, I describe to them how they may be following one LIFE-path and if one is not truly happy being oneself, then one is not likely to meet the most compatible partners along that path.  They begin substituting dates and partners along that path, thinking that a partner will magically heal what’s missing in the individual.

 However, this is rarely the case. There are miracles… IF the individual has truly seen the pattern of what he/she was creating, and is ready to create something different. Until that moment however, one continues to drift from relation to relation, not realizing that the relations are failing because one is not very happy with oneself in that moment.

Governments and the media are over-hyping the things that make us different: race, culture, language, gender, orientation and religion.  Very subtly incorporated into this mixture is status, income, class and personal wealth or possessions.

Throw in now all the hype about sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations, and perhaps it is not a surprise that good men are too afraid to go up and try to express interest in a woman. It is perhaps also for the same reason that good women will not take the initiative with men, because they are afraid of being harassed and/or assaulted.

A culture of fear has been created and the media has played a big role in this.

There are good men wanting to find good women and vice versa.  There are insecure and harmful men and women who look for partners to prey upon their energy.

As James Redfield has noted:  ‘the root of all conflict in our world comes from the competition for precious human energy.’

Is it better to jump from one unfulfilling relation to another while never addressing the root issues within oneself, or is it better to remain unhappily single while trying to find out one’s path with greater clarity.

I’m not sure there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to that question.  It comes down to whether or not one is able to live with oneself, with whichever choice was made. IF one can live with having multiple, unfulfilling partners, then perhaps this is part of the spiritual growth of both souls involved, until one or both consciously choose to create something else more meaningful.

Both the church and the state have contributed to the destruction of ‘love’, purely and simply between consenting partners.

Most humans are getting so bent out shape on the emotions of race, gender, income, status, class, caste, orientation, culture, and religion, defending these criteria of separation, instead of just simply standing together in unity for LOVE between consenting humans – and allowing them to commit to their partner in the most meaningful and LIFE-honouring ways that suit the people involved.

Governments and the church have become too invasive into the private lives of humans. This was done by intentional design.  It will only be un-done by the intentional design of awakened and aware humans who are ready to speak up and hold elected officials, civic leaders and businesses accountable for what they are contributing to.

I wish it was easier to talk to women, for example, and I’m sure there are women saying the same thing about men, without having to worry about being so diplomatically correct for fear of being misjudged.

In today’s world, one wrong word or action can lead to someone getting hurt, fired, arrested and possibly even killed.  Someone with innocent and good intentions gets punished and hurt.

At the ROOT of all this, we can only look to government and the churches for the creation of this separation.

Fighting with each other about each specific criteria of separation does nothing to heal the situation and only further serves to perpetuate the control, fear, debt and separation that we have already unknowingly consented to.

I think I am going to create a new hashtag, #ROOTOFCONFLICT to be used anytime one is choosing to call out something at the very root levels of our society; governance, business and religion.

Maybe this is something that starts getting people talking.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’!


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