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2018-01-19 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript With Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - January 19, 2018

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Greetings and blessings to all!

The past week has been quite full of potential distractions, for those willing to look at the alternative perspective to the news.

At least one more plane has been reported as having had to turn around, allegedly due to overflowing lavatories.  This has become unusually common, with a number of flights suddenly having to turn around.

We are also hearing reports of so-called meteors lighting up the skies over several cities with one incident in Michigan, and another being reported over Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

=============================================================  - 17JAN18 Thuy Ong, : Watch this spectacular meteor explode over night sky in Michigan.  - 17JAN18 Catherine Griwkowsky, : Experts seek public’s help finding meteor fragments after mysterious fireball.


The hype over Steve Bannon’s book has died down dramatically, and even Senator Dick Durbin is back-tracking on his comment that Trump used a certain derogatory word that the media went ballistic over.

=============================================================  - 17JAN18 : Dick Durbin suddenly unsure of what he heard from Trump: “…whichever word that he used”.


While the media attempted to brand Trump a racist against Haitians, Rand Paul, an eye surgeon before he entered politics, came forward to remind the media that, before both of them entered politics, Donald Trump helped fund Paul’s trip to Haiti, to operate on the eyes of over 200 children.

=============================================================  - 15JAN18 : Rand Paul shares surprising story about President Trump and Haiti.  - 14JAN18 NBC News via Meet The Press: Senator Rand Paul: ‘Unfair’ to call President Trump a racist.


There are also the so-called ‘mistakes’ that led to emergency warning systems being activated in both Hawaii and Japan. 

In an interview with ABC News’ George Stefanopoulos, Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard explained how she was able to verify that there was no threat within twelve minutes of the alarm sounding, while it took authorities almost 40 minutes to inform the public.  She also shared some surprising thoughts as to why North Korea has its missiles.

=============================================================  - 15JAN18 Tulsi Gabbard via : Tulsi Gabbard interview with ABC’s This Week with George Stefanopoulos

//">>  - 15JAN18 Caitlin Johnstone via : Gabbard: North Korea has nukes because they saw what the US did to Libya.


At least one source has speculated that real missiles were launched, and that they were stopped by one of several secret space programs.  In his article, Dr. Michael Salla of offers his arguments for why this might be the case, and he includes this, writing that:  “What adds credibility to this alternative scenario are photos of a number of UFO’s seen over Hawaii 31 minutes after the second emergency alert. The photos show UFOs that display an advanced technology that may be craft belonging to a USAF run Secret Space Program that has broken away from Deep State control.”

=============================================================  - 17JAN18 Dr. Michael Salla, : Was a nuclear missile attack on Hawaii thwarted by a secret space program?  - 16JAN17 Patrick Knox, : FALSE MISSILE ALERT :  Japan’s national broadcaster mistakenly warns of North Korea missile launch just days after Hawaii blunder.


Salla offers an additional perspective that China launched a missile from one of its own submarines.  For any logical thinker, this makes absolutely no sense.  China is on the verge of replacing the USD as a global reserve currency.  China has nothing to gain and everything to lose in launching a nuclear missile.  China and the East are building up a new economic paradigm, and there is no reason to destroy all of that with a world-ending nuclear launch.

It is also highly unlikely that it would be North Korea either, since it is now being reported that North and South Korea will stand together during the upcoming winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea.  Talks are ongoing between North and South Korea that are giving some a reason for hope for new relations between the two Koreas.

=============================================================  - 11JAN18 Justin Raimondo, : Against all odds, peace breaks out in Korea.


For the majority of listeners, all of these events would suggest that we are being distracted from other events unfolding.   What might a few of these possibilities be?

As you will hear a bit later, we have the planned launch sometime this week of the petroyuan, which could pull more countries away from using the USD in global trade.

We have the possibility of a government shutdown looming by tomorrow, January 20th.

Bill Clinton was forced to publicly deny that funds from the Clinton Foundation were used to pay for the wedding of his daughter Chelsea, but then Wikileaks blew this into the open, by releasing an email with proof that Clinton did know that funds were used to pay for her wedding.

============================================================= - 14JAN18 Jim Hoft, : Bill Clinton says Haiti relief funds didn’t pay for Chelsea’s wedding…then Wikileaks drops this bomb.


Wikileaks has released more information relating to the Clinton Foundations relating to funds stolen from financial aid donated to Haiti that never made it to the country.

=============================================================  - 14JAN18 Eren Moreno, Truthfeed via : Wikileaks blew the Clintons’ ‘Haiti scam’ wide open.


Joshua Caplan, writing for on Jan 18th adds this:  “Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton warned on Tuesday that a “tsunami of information” exposing “Obama/Clinton/Deep State scandals,” will soon be released.

=============================================================  - 18JAN18 Joshua Caplan, : TOM FITTON WARNS: “Tsunami of Information” Set To Expose “Obama/Clinton/Deep State Scandals” (VIDEO)


We have the deepening investigation of the Clinton Foundation that may expose many other national governments that gave money to the Clinton Foundation, no doubt done without the informed democratic consent of voters in those countries.

=============================================================  - 18JAN18 : FBI Investigating Millions Of "Mishandled" Dollars Funneled From Australian Govt To Clinton Foundation


According to an article on the Discerning The Mystery website on Jan 15th; “The Clintons and their minions are in deep, deep trouble. The indictments have begun. According to new posts by Q, “the strings have been cut. Highest levels. The puppet masters have been removed.There are no deals. There is NO escape.”

=============================================================  - 15JAN18 : Earth-Shaking Claims by Q Anon - 'Strings Cut: There Is No Escape for the Clintons'  - 14JAN18 SGT Report via : Q: Strings Cut – There is no escape for the Clintons.


Recently, on with Greg Hunter, former CIA agent Kevin Shipp shared this information:

=============================================================  - 14JAN Greg Hunter, via : Trump has deep state terrified – Kevin Shipp.


Those comments by Shipp point to the possibility that one of the biggest reasons for all the distractions is another revelation coming this week.  ZeroHedge reported on Jan 18th that:  “All hell is breaking loose in Washington D.C. after a four-page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse was made available to the entire House of Representatives Thursday. The contents of the memo are so explosive, says Journalist Sara Carter, that it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice and the end of Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation.  …   the report reveals extensive abuse of power and highly illegal collusion between the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton Campaign against Donald Trump and his team during and after the 2016 presidential election.”

Republican politician Matt Gaetz has been quoted as saying that:  “…not only will the release of this memo result in DOJ firing, but "people will go to jail."

=============================================================  - 18JAN18 : "Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation"


As always, any time the mainstream media is focusing excessively on stories that are seemingly less important, the question has to be what they are attempting to distract us from knowing.


In other geopolitical news;

An article by Seraphim Hanisch on The Duran on Jan 17th suggests that elitist George Soros is recommitting himself to destroying nationalism.  According to Hanisch:  “George Soros pledged that he would renew his fight against the ideology of nationalism, admitting at the same time that the experiment of the European Union is near breaking down.  Reported on January 15th by Breitbart News, the billionaire currency speculator was quoted by the Financial Times as saying:

“It’s deja vu all over again with one big change – the dominant ideology in the world now is nationalism… It’s the EU that’s the institution that’s on the verge of a breakdown… And Russia is the resurgent power, based on nationalism.”

The article goes into more depth about Soros himself, and how he is a ‘dreadfully practical thinker’, which in this case is not entirely positive.

His mission seems philanthropic but this is also part of the trap. Hanisch writes that:  “the idea that the nation-state would be the primary way of governance, rather than a “global community”, is repugnant enough that the 87-year-old put US $18 billion of his own wealth into the Open Society Foundations to further the crusade he thinks is so important.

His Open Society Foundation promotes causes that on the surface often look to be quite compassionate and kind.  But in reality, these policy directions promote decay and death.  The reason for this is simply because they are based in the theological framework of “secular humanism.”

This is why Soros’ Open Society Foundation seems so irresistible to the Western thinker. Everything about its policy points, from drug-use normalization to acceptance of sexual deviancies to the elimination of nationalism, all seems like the practical next steps in “progress” of human society from a rough, primitive, nationalist, traditionalist, restricted worldview, to one that is “enlightened” and “with the times” and “synchronized to the reality of the human spirit.”

=============================================================   - 17JAN18 Seraphim Hanisch, : George Soros recommits himself to destroying nationalism.


Of course, we are also witnessing the negative consequences of Soros’ attacks on nationalism. 

At this time, we are witnessing the internal collapse of Sweden.  A ZeroHedge article on Jan 18th reports that : “For the first time since World War II, Sweden is preparing to distribute a civil defense brochure to some 4.7 million households, warning them about the onset of war.

The booklet will serve as a manual of "total defense" in case of a war, and provide details on how to secure basic needs such as water, food, and heating, the FT reported. The manual also covers other threats such as cyber attacks, terrorism, and climate change.

"All of society needs to be prepared for conflict, not just the military. We haven’t been using words such as total defense or high alert for 25-30 years or more. So the knowledge among citizens is very low," said Christina Andersson, head of the project at the Swedish civil contingencies agency.”

The Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven has admitted that something is very wrong in the country.  He was quoted as saying that: “We could "DEPLOY THE ARMY" to tackle gang criminality in Sweden.”

The comment was made in reference to waves of gang-related violence situated in over an estimated 50+ no-go zones in Sweden, where police, fire and ambulance personnel will not go.

So the threat does not appear to be external, such as blaming Russia. Rather the threat is now more of an internal matter, and that the country is on the brink of potential social collapse and civil war.   There are people being forced into European countries, funded by organizations such as George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, to destabilize countries, and break down the ‘nationalistic’ thinking.  Sweden’s murder rate is going up, and police officers are resigning more and more because of the situation.

============================================================= - 18JAN18 : Sweden is preparing for a ‘civil war’: PM wants to deply army in ‘no-go’ zones.


One only has to look more recently to Ukraine as another country destroyed by western hegemony and elitist leadership.

According to an article on the Signs of the Times website from Jan 12th, the Oliver Stone documentary made a couple of years ago, is now available in the West.  The article writes that:  “The Maidan Massacre in early 2014 triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych, spurred Crimeans to secede and join Russia, and sparked a civil war in Eastern Ukraine.

Russia was portrayed by Western media as the perpetrator, and has been sanctioned and widely condemned as such. But was Russia responsible for what happened?

Ukraine on Fire provides a historical perspective for the deep divisions in the region which led to the 2004 Orange Revolution, the 2014 uprisings, and the violent overthrow of democratically-elected Yanukovych.

Covered by Western media as a 'popular revolution', it was in fact a coup d'état scripted and staged by ultra-nationalist groups and the US State Department.

Investigative journalist Robert Parry reveals how US-funded political NGOs and media companies have emerged since the 1980s, replacing the CIA in promoting America's geopolitical agenda abroad.

Executive producer Oliver Stone gained unprecedented access to the inside story through his on-camera interviews with former President Viktor Yanukovych and Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko, who explain how the US Ambassador and factions in Washington actively plotted for regime change. “

============================================================= - 12JAN18 :  ‘Ukraine on Fire’: How US, not Russia, destroyed Ukraine. (Oliver Stone documentary)


In the show transcript, I will include links to two documentaries.  One being the documentary by Oliver Stone, and another one describing Ukraine’s fight for freedom in 2015 for those seeking a greater understanding of these events.  A third link will offer the Russian translation for Stone’s documentary.

=============================================================  - published 25OCT2017 via : Ukraine on Fire: The Real Story. Full documentary by Oliver Stone.  - 20FEB2017 via : Winter on Fire: Ukraiine’s fight for Freedom 2015 full movie.  - 27NOV16 via : Oliver Stone documentary:  Ukraine on Fire – RUSSIAN TRANSLATION.



In financial news;

The western business media, its pundits, and others, are trying very hard to play up the so-called strength of the USD.

Is the US economy really as strong as the pundits claim?  As I am seeing it, there could be both a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer to this question.

If someone is believing that yes, the US economy really is strong, then they are the ones stuck in a rapidly dying financial paradigm, because they see a currency that is backed by nothing, being propped up as a global reserve, while the rest of the world is beginning to shun the USD.

The answer is more realistically ‘no’, because it is becoming increasingly more evident, even if the mainstream media are not saying it, that Russia and China are forcing a new economic paradigm upon the world, and this has exposed the lies, frauds and crimes of the fiat currency system, that western bankers and politicians have used for the last century or so, to pad their pockets and their lifestyles.

We have to keep in mind a few key facts first:

Considering the average lifespan of global reserve currencies historically, the USD has now reached and passed the average lifespan.  It is overdue for collapse and replacement.

The USD is a fiat currency that is backed up by nothing.

The US stock markets are believed to be hyper-inflated. It is possible that this is because a formerly secretive part of the Fed Reserve, called the Emergency Stabilization Fund or ESF, uses the phenomenal resources of this fund to allegedly buy up all the US Treasury debt bonds that countries are now beginning to sell, because they no longer see value in the USD. To avoid markets crashing, it is believed that ESF funds buy back the bonds.

Russia and China are actively moving forward in creating a new economic paradigm based on global trade that does not involve the USD, but instead will involve gold-backed currencies, gold trading via the new Shanghai Gold Index, and a strong economic initiative called the Belt and Road Initiative.

A ZeroHedge article reported on Jan 16th that: “In its latest reminder that China is a (for now) happy holder of some $1.2 trillion in US Treasurys, Chinese credit rating agency Dagong downgraded US sovereign ratings from A- to BBB+ overnight, citing "deficiencies in US political ecology" and tax cuts that "directly reduce the federal government's sources of debt repayment" weakening the base of the government's debt repayment.

Oh, and just to make sure the message is heard loud and clear, the ratings, which are now level with those of Peru, Colombia and Turkmenistan on the Beijing-based agency’s scale of creditworthiness, have also been put on a negative outlook.

In a statement on Tuesday, Dagong warned that the United States’ increasing reliance on debt to drive development would erode its solvency. Quoted by Reuters, Dagong made specific reference to President Donald Trump’s tax package, which is estimated to add $1.4 trillion over a decade to the $20 trillion national debt burden.

“Deficiencies in the current U.S. political ecology make it difficult for the efficient administration of the federal government, so the national economic development derails from the right track,” Dagong said adding that "Massive tax cuts directly reduce the federal government’s sources of debt repayment, therefore further weaken the base of government’s debt repayment."

=============================================================  - 16JAN18 : China Downgrades US Credit Rating From A- To BBB+, Warns US Insolvency Would "Detonate Next Crisis"  - 16JAN18 : Chinese credit agency puts US sovereign rating on par with Turkmenistan.


China seems to be sending very visible and very serious messages to those controlling the US economy and generally the western economy. By downgrading the US, just days before launching the PetroYuan, China appears to be betting that this could be the nail puts an end to criminal banking via corrupted financial institutions.

=============================================================  - 03JAN18 : Petro-Yuan looms: how China will shake up the oil futures market.


Reading between the lines, the wording suggests that China, along with its partners in the BRICS alliance and throughout Eurasia, is now ready to flip a switch, and begin a transition from the USD-oil-fiat system of banking to a system that includes the Chinese Yuan, and is backed by gold.

Iran is mixed up in this also.  As one of the remaining countries without a Rothschild-controlled central bank, one can begin to understand why Iran is being targeted. The US is hinting at putting sanctions back on Iran, thinking that it will do harm to Iran.  As the US is discovering however, sanctions that may have worked in the past to pummel a country into economic surrender, no longer work, as Russia is leading the way in demonstrating that US sanctions become a force for action that moves a country away from dependence on the US.

RT reported on Jan 9th how unilateral US sanctions on Iran could simply force Iran to move immediately to oil futures based in Chinese Yuan instead of US dollars. 

=============================================================  - 09JAN18 : Iran sanctions will China’s petro-yuan.


Could this be a possibility?  If you were faced with a choice to allow your out-of-control car to slam into a group of children, or risk going over a cliff – which choice would you make?  Most would probably sacrifice themselves for the Higher Good.

Imagine a leader who is fully aware that the world has been too dependent on his country’s criminally corrupted financial system.  He sees what is happening in his country, and he is trying to get the other countries out of harm’s way…by pushing them towards the East.

As those countries break away more from the US, the US can begin to allow its currency to be replaced, and the country can begin to make itself great again by breaking away from all the political and economic attachments of other countries. 

Being great again, may mean having to be more humble on the global stage.


For those who are following the cryptocurrency markets, there probably were some very nervous people and some very excited people watching the price of Bitcoin drop to almost 50% of its value.

After bottoming out somewhere around the USD9500 mark, it has since begun to rise again.  For those waiting for the price to drop, this could be the opportunity to get back in, but there is some news this week that some may want to consider.

=============================================================  - 18JAN18  Darryn Pollock via : Green light for crypto: market gets back on its feet.


An article by Molly Jane Zuckerman for on Jan 15th reports that:  “Jan. 13 marked an important milestone for Bitcoin when 16.8 million bitcoins (BTC), or 80 percent of the entire Bitcoin supply, were mined. This means only 4.2 million bitcoins, or 20 percent, are left to mine until Bitcoin’s 21 million supply cap is reached.

BTC contains the 21 mln cap built into its protocol by Satoshi Nakamoto, first mentioned in their 2008 White Paper, as a way to introduce digital scarcity to cryptocurrency. With such a cap in place, the more bitcoins are mined, the more scarcity is produced on the market.

Scarcity arguably creates demand, which in turns makes the coins more valuable. Once 21 million bitcoins have been mined, it will become even harder to obtain them, also potentially making each coin more valuable.”

=============================================================  - 15JAN18 Molly Jane Zuckerman via : 80% of all bitcoins already mined, only 4.2 million coins left until supply cap.


What this is going to mean in the not-so-distant future is not quite clear.

As we have learned from the global cabal bankers each time they increase the money supply through their practice of legalized counterfeiting called ‘Quantitative Easing’, the value of a currency is depreciated each time that happens.  We also know from some companies that have done what is called a ‘stock split’, where more shares are created.

It is unclear whether or not either option could be in the cards for Bitcoin in the future, or whether or not these solutions could work for Bitcoin, they way it works in the fiat currency world.

Another article by Zuckerman on the 18th reports that:  “Co-founder and Fundstat strategist Tom Lee predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) will hit $25,000 by the end of this year in an interview with CNBC today, Jan. 18. Lee had previously forecasted that BTC would only reach this mark by 2022.

=============================================================  - 18JAN18 Molly Jane Zuckerman via : Tom Lee Says BTC Will Hit $25,000 in 2018, Advises ‘Aggressive’ Buying At Market Low


I feel that it is also important to keep in mind that the cryptocurrency game may also be a trap, to get more people attached to the digital money world, so that people can no longer use cash.

According to an article by a guest author on CoinTelegraph on the 18th, he or she reports that:  “The common question you hear from any doubter of digital currencies and their future in our world is “what is the use case?” Often, people look at Bitcoin and see its shortcomings as a medium of transfer, and use that as their justification for being short digital currencies. Spending Bitcoin or any other digital currency is not currently all that easy. It takes time to convert back into fiat currency, and there is often a large fee.

A Singapore-based company Paycent aims to make it easier for buyers and sellers to use their digital currency. Right now they are in the process of releasing the integrated debit card which gives customers the capability to unlock their funds instantly.”

The article continues:  “The overall goal of the company is to make it possible for mobile and cashless payments to be accepted anywhere. Blockchain is the underlying technology that enables this advancement, and the team has worked hard to bridge the gap between fiat and digital currencies.

The new Paycent integrated debit card is the key to bringing digital currencies into our day-to-day life. It has no yearly maintenance fees if the card is active and in use. You don’t need to hold a PYN token to get it. A user will pay only one time fees for card activation and delivery with any digital currency.”

The article tries to create the advantages of this type of program, and there are some advantages, for sure.  Having quick access to one’s coins is key.  The article does note that:  “Paycents end goal is to help users worldwide enter the cashless world. The true potential of a company like this comes from the fact it can create an infrastructure that users who have never had access to banks will be able to engage with.

=============================================================  - 18JAN18 via : New debit card helps to unlock your digital currency.  - : Link to the page to register for a PayCent cryptocurrency debit card.  - : Homepage for PayCent and their debit card program.


Another story points out that the next part of this currency evolution is happening and this is the formation of cryptocurrency lending institutions.

A CoinTelegraph article on Jan 18th that:  “Peer to peer fintech startup, CoinLoan, recently rolled out the first version of their revolutionary peer-to-peer lending platform. Investors were thrilled with the results (try it for yourself here, and are eagerly awaiting the end of the ICO and listing on exchanges soon after.

CoinLoan has also recently enabled direct fiat investment in their ICO. The main benefits for investors are that they avoid the volatility of using crypto, and they no longer need to use exchanges to buy crypto to invest. This unique option enables investments of $5,000 or more in USD or EUR in exchange for CLT tokens.

CoinLoan solves a very real challenge facing crypto owners. Currently, if a crypto investor has a large holding in Bitcoin and needs fiat currency, there is no simple option for them to borrow against these assets. CoinLoan has created a system of secured peer-to-peer lending, where borrowers deposit various crypto assets for a loan in their preferred fiat currency. If the borrower doesn’t repay according to the terms agreed by both parties CoinLoan liquidates the pledged crypto asset to ensure the terms are fulfilled, returning the remaining funds to the lender.

There are significant advantages for both borrowers and lenders by entering into this type of arrangement. Lenders get a low-risk way of earning interest on their capital and significantly reducing cryptocurrency volatility risk. Meanwhile, borrowers get to leverage their crypto assets without liquidating and staying leveraged for future gains, while also giving them a range of options for future tax payments. Using this method, there are no additional exchange commissions to buy cryptocurrency, and funds are very easily transferred to and from a traditional bank account or credit card.”

=============================================================  - 18JAN18 via : CoinLoan ICO Reaches Major Milestones as it Launches MVP and Enables Direct Fiat Investment


Being mindful of all this, may help to keep people grounded who choose to purchase Bitcoins.  Use the game for whatever you can get out of it, and then bring your money back.  Avoid becoming too greedy, otherwise one might get burned.  Of course, never put more money in, than one can reasonably afford to lose.


In some general news, with an attempt to keep things a bit on the lighter side, we have this week, received the winners of the ‘fake news awards’.

With more on the analysis of this, here is Mark Dice interpretation:

=============================================================  - 18JAN18 Mark Dice via : Trump’s Fake News Awards.


Mark Dice has written a book, ‘The True Story of Fake News: How Mainstream Media Manipulates Millions’ and is available through Amazon for those interested in reading this book.


Over to some technology news, although this technology is perhaps more ‘natural’ compared to other more futuristic technologies.

Considering the future has to, by its very nature, consider the planet upon which we live and that sustains us. Any future not including the planet really is no future at all.

Humans are going to need to learn how to live in a different way, and to perhaps also make use of land that has previously not been occupied because it is considered more ‘hostile’ to some humans.

In the north of Canada, people are taking it upon themselves to learn how to grow food, because many of the traditional sources of food have been reduced to dangerous levels, and it is too expensive to fly unhealthy, western-produced foods up to the northern communities.

An article by Kristine Lofgren on the Inhabitat website on Jan 15th writes that: “Tucked inside the lush boreal forest in Canada’s Northwest Territories, you’ll find something unexpected. There, cheek to jowl with the ever-encroaching trees sits a thriving farm with snuffling pigs, lush fruit trees, and acres of vegetables, all in an environment that is anything but hospitable to agriculture. But creating a flourishing, regenerative landscape perfect for establishing local food security is exactly what the Northern Farm Training Institute is all about. Their goal is to help people form their own holistic growing environments to support healthy, food-secure communities – even if they happen to be located above the 60th parallel.

According to Lofgren: “The Northern Farm Training Institute (NFTI) was founded in 2013 as a way to train people in isolated communities how to grow their own food and to restore northern environment-based food systems. Since then, the farm has taught 147 people from over 30 communities – half of those from First Nations/Metis/Inuvialuit communities – to create their own farms.

NFTI grew as Jackie Milke, a local Hay River Metis woman, recognized the need to alleviate food insecurity in local communities. She quickly realized that there was a large demand for this type of learning, and the 260-acre farm has since hosted 30 intensive workshops in what they call a “living classroom.”

The farm consists of outdoor gardens, a hoop greenhouse, and a geodesic dome greenhouse. On the farm live herds of sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, and chickens, with an animal barn, industrial kitchen and farm store. There are also 10 small yurts that act as student housing, and one large yurt for classroom learning. All of this is surrounded by the nearby Hay River, fields, forests and ponds.”

The NFTI is completely organic, focusing on holistic and regenerative practices that contribute to longer-term health of both land and wildlife.  Practices used support biodiversity and soil health as well.  Produce being thrown out by local grocery stores is used to feed the pigs.

Just because it is a northern climate does not mean that they are not busy in the winter. The article writes that:  “In the fall, they teach wool washing, felting and dying. Pigs are used to help clear land for farming, and sheep help weed and fertilize pasture areas. They also work with animals that are more comfortable in colder climates, like Iceland Sheep and yaks, rather than the Rambouillet sheep and Angus cattle so familiar in the US.

During the winter, with just six daylight hours, aurora borealis overhead and a sunset at 3:45 pm, the Northern Farm Training Institute doesn’t sit back and take January off. They grow seedlings inside their greenhouses, using snow to water the plants. The sunlight bouncing off the snow outside creates an ideal lighting effect for the growing plants. And the farm collects and uses discarded shredded paper from local communities to keep the animals warm. They also teach cheesemaking classes and food storage classes.”

=============================================================  - 15JAN18 Kristine Lofgren, : The organic farm teaching sustainable growing technigques in Canada’s cold, dark north.


According to the website for the NFTI:  “The Northern Farm Training Institute (NFTI) is a non-profit society created by local Métis and northern farming expert, Jackie Milne, in 2013. We operate on a 260-acre campus in Hay River, Northwest Territories. We provide immersive farm training to people committed to improving local food systems.

Our vision is to be a holistic farm and educational centre to genuinely empower people to transform their lives. We will support a vibrant regenerative landscape while building productive local farms and thriving, healthy communities.

NFTI is dedicated to helping promote and teach various new methodologies for sustainable and regenerative agriculture that are being practiced around the world.

We teach a unique application of these food production systems that are tailored to Northern small-scaled, highly productive farming that are part of a new trend in job creation and self employed careers. This includes biointensive vegetable gardening, greenhouse systems, permaculture, food storage & value-adding techniques and holistic planned grazing with livestock.”

=============================================================  - : More information about the NFTI.  The story of NFTI.  - : Homepage for the Northern Farm Training Institute of the Northwest Territories.


It’s not a lifestyle that is for everyone, but those who are truly into nature, and ready to escape the rat race of what is happening around the world at this time, there are practices in place to help people not only survive but thrive in a northern climate.

In the show transcript, along with the links for this story, I’ll also include a link to a story about hydroponic farming and six places where soil-less farming is revolutionizing how we grow food.

=============================================================  - 12JAN18 Greg Beach, : Six places where soil-less farming is revolutionizing how we grow food.  - 18JAN18 Kristine Lofgren via : IKEA’s Space10 is working on on-site hydroponic farms for restaurants.



Finally, in health-related news;

Like some of you perhaps, I had read an article somewhere that within certain fruit seeds there is cyanide, and that we are warned to never eat the seeds.

For sometime, I was concerned about this, but thought kept coming back to me that nature would not create something to be consumed if there was a significant danger in it.

IF there was cyanide present, I really wanted to believe that there would be a reason and purpose for it, and that it would not represent the danger that some were claiming.

An article I have come across this week puts my mind more at ease, and feels accurate to me, at least at this time.

The article, by Paul Fassa, and posted on The Organic Wellness website writes that:  “All you have to do is Google cyanide alongside any of the foods mentioned above and you’ll get a plethora of articles that all support the cyanide dangers from those seeds and nuts.

Some say that your body quickly detoxes the compounds containing cyanide. Others say that you will get free cyanide when your body metabolizes those compounds. Most concede that it would take a heck of a lot of pits, seeds, or bitter almonds to poison you.

But as the saying goes, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” In this case the fear of fruit seeds and bitter almonds and other nuts is based on incomplete data. The compound containing cyanide is amygdalin.

Fassa refers to an article appearing on the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia from 2010 where a man cured himself of cancer by taking apricot seeds.  He writes:  “They didn’t die from cyanide poisoning. They were cured without negative side effects. This wasn’t accomplished by consuming a couple every week, but dozens daily for months.”

=============================================================  - 07MAR2010 Jill Stark, : Can apricot kernals keep cancer at bay? 


Fassa explains why they were not poisoned.  He states that:  “amygdalin compound has four molecules. Two are glucose molecules. The other two are cyanide and benzaldyhide. The last two are scarycompounds, except for a couple of unusual metabolic activities: they are released by and into cancer cells only. Otherwise, they remain in the amygdalin compound and are passed through. It’s a very clever arrangement. The cancer cells depend on fermenting sugar (glucose) for their energy instead of oxygen.

So the cancer cells attract the amygdalin compounds for their glucose, but are whacked when they metabolize those compounds that free the benzalldyhide and cyanide. The glucose is the sugar bait. Cancer cells contain an enzyme that is not found in healthy cells, beta-glucosidase.

The beta-glucosidase enzyme “unlocks” the amygdalin compound, releasing the deadly toxins within the cancer cell. Only cancer cells metabolize amygdalin. Healthy normal cells don’t. Most non-cancerous cells contain another enzyme, rhodanese. Free cyanide molecules are bound to sulfur molecules by rhodanese, creating harmless cyanates that are eliminated in the urine.

This is the little bit of knowledge that those “scary” articles reference when they say a little bit of cyanide is easily detoxed by your body. But the complete function of amygdalin is hidden because the fact that laetrile or B17, a concentrated extract from apricot amydgalins, can cure cancer is taboo.

The article offers a bit of history of Laetrile or what we commonly know as vitamin B17.  The article writes that B17 : “was developed by San Francisco researcher Dr. Ernst Krebb in 1952 by liquefying and purifying amygdalin from apricot seeds so it could be injected into cancer patients. Dr. Krebb injected himself to assure laetrile’s safety, and Dr. John Richardson proved its efficacy by curing several cancer patients in San Francisco with laetrile.

In 1971, laetrile was banned. Dr. Richardson called on investigative journalist G. Edward Griffin to publicize the merits of laetrile or B17 derived from apricot seeds. Griffin discovered that the Sloane-Kettering Institute’s laetrile trials leading to the FDA ban were bogus.

Sloane-Kettering spokesperson Dr. Ralph Moss refused to lie about laetrile and left Sloane-Kettering in disgust. He slipped Griffin unpublicized papers scientifically proving laetrile actually worked. This led to Griffin’s book A World Without Cancer, where you can read much more about the amygdalin cancer curing story.”

=============================================================  - unknown date, Paul Fassa via : Apple seeds and cancer: what the government has been hiding from you for years.


The article closes with the reminder to anyone seeking to treat cancer that one is to avoid consuming sugar while doing any cancer-related treatment.

This information feels accurate to me, but of course, one must do one’s own research to determine if any alternative-health solution is right for that one individual. 

In the show transcript for this story, I will include two videos with more supporting information about this story.

=============================================================  - G.E. Griffin via : Alternative cancer therapy, B17 (1-5)  -  via : Vitamin B17,laetrile case histories;lung, colon, breast, prostate

Information about Paul Fassa:

Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding them towards direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom.

You can check out his many non-compromising cutting edge, non-fluff articles here

And you can visit his blog at
Learn more:



For those who are long-time dissenters of vaccines and seeking information to support their position, the following story may be beneficial to some.

A posting on a social media page led me to a study that shows overwhelming evidence that unvaccinated children are better off than vaccinated children.

The survey is looking at numerous different conditions, including:  atopic diseases (asthma, hayfever, neurodermatitiis, etc), ADS, hyperactivity, autism, sleep disorders, migraines and concentration problems, herpes, warts, polyps, fungal infections, diabetes, epilepsy, seizures, neurological and autoimmune diseases and also thyroid disorders, dyslexia, depression, anxiety, celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, acid reflux, motor skills issues, scoliosis and more. 

The results showed that unvaccinated children and people had lower incidents of those conditions just stated.

From the same webpage, here are a few quotes from people who have completed the survey:

One person wrote:  "I am 27 years old and am completely unvaccinated. I am very healthy and only get a cold maybe once every year or two."

Another wrote that:  ““I am one of 10 children from the same mother and father.  None of us were vaccinated. Our ages are 38-59. We were all allowed to have childhood diseases to boost our immune systems. Most of our children were not vaccinated either.  Most of all, none of the non-vaccinated children in our family have major illness.”

A third shares that:  "My first child has the most vaccines.  The second has some.  The last had none.  The overall healthiest with the least problems is the one who got no vaccines.  I have my masters degree in Nursing.  I read all sorts of stuff cause I really wanted to believe vaccines are safe and ok but they are not.  So my intensive research swayed me the other way."

Finally, there is this testimony:  “"J. is our eighth child and the first to remain almost completely undamaged by the medical system. We did not even allow any newborn testing (such as PKU, etc...), nor did we allow a hearing screening, or vitamin k, or even the antibiotics in the eyes. He did not leave our sight in the hospital, because we did not trust the nurses to respect our desire to protect him from testing, vaccines, etc.... In fact, we would have avoided the hospital altogether if I did not have to deliver by c-section. J. is more alert and healthier than any of our other children. He is almost two and has not needed medical care yet. He is rarely sick, and has never had an ear infection.”

============================================================= - : State of health of unvaccinated children.


According to the webpage, this is an ongoing survey.  There are links on the page to two different surveys.  One survey is for individuals who are not vaccinated, or whose children have not been vaccinated.

=============================================================  - :  Questionnaire for UNVACCINATED people and children.


The other survey is for individuals who have been vaccinated or whose children have been vaccinated.  If you would like to share or report on what vaccinations have or have not done for you, these links will appear in the show transcript as well for this story.

=============================================================  - : Questionnaire for VACCINATED people and children.  - : More personal stories about peoples’ experiences with vaccines and their effects.


The individual who posted this information, wrote:   “Finally we have definitive, undeniable proof that the pharmaceutical propaganda of "vaccines are safe", that we've had to listen to spewing forth from the mouths of doctors and journalists and politicians for decades, is categorically and unequivocally false.

Finally, we have something that can bring anti-vaccine and pro-vaccine people together, united against our common enemy.
The real clear and present danger to our children – the pharmaceutical industry.”

The article closes with a quote from Marcia Angell, a former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine and author of the book, ‘The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What To Do About It’.  According to Angell: “ ...Similar conflicts of interest and biases exist in virtually every field of medicine, particularly those that rely heavily on drugs or devices. It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine."

As more informed people begin presenting information like this to their physicians, perhaps they will finally start getting the message that their failure in compromising their Hippocratic oath to the pressures of Big Pharma will no longer be tolerated.


In this week’s FINAL WORDS:

I’m choosing to hand things over this week to Gregg Prescott from the news website.

Like so many of us, Gregg has felt the challenges of trying to make a living while serving humanity and the planet.  Also, like so many of us, he continues on, and I’d like to try to help him a bit, by giving him an opportunity to share on this newscast.

Gregg makes references to a few items, and those links will be in the show transcript with more information, as well as ways to follow Gregg’s and In5D’s postings.

Create a fantastic week, until our next moment of ‘now’… here is Gregg Prescott:



Links to information mentioned by Gregg : 

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