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2018-01-26 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript With Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - January 26, 2018

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Greetings and blessings to all,

Things are getting more and more interesting, leading up to a much-anticipated State of the Union (SOTU)  by US president Trump on January 30th.  This will be Trump’s first SOTU address since being elected and only his second address to the joint session of Congress.

The past week however has seen activity ramping up on numerous levels.

The ‘Russia collaboration’ story is beginning to die down, as the media is realizing that there is no story there.  The FISA memo however is now becoming the bigger, real story however.  Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino was questioned on FOX News:


AUDIO:  1:34 approximately – see link below for the video.  - 20JAN18 Joshua Caplan, : ‘SH*T IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN’: Ex-Secret Service Agent Warns ‘Devastating’ FISA Memo Set To ‘Expose’ Obama.


What Trump seems to be doing is intentionally picking suspicious people to sit in certain departments, so that it looks like he is playing along with the cabal game, but then the media starts digging to find dirt on Trump, and they instead seem to find more and more dirty laundry on others.  It appears to be a grand set-up to expose certain people, and also the media as well.

The stakes are high regarding the Russiagate controversy.  Paul Craig Roberts in an article appearing on ZeroHedge on Jan 26th writes that:  “Many Americans do not seem to understand what is at stake. What America is confronted with is a coup conspiracy organized by top officials of the Obama Justice Department, FBI, CIA, the Hillary DNC, and the presstitute media to overturn the result of a democratic election and remove the president from office.

The basis of the coup is a fake dossier purchased for money that consists of unsupported allegations against Trump and that was used to obtain warrants from the FISA court to spy on Trump and various associates hoping to find something that can be used against Trump. Regardless, the false allegations could be fed to the CIA’s media assets and used to create a scandal requiring a special prosecutor to investigate Russiagate.

Once the investigation was under way, the presstitutes kept the scandal alive hoping to convince enough Americans that Trump must have done something—“where there is smoke, there is fire”—that justifies his removal. It worked against Richard Nixon, but not against Ronald Reagan, and Trump is no Reagan.”

Roberts continues:  “If the highest reaches of the police state agencies can get away with an attempted or successful coup against the president of the United States, then that is the complete end of democracy and all accountability in government. The House, Senate, and judiciary will become as powerless as the Roman senate under the caesars. We will live under a dictatorship ruled by police state agencies.

Many Americans say they don’t need the House Intelligence Report, because they don’t believe the Russiagate BS in the first place. They miss the point. They need the report, because those responsible for this attempt at a coup must be identified, charged, and prosecuted for their act of high treason.

This is not minor stuff. This goes to the heart of whether any form of liberty will exist. We all know that the ability of the people to hold government accountable is not assured by democracy. However, there is no prospect of holding government accountable if it is a police state, a road that the US has been going down for some time. The audacious coup attempt against President Trump is our opportunity to stop the momentum to a police state.”

======================================================================  - 26JAN18 Paul Craig Roberts via : Paul Craig Roberts Warns "The Russiagate Stakes Are Extreme"


Justin Raimondo, writing for on Jan 24th feels that the curtain is coming down on the scandal.  He writes that:  “The finale is upon us: the Russia-gate fraud is about to be exploded, at long last. Although the vaunted memo – and the underlying intelligence – compiled by the leadership of the House Intelligence Committee under chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has yet to be released, there has been enough chatter by those House members who have read it to give us the basic elements of what it contains. Although prepare to be shocked by what I consider to be the most outrageous aspect of this affair.

The anti-Trump coup plotters constructed an elaborate fiction for the benefit of the FISA court, presented it to the court as factual, and used it as the basis for obtaining a warrant for the Obama administration – and, in effect, the Clinton campaign – to not only spy on the Trump campaign but to actively disrupt it.

Secondly – and this, I think, is why the memo and the underlying intelligence is so highly classified – the FBI/CIA factor in this operation is just a part of the whole. The involvement of “former” MI6 agent Christopher Steele argues in favor of British involvement. And of course, it could be a mere coincidence that the head of the GCHQ – the British spy outfit – resigned shortly after the Steele story broke.”

====================================================================== - 24JAN18 Justin Raimondo, : The Finale Is Upon Us: Russia-Gate Implodes


Of course the momentum to drain the swamp is also being met with forceful resistance in terms of the counter-attacks on President Trump. With each passing day, the fact that Trump remains in office is a direct threat to the interests of those who have hung on to power and greed in Washington over the many decades.

Trump was so much of a threat, that a so-called ‘secret society’ has been mentioned by some, because information is now coming out to show how the former Obama Administration, the Clinton election team, the Democratic National Party, the FBI and possibly others, were directly involved in trying to prevent Trump from winning the election.   This is leading to what is now being called the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign.

A ZeroHedge article on Feb 22nd, reports that:  “Congressional investigators learned from a new batch of text messages between anti-Trump FBI investigators that a "secret society of folks" within the Department of Justice and the FBI may have come together in the "immediate aftermath" of the 2016 election to undermine President Trump, according to Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) who has reviewed the texts. In a video by Josh Caplan on his Twitter account, Republican Ron Johnson also points out a reference made to a ‘secret society’.

======================================================================  - 22JAN18 : FBI Agents Discussed "Secret Society" Within DOJ And FBI Working To Undermine Trump  - 23JAN18 Alex Christoforou, : EXPLOSIVE: “Secret Society” uncovered at FBI and DOJ tasked with bringing down Trump (Video)  - 23JAN18 Josh Caplan on :  In stunning admission, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reveals an informant is briefing Congress on "offsite" meetings by "Secret society" mentioned in Strzok-Page texts.


The following was also heard on Hannity’s FOX News program. 


AUDIO:  Approx 03:12  - 23JAN18 via : Attorney General Sessions Announces Investigation Into Missing FBI Text Messages


In an article on the website, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton described the FBI’s investigation into alleged Russian collusion by Trump is ‘corruption at its worst’.

The article writes:  “Speaking at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition’s 6th Anniversary Convention, Fitton said the “unelected bureaucracy” in the Justice Department and the FBI — in some cases, political appointees of the Obama administration, were “breaking the rules to bring down a duly-elected president,” and violating laws “beyond what Richard Nixon ever contemplated.  Nothing in recent American history compares to what we think we know,” he said.”

======================================================================  - 21JAN18 : Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton: Russia Collusion Probe Is FBI ‘Corruption’ at Its Worst


As of Jan 21st, it was being reported on the Signs Of The Times website that the House Intelligence Committee has officially begun the process that could see the release of the memo that is ‘so explosive, that head’s are going to roll’.

======================================================================  - 21JAN18 Joshua Caplan via :  House Intel Committee officially begins to 'release the memo'.


Byron York, writing for The Washington Examiner on Jan 21st reports that:  “There's no doubt Republicans want the public to see the classified memo. To get it out, they are studying a never-before-used procedure whereby House Intelligence Committee members would vote to make the memo public, after which the president would have five days to object.

If the president had no objection, the memo would become public after those five days. If the president did object, the matter would go to the full House, which could vote to overrule the president's objections and release the memo anyway.

Republicans believe it is unlikely they would have to go that far; why would President Trump object to the release of a document allegedly showing that Obama administration officials abused the law in investigating Trump? But even if there were an objection, the feeling is the House would go ahead.

At this point, some Republicans would have a problem with their base if they didn't. The memo has become a subject of passionate interest among Trump supporters who are following the dossier investigation. The hashtag #releasethememo has been everywhere on Twitter, and Republican lawmakers have noticed.

So GOP sources expect the House will act soon, though the entire process could take two to three weeks. In the end, even if there is any reluctance among some members or leadership, voter interest is likely to prevail. "It's amazing what the pitchforks and the torches will do," said one lawmaker.”

======================================================================  - 21JAN18 Byron York, :  Byron York: Amid shutdown, House GOP shows intense interest in Trump dossier memo


Former CIA agent Robert Steele, in an article appearing on the website  offers a three-step process by which Trump can triumph.

According to the article:  “MOVE 1: Eject the press corps from the White House. Repurpose that space to house the three elements shown in the graphic below — this will give the President — overnight — what his existing team and Breitbart do not know how to do: by-pass all intermediary organizations and open a two-way channel between the President and every eligible voter in the USA.

MOVE 2: Utilizing the Trump Channel created in Move 1, FIRST sponsor a national conversation about election reform possibilities, and THEN introduce the Election Reform Act as Presidentially-sponsored legislation, and inform every Member of Congress they can either vote for it and qualify for a matching Presidential pardon if they give up their current bribers and blackmailers to a 90 day Presidential Task Force separate from the FBI, or face the wrath of the President and the deplorables in 2018.

This will do two things: create a new Movement of perhaps 60% of the voters, more than the two party tyranny can muster together; and stop any possibility of the President being impeached by a Democratic-Controlled Congress.

MOVE 3:  Make strategy, not security as defined by the banks and the military-industrial complex — the central aspect of the Trump Presidency.

Each of these moves has a few ‘sub moves’ as Steele calls them.  For those interested, the full strategy can be found in the appropriate link in the show transcript for this story.  As well, I will post links to seven or eight other related articles to this story that were not covered in this broadcast.

======================================================================  - 26OCT2017  Robert Steele via :  Robert Steele: Concept for Trump Triumph in 3 Moves UPDATE 2   - 21JAN18 : FISAgate: The Democratic Party is finally over, Deep State in a free-fall collapse  - 21JAN18 Baxter Dmitry, : FBI Agent Leaks Explosive #ReleaseTheMemo Document  - 23JAN18 : As FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up Fla. 9/11 Probe, Court Docs Show.  - 23JAN18 :  Comey Chief Of Staff Who Worked On Clinton Exoneration, Quits FBI One Week After Congressional Testimony.  - 22JAN18 Olivia Beavers, : Sessions announces DOJ probe of missing FBI text messages.  - 23JAN18 :  Republicans hope to release ‘jaw-dropping’ memo on surveillance abuses.  - 21JAN18 :  Donald Trump Won a Rigged Election



In other geopolitical news,

While the agenda of the unelected leadership within the EU is to impose rules upon participating nations that only destabilize each nation, several nations are moving ahead on their own, as was reported in the last couple of weeks on this broadcast.  Hungary and Poland are taking the biggest hits from Brussels in their stance against the EU agenda to destabilize countries.

Several other countries are taking notice however, and may be moving on a similar path now.

Finland’s presidential elections will be starting on January 28th, and one of the candidates, Laura Huhtasaari of The Finns Party is speaking out about how ‘political correctness’ is destroying her beautiful country. 

On Jan 21st, an article appearing on the Voice Of Europe website shares a video made by Huhtasaari, spoken in Finnish with English subtitles, and her message is basically this:  “The country is changing rapidly, and it is time to: “Take Finland back”, in a style that is following Donald Trump.

======================================================================  - 21JAN18 : Finnish presidential candidate echoes Trump and wants to “Take Finland back!”


As well, a ZeroHedge article on Jan 22nd by Tom Luongo reports that:  For years Italy’s Northern League kept to itself, being focused on secession rather than reform from within.  That change began last year with their non-binding referenda to petition Rome for more fiscal autonomy.  But, as the Italian parliamentary elections come into view, the Northern League is playing politics.

And doing it well.

Having made a coalition with Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and two smaller center-right parties, the Leag Norda (Northern League) is now in a great position to win the election.  It’s leader, Matteo Salvini has wholly embraced populism and is now in open opposition to Europe as a whole.

Salvini was quoted in this article as having said that:  “Europe has been punishing us for the last 15 years and we are worse off than 15 years ago.  European measures are the last thing I am interested in.”

The article continues“Salvini’s populist stance goes much further than that.  His Twitter feed reads like Nigel Farage’s after a lengthy stay at the pub.  He’s pushing for a 15% flat tax, the bane of the Progressive left who understands that a progressive tax system is the biggest obstacle to wealth generation.  Salvini invokes U.S. President Donald Trump whenever he can especially on defending Italy’s borders and EU immigration policy.

If Italy elects a government hostile to Angela Merkel’s open immigration policy she will have no choice but the back down on her stance against the Visegrad nations – Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia.

Polls suggest that anti-euro sentiment is still not high enough for it to be a winning electoral strategy.  Even the front-running party, Five-Star Movement, is backing off rhetorically on its most radical position, calling a referendum on the euro a ‘last resort’ now.

But, this isn’t 2015 and Salvini isn’t the feckless idiot that Alexis Tsipras in Greece is.  The Leag Norda comes for truly radical roots. It understands the problems Italy has stem from Germany’s punitive ideas on austerity.

Either way, though, Leag Norda becoming a real political force in Italy spells real trouble for a European Union and the Troika.  Salvini is advocating the opposite of the plans favored by the power elite in Europe.

Cut taxes, stop immigration and bring the Italian middle class back into the mix.”

======================================================================  - 22JAN18 : Italy Embracing Populism Is A Major Headache For Europe


In a separate article, on the London Express website on Jan 25th it was reported that:  “ITALIAN election frontrunner Matteo Salvini vowed to challenge the European Union and to abandon the shared currency if the EU refuses to compromise.

Of course, we heard similar words coming from Greek leader Alexis Tsipras, and how he eventually caved in to the unelected European Troika leaders – the presidents of the EU Parliament, the EU Council and the EU Central Bank.

Salvini is making claims that are equally as bold, as he was quoted as saying in this article that:  “In order to defend the money and savings of Italians, we will not exclude any possibility.  You will never see me making a U-turn like Luigi Di Maio and the Five Star Movement.   We will defend the national interests. If we manage to change European dynamics and treaties, we’ll be the happiest people in the world.”

======================================================================  - 25JAN18 Alessandra Scotto di Santolo, 'The euro will cease to exist!' Italian election frontrunner vows to destroy EU currency.


The Italian election is currently expected to be held on March 4th.

In an update involving Poland, a London Express article reported on Jan 26th that Poland and the EU are at war.  This is a result of Poland ignoring threats by Brussels and continuing down its own path of setting national reforms that are not in alignment with Brussels.

According to the article:  “Law and Justice Party (PiS) leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said there is "no way Poland would hand in a decision on the court reforms to the European Court of Justice" as he asserted his government’s right to make its own laws.

Mr Kaczynski told Polish daily newspaper Gazeta Polska Codziennie the "program of deep changes in our country will not slow down, on the contrary".

======================================================================  - 26JAN18 Rebecca Pinnington, : Poland and EU at WAR: Warsaw REFUSES to stop reforms despite Brussels threats.


In a separate article, and also following the tune of Donald Trump, a Polish Member of the European Parliament, Robert Iwaszkiewicz believes the EU, in its current form, is in its dying days.  According to this article:  “Iwaszkiewicz claims the European Union stands on the brink of collapse because its core interests no longer serve the common goals of a once proud continent. He said it is now only in the interests of an unelected elite which has led Europe astray.

the problem is that the bloc’s unelected leadership’s has forgotten that every single member state is a sovereign country, with its own laws, governments and cultural principles, Mr Iwaszkiewicz said.

The politician is certain that Brussels’ ongoing conflict with Warsaw is evident proof that the EU diktat is about expressing control and not mutual cooperation.

The situation has devolved to a degree where Mr Iwaszkiewicz sees no other outcome of Poland being pushed out, other than a total collapse of the Union.

This is not the European Union that Poland entered or ever wanted, he underlined.

“Instead of a European-wide integration that Poland was very keen on, we have an institution which imposes its worldview. No more, no less.”

Tensions flared last December when Jean-Claude Juncker and Frans Timmermans issued their final ultimatum and attempted to strip Poland of its voting rights with Article 7.

But all of this has only served to anger the Polish public, and is one of the many reasons why anti-EU sentiments are on the rise across Europe, according to Mr Iwaszkiewicz.

======================================================================  - 24JAN18 Sebastian Kettley, : Make Europe Great Again! Polish MEP warns Polexit could END the ‘sick’ European Union


Poland is receiving support as well.  A third article on the London Express website on Jan 26th reports on how the leaders of Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and Czechia, are standing by Poland’s side against Brussels. 

======================================================================  - 26JAN18 Rebecca Pinnington, : ‘Treat members EQUALLY’ EU rebels demand Brussels backs down over Poland punishment


It may be a bit of a reverse-psychology trick, but it seems that ‘America First’ as championed by Trump, is a message that is catching on, and now that Trump appears to be taking on the swamp, other leaders are starting to feel a bit bolder coming out of the woodwork to do something for their countries that will show unelected leaders that any country will no longer be held hostage to an agenda that serves wealthy elitists and not the general population, and it certainly does not serve our planet overall.


In financial news,

The World Economic Forum is winding up in Davos, Switzerland, and it is a pretty safe bet that there were numerous discussions taking place behind-the-scenes that are not being covered by the mainstream media. 

It would also be a safe bet that what is currently going on in Europe, resistance to the unelected EU leadership, is also a topic of concern among those at the highest levels.

What were some of the bigger ‘public’ stories coming out of Davos?  According to the WEF website:   “On day one of Davos, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi listed his three most significant challenges to civilization as we know it: climate change, terrorism and the backlash against globalization.”

For the first time, an all-female panel was convened, on the topic of Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.

According to the article:  “Norwegian PM Erna Solberg called for a focus on corruption and illegal money flows and asked for action on gender equality. Education is the first step, she said, making sure that girls take a full part in education.

Chetna Sinha, Founder and Chair of the Mann Deshi Foundation called for financial access for everyone. She announced an alternative investment fund for female entrepreneurs, worth 100 million rupees.

The world needs to renegotiate a new social contract, and re-write the rules, said ITUC General-Secretary Sharan Burrow. We built this fractured world, now we need to learn some lessons and rebuild.

Also speaking at the Forum was Malala Yousafzai,  a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. She is known for human rights advocacy, especially the education of women and children in her native, home region in northwest Pakistan. Yousafzai spoke on the importance of teaching boys how to be men and how to respect women and their contribution to humanity and the planet.  She was quoted as saying that:  “Men have a big role to play … We have to teach young boys how to be men. In order to be a man you have to recognize that all women and all those around you have equal rights and that you are part of this movement for equality.”

Alibaba founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma spoke openly and at length about some of the key challenges facing the world, delivering a stream of unique perspectives and guidance.

“If you don't want to lose quickly you will need a high IQ, and if you want to be respected you need high LQ: the IQ of love,"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel continued on her agenda of promoting her idea of openness, and stating that shutting ourselves off and isolating ourselves will not create a good future.  She feels that protectionism is not the answer.

France’s Macron declared that France is back…whatever this may mean, because it doesn’t seem like things are really good in France at the moment.

UK PM Theresa May expressed optimism that BREXIT will allow the UK to forge new, bilateral trading agreements that will benefit all parties.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau focused on trade, gender, jobs and climate change.

Although Alibaba founder Jack Ma spoke about the dangers of artificial intelligence, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that AI is more important to humanity than electricity or fire.  

China addressed what it claims are its three critical battles.  According to the article, the right-hand man of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Liu He, represented China at the Forum.  He outlined how China plans to shape the world economy.  According to the article:  “He said China had tried to open its financial markets over the past year, and spread globalization through its Belt and Road Initiative. China faces three critical battles over the coming three years; preventing major financial risks, alleviating poverty and reducing pollution.”

Of course, the address by US President Trump was also listed as a key highlight, although Trump mostly kept his speech limited to how the US is becoming great again, and is open for business with the world.  This was the public part of his address…what the world and the media saw.  It may take days before news begins to trickle down of various discussions that were going on about the topics that the mainstream media are not yet allowed to cover.  

======================================================================  - : Davos 2018 biggest stories.


Certainly another topic that was discussed but not covered by the media is the European movement towards the East, and away from the US and the West. 

An article appearing on the website from Jan 16th reports that:  “The yuan took a major step towards broader international adoption in 2016 when the IMF decided to include it in the basket of currencies that make up the Special Drawing Rights, an alternative reserve asset to the dollar.

The Chinese yuan hit a two-year high against the US dollar this week, after the German Bundesbank said that it would include the yuan in its reserves for the first time. “The notable development from the European point of view over the past few years has been the growing international role of the renminbi in global financial markets,” Andreas Dombret, a member of the central bank’s executive board, reportedly said at a conference in Hong Kong (paywall). The decision was made last year and no investments have been made yet, as preparations are still in process. The French central bank then revealed that it already held some reserves in yuan.

As Trump’s “America First” policies push the US out of the international limelight, more people expect China to fill the gap, including in world finance. Barry Eichengreen, an economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley and expert in global currency systems, predicts that the US dollar will eventually lose its dominance and multiple currencies will coexist on a more equal footing in international markets. In the future, the dollar will be forced to share prominence with the yuan and the euro in particular, he says.

======================================================================  - 16JAN18 Eshe Nelson, : Europe’s central banks are starting to replace dollar reserves with the yuan


Now one other individual also made an appearance in Davos.  According to an article on The Political Insider website on Jan 26th:  “What does George Soros know that we don’t?

The devilishly liberal billionaire and hedge fund investor told an audience at the Davos World Economic Forum that he expects President Donald Trump will be forced out of office before 2020. This came after Soros tore into the President, calling him a “danger to the world.”  The author notes that Soros is not a man to be trusted.  Here are the comments made by Soros:


AUDIO:  approximately 0:41  - 25JAN18 Bloomberg Politics via : Soros Calls Trump Administration a 'Danger to the World'  - 26JAN18 Jim E via : George Soros Says Trump Won’t Last in Office Until 2020


Soros has been active in promoting his version of ‘democracy’, through his Open Society Policy Centre.  He is believed to have funded movements such as ‘Black Lives Matters’, women’s marches, and he is also linked to destabilizing events in Ukraine, other countries in Europe and also the migrant crisis that is causing all kinds of trouble in Germany, France, Sweden and other countries.

In my personal opinion, the fact that Trump is considered ‘dangerous’ by a man like Soros, is a good enough reason to support Trump.  It would obviously mean that Soros considers Trump a legitimate threat to his work, but Soros seems naively confident that Trump will be removed.  This could be a veiled threat to Trump, that Soros is planning to put all his financial resources into a Democratic landslide in the next US presidential election. 

This would assume however, that there is still a Democratic Party left after all the current and coming scandals don’t completely reshape the US political landscape in the future.

======================================================================  - Homepage for the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos, Switzerland.  - WEF Annual Meeting Overview PDF document



In the US, reports are circulating that a huge tax remedy has been given to the people.  An article appearing on the website is suggesting that the US Congress with President Trump may have just given the ultimate tax remedy to the American people, and the author of this article seems to be claiming that it is hidden within the rules of a recent tax bill approved by Congress.

According to this article:  “The new federal personal income tax law, H.R. 1, – that was just enacted into law by Congress in December 2017, and already made effective as of January 1st, 2018, has the immediate legal effect of:

  1. completely disemboweling and destroying the I.R.S.’ current personal income tax collection and enforcement practices and operations, by removing them entirely and completely from all legitimate constitutional authority to act to enforce the direct taxation of income under the 16th Amendment, as practiced for the last 60 years;
  2. strips the federal Department of Justice naked in the courtroom of all of its illegitimate constitutional arguments that have been made in the courtroom for the last 60 years, to sustain the federal court’s (both district and tax courts’) erroneous enforcement of a direct and unapportioned tax upon the income of We the American People under alleged authority of the 16th Amendment; and
  3. completely exposes the federal judiciary’s unlawful enforcement of the federal personal income tax under the 16th Amendment over the last 60 years of American history, as nothing but a complete and total judicially committed fraud that plainly and clearly can now be seen as the true judicial conspiracy of sedition that it is,”
  4. ======================================================================  - 18JAN18 : Did Congress and Trump provide ultimate tax remedy hidden in the new bill?  - : H.R.1 - An Act to provide for reconciliation pursuant to titles II and V of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2018.


As I am neither an American citizen, nor am I fully versed in legal knowledge, it is difficult for me to comment on what exactly this article is saying.

The article suggests this however:  “It’s the same tax it’s always been, and now they have admitted it on the Congressional Record, and their world is about to change, – well, actually, implode.

Congress has no idea of what they have done, or of the true extent or size of the catastrophe within the tax enforcement system, that they have wrought with the new income tax law, and few Americans, if any have realized it yet.”

The article presents at least seven facts that they claim any honest lawyer should admit to, when presented with the information contained in this article.

As I cannot claim to fully understand US tax law, all I can do is present the basics here, and then invite US citizens worldwide who have knowledge of either law or taxes, to analyze this information, and determine for themselves whether or not there is something really valuable contained within this information. 

If there are any CVN listeners who have the knowledge and understanding of this article, and are able to communicate to me exactly what the good news is within this legislation, I can then make an update to this story in the coming weeks.

What I am wondering is whether or not there is wording within this legislation that gives people the ammunition they need to take the IRS to court, or to avoid having to pay certain taxes?  The article states an admission has been made on Congressional record. 

I assume this to mean that there is something within the legislation that upholds the fact that taxes, or at the very least, certain taxes, are unlawful, and do not have to be paid.   However, this is where I could perhaps use the expertise of someone in the US who understands this much better than I do.

The article is in the show transcript for this story.  An update will follow, if any significant information is presented to me regarding this story.


In some general news for the week,

Geophysical events have increased quite dramatically over the last few months. Everything from alleged forest-fires, to arctic air masses, to massive rains, snow, floods, mudslides, volcano eruptions and earthquakes. This would be to just name a few.

The recent significant earthquake that was reported just south of the state of Alaska is perhaps another curiosity.

In a video posted by well-known earthquake watcher, Dutchsinse, he says he predicted the event in Alaska, on Sunday, Jan 21st, the day before the actual earthquake, based on his data resulting from from earthquakes in the South Pacific days before this.

Dutchsince himself states very clearly on the video that he predicted the earthquake, and issued a warning to people in Alaska two days before it happened.  

======================================================================  - 23JAN18  Dutchsinse via : Dutchsinse says he predicted Alaska quake two days before it happened.


What strikes me as being a bit confusing then are the several sources reporting that the seismic event was the result of the destruction of a deep underground military base, or DUMB as they are called.

IF it is true that an underground military base was destroyed, then this would mean that Dutchsince may be connected to sources that are causing some of these events.  IF Dutchsince is the one telling the truth, then this raises questions about the sources reporting the destruction of military underground bases, and are merely using a seismic event as a justification for making the claims that they are making.

It is unclear at this time which source is more accurate, but the evidence seems to suggest that Dutchsinse made the first and original prediction of an earthquake, and it appears to be based on scientific data and observation.  This would suggest that certain other sources may not be accurate in their information.

Now, is it possible that both could still be true?  I cannot say for absolute certainty.  It is possible that both could be true.  Maybe earthquakes are being created, so that pressure can be guided towards a deep underground military base, so that it can be destroyed.  I suppose this is very possible.

We do know that HAARP is being used for weather modification, and presumably, it is also being used to create earthquakes and possibly volcanic eruptions as well.  The question is: who is in charge of HAARP at this time, and are they using it to assist positive planetary change or not?

What we have to be mindful of, are claims being made by various sources, and that these claims MAY not be legitimate.  Everyone is looking for the information or ‘truth’ that validates one’s particular worldview in any moment.  Those among us who are sharing it publicly however, also have the burden of being held accountable to what we claim as ‘fact’ and what we claim as ‘truth’ simply because it agrees with one’s worldview.

IF by any chance, there are some of these ‘undercover’ sources monitoring my newscast, I invite you to reach out to me, and offer whatever proof you think you may have to validate one claim or the other.  I would expect that you will do your due diligence on me and my work.  I think this will speak for itself.  I however, would also expect a bit of quid pro quo, and any source seeking to gain my trust, would need to provide sufficient evidence that one is connected to various sources that one is claiming to be connected to.

======================================================================  - 23JAN18 Dutchsinse via : 1/23/2018 -- Extremely Large M8.3 (M7.9) Earthquakes strikes coast of Alaska


The science behind the work of Dutchsinse appears to be pretty solid.  In the video that is in the show transcript for this story, Dutchsince predicts that pressure from the Alaska earthquake will spread out into one or more of three possible directions:  1. Over the Northwest Territories and Nunavut in Canada to Greenland, Iceland and then to Svalbard in Northern Norway; 2. Along the Rocky Mountains, down through Yellowstone Park and 3. Along the west coast, heading down towards Los Angeles.

It seems that already there is seismic activity moving along the west coast towards Los Angeles.  According to the Volcano Discovery website on Jan 25th, a 5.8 earthquake has been reported 205km west of Ferndale, California.

======================================================================  - 25JAN18 : 5.8 earthquake reported west of Ferndale, California.


The Ring of Fire in particular has seen significant, increased activity, and this in turn is having ripple-effects that are moving out across various tectonic plates around the world.  At this time, it is noticeable to some that the Earth is going through a cleansing of sorts, to release energies that have long been trapped within her body.

We may be needing to pay closer attention to this activity, as this may also be her warning to humanity that she is needing to do some cleansing that could result in some discomfort for some humans.   Creating a new relation between humanity and our planet is merely one part of the healing and unification in consciousness that can move us forward in our evolution.


Speaking of re-unification, we can turn briefly to North Korea.  Most of the CVN listeners will understand that North Korea is pretty much a distraction, and that the western media are trying to turn North Korea, allegedly a CIA-controlled country, into a nuclear war-mongering nation.

That story however seems highly suspicious, especially when stories such as the following are released…especially by a source that is considered a mainstream media outlet for news.

According to Reuters on Jan 24th :  “North Korea sent a rare announcement addressed to “all Koreans at home and abroad” on Thursday, saying they should make a “breakthrough” for unification without the help of other countries, its state media said.

It said all Koreans should “promote contact, travel, cooperation between North and South Korea” while adding Pyongyang will “smash” all challenges against reunification of the Korean peninsula.

The announcement, issued after a joint meeting of government and political parties, added Koreans should wage an energetic drive to defuse the acute military tension and create a peaceful climate on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea did not provide details why the meeting had been held but the statement said it was aimed to support leader Kim Jong Un’s remarks regarding unification from his New Year’s address. It said this year is meaningful for both North and South Korea as it is the 70th anniversary of the founding of North Korea while South Korea will be hosting the Winter Olympics next month.”

======================================================================  -  24JAN18 : North Korea sends rare announcement to all Koreans, calls for unification


It seems highly unlikely that a leader, who may be considered ‘unstable’ by western standards, because he does not accept US and western hegemony, would be extending olive branches to South Korea, and speaking of unification, if his intention was to really start a nuclear world war. 

The narrative simply no longer works. We may not be sure yet what exactly is going on, as far as North Korea is concerned, but it is becoming increasingly more clear that there may be a real chance for peace and unification of the two Koreas at this time. 

However, this event is obviously going to be connected to numerous other geopolitical and geoeconomic events unfolding at the same time, so we have to stay grounded, without jumping to assumptions about the meaning of any one, singular event. 

It is highly, highly unlikely that North Korea would risk what it appears to have now gained, just ahead of the Olympics in South Korea.  We know that there are multiple weapons of mass distraction being set off around the world, so the question, as always, comes back to following the money, and trying to determine who profits most from activities in that region and elsewhere.


In some disclosure-related news this week,

Although this is not exactly a ‘new’ story, there appear to be new details available.

An article from the website on Jan 18 has reported that:  “About 13 million pages of declassified documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been released online.

The records include UFO sightings and psychic experiments from the Stargate programme, which has long been of interest to conspiracy theorists.

The move came after lengthy efforts from freedom of information advocates and a lawsuit against the CIA.

The full archive is made up of almost 800,000 files.

They had previously only been accessible at the National Archives in Maryland.

The trove includes the papers of Henry Kissinger, who served as secretary of state under presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, as well as several hundred thousand pages of intelligence analysis and science research and development.

The article continues:  “While much of the information has been technically publicly available since the mid-1990s, it has been very difficult to access.

The records were only available on four physical computers located in the back of a library at the National Archives in Maryland, between 09:00 and 16:30 each day.

A non-profit freedom of information group, MuckRock, sued the CIA to force it to upload the collection, in a process which took more than two years.

At the same time, journalist Mike Best crowd-funded more than $15,000 to visit the archives to print out and then publicly upload the records, one by one, to apply pressure to the CIA.

"By printing out and scanning the documents at CIA expense, I was able to begin making them freely available to the public and to give the agency a financial incentive to simply put the database online," Best wrote in a blog post.

In November, the CIA announced it would publish the material, and the entire declassified CREST archive is now available on the CIA Library website.”

======================================================================  -  18JAN18 : CIA releases 13m pages of declassified documents online.


CREST stands for the ‘CIA Records and Search Tool’, and is a searchable database.   CVN has reported on the existence of this database previously, so again, it is not exactly ‘new’, but the BBC appears to be paying a bit more attention to this story and to this database now, which may, or may not suggest, that at least some mainstream media outlets are starting to leak out information relating to our galactic families, a process called ‘soft disclosure’.

For those who love research, and spending time going through information, the CREST database may contain a treasure trove of information for one who has the time to find it.  The links will appear in the show transcript for this story. 

======================================================================  - :  CREST: 25-Year Program Archive



Over to some technology news now,

I came across a product that appears to have some potential for the future in terms of dealing with biodegradable wastes and fuel generation while also creating a product that can be used for food growth.

The product is called Home Biogas, and according to the website, it is a “revolutionary backyard appliance that will transform your leftover food-waste into clean energy and organic, liquid fertilizer!”

The company appears to have had great success with its initial appliance, having found customers in Kenya, Argentina, Australia and the US to name a few. Based on that success, the company embarked on a mission to create the ‘next generation’ HomeBiogas appliance. 

The following is the audio from a video made to promote the Home BioGas appliance:


Audio:  approximately 2:33  - 24NOV2015 via : HomeBiogas - Turn Your Waste into Energy


According to the website, the Home BioGas 2 appliance will be ready for delivery by May of 2018.  The website is advertising the unit at a discounted price of USD520 from the original sale price of USD790.

The unit is obviously better for households where a fairly significant amount of biowaste is produced daily. A single individual, living alone, would not likely produce enough daily waste to generate enough gas to make this appliance worthwhile. 

In the show transcript, the links will be available with more information for those who may be interested in this for 2018.

======================================================================  - – information about ordering.  - : Homepage for the Home BioGas appliance.



Finally in health-related news,

Over the last few years, CVN listeners have come to understand that I am a big supporter of the benefits of cannabis for healing, and the benefits of hemp as a way for any community, anywhere in the world, to become more self-sustaining using just this one crop.

Although I have presented numerous stories over the years about the benefits of cannabis as a treatment, it is worth also exploring the underlying root condition that creates the need for cannabis treatments. 

An article appearing on the Patients 4 Medical Marijuana website reports the following:  “Scientists have begun speculating that the root cause of disease conditions such as migraines and irritable bowel syndrome may be endocannabinoid deficiency.”

It may seem obvious, but it is not necessarily that obvious. 

The article continues:  “the therapeutically active components in marijuana — the cannabinoids — appear to be remarkably non-toxic to healthy cells and organs. This notable lack of toxicity is arguably because cannabinoids mimic compounds our bodies naturally produce — so-called endocannabinoids — that are pivotal for maintaining proper health and homeostasis.

In fact, in recent years scientists have discovered that the production of endocannabinoids (and their interaction with the cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body) play a key role in the regulation of proper appetite, anxiety control, blood pressure, bone mass, reproduction, and motor coordination, among other biological functions.

Just how important is this system in maintaining our health? Here’s a clue: In studies of mice genetically bred to lack a proper endocannabinoid system the most common result is premature death.

======================================================================   -  Undated, : Not feeling well? Perhaps you’re ‘marijuana deficient’  - : Cannabis Research – General


As far back as 2011, FOX News reported on this story as well.  In this article, Chris Kilham reports that:  “if the idea of having a marijuana deficiency sounds laughable to you, a growing body of science points at exactly such a possibility.

Kilham continues:  “In August 1990, researchers reported in the journal Nature the discovery of receptors in the brain that specifically accommodate the cannabinoids in pot. Cannabinoids bind to particular neurological sites in the brain, as though the brain was specifically designed to utilize this plant. Did nature toss cannabinoid receptors into the brain by random chance? Are cannabinoid receptors part of an intelligent design for deriving maximum benefit from cannabis? Is cannabis a divine elixir of sacred communion for which we are ideally suited? Actually, a more sober answer seems likely. When there are receptors in the brain for a particular type of compound, that compound is made in the brain. This is true of many important agents that work to transmit brain messages of all types. So a hunt began to find such a compound.

In that vein, in 1992 researchers in Israel isolated the cannabinoid anandamide in the human brain. Unlike THC, anandamide is manufactured in the brain, and is therefore an endogenous cannabinoid. This agent, anandamide, is the compound that attaches to the built-in cannabinoid receptors in our brains. The name anandamide is based on the Sanskrit word ananda, which means bliss. Anandamide is a bliss molecule, enhancing greater well being and emotional satisfaction.

Anandamide also plays a role in proper appetite, feelings of pleasure and well-being, and memory. Interestingly, cannabis also affects these same functions. Cannabis has been used successfully to treat migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and glaucoma.

At least one author, medical doctor Ethan Russo, believes in the possibility of endocanabinoid deficiency, and suggests that such a deficiency might actually be a significant cause of the types of health problems listed above. His paper "Clinical Cannabinoid Deficiency," published in Neuroendocrinology Lettersin 2004, delved deeply into the various ways that cannabinoids function in the body, and how a deficiency in cannabinoids can lead to a broad range of diseases. Since the publication of that paper, a number of studies have further confirmed the effectiveness of cannabis for many health disorders.”

It is worth noting that this article was from back in 2011, and it references studies that were done before that year.  Therefore, one has to wonder about the criminals who have covered up this information and who created legislation that prevented this medicine from being used by the general population around the world.

Kilham closes wth the following:  “The idea of clinical cannabinoid deficiency opens the door to cannabis consumption as an effective medical approach to relief of various types of pain, restoration of appetite in cases in which appetite is compromised, improved visual health in cases of glaucoma, and improved sense of well being among patients suffering from a broad variety of mood disorders. As state and local laws mutate and change in favor of greater tolerance, perhaps cannabis will find it's proper place in the home medicine chest.”

======================================================================  - 20APR2011 Chris Kilham, : Marijuana compound treats multiple health issues.


Certainly, there are the benefits as well that come from the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms, or ‘shrooms’ as they are sometimes called. 

An article from the website on Jan 23rd explores some of the benefits.  Author Eric Dolan writes that:  “Psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, could make people feel more connected to nature and less likely to endorse authoritarian views, according to new research from the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London.

The new study, published in the journal Psychopharmacology, is the first to provide experimental evidence that psilocybin treatment can lead to lasting changes in these attitudes.

Study authors Taylor Lyons and Robin L. Carhart-Harris write that “our findings tentatively raise the possibility that given in this way, psilocybin may produce sustained changes in outlook and political perspective, here in the direction of increased nature relatedness and decreased authoritarianism.”

======================================================================  - 23JAN18 Eric Dolan,  Psychedelic mushrooms reduce authoritarianism and boost nature relatedness, experimental study suggests.


The article references two other studies involving psychedelic mushrooms.  One study revealed that participants who used psychedelics felt a closer relationship with nature, and began to see there was no separation from nature.

======================================================================  - 03SEP2017 Eric Dolan, : Study suggests psychedelics promote eco-friendly behaviors by altering your relationship to nature


Another previous study mentioned looked at how psychedelic drug use was associated more to those with liberal or libertarian political views.

======================================================================  - 18MAY2017 Eric Dolan, : Study finds people who use psychedelic drugs tend to be liberal


The results of the testing were reported as follows:  “The participants who received psilocybin treatment also showed a significant decrease in authoritarian attitudes, which was also sustained at the follow-up. The researchers also observed a reduction of depressive symptoms in these participants.”

Based on that information alone, perhaps the solution to global peace is to get all the world leaders at Davos to sit down and take 5-10grams of mushrooms each, and then begin their discussions.

There is also another avenue for healing that is becoming increasingly more vital to consider.

With all the atmospheric pollutants and chemtrails in our skies, it is getting harder and harder to actually breathe clean air and get an appropriate amount of oxygen to the body.

It has been reported that the Earth’s oxygen levels must be at least 19.5%, otherwise the atmosphere would be considered oxygen deficient.  As well, most people having a blood-oxygen level of 94-99 is considered normal and healthy.  Below 90 generally means that oxygen from some other source may be necessary to maintain health of the body.

An article on website reveals the coverup on oxygen.  The article writes that:  “Back in 1931, a man named Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for work proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen in your cells. In fact, he stated in his book, “The Prime Cause and prevention of cancer” that…

“The cause of cancer is no longer a mystery, we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements”

======================================================================  - : Why aren’t more Doctors prescribing oxygen?


Most people understand the concepts of acidity and alkalinity. Western food has become predominantly acidic, and as such, it is no surprise that westerners are not only becoming more obese, but they are also becoming sicker.  Pathogens are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in environments where there is less oxygen and greater sugar and acidic levels.

The article continues:  “There is documentation and proof - showing that oxygen therapy works - going all the way back to the late 1800’s. So now you’re probably wondering, if the antidote for cancer is so easy, how come we haven’t heard about it.  The answer is simple:  You can’t make money out of oxygen therapy.”

It comes back to Big Pharma, and their control on peoples’ health-for-profit.

The article goes into several possible options for getting more oxygen into the body.  Some are much more expensive than others, and this is primarily the reason why people avoid oxygen therapy as a healing modality.

The body needs an ideal environment in order to do its true healing and regeneration.  Of course, the world we currently live in makes this almost impossible, and therefore this is the very reason why it is important to become as informed as one can, in order to not only ask the questions of our leaders that need to be asked, but also to set an example for those watching or listening, so they can see other people standing up and speaking out on key issues that can no longer be suppressed.

10.  ( 1:08:51 ) ANNOUNCEMENT

Just before I get to this week’s FINAL WORDS, there seems to be a lot people who are now realizing that their exposure in Facebook is being limited.

Facebook certainly does appear to be playing games.  Even on ZeroHedge this past week, an article had this to say about Facebook:  “

In a blog post, the company revealed its plans to start ranking news sources in its feed based on user evaluations of credibility, in what Facebook said will be a step in its effort to fight "false and sensationalist information" which also will push the company even deeper into a role it has long sought to avoid— that of what the WSJ called  a "content referee", and which we would define even simpler: the internet's biggest censor.

As the WSJ adds, "the social-media giant will begin testing the effort next week by prioritizing news reports in its news feed from publications that users have rated in Facebook surveys as trustworthy, executives said Friday. The most “broadly trusted” publications—those trusted and recognized by a large cross-section of Facebook users—would get a boost in the news feed, while those that users rate low on trust would be penalized. The change only applies to U.S. users., though Facebook plans to roll it out later internationally."

The transition comes at a time when Facebook also intends to reduce the presence of news in favor of what it calls “meaningful” interactions on the platform.

What it means is this:  According to the article:  “FaceBook will now only amplify and disseminate content that the majority of its users want to hear, while actively drowning out any minority or variant perceptions, and certainly any sources of content that facebook - and its users - disagree with. And so the echo chamber of passive-aggressive censorship is about to become huge.”

======================================================================  - 19JAN18 : Facebook To Start Ranking News Sources, Promote Only The "Most Trustworthy"

EXTRA link(s)  - 24JAN18 Andre Damon, WSWS.og : Facebook details plans to censor news feeds and manipulate public opinion.  -  Journalist Caitlyn Johnstone moving to Steemit due to Facebook censoring.


Facebook is claiming that they are not the ones deciding, but rather that they are allowing the community to choose which sources are trustworthy or not. 

I have noticed that my exposure to those who follow CVN has been limited as well.

Perhaps this is where you may be able to help me, if you choose to do so.

If you wish to be notified when I publish my CVN updates, then you may need to set my posts as a priority in your newsfeed. Otherwise, you may not see my postings each week.

To do this, you can go to either or both, my personal Facebook profile or to the CVN page.  At the top, you should see a box that says ‘following’.  If you click on the arrow beside this box, you should see a heading that says ‘In your newsfeed’.  Underneath this, you should have the ability to click on ‘see first’.   Once this is done, I think you should then receive the show and transcript postings as soon as they are made.

I’m still not sure how much longer I will continue to use Facebook.  It is getting harder and harder to keep my faith in Facebook, given its history, its tactics and now given the revelations of how addictive and dangerous social media is becoming.

11.  ( 1:12:27 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS:

As we continue to observe the shifts and changes taking place at this time, one may feel inclined to look around and judge another for her or his path, without taking into account the soul-contract or LIFE purpose of that individual.  One may think or feel that one is awakened and that another is either ‘asleep’ or perhaps recalcitrant.  In this case, ‘recalcitrant’ is defined as being:  “a person with an obstinately uncooperative attitude.”

I’m choosing to end this week with a message from Patricia Cota-Robles.  As part of her weekly Vlog series, she discusses those among our brothers and sisters who are ‘asleep’ and who are ‘recalcitrant’, and why none of it really matters.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’!  I leave you with Patricia Cota-Robles, shared with her permission, looking at who are our asleep and recalcitrant brothers and sisters.

======================================================================  - 18JAN18 Patricia Cota-Robles via : Vlog 46 - Who are our Asleep and Recalcitrant Sisters and Brothers?  - web page for the Vlog postings from Patricia Cota-Robles.  - : Homepage for Patricia Cota-Robles.



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