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CVN Plans Expansion To Video Newscast

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Greetings and blessings to you!

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to ALL the listeners and supporters of CVN over the past 1.5 years!   With SO many more awakened humans serving in their capacities of Light, and with the cabal attempting to place further demands and stresses upon you - the fact that you choose to share even some of your precious and valuable time with me means so much!  I'm humbled and honoured to have been called to serve in this capacity, promoting awakening within humanity, positive global change while also introducing our galactic families to humanity!

CVN has received an offer:

I have been given a very generous offer by the gentlemen who designed the new CVN website.   They have indicated that they want to see CVN move to a video newscast as soon as possible.  They are willing to train me on new software and are willing to re-design the website to facilitate a plan to help sustain CVN until the global financial changes make it possible for CVN to sustain itself.   They are offering their time, their creative energies and support in whatever other ways they are able to help make this a reality!

They are going to create two partitions to the website.  A free section, that will have the radio newscast, and then there will be a paid, membership section where access to videos and more will be available.  The initial membership price still under consideration is $2.50/month.

Thank you Mark Ariail of and Jonathan Owens of !


The requirements:

In order to accept their offer, it will now be necessary for me to purchase a new computer with the memory and speed to handle mobile video news production.  I will also need to purchase some lighting and background equipment as well as software and other necessities.

I am estimating that I will require at least 5000.00 to get started.  At the moment, I am accepting pledges to determine whether or not the support is initially available to purchase the equipment. 
  To make a pledge, you can send an email to: and put in the subject line:  "I pledge:  (the amount)". 

When there are sufficient pledges, I will begin contacting listeners to receive those pledges as donations. 

A $50 donation will come with a one year access to the membership partition. 

A $100 or more donation will come with a lifetime access to this partition.


Dollars For Dinar Plan:

For listeners who have the ability to do so, I am willing to accept loans to support the work of CVN.  These loans would be repaid with the revalued amount of Iraqi Dinar when the currency revaluation takes place.  If this project continues to delay, then the loan could be repaid on a 1:1 basis from membership fees.

For example:

A $5000 loan would be repaid with IQD5000 in whatever the revalued amount comes to.

A $10000 loans would be repaid with IQD10000 in whatever the revalued amount comes to.

The new economy is about sharing the abundance, and I am committed to sharing to help those who demonstrated their faith, their Light and their energies of support to help CVN expand and prepare for the coming global changes!

Send an email to to indicate whether or not you may be willing to participate in this program. 


If you are one who wishes to support CVN in whatever way you are able, I choose to be profoundly grateful to you - even if you are unable to share financial resources at this time.  Believe me, I know and understand the situation, and I do not want any souls who are experiencing any kind of financial hardship to feel badly about not being able to support CVN!  My blessings go to you for abundance on all levels, that very soon, we ALL will experience something better and be able to participate in creating something better for humanity and our planet!

LIFE-willing, CVN will soon be expanding to the video airwaves - continuing to share news from around, upon, within and beyond our planet! 

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