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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. G20 ROUND-UP: GLOBAL LEADERS APPEAR SPLIT ON SYRIA. - 06SEP : IMF Head : high unemployment and poor investment – key economic burdens. - 05SEP : Brazil cancels preparations for President Roussef to visit U.S..  - 05SEP : Global economy recovery is top priority – Putin. - 06SEP RIA NOVOSTI : Russia, US need new 'reset' – Kremlin. - 05SEP Kofi Annan : How global tax reform could transform Africa's fortunes.  - 05SEP VATICAN RADIO: Pope Francis writes letter to President Putin ahead of G20 summit.  - 05SEP Lizzie Davies : Pope urges G20 leaders to seek Syria peace talks.  - G20 calendar of all events for 2013.


2. SYRIA: CABAL PUSHES FOR WAR – COOLER HEADS CALL FOR PEACE.  - 05SEP : Kerry's characterization of Syrian rebels contradicts intel reports.  - 05SEP : Congress may vote 'no' on Syria attack.  - 30AUG Neil Clark : British parliament finally turns against the neo-con serial warmongers.  - 31AUG US's Kerry caught using fake photos to fuel Syrian conflict.  - Putin calls Kerry a liar on Syria.  - 01SEP Frances D'Emilio : Pope calls for peace in Syria, announcing day of fasting on 07SEP - 06SEP : Canadian PM Harper urges military action against Syria.  - 21AUG Robert Sheehan-Gauthier: Harper won't run in 2015.  - 06SEP : Putin shouldn't have veto on world security.


3. VATICAN RECALLS AMBASSADOR OVER PAEDOPHILIA.  - 05SEP REUTERS/GUARDIAN: Vatican ambassador to Dominican Republic recalled over accusation of paedophilia.


4. SENEGAL PRESIDENT FIRES BANKER PRIME MINISTER. - 01SEP Diadie Ba and Bate Felix, REUTERS : Senegal president fires Prime Minister.


5. EGYPT GOVERNMENT MOVES TO DISSOLVE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.  - 06SEP : Egypt government dissolves Muslim Brotherhood - Report


6. CHILE CONFESSION: JUDGES APOLOGIZE FOR FAILING THE COUNTRY. - 04SEP BBC NEWS – Chilean judiciary offers apology to country for failing them during Pinochet dictatorship.


7. GLOBAL AWAKENING IS THREAT TO WAR AND NEW WORLD ORDER: BRZEZINSKI. - 01SEP Brzezinski admits alternative media are stalling war with Syria. - 26NOV2012  – Brzezinski admits that worldwide resistance is derailing the New World Order.


8. 11SEP: MAY THIS BE THE FINAL YEAR THIS IS NEWS.  - Homepage for the campaign of 9/11 truth for 2013. - 04SEP : 9/11 Truth billboard in Times Square NYC  - 08AUG Ross Pittman/ Major General Albert Stubblebine : "I can prove that is was not an airplane that hit the Pentagon".  - Interview with Major-General Albert Stubblebine III  - 9/11 'Whodunnit? You Decide. - Dr. Bob Bowman video  - Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth  - Intelligence Officers For 9/11 Truth  - Medical Professionals For 9/11 Truth  - Political Leaders For 9/11 Truth  - Lawyers For 9/11 Truth  - Veterans For 9/11 Truth


9. RESEARCH GROUP PUSHES DISCLOSURE AGENDA.  - update on this groups push for disclosure and upcoming events/projects.  - Website for the disclosure work of the Paradigm Research Group.  - Homepage for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.  - Facebook page 'One Million People For Disclsoure'  - shortcut link to the AVAAZ petition for disclosure sponsored by CVN.


10. RICHARD DOLAN INTERVIEW: MORE ON DISCLOSURE.  - recent interview with Richard Dolan on Planet X 01SEP.


10B. UFO APPEARS AT BASEBALL GAME.  - 04SEP : Witness tweet UFO photos during Canadian baseball game.


11. ENERGIES FOR SEPTEMBER AND WORDS FROM GALACTIC FAMILIES.  - 05SEP (repost from 31JUL2013) Tom Kenyon: Orchidium  - original message and others available from Tom's website.  - Tom Kenyon: Who are The Hathors? - 04SEP Message from Patricia Cota-Robles - 29AUG Shanta Gabriel: The codes for new life awakening on Earth. - 03SEP Lee Harris: September 2013 Energy forecast message, in both video and written, transcribed text.


12. MESH INTERNET: A PRIVATE, OFF THE GRID SOLUTION. - link to news article about an off-the-grid internet solution in Greece.


13. DRUGS: PHARMACIST SEEKS TO STOP COMMON PRACTICE OF OVER-PRESCRIBING N. AMERICANS.  - 17AUG Matt Hall : The pharmacist that says 'no' to prescription drugs.  - prescription drugs alternatives.


14. COCONUT OIL FOR DENTAL HEALTH.  - 30AUG Jonathan Benson : Coconut oil halts tooth decay by attacking the bacteria that causes it.  - 12JUN2012 : Benefits of coconut oil.


15. METAPHYSICAL BOOKSTORE FOR SALE IN TORONTO.  - Real estate listing for Origo Bookstore.

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