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Donations to Support Cosmic Vision News and A Greenprint For LIFEPlease email Geoffrey at Info@CosmicVisionNews.com for more information about media requests, event requests, and general questions.I would love to hear your ideas and comments. Please feel free to send them to me at Info@CosmicVisionNews.com or via the secure contact form below. The information that you submit will not be given to third parties for any reason without your consent.  ~ Geoffrey

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To support via PayPal, please click 'Donate' - Account name:  Geoff@GreenprintForLIFE.org


Donate BITCOIN via CEX (Europe):    33KXgFiADD5qmjFDFdQzRfbweM1FPhNeqg  

or via QR code:        Bitcoin donations via CEX

Donate BITCOIN (XBT) via Kraken:    38Wm1weFALWYv1Xur7hfgEdpDFQNYJuSxY 

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Donate LITECOIN (LTC) via Kraken:     LLiiadan5EMFHMgTB85x7epximHuW3V7sZ  

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Donate RIPPLE (XRP) via Kraken:     XnDC9mTy6KnvoMHD55tcUwKYmzzH5TaqXe    Destination tag:  1236448884

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Donate Ethreum (Ether) via Kraken:  0x064850aFeCB036605c347b4dE3CC74B2eBEe3339

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Donate DASHcoin via Kraken:  XnDC9mTy6KnvoMHD55tcUwKYmzzH5TaqXe

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