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What is the purpose of CVN?

Cosmic Vision News is a newscast. It is offering the news that the mainstream media are not (yet) covering but will very soon be forced to start covering. This news is offered with a spiritual AND galactic perspective.

What does it mean to say "spiritual" and "galactic" perspective?

This means that sources of information not traditionally considered for mainstream journalism are utilized within this newscast. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the use of what some call 'channeled' information. The mainstream media use 'correspondents' who report from specific locations, and report their perspectives from that location. That report may or may not be shaped and altered according to those who control the media message. Therefore, the message may not have a high degree of reliability.

Channeled information may not always be much better, because it depends upon the channel receiving the information, and the intentions of the channel to truly honour his/her service to LIFE. It also depends upon the health in that moment of 'now' of the channel that affects her/his ability to receive. However, channeled information is certainly no worse than any report offered by a correspondent. At the heart of it all, LIFE is energy, and we can learn to attune to it, and some are currently more gifted in this capacity than others. As humans, there is no reason to doubt the capacity for one to receive this kind of information and share it. If their hearts are pure, their intent is honourable and authentic to be in service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families, they are equally as capable as any mainstream media correspondent to report on the information they are receiving.

Why do you put some of your 'commentary' into a newscast? Isn't journalism supposed to be unbiased?

In an ideal world, this is absolutely true. Within our current paradigm of living however, it is impossible. The world has been taught and conditioned to view the world from criteria of separation (ie: race, religion, culture, gender, orientation, physical/mental ability, political belief, language, and many others). Each human has a world view that is uniquely different and yet equally beautiful to every other human.

Each time a human makes a choice, she/he is expressing who he/she is choosing to be in that current moment of 'now'. That expression may change from day to day, week to week, month to month or year to year. It is formed through conscious (and unconscious) thoughts, words and actions.
Each human speaking to another human and sharing perspectives, is performing a form of 'journalism'; a 'personal journalism'.

Some of the commentary that is added to this newscast seeks to point people in a direction that they may have not considered before, while also trying to not force them to accept any perspective as 'truth', unless it feels right to a particular individual in any moment of 'now'.
With mainstream journalism, the program is watched and some of the news may be accepted, while other news is disregarded. The same is true with what is offered by CVN.

Please do not accept anything offered on CVN as 'truth' unless you feel it resonates with who you are choosing to be in this high-energy time of awakening for humans across Gaia – our planet. Take what is meaningful, and disregard the rest. Maybe a future moment of 'now' will come when that piece of information becomes meaningful.

To a certain extent, EVERY form of journalism has a form of 'bias' within it. The same is true of education. Unless one is being empowered to awakening to the unique different, equally beautiful truth within oneself, any message can be perceived and interpreted as 'biased' or as 'brainwashing'.

By using language like: "It seems that..." or some other language that may be considered as 'commentary', the use of that language seeks to point out a possible way of interpretation that may not have been considered before, without presenting it as 'fact'. The listener at ALL times reserves the final choice to determine whether or not a piece of information resonates with her/him in any moment of 'now'.

Why do you the terms 'spiritual', 'celestial' and 'galactic families'?

Both terms are profoundly more meaningful and less limiting than other similar terms. To say 'spiritual' implies a bit more personal responsibility and accountability to the overall relation to LIFE (capitalized), or to a Divine Source/Creator, however one chooses to resonate with that. Religion has historically sought to condition the masses into a paradigm of fear and of separation, as though humanity is somehow 'separate' or 'lesser than' a Divine Source/Creator, or ANY other aspect of LIFE existing in physical/non-physical, visible and invisible forms. Spirituality carries with it an awareness that there is an energetic relation to the ALL THAT IS, and that one is choosing this awareness and this interaction consciously and freely, without direction of another or a group dictating how that choice is to be carried out.

To say 'galactic families', is merely to express a higher cosmic, and perhaps even Divine truth. Any LIFE that exists beyond Gaia is still LIFE, and is still a precious part of the ONENESS of LIFE and the ALL THAT IS of a Divine Creator/Source. They are, scientifically and spiritually, sisters and brothers from the stars, and not 'aliens', as so many individuals and sources attempt to perpetuate.

The moving background is a bit distracting. Is it really necessary?

To varying degrees, anything that is new is going to be distracting.  I AM in awareness that this will be the case with a few visitors to the site.  Some may choose to accept it, others may choose to feel irritated by it, while others still just simply will not accept it and not return.  I honour each soul on his/her uniquely different and equally beautiful path. 

It did not take me very long to get used to the background, because I spend a fair bit of time on this site. I only notice the moving lights now if I choose to look at them.  As time goes on, I trust that, just like the noise that one hears in a city, one will adapt to the lights in the same way, and choose not to be affected, distracted or irritated by them. 

This background was 'brought' to me for a very specific purpose at this time I believe.

The strands of light are symbolic, not only of the Light we are, but in combination with the background colour, captures the essence of the crystalline energies that our physical bodies are becoming, but also captures the essence of the crystalline energies that the Cities of Light already are.

The fact that the strands of light are moving captures the essence of what LIFE is.  It is Light; it is energy, and all energies within their space of being uniquely different yet equally beautiful, act and interact with all other energies around it, in harmony and in the co-creation of Nova Gaia - the New Earth with a higher human and planetary consciousness.  Its movement also symbolizes 'change' and LIFE is about constant change, and our journey is to adapt to change within the illusion of separation, to remember who we are and what we are a part of, while choosing to remember that and also to RE-member to that larger Divine energy/collective in our service to LIFE in a 3D, 4D and 5D space of awareness and BE-ing.

If it is of any help, perhaps I may suggest to approach this website from the frame of mind of playing a child-like game.  The goal of the game is to fine-tune and develop your Mastery, while learning to focus on the messages contained within the website, without the distractions surrounding you, while at the same time being present to the Light and LIFE around you to receive those energies!

Enjoy the site and relax into the game!   We are all energy in constant motion and thus constant change!

Could you please explain the logo/photo that you have chosen for CVN?

cvn graphic small

To be honest, I did not really 'choose' it.  This came pretty much just came to me.  I was reflecting on the kind of message that was to accompany my service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families. This is the closest image yet to capture that essence, and this image was created by Anthony Morrision, a friend and editor with GoldenAgeOfGaia.com. He is also a gifted graphic designer, as I think one would agree in looking at the image.

The image captures the essence of LIFE - the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that support everything, not only on Gaia (Earth), but also beyond.

The cosmic essence of who we are is represented, along with the starships which are symbolic of our celestial and galactic family members who are around Gaia at this time helping her and also helping those among humanity who are ready, willing and choosing to receive that assistance. 

The energy of the Sun is featured and captures the essence of energies of Light moving through the larger cosmos, but also to Gaia. Depending upon the individual perceiving the image, she/he may interpret it as either a sunrise or a sunset.  A sunset being symbolic of the period we have gone through that is now ending.  A sunrise being symbolic of the dawning of the new 'golden age of consciousness'.  With every sunset, there has come the promise of the dawning of another day. 

The elements of creation are captured in the presence of earth, air, fire and water.  They are symbolic of all that is LIFE, within the space of the everything that LIFE is. 

The dolphins are the representatives of our cetacean family - the holders of the akashic records of all that has been. They are supremely more wise and intelligent than much of humanity gives them credit for.  They have had a very specific purpose and contribution to this larger leap that humanity is now going through.  The dolphins are strategically placed, as being between the young couple, uniting the energies of all.

Notice the young couple.  The circle of Light that is around them with the darkened space just beyond them.  This captures the essence of Light in the moment of 'now'.  What is beyond that space is not of significance in that moment.  The couple is meditating, the practice and discipline of bringing awareness into the moment of 'now', and to be aware of one's uniquely different yet equally beautiful connection to, and relation with the energies of LIFE.  An experience of ONENESS with the ALL THAT IS.

The couple is young, which is symbolic of the energies that are rebirthing Gaia while also being symbolic of the youthful bodies that many souls will return to as the energies continue to be received upon Gaia.  This will also depend upon the invidual soul-contracts of those involved as to whether or not this experience is a part of his/her LIFE-plan. 

The hands of the young man are extended, with the palms facing upwards, receiving the energies of the woman. The larger symbolism is that man is not just receiving energy from woman, but the Divine Masculine is being transformed and rebirthed through the energies of the Divine Femine.  The actual holding of hands is symbolic of the unification of these energies in physical form.

The young couple are dress in white with gentle and subtle exposure of flesh. The white is symbolic of the purity of Divine Love and Light. Scientifially-speaking, it is also the 'colour' within which the frequencies of all colours reside, at least within our current 3D space of awareness.  The exposure of flesh is symbolic of our bare essence - the essence who each soul is when she/he first arrives in physical form into the world.

You will notice that the couple is levitating.  This is symbolic of what Divine Feminine/Masculine are becoming - Light bodies of Divine energy in physical form, and also non-physical form.

It is an image that has been a part of me for quite some time I think.  I am so thrilled to finally have it in a picture form.  All of this symbolism and energy is the essence of what A Greenprint For LIFE and Cosmic Vision News is.

The image may not be what is considered 'traditional' for a media network, but as you may have already guessed, CVN is not a traditional media newscast.  It is breaking the mold, and it is what it is:  LIFE, serving LIFE, for the Highest Good of LIFE, in each moment of 'now'!

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